Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Suicide Nearly Took Me To Hell

Many years ago when I was living in the world, I had a lot of trouble with depression. I would feel dark all day. I didnt have any light in my life. I didnt get any normal enjoyment out of the things I did and things I chased after. Recently I was watching a video about a wingsuit skydiver who had a lot of trouble in his life with depression and was wanting to kill himself many time, to commit suicide. And so he decided to do dangerous things. He got himself hurt doing base-jumping and dangerous activities where his life was on the line. He said he only had one life and might as well make the best of this life. He really did have a problem with the point of life. I used to be in this situation as well as this young man. And I didnt really see the point of life either. To me it seemed a waste of time. I used to feel so dark on days that I just wanted to end myself on this earth. I would think of ways that I could do it. And sometimes I got very close to doing those things. Because I figured; well it is better to be on the other side than this side since this side is so full of darkness. I was indeed in a lot of darkness. There was one thing that always troubled my mind a great deal and that was the words of a certain brother who was in the police force and he used to see a lot of suicide victims in his corse of work. He say police officers commit suicide. He was a believer in the Lord and knew that those who commit suicide end up in hell as it is written.

The Lord said “I will destroy him who destroys my temple”. Our bodies are to be the temple of God. I always knew that the end of a life where we die in darkness and we die in no hope thinking that it is all going to be over, it ends in the FIRE, the eternal fire of hell. I knew that once you are there, it is over. There is no more hope. You cannot repent, and you cannot get out. The devil has you. He has you my friend, if you go and kill yourself today and end your life because you feel there is no more point for living. Now I used to fell the same way, and was going to do that many times. But you see I could not forget those words. I could not forget that he said that the people who commit suicide they end up in hell. I knew that was true. A lot of people will try and doubt these things. The will say “Oh well it is just religion why do you believe in religion”. But I knew it was true. I was not deceiving myself. So I held back on my recklessness and I started to pray to the Lord and he started to reach out to me and he brought me out of my darkness and he brought me into a new life. I began to realise that I was to blame for the darkness that I was in because I had refused to turn to the light on so many occasions.. I was choosing darkness everyday so demons were coming around and putting on me all these demonic feelings that try to drive people to kill themselves in this world. And it is all of the devil, it is of the devil. Once he can get us to kill ourselves, he is waiting to wrap us in chains and take us off to the fires of hell. But I realised there is more to life than our own pursuits, our own fun in the way of the world. I already didn’t like those things because I felt everything was a bit pointless. But what I found was that there is a point to life and that is through Jesus Christ. He is the point.

Once I realised that, I went to the Lord and he transformed me and gave me a new way. He revived my Spirit. He gave me meaning and a purpose and a joy and took away my darkness. The demons left. They didn’t bother me anymore with these kinds of feelings and thoughts. I found complete redemption from the old hopeless way to this new way in Jesus Christ. I found a purpose for living. I found a love that I didn’t have before from God. I found a love for other people and that is why I am here because I realised that everybody can be part of the enteral kingdom of God. This life is not just about your life then it is over then that is it. This life is about the eternal kingdom of God and the people who end up in there. This life is also about people who go to hell. And so these two realities are going to dominate eternity one day. Many people are going to have regret forever in the fire. Other people are going to have redemption and joy peace and light in the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. Because they realise that he indeed is the way the truth and the life. He is the light. If you walk in him with him, you do not walk in darkness. But if you walk in the darkness, the devils will be your companions. That is where all these problems come from. When we are on the brink of committing suicide and playing dangerous sports that can cause us to die at any moment, we are on the cusp of hell and about to be cast into the eternal fire forever. No more hope to change and repent. No more hope to come on the narrow way. But I found the hope. I found the transformation and purpose. The reality of Jesus Christ who loves us all. It is through him that I have come on the new way, the narrow way, the way of the cross, the way the apostles all walked. The way of having the Spirit of God come to you. It is amazing dear friends.

It surpasses anything else on this earth. It is the only way to go. If your life is empty and you just feel there is no point to it, or you want to kill yourself, I tell you there is a point, there is a way to go. The way is through Jesus Christ. Now you can just go and end yourself and end up in the fire, or you can decide today, to do what I did and seek the Lord. Find his reality for yourself because he is real and he does come into the lives of people who seek him. I am living evidence of that. And when you seek him he will come and help you. You will no longer be in darkness. You will not longer have that pain and hurt inside driving you to want to end your life. You will no longer have the darkness clouding your head everyday wishing the pressure would go away. It is a miraculous change and it comes through the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only way. You will never get meaning out of your life doing all these wonderful dangerous sports and thrills. It will all wear off and you will just be left with yourself broken and dark. There is no way out friends. You have to go to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what I did and that is why I am here sharing this testimony today how I was in that situation and how I wanted to end myself many times. I was listening to the dvil. I was walking in darkness. But I found the light and Jesus Christ brought me on a new way and he gave me the power to walk afresh. To walk a new way and I have never looked back dear souls…....