Thursday, July 11, 2013


Jesus has many amazing ways of bringing us back to him especially in these end days. Some years ago while I was chasing the world, I happened to be in a certain wilderness place and I had taken a bible with me, but I wasn't serious about Jesus as I was mostly interested in my own ways however I still remembered that I wanted to dedicate my life to the Lord and I had done so previously but the allure of this life had blinded my eyes. Nevertheless I had a bible and I started to read this bible and I started to read in the book of 1 Kings and when I got to the end of 1 Kings, I was turning the page to go onto 2 Kings but the book of 2 Kings was not there. It went on to the next book. I remember going back and trying to work out what happened to 2 Kings so I looked in the index and sure enough there was a 2 Kings in the bible, I just could not work out why there would be a 2 Kings there and thought that is a very unusual mistake for a Bible publisher to miss out on a whole book of the bible. I thought it was a very funny mistake. But it was a new bible and it was a bible I had not read much before and had not noticed that it didn't have the book of 2 Kings in it. I just reading on in another part of the bible and I started to pray. I just started to talk to the Lord.

You see I really did want to follow the Lord at that time but my heart was still darkened and I could not see the truth and I was not preparing myself for the Lord in any way and he wasn't who I lived for. Nevertheless I did pray. Anyway I though I would go back to 2 Kings one more time and so I went back and lo and behold, there was 2 Kings as if it had always been there the whole time. I was a little surprised and shocked because I knew it definitely was not there as I had read 1 Kings and turned on and it was missing. But when I look back at this event now, I realise that the Lord was showing me that he stills works in this world and has the power to do things. Now the Lord woke me up because he is coming soon in what is called the "rapture", the coming of the Lord. He used many things like this in my past to wake me up in my past and come on the new way of holiness and truth. Now there are many people out there who cannot accept there can be a rapture, or there can be a time of Jesus coming back like he said in the Bible. But I want to tell you this that ever since the Lord woke me up and warned me of the nearness of his rapture, and warned me through the Holy Spirit that I need to prepare daily, the devil has come against me in hard ways, very very strong ways to try and cause me not to be ready. For all you people who don't believe that there could be a rapture and Jesus could come back and take his people, I tell you one thing; If you realise that it is true, you are going to have Satan try and get you to miss out. Satan is going to do all he can to get you to sin, he is going to come against you with the most unbelievable trials that you have ever experienced in all your born days. You will never see things so HOT than when you are preparing for the bridegroom. It will be like the difference between entering heaven and hell.

It will be extremely difficult. You see I wont come to be with the Lord myself if I cannot overcome all these trials and troubles that the devil is putting me through trying to bring me away from the Lord. I tell you, any of these secret little sins that I could fall to, any little thoughts of sin I could make my own, will cause me to miss out on Jesus Christ. If I am ashamed of Jesus or not serious about him and getting into idle talk and foolish ways with people, these things the devil wants me to do as well and can cause me to miss out. Now I share these things with you because I don't want you to miss out. I want you to realise that from what I have experienced in my life from what I have shared earlier, Jesus is real. He has power and miracles. He has got supernatural power to do things in your life, he can do things that you wouldn't think possible but he wants you to repent and get yourself right with the Lord Jesus today. Turn away from all your sins and prepare for his coming. He wants you to get through the testing that satan is going to bring upon you. He wants you to overcome. It is written in the bible that; blessed are they who overcome. And he who overcomes I will dress him in a white robe and I will not blot out his name from the lambs book of life. The Lord Jesus also said that he who overcomes and is watchful, he is going to be able to stand before the son of Man unashamed because the Lord warns; Overcome and be watchful so that you can stand before the Son of Man unashamed and escape the things to come. Now dear friends, it is very true, there is a rapture coming. Jesus is coming as a thief in the night.

If you are not ready and if you are allowing satan to take you down, you will not be ready. You will not go. You will be on the outside like the 5 foolish bridesmaids knocking says Lord let us in. And you wont be able to go in. And what will Jesus say to you? He will say I don't know you depart from here. Dear friends I am in the process of making it because I want to. I may not make it, but I am here to share these things with you so you can have every possible chance of making it also. Because I tell you the hour is near, the time is late, the Lord is at hand. Prepare yourself. Let us make it. Let us lay aside all embarrassment about Jesus and his name. Let us lay aside all foolish talk and little sins. Let us lay aside all fantasies and thoughts of evil inside. Let us lay aside every little stumbling block that can cause us to fall short of entering Gods kingdom, because you must remember if we are living in unrighteousness, we will not be able to enter through the narrow gate into the Kingdom of Heaven. May the Lord bless you ….....