Saturday, August 24, 2013


Today I wanted to talk about was the devil is on your case. When you first come to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, the devil is going to be on your case, and his mission is to try and bring you down and bring you down to the fire. That's what his mission is. The devil is on your case. And ever since we turn to the Lord and we come on the narrow way, we are going to have trouble from the spiritual world, trouble from the powers of darkness. And they are going to try and bring us down into the fire. That's what they are going to do. The powers of darkness are tailoring a plan to bring you into the fire. And that's why we've got to be extra vigilant everyday, because when you follow Jesus that is when your trials begin not when they end. While we are in the world things aren't going to be so bad for us. But as soon as you follow Jesus and as soon as you dedicate to the narrow way and you repent properly, that's where your troubles are going to begin and the devil is going to be on your case from that moment on. He is going to try and bring you down, down into the fire. So that is why we have to be extra vigilant that we do not let the devil take us down when he's on our case.

Don't don't be like these many believers who let the devil into their lives and then they give power to Satan. You see when we fall to any sin or any false way that is when we start to give power to the enemy over us. It is at that point that the devil is going to get a foothold in your life and he is going to start working himself into your life. And the goal of the devil being on your case is to bring you down and out of the faith. Out of the faith of Jesus. That's how the devil tries to bring us down. He is there to bring us away from our faith in Jesus Christ. The devil will be on your case when you follow Jesus. So when we get on our knees and dedicate ourselves to the way of the cross and leave our sins, and when Jesus comes into our life and sets us free from sin and evil, that's when Satan will get on your case and that's when he will work himself into your life to bring you down and into the fire. So he is going to use things that is going to tempt you. It might be certain lusts of some kind. It might be people. He is going to bring people into your life that can cause you to fall to sin. And then once he's gotten you to fall away to a sin, then he's got a hand on your life and he can hold you. And once he's got little hold in you, that's when he can start to work your way down to the fire. Bring you into sins that you can't repent off because you fall too far to repent.

A lot of people that's what happens to them. They just cannot repent. They say, “I really should be getting out of this sin”. But they procrastinate all the way to the fire till they die. And then they die and it is too late then. That is why we must be vigilant and watchful because the devil is on our case. The devil will certainly go after anyone walking on the narrow way. Pastors and preachers and people Jesus works through, he is going to target them too. And that's why you hear a lot about these sexual scandals in the church. It is the devil in the case of peoples who had dedicated themselves to his way and so the devil got on their case and he brought them to a point where they took the bait and they fell away. And they fell away to grave sin and the Lord was warning them to repent. But a lot of them just wont repent and they just keep going on in their sin and they fall further away. That's how they end up falling into the fire. And once in the fire then it's too late. You see friends we must be focused on the Lord so that the devil cannot take us down and be watchful and vigilant because he is there to break your faith, he is there to try and steal your joy. He is there to oppress you every day. And so when you're walking around in the day trying to focus on Jesus, he is trying to hinder your thoughts. Gets into your mind and starts sowing the seeds of evil. And you got a choice to listen to that or put it out. He starts sowing images into your mind. Images of sin images of evil trying to tempt your nature. Tempt the flesh. Because he knows that you've already crucified the flesh and you're free from the flesh and you're free from sin, so he's going to try and tempt you to sin. Tempt you to fall away to get some hold back in your life. To get you back into some slavery to sin. The devil is on your case and once he gets you into some slavery to sin, that is when he's going to bring you down and down and down and then you are going to look back and you remember, “That is where I was before. Look how far I have fallen, look how far I've fallen.” and hopefully you repent and get out of that. Jesus says that in Revelation, “Look how far you have fallen, come back come back, come back to your first works. And the first works are repentance love and faith. Dear friends Jesus said that true.

He said look how far you've fallen, to repent and come back to the first works. And that is why Satan is here. He is on our case all the way to the kingdom of heaven and is going to try and cause us to flip out right at the very end and compromise our faith and go to false paths. There is no limit to how far you can fall. Trust me he will try everything on you. There is absolutely no limit to the sin he will try and get you to do. And he's going to try and use sins that are going to tempt your heart, tempt your flesh, get you to feel that is what you got to do. You got to go and follow the flesh that's what the devil will try and lie to you. He is going to try and manipulate your mind into believing that you must go off and sin, whatever it is he is tempting you with. He will manipulate your mind to get you to accept that you got to go and sin. That you got to do this sin he is tempting you with. You don't have to do that. You don't have to do what the flesh is trying to tempt you to do. The devil is bringing things into your life and you are getting tempted, you don't have to do it. You don't have to do it and it is not your sin either if you don't do it so let us not own any sin today. Let us keep the devil in his place even though he's on our case daily. The devil won't leave you alone. You might resist him and he will flee but will comeback for another opportune time. That's what he did to Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus resisted the devil but the devil came back at another time. And that's what he is going to do to you. He is going to come back to you at another time in your life when you're not strong anymore. He is going to keep an eye on you. He is on your case friends, the Devils on your case. It is not sit down and do nothing, you got to be battling. You got to be doing the works of the faith battle. Walking the faith battle. You got to be resisting the devil daily. You got to be putting him out. Kill the ways of the devil inside of you.

Know we've all got the flesh, the ways of Satan in us. Daily crucify it otherwise it will rule us. If you let the flesh rule you it will take you on a ride all the way to the fire. You will perish. That is why friends if we are serious about obeying and following Jesus every day, we have to be serious about putting out the flesh and resisting the devil. Those are two works that Christians must do daily. They are very important. If you don't do that the devil will bring you down into sin and he will get you into a lukewarm way then he will just leave you there because that's where he wants you to go to hell. And many lukewarm Christians that are already deep in sin, they are already deceived, they are already far from Jesus, and the devil uses them to harass to hinder people from reaching out to the Lord in holiness and wanting to repent. Because the devil doesn't want you to repent. He doesn't want you to turn from your sins. So he uses these lukewarm Christians to make you think it's okay that you can be with them sin in lukewarm ways and that's the way to the kingdom of God still. But friends we know that the devil is on our case and the devil is here to bring us down daily away from the truth, away from our light, away from our joy, and is going to kill your joy if you let him. He is going to bring all this stuff into your mind. All these thoughts, all this evil. He is going to tempt you with it daily. And then you're going to wonder what am I going to do? How can I get around this problem? This terrible problem and you're going to start to wonder if you should follow sin and maybe you get tempted to follow sin so strong that one day you might go and follow it. Then Satan gets the power over you that he wanted.

Once he's got that power then you are on a downward spiral. Friends that's why we got to be vigilant and watchful because Satan is on our case daily. And he's going to try and bring you down. We already have our faith in Jesus we don't need Jesus to show us anything. No signs and miracles. Miracles and signs aren't for us because our faith in Jesus. We already know he is the Messiah. We already know that he's going to uphold us if we stay vigilant and watchful. That is why we got to resists satan. We got to resists Satan. We got to put Satan in his place. You got to exercise your faith and then realized Jesus is really is who he is. He's really our Messiah. We don't need miracles and healings and wonders to believe in Jesus. That is for the unbelievers. We just need Jesus now in our life. We just need to lay faith in him now and then we're going to overcome Satan. And we're going to kick him off our case. Keep him out of our life. Resisting daily being strong daily. All the way to the end because satins got all kinds of plans and is going to try and bring us down like with Jesus, he organized Jesus to be crucified. That was Satan in behind that too. And God allowed it, and Jesus got crucified for the sins of the world. And Satan didn't quite realize what was going on until it was done and he realized what really happened and was too late then. Satan was defeated. But you see friends Satan is on our case and we've got to maintain and stay in our faith that we don't fall away. It's faith that will get you through. It's true faith you just really believe in Jesus. You got to be serious about Jesus, be serious about him daily. I am telling you it is true faith. If you got real faith friends, you realize Jesus is who he is. People say well why do you believe in Jesus? And I tell them I believe in Jesus because he is Jesus Christ. I've got faith in him. Did you know that signs and wonders are not for believers? Did you know that miracles aren't for believers? That is for unbelievers. People being raised from the dead, healings, mighty signs, that's not for the believers. You don't need that. I don't need that. You know who needs that? The people who need that are the people who don't know Jesus is real. But for we who already know Jesus is real, we walk after him, we follow him hallelujah. That's what real faith is. I don't need signs and wonders. I don't need to see the dead rise to suddenly start praising God. I already have a relationship with the Lord. I have all I need. I don't need a mighty healing.

I already have Jesus. He is with me friends. That's what you need. You need a relationship with Jesus too. And that comes from simply dedicating yourself to the Lord because he is there and real. That's what real faith is when you realizes Jesus is who he is and is not dependent on some miracle. A lot of believers don't have any faith, they rely on a miracle before they believe. And they try and muster up all this faith they believe to try and get themselves a miracle of some kind and wonder why doesn't happen and then they lose their faith because they didn't have any faith in Jesus, he wasn't real to them. Then a real man of God comes along and prays for somebody and they get healed and then suddenly they get healed and everyone suddenly realises Jesus is real and they start to believe in Jesus. Now that was a sign for the unbeliever. Friends is a sign for the unbelievers. I wanted to expose today about the Word of Faith movement and the faith movements that people like to followed and I want to talk about these Christians in these churches that are trying to get miracles and things happen and all these Christian books that talk about your healing and they talk about your faith and how you can move mountains and all these kinds of things and I want to tell you how big a deception those things really are and how they destroy so many people's faith in Jesus. They are not about Jesus Christ. These books are about magic trying to manipulate some kind of spiritual power out of the Bible. Dangerous stuff, you got to keep away from it. This is how it works; these Christians they preach and teach that you've got to find enough faith to get a miracle and things like this and what happens is all these unbelieving Christians are trying to muster up some magic out of some Bible verses and what happens is they don't get the magic and they don't get what they believe they should've gotten and what happens is they doubt God and fall away and realized that hey you know obviously I don't have enough faith that means I am not going to be saved because I just don't have any faith they think. And you know they doubt their very salvation they just don't even have salvation to begin with friends they don't have faith. But I want to tell you we don't need miracles and signs and wonders to believe in Jesus.

You don't need that because we already have Jesus right now. He's already here. Now when I'm sick then I can pray and ask Jesus to heal me and help me and he does. But the thing is we don't need the Lord to do a sign before we can believe in him. That is for the unbelievers, did you realize that? Because we who already believe in Jesus, he already knows us and he doesn't need to show a sign to make us believe so he doesn't. He doesn't show doubters signs. He doesn't really care for people standing around doubting his name. You know the apostles and the men of God they go and preach the word under the power of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit gives them power to say raise the dead and the Holy Spirit gives the power to heal a blind man, why? That was for the unbelievers and when the unbeliever see these things, it is because they are unbelievers, they fall on their knees and realise that God is real. They realize Jesus is real because these things can't come from man. And they realize they know Jesus is really who he is. But the believers didn't need that. They didn't need that. Jesus himself prayed to God and he said this sign isn't for me, this isn't for me it is for their sake…he said when he was going to raise Lazarus. You know Jesus didn't need anything like that you know that the apostles didn't need anything like that. They were already believers. That sign was for who? For the atheists, for unbelievers who don't believe that Jesus is real. I want to tell you that we who believe in Jesus we just need to remember the Lord in our prayers and have that relationship with him and stop trying to seek all these signs and wonders and miracles. You don't need that. We already have Jesus here now. We already believe in him. And that's the wonderful faith that the Lord has given me and I have in the Lord is that we simply know that Jesus is who he is. And once you realize that, that's when you are change inside. You really do have the presence of the Lord with you. You really do have Jesus coming into your life and changing you. You really do have a spiritual connection with Jesus when you pray. You know it's really wonderful. We already have faith, we already have belief we don't need signs and wonders. You don't need to try and get something out of the Bible to work for you and you don't have faith if it doesn't work for you. You know the old verse that says if you got faith as small as a mustard seed you could move a mountain. You know what people do? They go and pray to some mountain in the hope that it is going to move and if it doesn't they don't have any faith. Isn't that terrible.

That's typical Bible manipulation trying to get magic out of the Bible like a sorcerer. Revival happens when Christians have real faith and they really believe Jesus is who he is. That is when revival begins because what happens is Jesus starts to use you and he can use you for a miracle sign or even for a wonder or he can use you to wake somebody up. You know the greatest miracle is to have somebody realize that they're in sin and they need to repent, that is the greatest miracle. And Jesus can use your testimony to wake somebody up. That's why we as believers must go back to the faith. Go back to the basics of who Jesus is and realize today that he is here now. Once we start to realize that we can have a direct conversation with Jesus in prayer, that is when our life can start to change daer friends. That is when we can start to have the power of the Lord to bring unbelievers to Jesus Christ. And that is what revival is. It is about putting the devil off our case by resisting him. It's about turning away from sin and laying real faith in Jesus Christ. How is Jesus going to work through you if you are still in sin, you do not resist the devil, you live every day in guilt and fear and you don't have any kind of real deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for who he really is. How is Jesus going to use you friend for revival? He can't. You need revival. You need to be revived to the faith. Because you don't even have proper faith. You don't really believe in Jesus. You know the revival starts when Christians realized who Jesus is. And the deepest revival needs to happen in the church. Because of the deepest deception is when a Christians don't realize Jesus is real because so blinded by religion. They are okay about reading about Jesus in the Bible and all these things, but Jesus has become so dead to them that they can't be revived out of their sleep. They say, Ah yeah, I know Jesus, let us go and have some fun now. You know that's the mentality of the church, they are so asleep. No wonder there's only revival around you when you start realizing that Jesus is who he is and when you do that then you're going to start to get a change in your life. You are going to be free from sin. Once you're free from sin you got a testimony. You got a new way, new way to follow. You are going to have the devil on your case like I was speaking about earlier. The devil is going to try and bring you down because you are dangerous. Once you believe in Jesus for real, that's when you're dangerous to the world. That is when Jesus can use you to create a revival. He can start to work through you because you believe in his name. It is all that's needed you just need to BELIEVE. You know I can't teach you to believe. You just a realize that Jesus is who he is. That's why I'm here because I know that Jesus is who he is. I just need to be resisting the devil. I need to be seeking the will of the Lord and doing that. I need to be waiting on Jesus and following him that's what I need to be doing. I don't need to be trying and making my own way with everything and making a Ministry of my own.

Trying and forging a way with a new kind of theology. No friends, it is time for the believers, as Christians, to start to realize that Jesus is who he is hallelujah. That's what will cause a revival when Christians start to believe in Jesus. You know and that's why I want to encourage all you today to make sure that you just develop your relationship with Jesus because I'm here to tell you truly that Jesus came into my life and changed me from a person that I used to be. You know I used the following another path. I didn't have the reality of Jesus in my life. But the only reason I'm talking to you today is because Jesus came into my life and I came to know him for who he is. Because he is the Lord Jesus Christ and he is right there waiting to connect to you in prayer. And that's all you need to do is to have faith and believe in Jesus. And then he's going to use you for revival, for a new way, for bringing unbelievers to revival repentance to believe and to faith. He is calling you out of the world now to repent of your sins now and to believe on him as a Christian now because he's got work for you to do later. There is work to be done, places to go, miracles to be done by Jesus working through us. Revival is going to happen if you will dedicate yourself to Jesus today and realized who he is.

And that happens today friends. We've got to start to give ourselves to the Lord Jesus hallelujah. Praise the Lord. You know it's time friends to prepare ourselves to work for the Lord to have faith and then Jesus is going to use us for his kingdom, a wonderful thing he's going to do in your life. That is what you need to do. Realise this day that Jesus is who he is, and that's why I'm here because Jesus is who he is. I wouldn't be here if Jesus wasn't real because Jesus changed me and brought me to be here. I tell you I would not have turned away from my old life, it was too fun. To many dreams I was going to achieve. No way I would be here friends if Jesus wasn't real. The reason I am here is because Jesus is who he is…....