Sunday, June 16, 2013


You know today I want to talk a topic that troubles a lot of people and that is the being a tortured soul or being a harassed soul. A lot of people can have all these troubles from the enemy where they feel that they're condemned or there've done a lot of things maybe in the past that it's hard to forget and these things can cause a lot of trouble in our life if we allow it as these things come from the enemy. The enemies' going to try and bring us to a point where we're just going to give up on our faith and we don't really want to go forward anymore. And that's what the enemy wants. He wants us to stagnate in our faith and just continue on other paths that isn't the narrow way, not faith in Christ following the Lord. And so the enemy is going to harass us with thoughts and memories. Memories from our past because a lot of people have done things that they wish they did not and these things can play with our minds and the devil can orchestrate these things. I know there's people who have been tortured souls by evil spirits. Harassments in the mind. And a lot of these things harass people. People remember things they've done in the past which they wish they hadn't done and they have these things torment them, tormented souls. You know the past can really torment us if we allow it because most of us have done things we wish we did not. There are all levels of things but we know the apostle Paul did a lot of things that he deeply regretted where he was part of a group that was murdering somebody and he did other things that wasnt very nice and Satan knows these things he knows that we've done things we ought not in our past. And a lot of people haven't necessarily done crime like that or havnt done things that could be looked at by society as too bad.

But the problem is the law is the unbending and what the law says is wrong is wrong. So when the law says that you shouldn't commit adultery and shouldn't lie and various other sins it is true. And the law is unbending and there is no mercy under the law. And so a lot of people they get tormented by satan. They get tormented by spirits that are trying to bring these people away from their faith or stop them from having faith in Christ. A lot of people they are wanting to come to Christ, but the devil is tormenting them like he is sending hindering spirits to try and stop them from having faith in Christ. But we are exposed today that there's no condemnation when you're with Christ. There isn't. I can read Romans eight verse one: there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ from the law of sin and death. And so even if we were criminals in the past or just lawbreakers breaking the laws of Moses and things like this, breaking God's holy commands, being like the Republican and the tax collector, or maybe the thief on the cross people like this you know, it must be realized that there is no condemnation for those in Christ. No condemnation. And the thing is the devil doesn't let up. He is not somebody who is going to give up on you and just say oh well this person is in the with Christ now so I'll just leave him alone. No the powers of darkness are going to do all they can to try and bring you back into their path that will bring you into their power. That's why many people get very tormented by the devil. But we got to realize that this does not need to happen.

We don't need to be tormented by him, because we have we have armor and we have a weapon. The problem is people don't use that weapon. And so what happens is they get tormented and get troubled for their life and they get paralyzed by the enemy so they cannot move on. They cannot get a sound mind. But Christ came to give us a sound mind. Not a mind of listening to voices like many people do when they listen to Satan. Not a mind of being tormented. No, Jesus came to give us a sound mind and he came to show us that hey there is no condemnation if we are in the faith of Jesus Christ. There isn't. That's where condemnation finishes on us; when we turn from our evil paths there is no more condemnation. We're no longer under the way that is going to condemn you. Now this is the problem is that people coming to the Lord they get tormented by sins they are doing. They say I can't give up this lust sin that I'm in today. They say; I've always been enslave to it. They say they cannot give these things up and are tormented everyday because they know they're doing a sin and they can't stop. So people get very tormented. But the thing is we got to realize that when we are in Christ we don't have to do sin. You don't have to do what it is that your flesh may have a desirable for. You just don't have to do it. And that's the wonderful thing is that when we follow Christ we don't have to do sin. You don't have to go and do it. You don't have to go break God's laws. You don't have to follow lusts of things in the flesh. You no longer have to. You can be free and the answer is through Jesus Christ. Now a lot of people that they feel very bound to sins. You know they got some things in their life that they know that it's a sin but they can't stop. And the thing is that these things are coming into their lives all the time and they're tormented by Satan because; 1. they also are doing the sin and 2. do not realise that they can stand up and you don't have to do this anymore. That is what Jesus says. He says you don't have to sin anymore. He said to the adulterous woman he set free he said; go sin no more. You don't have to do this anymore. And that's what Jesus wants of you today.

He is saying you don't have to sin no more. Why are you following your temptation. Why are you going and doing the desires of your flesh when you don't have to. That's what Jesus is saying. Jesus sees us struggling with certain desires and actions of sin and says; why are you doing sin when I've set you free and why do you need to go into sin. Jesus says you don't need to go and sin. You don't need to go and have a problem with sin. You don't need to have the flesh torment you. And Jesus is saying that hey there's no condemnation when you follow me. And so the key to be able to overcome all these problems from the enemy is to realize that we are free if we turn to Christ. And that's why we must turn to Christ to get free. Freedom in Christ. You know people don't really understand that when you say that you've been set free from sin, because so many people are in such bondage to sin that they can't stop. They say well I can't go a week without my lust or desire driving me to do lustful acts. Or they say well I can't go very long before I sin again. I start swearing and cursing or something like this. The thing is friends, we have to turn to the Lord properly to be able to have this wonderful freedom of Christ coming to us where we can know that we don't have to go to sin anymore. Now the devil is cunning and if you'd been set free from the way of sin, he is not going to just leave you alone there and give up. Rather is going to try different ways and he likes to torment people. If they can be tormented. Many people don't realize that they can send Satan away but they don't use their armor and they don't use their weapons. But we were given weapons to use against the enemy. We were given the word of God to use against satan.

And when you speak Jesus' name against the devil and you do in faith properly as a sword then you can have these things taken away from you. These things can be bided hens, all these tormenting things. People they get tormented by all kinds of problems, worries and guilt. They get tormented by guilt from things they should not have done maybe in the past. They get tormented by thoughts. They get tormented by desires and sinful evil desires that the flesh may acquire. They get tormented by things that Satan puts on them or tries to put on them. Other people get tormented that they lost their salvation and not realizing that nobody has salvation on this earth yet. We simply just follow Jesus and he will lead us to his salvation if we stay with him. Some people get tormented by satan saying that they have committed the unforgivable sin. So they are a tormented soul. But friends Jesus says and warned many times that there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Jesus Christ from the law of sin to death. So by the Lord sending his only son in the likeness of the flesh for sin, he condemned sin and those who do not walk according to the flesh but the spirit they have the requirements of the law fulfilled in them. We read in Romans eight that the righteous requirements of the law fulfilled in us who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit of God. So it's time to really start spiritual warfare against Satan and don't let him kick you around because so many people get troubles in various ways. Now nobody is the same. Some people they get all bothered by Satan all the time when they're trying to repent and turn to the Lord properly and live for him, where they're always in a sin that they can't really let go of. It seems like they feel they're in bondage to it.

And that sin could be anything and so they they feel a bit hopelessly doing the sin and feeling repentant but not really able to stop whatever it might be. Other people get tormented by spiritual forces like voices and things like this from the powers of darkness. Some people get tormented in all kinds of ways by the powers of darkness from their past so they feel full of guilt but friends it doesn't really matter about the past for one thing the past cannot be changed and two, the Lord Jesus forgives and it doesn't really matter about being stuck in sin because we know that Jesus sets us free from sin if we go to him. So 1: we don't have to be slaves to sin anymore because we don't have to sin as that's what Jesus says. He says look you don't have to sin you can turn to me and I will set you free. That is what the Lord has done a lot of. He has set people free from their addictions and he set people free from all kinds of past sins. And so the whole key in all this is to give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ in full dedication until he comes right into your life. And don't just give up and don't just follow the love of the flesh. So many people won't enter heaven because they're not willing to let go of the flesh. In the end they are not able to. They don't want to. It comes down to a will, a choice. So a lot of people end up condemned because they weren't really willing to say no I don't want to follow the flesh anymore. But that's where liberation comes because Jesus says that you don't have to follow sin, you don't.

You do not have to follow sin. You can turn away of sin today. You do not have to do the things that you know are sin in your heart. You are not under condemnation if you turn away from sin and to Christ. That's why Jesus is very important. He is the good news that we can be forgiven and set free from our sin if we turn away from it. If we choose. But you have to choose. You have to choose if you are willing to no longer follow the flesh the things the flesh wants to do or is doing. The things of sin are very obvious. There is a list in the Bible about these things. Things like adulteries, immorality theft perversions dissensions fighting living after the desires of the flesh. Selfish living, living for self. All these things that we're centered on ourselves only and don't care about following the Lord and just living after our desires on the earth and living the way that the world would like us to live. Friends I want to stress that there is no condemnation in Christ but we have to make that decision to turn from sin. If you want to enter the kingdom you have to make a choice that no I don't want to do these things anymore but I also don't choose them. That's when people get set free from things in Christ and that's when I got it free. But the thing is the devil just doesn't leave us alone and he's going to try and bring us back to all kinds of things and that's why so many preachers fall away. I know a lot of preachers that fall away to very bad sins. They start off on the right way and they are preaching and being led by the Lord, things like this and then they listen to the devil and the desires of the flesh which rise up all the more because they are following the Lord and they go back under slavery to sin and therefore fall right away from grace. And they are under condemnation and all kinds of awful things. It's a very dangerous world out there. It is the world of the power darkness that want your soul. They want your soul in the fire. And they're not like us. We go to bed at night we forget things but they are not sleeping. The powers of darkness are active and on their mission all the time. So don't expect the rest from the power of darkness because they are not resting.

And don't think they are going to give up. They will not give up. They have their own plans to bring you to the fire each person. But that doesn't have to bother us. We got to understand that we've got to wage war through the word of God. We have to take control of our weapons. We can't just be sitting around with no weapon like a lot of Christians do. They sit around with no weapons. They've got these weapons but they don't use them. And they all get defeated and tormented. Satan puts all kinds of desires and thoughts into their minds and they start to give up and can't really do anything for the Lord because they're paralyzed in fear air and guilt and trouble and they're paralyzed in in all kinds of things that satan put on them. But they don't fight back. They are too condemned in their own hearts because they're not totally focused on Christ. So we are here to walk away from this kind of thing and start using our weapons; the sword of faith the sword of the word of God. So we have the name of Jesus Christ and that's a powerful name against the enemy. You use the name of Jesus against the enemy, that's when we get delivered. That's when the devil will flee. A lot of people they are very obsessed with all kinds of teachers and the deliverance ministries and all kinds of things but a lot of them even though they understand all of these things I am saying, they still don't put into practice what Jesus said. Jesus gives you a sound mind. A lot of people don't have a sound mind because they don't submit themselves properly to Jesus. They are not obeying him in their life. They are often listening to all kinds of preachers and teachers that are not telling them to go to the Lord properly and they don't go to him. And what happens is they just go off their own intuition and their own mind. They are not following the Lord through the spirit.

And what we should be doing is having a serious heart and spending our time in prayer actually seeking the Lord and not just going of doctrine. And going of doctrine can be very dangerous. It means that we are not going off a proper relationship with Jesus Christ, we're going off what we think might be right. What's the use of that friends. We know the doctrine that leads to Christ that is we repent and accept him. But do we actually go to him. We know those who repent and believe will be saved. But do we actually believe. Do we go to the Lord. Do we spend time getting to have him come into our hearts and make all the changes that we cannot do. Give you that sound mind that you can't get on your own. Or are we too busy just doing what we want to do. I should do this or that. One believer he was such a tormented soul that he just sold everything he had and was ended up with all these drunks and they just took all his money and ended up dying a tormented soul with nothing, no peace nothing. Because he let the devil speak to him and he wasn't interested in getting to know Jesus properly because the devil deceived him. This as the problem friends is that people they just do what they think. And they they think this is a good idea so people they go and do a missionary here or maybe they go and dedicate to something in the church or all these things but then again they don't know Jesus they are not following him. You can do a lot of things. You know you can try and obey all the commandments of God in the Bible. Some people do that too. It is not that hard if you're dedicated to obey the 10 Commandments and most of those sins you can keep away from. You can be pretty religious in keeping ceremonial things and days and anyone who puts their mind to it can do these things. But the problem is the heart was never changed these people remained torment souls. Another thing that people do is they become monks because they think that's the way to go. You see a lot of that in the second and third century where these people were such tormented souls that they would lock themselves away in cages for many years because the torment of lust or whatever it is that is tormenting them in their head from the devil.

They mortify the flesh. One monk locked himself into a wagon wheel. He stayed there for like 10 years. People do a lot of funny things when they don't follow Christ and don't have a sound mind for the Lord and don't know him. They go and build monasteries and live away in isolation where the Lord did not send them, hoping to be away from sin that's tormenting them but they find themselves all the more tormented. They are tormented souls, a lot of people are tormented souls. Satan torments them. Psychiatrist start labelling people as skitsofrenic or depression or whatever. But there is a deeper problem in all these things is from Satan. And some people they just can't turn away from these ways and come to Jesus but you know we are not here to be like them. We're here to get to know the Lord properly and we do that through prayer. It's not something that you're going to find overnight. You are going to be finding different things about Jesus for the rest of your life. And he is going to show you all kinds of things over your life if you follow him and you are going to grow in the Lord. But you can't do that if you're leading yourself and you're trying to call the shots. I should sell all this or I should be a monk in the wilderness, all these things that people want to do but not led by God to do and they just get tormented by the devil. All these voices they hear in their head. Where do you think that comes from, these things come from Satan. The Lord Jesus speaks in the heart and he doesn't torment and is not that way. People who listen to Jesus know that he is not a tormenting voice. The problem is all these other people they get all kinds of tormenting voices and thoughts desires and again it's not because it's something wrong with them.

It is because of the devil and is because we need to be vigilant against the enemy and realized that hey we do not need to sin. So what you're tempted to do whatever it is but no you don't have to sin. You don't have to go and do it, it's a choice that we have to make because we are the one who do things. Satan cannot make us do anything. God cannot. We have to make that decision to turn away from our own ways and really give ourselves to the Lord properly. And it's called seriousness of mind having a sound mind. Giving your mind to the Lord and being serious about it. The enemy won't leave you alone as I said. He will continue to come against you. That's why Paul said to put on the armor of the Lord. The armor includes the sword of the spirit. The word of God, righteousness, faith, all these wonderful things. The hope of salvation, all these wonderful things that we have because of Jesus Christ. It all comes down to as is written that there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. No condemnation. And the Devil's very good at condemning people. He will condemn you all day. He will bring back your past to condemn you all day. Sure you've been evil in the past, I have. But hey we repented of that anyway and turned away from those things and so we're no longer under condemnation. Now people will still condemn you. People will not necessarily forgive you. But we who follow the Lord are under no condemnation and that's the important thing to realize is that we got to start standing up for ourselves against the devil in the name of Jesus. Because the Lord is requiring us to make those choices. He just doesn't want you to sit back and do nothing. He requires you to to make a choice. And the devil also tries to make you make a choice.

So clearly there's going to be conflicts here. Because on one hand your flesh is trying to make to make a choice about following its desires and accepting its ways that it has inside, and on the other hand we got the Lord who is expecting us to choose him and not those things. Choose his way and overcome. Overcoming faith where we are not all condemn before God and doubting Jesus and thinking we've lost our salvation even thought nobodies saved anyway because we are all walking to the way of salvation if we follow Christ. So satan can't say to you today you lost your salvation. You can just say to him it is through Christ today that I am saved and there is no condemnation and as long as I stay with him to the end I will reach the goal. That's the reality of the situation. And if you stay true to the end you will reach it. You are not suddenly cut off. The only people who are cut off those who have died, have been cut off. If you die in sin well I guess there is not hope then. If you die in doubt and fear and worry and care in the world's ways then it is over then because there is not more changing anything. But while you have life you've got the narrow way to follow, following Jesus Christ. While we follow Christ we're not condemned. While we stay with him we will make it to the end of the race. While we use his name against Satan we cannot fall. There is no condemnation as it is written Roman 8, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Amen. So we've got to start dedicating ourselves to friends to Jesus Christ properly in a relationship with him where we're going to be very careful about following him realizing there's no condemnation for us who are in Christ therefore we do not have to sin. We don't have to choose sin. Because sin is always a choice. We always choose to go out and do that thing we shouldn't have done. And then all those evil thoughts and temptations and desires that are torment us.

We don't have to do what they're trying to torment us to do. If it was something we really want to do I guess it wouldn't be a torment you would just go and do it. We're tormented because we don't want to do things that the devil is trying to push us to do. He's trying to push you away from your faith. And so we are not here to to fall away from our faith in Christ and just go and choose to do sin again or allow it to come into our live. We're not here to be tormented by the devil saying you've lost your salvation because you can say; well look that there's no condemnation for those in Christ as long as we follow him we will attain salvation at the end of our life. So don't let the devil like to you or cause you to do funny things. You don't have to be a monk you don't have to go to the wilderness and fast for 40 days and be a monk and have no contact with the world. You don't have to do that to be holy. You don't have to sell all you have and go on the street.

You don't have to do that either. What you have to do is you have to give yourself to the Lord and seek a relationship with him. Thats what you have to do. What you have to do is turn away from your sins. You have to seek the Lord to have a sound mind. You have to use the name of Jesus against evil thoughts against any tormenting from the powers of darkness. You don't have to be a tortured soul. You don't have to be a tormented soul. You can have a sound mind in the faith of Christ which is guaranteed salvation, guaranteed at the end of our lives if we stay with Christ. It is very simple. Now Satan knows it's very simple that's why he tries to get you away from Christ and away from your faith. He knows if you fall away from your faith you can end up not making the end of the race of faith. Not getting the crown of life at the end of it. But friends that is why we can have this wonderful assurance and hope that we will enter the kingdom of God, because we walk with Christ. We have the assurance of the spirit that comes when you have that relationship with Christ and you follow him amen…...