Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I want to talk about focusing on the Lord versus being a lukewarm Christian. And there is a big difference between focusing on Jesus and being a lukewarm Christian, because I used to be a lukewarm Christian and I know for a fact that while we are in the world and living for ourselves, it is impossible to focus on Jesus. It's very difficult. And when we are living for ourselves all we want to do is live for ourselves, and so we'll plan our own holidays and plan our own life, but we don't really care about Jesus. And so we don't live a life of faith rather we just live our own life and Jesus isn't the center of our life. Now everybody has a different path in life and no two people can be alike, however we must walk in faith and no longer by the values of the world; striving after what we want to eat or drink which is how the world is, if you don't eat you die. Like with the curse of Adam; you must work for your living from now on. Now this is true we all must work for a living however we got to now live for the Lord and no longer for our own way. I'll tell you what a lukewarm Christian is like; a Luke warm Christian is somebody who professes Jesus and is a Christian and say I believe in Jesus. But they are neither cold nor hot. And that's what Jesus said in the book of Revelation chapter 2 and 3, he said; because you are neither cold nor hot but lukewarm, I will spew you forth from me. So he says to repent and come back to the first works. Now Christians don't realize this but lukewarm Christians clearly don't enter God's kingdom. Because Jesus said that if they wouldn't repent and are lukewarm, he said he would spew them fourth from him. That he would send them away, send them out from his church, his body. And we know what the church is; the church is the group of people throughout the world who decide to believe in Jesus Christ and obey him and be baptized in his name. Those people are part of the church. Now a lot of people are playing another church where they are getting all segregated into different ideas and beliefs and doctrines. So they form for themselves all kinds of other things. But the problem is with that is that when we are not focused on Jesus we become lukewarm. Lukewarm people have lots of doctrine and they can tell you all about the scriptures. They understand a lot about the Bible but the problem is when we are lukewarm, our mind and heart is actually set on the world and we are not very interested in being set apart for Jesus.

Dear friends that's what we're here to do is to be set apart for Jesus and to turn away from being part of this world. Because when we are not set apart for the Lord, we're lukewarm neither cold nor hot. When you speak to lukewarm Christians you will know who they are. They want to talk about everything other than Jesus Christ. When you're in a church gathering or a gathering of brethren, lukewarm Christians often won't want to talk about Jesus. They don't want to talk about their daily walk with Jesus or struggles they go through or things like that. They are more interested in how they're having fun, the latest fun things that they are doing. You know I used to be like this I know what it's like to be lukewarm. When we are lukewarm we're not interested in the Gospel of Jesus because it is boring to us because we are in the world so that makes us lukewarm. We are neither cold nor hot. We are not cold, where we deny the Lord or anything like that, and live an atheist life. But then again we are not hot for Jesus either. We are not preaching and speaking about him and being serious about him living his way as an example in the world. So dear friends there is a big difference between following the Lord as a lukewarm Christian and actually really abiding in the Lord as a real follower and obeyer of Jesus Christ. A big difference. But that's not what we're here to be like today. We're here to be following the Lord and not lukewarm as we know that the lukewarm Christians going to be spewed out if they don't repent and they won't be tolerated in God's kingdom. That's why Jesus said you got to repent and come back to the first works and come back to faith. Faith is very important. Faith means that we are simply relying on God for our life from now and living for Jesus. A good example of faith was this particularly Christian in the 1800s and he came to the Lord Jesus Christ and realised that Jesus died for his sins, and that now he was in the kingdom and free to work for the Lord in the kingdom of God which he always wanted to do instead of living in the world studying in theology school which was what he was doing. And so this particular believer he decided to trust the Lord in everything and take what Jesus said about provision and life literally. And so he said, Lord I will never tell people what I need, but I will let you alone know my needs for your work. And he trusted God. And even though this person never asked anybody to give money to the things he was running, over the course of his life and he was given over $100 million in today's money.

He opened the very large orphanage and several things and the Lord helped him to do this because it was God's will and he was dedicated to the Lord and wasn't living for himself. And so that's what happens when you become a believer in the Lord and you trust God is that you no longer live for yourself but you for a mission that the Lord wants you to do. And if you are doing his mission and abiding in him and trusting him, he'll make sure that it is done. Even if it looks impossible. In the middle of London around a hard time in the economy back then, and yet he was able to secure a 9 acres of land near London and get large buildings and things, and over $100 million was raised over his lifetime to all these things he was doing that the Lord led him to do. But he didn't start out doing that, he just started out having faith. He said, well Lord you put this idea into me to do what I'm doing and I just want to have faith in you that it is for your kingdom so you're going to get it done. And so he had faith and he walked the walk of faith. He didn't take the money for himself. He donated his own money to these things and he didn't live like the prosperity preachers do today were they extort money of people and make you give according to Scripture instead of just showing the truth about Scripture. The Scripture says give away what you own and just serve the Lord. That's what this guy did and so God used many people. Many Christian businessmen they gave away things to him. God gives us many different people. And so each person the Lord was able to use in his own plan. These people were walking with the Lord so they were able to be used. You can't be used if you're just a lukewarm Christians living your own life. You've got to be following the Lord yourself. That's where we have to have that relationship with Jesus Christ because everybody has a different part. The Lord might want to use you for something and he will show you what to do.

You can be a giver or a receiver and in his case he was a receiver but there were many givers. Bible says that blessed are those who receive, but more blessed are those who give, and the Lord leads in everything but the thing is that we can't be led by the Lord Jesus in any of these sorts of things if we're just a lukewarm Christian and we just don't follow him and obey him. We are just focused on our own life and just living in our own sins and interested in our own life, we are just in the world like everybody else and at the mercy of whatever happens. But the Lord God looks after his own. Everybody who has faith in God and follows Jesus, God looks after them. I am not saying that they don't go through trials sometimes but they always get looked after. The Lord doesn't leave them to suffer in the gutter like Job forever. He raises them up and he will allow trials and persecution to come but he always gives the way through those things. And that's why we got to trust in the Lord and not follow our lukewarm ways or follow religion. A lot of people follow religion and they get persecuted for following religion. If you're in Burma and you're a Muslim you get persecuted by the Buddhist. A lot of people get persecuted through the whole world for whatever they stand for. But when we follow Jesus Christ it will be different. You will have Satan come against and Satan comes against you on a personal level and is going to be to tempt you to follow the world and sin. That's why Christians who are lukewarm in sin, can't follow Jesus. Because they simply just don't know him and Jesus isn't with them. They are more interested in their latest project or busy saving up for some wonderful car or boat they want to get for their pleasure. Living in this western society where we're more interested in our own pleasure than we are interested in serving God. This isn't the path of somebody who is a lukewarm believer. And they're not walking in faith. But walking in faith means we give our will away to God and we start living for him instead. And start having faith that he raised Jesus from the dead and he said that I will look after your needs if you just focus on me, focus on the kingdom of God and seek his righteousness through Christ. And that's what we should be doing because Jesus said that he will he will look after you and provide the way some way or other. He will look after you some way or other and provide the way for you as long as you give yourself to him and obey him and serve him. That is what we got to do. It means we got to stop chasing our own way and whatever the Lord gives us from now on, we do well for the Lord. We got to live in obedience to the Lord, and the Lord gives us things to be able to continue to work in his kingdom.

And that that's how he was providing for this particular brother in the 1800s. He made sure that he was enabled to continue his mission and bringing souls to the kingdom and open up this large orphanages he was doing things like that. And it was through the provision of God and through his faith in God. Many Christian believers who were following the Lord were able to help out in that. And likewise everybody who follows the Lord today Jesus wants something for them to do. He can't use you though if you are lukewarm in sin and you just want to follow the world. That's what it seems to be like these days everybody is more interested in following the world, and when it comes to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, they are not so interested in doing that. I used to be like that. They are more interested in chasing their goals and dreams in this world and more interested in getting a respectable position in life. These things everybody chases after in this whole world. That is what everybody wants after all but that's not what we're here to do. We're here to instead have faith in God and follow him and he will lead us on the way to go with the resources and the things that he has enabled us to be. Some people have a better situation than others but the the Lord uses each person differently. Like there's some disciples that he uses over in the foreign Middle Eastern countries, they don't really have an education because over in those countries people are lucky to go to school, nevertheless the Lord still uses them in their different place. And other people the Lord uses were people who were very educated and they had a lot of understanding in many languages like poor apostle Paul a very educated man. The Lord used him in another way. People have this idea in their minds that I've got to follow just one particular person as an ideal. So everyone has an ideal as to how they think that you should follow the Lord. But we got to turn away from ideals and by getting him to actually show us what he wants us to do as his real way. Not just ideals. The ideal isn't to open a orphanage, that is not the ideal. You don't know what the Lord wants you to do. The ideal isn't to sell all you have and just walk around and preach and go be a missionary. That ideal may not be for everybody. There is no ideal. There is your path with God where he wants you to go and nobody knows that but God and you and you got to seek that. But he's not going to use you if you're just not willing to deny yourself and follow him and stop living in sin. Because that's what keeps us from becoming who we should be in the kingdom of God, is living in sin and being lukewarm. Just no first works; love and service and faith repentance, those things aren't there. And if those things aren't there then why is the Lord going to use you for anything? It is written in the Scriptures that gold utensils are used for noble things while clay ones are used for everyday stuff. And so scripture is saying be gold utensils so you can be useful for honourable things. So clean inside and out.

We got to be cleansed by the Lord Jesus Christ and be living in holiness so we can be used for honorable things in the kingdom of God. No use just living a slack life of sin being a lukewarm Christian. Not good enough to be used for anything honourable. And you're looking forward to being spewed out of the kingdom of God. So dear friends I want to warn about today is that we have to be serious about not being lukewarm and instead start coming on fire for the Lord Jesus and remembering that God answers prayer. Anybody who has faith he will answer your prayer. It may not be the way you want it to be. But if you got faith God is going to answer your prayers. That always happens to anybody who is seeking first the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God. And he will answer their prayers. Ask in the name of the Lord and he will indeed do it for you. So the example of faith friends is that people who are in the will of God and they're doing their work for the Kingdom of God, and then they pray and the Lord answers their prayer. One one time this particular preacher needed to be at a speaking engagement for sharing people about Jesus, and he was going there by the ship and a thick fog came and they couldn't go on in the fog because in those days didn't have radar. And so they said well you will have to miss the meeting because there is going to be a delay. Because this fog will not lift anytime soon. So he said no I have faith in my God. And went and prayed and they came back up and looked out and the fog lifted and they went on their way. Because Jesus said that if you pray in my name I will do things. You would do things that I did. And like Jesus himself did, you will do things like that. So dear friends it's all about working for the will of the kingdom of God. And you are going to be doing his way and his will in your life and putting out the ways of the devil that try and tempt us every day. That's not being lukewarm.

That's being serious and dedicated about Jesus and not living a lukewarm life just in the world, playing games, and having a fun time saying Jesus understands while you continue to sin. Saying I'm saved by grace so I don't need to bother about these other things. Dear friends that is the path of the lukewarm believers who are not on their way to the kingdom of God. They are on their way to the fire. And so we need to be separate from that way and we need to really think about giving ourselves to the Lord Jesus properly and deciding to serve him today and making him first place in our life. Because if we do that he is going to lead us into the works for the kingdom of God. And we can become disciples and followers of the Lord and not lukewarm believers that aren't interested in the truth. Just in our sin, more interested in living in sin. (they say) Jesus came to turn water into wine that means I can go out and drink and have a good time!… that's what people think these days. That is how Christians think. They think Jesus is okay with it I am just having a good time out at the pub. He came to make water into wine for us to or drink and have a good time… that's how lukewarm Christians think. And that's why they do not work in the kingdom of God. They do work in Christian church meetings and in missions, yes, they do a lot of stuff like that, but they don't actually work in God's kingdom. They are more interested in their own way. They don't give freely. A lot of these preachers they receive from God but don't give freely. They charge money for everything. They make Jesus into a commodity. No wonder there is no power in their prayer or anything like that because they are not following Jesus and don't have faith. But we got to have faith.

It is serious friend we got to have faith. Faith is like this old-time believer where he just lived for the Lord and he knew that God would come through for him because he was walking in faith on the right way. But don't be like those foolish lukewarm Christians who think that God will provide all their needs while they do nothing and they just want to laze around and have a good life and God is their sugar daddy. And so they try and apply verses for that kind of lifestyle and they wonder why that they don't really get what they thought they would get and so doubt their faith in the Lord and they just don't know Jesus in the end and their life is thwart with so many problems. You know that's because of their foolhardiness in believing the lying preachers who are scamming them of their money. They say sow a seed to us and you're going to live a comfortable life. You know friends that is not what Jesus is about. He is about following him and being in his will and then we pray and he will provide. Provide the right job for you. People they might be out of a job and they don't know where to go now. They have faith and something amazing happens. And right when things seemed to be dire, they have faith and they trust in Jesus and they find him. So friends we got to be serious about Jesus and really be dedicated. Dedicated in serving him all the way to the very end of our life and when we reached the end of our life in the service of the Lord, we will receive the crown of life. And all the lukewarm Christians especially the lukewarm church Christians, they'll make great examples of famous preachers who did a lot in the kingdom of God and who Jesus led and provided for, and they'll talk about how wonderful they were, and think about how it would have been wonderful when they died and entered into the kingdom, yet they themselves don't even follow the Lord and not interested. It is all very well to read books about these wonderful man of faith and talk about it at church, but they go home and they don't live that life. Friends what have we gained if one man gets 10 talents and he is given 10 more. What have we gained if we just hide out talent in the ground and the Lord asked of us and we got nothing to give! You could say; I went to church and I listed about all these wonderful people of faith and how they helped your kingdom and it was really wonderful, NO! We can't be lazy in God's kingdom. We got to be part of building it too.

And that means that each day we think about the prayer and praise and we're here to think about what the Lord wants us to do. And really pursue that. Otherwise we are just going to be like these lukewarm Christians who say; what a wonderful man of faith….and you just go home and just keep living your old life and being a lukewarm Christians hiding your talent in the ground. And we all know the parable of the talents. The parable of talents goes like this; there was a master who called 3 servants and he gave them something according to their ability and he went away on a long journeying then he came back and called them to account. And the person who had five talents came forward and said look I've gained five more. And the person with 2, gain two more and the Lord praised them. He said well-done faithful servants you've done well with what I've given you. Then the one with one talent hid it in the ground and said I couldn't do anything with it Lord because I was scared about it and decided just to hide in the ground. Here is your money back. And the Master is very angry and had that servant cast out into the outer darkness. And so lukewarm Christians unfortunately will not be able to inherit God's kingdom. No matter what church might tell you. And we can be all seeming like we are of the faith by going on missions, Church missions, and reading about famous people of the Bible, and interviewing other preachers and all this, but that's not serving Jesus! We are just being lukewarm. Nominal. We're not COLD because we're doing something, but not HOT because we are not serious about Jesus and we don't follow him. So all these other men are serious about Jesus and doing wonderful works in the kingdom of God and yet we ourselves are doing nothing! We are just watching what they are doing and thinking about ideals but we ourselves are not doing something such as a seeking the Lord's will and what we should be doing in prayer.

Dear friends all these wonderful men of faith all had one thing in common; they all spent time in prayer and reading the Bible and seeking the Lord's will for their life. They were making themselves available for Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ put them in various jobs to do as he called them from the beginning before there even born. And that's what he is calling you to do today as well is to come and do your work for the Kingdom. And he's got work for everybody. Nobody is alike and nobody can judge another man for their work for the Kingdom of God. We all have a different position in God's kingdom. So friends it's time to take a stand and stop being lukewarm and stop sinning. Instead follow Jesus and seek his will for your life so you can obey and follow him and come on the new way......

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Now that's what I'm here to talk about is following and obeying Jesus in humility. Now humility is something that a lot of people either don't have or they don't understand. You see when we're in the flesh following the pride of life, pride of the eyes, it's not easy to have humility. In the flesh there is a lot of pride; pride of achievement, pride of life, pride of the eyes, pride of the lusts of the flesh. All these things are against and opposite of what humility is. But humility comes when we realize that our hearts are just wicked. You know the first time we repent of sin and turn to the Lord, that's when we start to have humility because we realized that theres nothing good in us. And we realize that our hearts are wicked, then we can have humility and repentance. In fact you can't repent unless you're humble. Doing sin without repentance is the opposite of humility. It is pride. We just continue to do our evil and sin and don't want to repent because of our prideful hearts, you know that? That is not humble. People say we all sin and are just like the tax collector. No your are not! The tax collector was a humble man because he repented and turned from his sins in repentance. I want to read it to you from Romans 3:23; for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

There is a lot of people that feel that they're not evil enough and think God is going to overlook them and they feel that they're fine in their life, yet they don't follow and they don't obey Jesus and he is not their Lord. We got to start in humidity and realized that our hearts are nothing but wicked. I don't know about you but I see wickedness in my heart every single day. In fact I am having to turn away from my heart everyday. I struggle against the flesh daily putting it down in obedience to the Holy Spirit. That's what humility is. I am not here saying I don't have any trouble in my heart and I'm pure, because unfortunately friends the flesh is not pure. And then again I'm also not following the heart and accepting its wickedness which it tries to put on me every day. I got to keep away from it. So I'm kept a very humble daily by the reality of the righteousness of Jesus Christ who has saved me and is leading me to the kingdom and (humbled by) by the wickedness that is in the flesh that I must crucify daily and put out. Now want to read to you from two Chronicles 7:14: if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. You see right there we have: humble yourselves pray and seek my face. That's what God wants. That is what humility is. You know it takes humbleness to realize that your hearts definitely is wicked and you need to seek the face of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayers. And that's what I did when I decided to turn away from my sins I was doing everyday. I sought the face of the Lord Jesus Christ in humbleness and prayer. And it is only this way dear friends that we will find the Lord Jesus Christ. We're not going to find him other ways. We are going to find him when we humble ourselves before the Lord in prayer turning from our sins, turning from our wicked ways in our hearts. Sure our hearts are full of wicked ways friends but we're not here to follow the heart. Don't follow your heart. That is with the world says.

All those foolish pop stars will say follow your heart. Friends don't do that, that will lead you to hell. Following your heart means following your wicked ways. My heart is full of wickedness. So is yours. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. None are righteous not one. That's what the Scriptures say and it is true. I am not saying that we are practicing our wicked hearts, I am saying that we are turning AWAY from our wicked hearts in humility and prayer and calling upon the Lord. And then he says I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. That is what God says. He will hear you and forgive your sins if you do this. But a lot of people don't have humility. They don't repent. They don't turn from their wicked ways and seek the face of the Lord, they just continue in their sin. That is not humility that is pride. They say I am the tax collector and I am sorry every day for my sin. No your are not. You are just continuing to sin everyday because you are not humble enough to repent and turn to the Lord in prayer. But we're not here to be like that today friends. We're here to repent in humility. Now Psalms 25:9 he leads the humble into what is right and teaches the humble his way. Okay so when we're willing to turn from our sin and repent before the Lord, tell him about out wicked heart and turn away from it, that is humility and then the Lord is going to teach you what is right. He is going to teach you his ways. And that's where we get the new way coming into our hearts is when we become humble like this. Humility. We become humble to get on our knees and repent. Are you humble today? Do you want to repent? Psalms 149 verse four: for the Lord takes pleasure in his people, he adorns the humble with salvation….So salvation belongs to the humble. Another verse says he spurns the proud but gives grace to the humble.

If you want grace and salvation from the Lord at the end of your life dear friends, and throughout your life leading you on the narrow way, then you need to be humble. You need to realize your heart is evil. You look in your heart you see that you are evil. You see that there's a lot of wickedness in there that you got to turn away from today. There are two types of people I've seen on this issue. There are people who say yeah you know we are all sinners and these people just keep sinning. They're not humble. Then there's the people that say well you know nothing really bad in me, I am not so bad. Don't deceive yourself. There IS a lot of evil in our hearts. I turn away from it everyday. That keeps me very humble. I know how evil my heart it. Some people might be worse than others in different ways in their hearts, well evil is evil. So let us turn away from all of it not matter what it is and do not judge each other but warn each other to repentance if we are in any false way today. Let us be humble to the Lord Jesus Christ today and let us get on our knees and face and seek him in prayer and turn away from our hearts, our wicked hearts. That's something we got to do daily. Proverbs 15:33: the fear of the Lord is the instruction for wisdom and before honor comes humility…. so if we fear God then we're going to repent and we are going to turn from our wicked ways hallelujah. He is going to instruct us for wisdom and give us honour. But before we can have any kind of honour, we got to be humble. The opposite of humility is going out and preaching how wonderful we are and how sinful and disgusting everybody else is. That is pride and self-righteousness. The opposite of humility is thinking I'm such a holy person because I follow the Lord Jesus or I'm a Christian or I go to church but look at that disgusting guy, he is just a dirty sinner. That is pride too. But you know what humility really is? Humility is realising that hey my heart is evil. I need you Jesus everyday. I need to strive against the flesh every day on the narrow way. I need to turn away from my sins. I need to cry out to the Lord Jesus today and every day for grace and mercy and obedience to him today. Is that what we're doing friends? That is what humanity is.

When you see that dirty sinner, you certainly don't want to join him in sin, but you want to warn him to repent and show him the way to salvation because I tell you, nobody is better than another, and when we have a look in our hearts daily and we see the evil that tempts us in there daily, we certainly cannot look at another person and say; You dirty sinner. Because we know that we are dirty sinners insiders and our hearts are evil I can tell you that now. If you can't see that then you're blind. But if you want to open your eyes and take a look at yourself you will see that inside you there is nothing good. In fact we got to kill the devil inside of us daily. We got to turn him out, the way of the flesh. That is the way of the devil the way of the flesh, the lusts of the flesh. The way it tries to bring us into sin. We got to kill that daily and turn it out and bring ourselves into submission to Jesus Christ in prayer and dedication and humility. That is what being humble is. And when you do that, you don't look at other people as dirty sinners who are not following Jesus. You see they are in dirt and sin, you see the dirt and sin yes. But you know yourself that your heart is pretty bad as well. You got to turn away from that daily. But if you are living in the grace of Jesus Christ then you are no longer practising your dirty sins anymore. Unlike that person who is still practicing his dirty sins. So you are realizing in your heart that hey you know I'm no better than that person, but Jesus has given me mercy and now I no longer do my sin like he's doing, so he needs help! He needs Jesus. Now if he doesn't want Jesus, you got to separate from such people otherwise they can bring you down back into sin. Let us have humility. If we are blind today let us open our eyes. Psalms 55:19: God will give ear and humble them. He who is enthroned from old because they do not change and do not fear God….So God will humble people in time. Now on to read to one Peter 5:5: likewise you who are younger be subject to the elders, clothe yourselves all of you with humility towards one another. For God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Peter is urging us to turn away from our pride and to have humility amongst the brother. You know we we don't have to listen to other brethren no. people will come against you to try and trouble you in all kinds of ways. They will rebuke you for all kinds of things. We have to listen to Jesus but we have to be a humble friends towards one another. Nobody is greater than another. Have prayer in all things. You know the heart of man is treacherous. Your worst enemies can become your brother. They can cause you a lot of trouble if Satan uses them against you. So you got to be wise and watchful. However we are not greater than each other. Everybody's the same friends. Philippians 2:5-8 have this mind among yourselves those who belong in Jesus Christ who though he was in the form of God he did not count equality with God but emptied himself taking the form of a servant being born into the likeness of men and being found in human form and he humbled himself, became obedient to the point of death on the cross…. that is the mind we should have. We should be humble like the Lord Jesus Christ was. He was not proud even though he was the likeness of God in the form of God in heaven. That's what Jesus is, Jesus is the form of God. Even though he was the form of God he made himself just a person who had to die in shame and he could call out the Angels and destroyed everything on earth because of their evil. But the son of man didn't come to destroy the world, Jesus came to save sinners and bring them to repent. And that's what humility is friends; falling on our knees and deciding to turn from our sin hallelujah… now I want to read on a one Kings 21:29 and this was Ahab, King Ahab. Now the Lord God said have you seen how Ahab has humbled himself before me. Because he humbled himself before me I will not bring disaster in his days…You know the Lord gave a wicked king mercy because he was humble before God and he asked for mercy and he repented.

Now much more are you who believe in Jesus Christ, going to be forgiven and given mercy if you humble yourself before God and cry out to him daily asking for mercy, turning away from your sin and your wickedness and seeking him in prayer like I read earlier in two Chronicles 7:14: if my people call upon my name and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves, I will hear from heaven and I'll forgive them. How much more is Jesus going to forgive you if you would humble yourself before him today and a turn from your wicked ways and seek his face in humility and repentance! How much more is he going to forgive you! God forgave a wicked King and he humbled himself before God and God postponed the judgment upon this King and allowed him to live out his days in peace. How much more is he going to restore us and help us friends, and bring us into his wonderful kingdom if we obey Jesus in humility! And we pray to the Lord and turn from our sins in humility. But I want to warn you; if you're not willing to turn away from your sins and when you get tempted every day you just follow your temptation, then you are not being very humble. You are not being honest before God. Just showing God that you want to follow your wicked heart. Showing God you want your evil. If you just want to follow it. It is all our choice friends, all our choice. What are we going to do today? Now Colossians 3 verse 12: and so it is those who have been chosen by God holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion kindness and humility gentleness and patience. Be clothed in humility….That is what we read; be clothed in humility. So humility is something we learn. We learn humility friends when we open our blind eyes, we look into our heart and we realize there is nothing good there and we got to turn away from our heart today and follow Jesus and pray and seek his face. That is how we find the Lord. And we pray and seek his face in humility and repentance, and turn away from our continued following of our sin, he is going to give us grace and mercy. People ask me why don't I get forgiven by God, I just feel like I'm a hopeless sinner everyday!

It is because you got to open your eyes and have humility. Go before the Lord and repent. And you're going to find grace and mercy. You know is as simple as that. If you want freedom from sin and the you don't want to continue being bound to your lusts and desire, there is one way; the way of the cross. It is the turning away from your wickedness inside and a way of turning to Jesus in full dedication. There is no use doing it half of heart, that is not humility. Humility is giving all to the Lord at the same time there's no humility in being prideful and self-righteous and thinking; I'm all saved, I am a wonderful person, pretty holy now… and you just go on in your sin, you know and sin of pride they even though you don't do other sins. You think yourself pretty clean of sin but you got all these other ways in your heart that you are not turning away from. Friends we don't want to be like that. We want to be a completely sold out to the Lord Jesus in dedication and opening our eyes every day realizing how evil our hearts are. Because your heart is going to tempt you every day. Today is going to try and pull you down into a lustful thought, it is going to try and bring you into a lustful imagination, you might get tempted by evil dreams, you might wake up feeling tempted and then all day have trouble trying to follow the flesh. You know this is where humility minute comes in. we humble ourselves before the Lord, we say to the Lord we know that our hearts are evil we know that we're tempted by evil every day by our hearts, but you know what you do? You turn away from that evil and you humble yourself before the Lord and pray ask for mercy. And he will give you mercy. You can't do it alone. You can try and turn away from your evil without Jesus and live your own life but you won't be able to do it. When we turn away from our evil we also turn to the Lord Jesus and we pray to him. So we're praying in humility to the Lord Jesus Christ daily with holy hands not stained by falling to temptation.

If our hearts are stained by continuing to fall to temptation and just yield to temptation every day falling to sins of the flesh, then the first thing we need to do before we do anything, is we need to go to the Lord in proper repentance. A proper change of heart where you're not going to continue to do that. You come to the Lord in humility and prayer and what happens he gives you grace and mercy. That's how I found the freedom from sin that I talk about. I found it because when you are humble and you prayed to the Lord and repent, the Lord will give you grace and mercy. All you have to do is go to Jesus and tell him how evil you are inside and how you don't want to follow that way anymore, and how you want deliverance from that way, and you don't want that way anymore, and he will give you the mercy and grace you need as I read earlier that God opposes the proud but he gives grace to the humble. And mercy. So we get grace and mercy that's when we have the power to turn away from our sin. We have that new way come into our hearts. It is then that we truly find freedom from sin in our life. We truly find a new way. And is not going to be easy. You are going to be tempted every day. You are going to have a lot of troubles, friends, from the flesh. I'm telling you as I said earlier the heart is wicked. My heart is wicked and so is yours. We can't judge each other and we can't judge those dirty sinners, because I tell you friends our hearts are wicked. But what we need to do today is we need to put it out. Acknowledge it and put it out and follow Jesus and pray. Follow that new ways he gives you, because one day it's going to pass away.

We are no longer going to have a heart that is wicked. We are going to have a flesh that is the purely righteous all the way through. And we won't need to feel prideful in those days because pride won't be there. But on this earth we have the terrible reality that we can fall away from the way that leads to life. And until the very end we must be diligent and humble and be clothed in humility. That means picking up our cross daily and dedicating a life to Jesus. There is no use trying to live a life after Jesus if you're still just chasing the world. It is not going to work. People they are still chasing careers and dreams and they're putting in their mind first and hearts first all these things they want to achieve in life. You can't follow Jesus doing that. I am not saying you suddenly give away your job and don't have any work at all just because you want to follow Jesus. No I'm saying that you stop chasing these things and you instead asked Jesus what he wants you to do and you are clothed in humility and you turn away from your heart daily. And Jesus will start to lead you into the path he wants you to go. He might want you to stop doing what you're doing and do something else and he will open the way. But that is up to him ad you. There are no rules, I cannot tell you what the Lord wants to do for your life. All I can say is that you've got to be clothed humility and turn away from putting your life first. And turn away from trying to seek your own way that you want to achieve first. That has got to go. No longer try and fulfil your desires in this earth. Fulfil your desire of achievement. Or fulfill your desire of getting the first place. Getting all those things you want to achieve in life. Time to put that away and it is time to put Jesus first and live for him in humility and he's going to give you mercy and he is going to show you the way to go in life on the narrow way. And dear friends we know the narrow ways is not easy. Following Jesus means you got to leave the comfort on the broad way, and come on a way that's a little difficult and not so nice. There is no golden path to follow. It is a path of self-denial and trial and the devil coming against every day and causing a lot of trouble. In fact a lot more trouble when you follow the Lord in the way of holiness than if you follow the world. The worlds way is a lot easier.

But the thing is friends, we who are willing to suffer for a little while, we will reap eternity forever. But if we aren't willing to suffer for a little while then we can just be on the broad path and have an easy life for a little while and then end up in hell. Our choice. Are you willing to suffer for a little while? The narrow ways is not easy. Following Jesus means you are going to get trouble. Going to get Christians coming against you and family coming against you. All kinds of problems coming against you from the flesh. Evil increasing in your heart, deeper and more serious in your heart trying to bring you down in temptation. Temptation will become severe. You will have to spend a lot of time in prayer and a lot of time seeking the Lord daily and being humble and living in repentance. Because once you come on the narrow way, there is going to be a fight for your soul and the devil is going to try all he can to bring you down one way or another. And if he can't use people around you or if he can't use your family then he will use something else. He will find another way. He will try the eyes, the ears and your heart. That's why friends we got to be ready to go the long haul with Jesus for a short time and suffer.

Not all of us may end up being crucified on a cross like Jesus was or getting into trouble like at the moment in Egypt. We have a lot of trouble for Christians, they get killed for their faith, but over in a lot of countries these days it's very rare. But doesn't mean that the flesh isn't going to come against you and the devil is not going to come against you, he will. He will just come against you in a different way he'll use situations to try and hurt you, try to put you out of the way of faith. And he's going to make life tough for you at times. And Jesus is going to allow you to be tested, so that after you've endured you're going to receive the crown of life. We got be prepared to be humble and go the long haul with Jesus even if we've got another 50 years from now before our life is going to end. And the Lord might postpone his return for his people for a long time. He can do that if he wants to. So we've got to be prepared daily and pick up our cross and follow the Lord Jesus Christ into humility. That's what we got to do daily. So I want to encourage you to do this and be focused on the Lord Jesus and be clothed in humility. Because God opposes the proud but he gives grace to the humble... praise the Lord.... ...