Saturday, June 29, 2013


Many times in the past I have gone my own path in life and I haven't walked to the way of salvation at all. You know that's why Paul says in Hebrews 12 he says; since we have a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Paul goes on to write; consider him who has endured so much hostility by sinners against himself…. and then he talks; you have not resisted sin to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin. So he is talking about staying focused and enduring despite these troubles that we run into. Isn't that wonderful that we can be focused on turning away from our sin and striving on this narrow way. That's what we're here to be doing. We're here to strive on this narrow way following the Lord and not giving ourselves over to sin, and in our striving against sin we haven't shed blood, so let us not lose hope but lay all faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and keep away from the old paths. That's so very important. Now I want to tell you a little bit about me about how I didn't follow the Lord many times. And I was just following my own way. You know I didn't strive against sin, I just lived my own life when I didn't know Jesus and I didn't follow him. And I allowed myself to follow after the demons, the ways of Satan. And when we do that we always reap for ourselves a lot of trouble and I was reaping for myself trouble. But we've got to be focused on the Lord dear friends so that we don't reap trouble, but we find the Lord and in holiness and truth and a wonderful new relationship with him where we can just follow and obey him all the days of our life.

When I was a child I decided to give myself to the Lord you see. And because I did so Satan and his demons came along and they try and tempt you to get you off that path. They tried several times.q and eventually I just left Jesus and I decided to chase after my own life in the world and started to pierce myself with many griefs. You know the world is full of many wonderful things but they all lead to dust and ash. All these things I used to do and I wanted to do and I just focused on doing, and all these things just lead to ash in the end and they left me empty and no fulfilment and what I was chasing didn't have the answers. You see I decided to follow the Lord when I was young but I didn't want to. In the end I just follow my own way. I thought that chasing after my goals and dreams was okay and fine if you followed Jesus, you can do that like the church or many churches teach or many Christians will say. They say; ah it is ok to chase your goals, that path is still with Jesus or they say that it still goes to heaven as long as you believe in Jesus. Which of course is a lie because when we walk to the broad path to destruction, we cannot find the narrow way. We're not walking the narrow way and we won't find that narrow gate. And so because the Lord in his mercy chastised me and brought me to a place to seek him, then I was able to repent and come out of that way that was leading to the fire and instead dedicated to the Lord Jesus. And as I said every day is striving against sin and are striving against our own ways to just continue to follow Jesus. Which means that we don't need to give up hope or grow weary, we just need to endure hallelujah. And sometimes the things sin can wear us down. We can struggle with certain problems in certain areas of our life. But what happens is Jesus gives us the peace and hope to get through if we abide with him.

And that's why we're here; we're here to abide with Jesus Christ so that we can be totally focused on him and not focused on our own ways. Because when we are focused on our own ways we will surely fail I tell you that now. If we focus on our own ways we will fail. We will not find ourselves in the kingdom of God. We will only find for ourselves grief and tears. You see demons have a certain order in the power of the spirit world and certain demons can be given to go after you trail you around to try and get you to sin. These daemons normally have a kind of a family history in your family so they have a right to be going after you. Sos that's when you hear about all these generational curses and what happens is these these demons they go and trail people and they are going to try and bring them down. I knew a husband and wife who were following Jesus and had given themselves to Jesus, and the man was into witchcraft and tarot cards and all that sort of stuff before he came to the Lord. The Lord appeared to him in a light and he repented and he came to Jesus. And then his wife she was following the church way which was the way of religion. And these people stayed with the Lord for some time, but what happened was Satan and demons were trailing them around waiting to bring them down. So even though this person was a preacher, what happened was the demons were waiting for the opportunity to take them down, take them away from their faith in sin. Because that's what the demon do. They're waiting for an opportunity to take you into sin. And so what happens is when you fall to a sin they get control in you and they will destroy you. And so these demons followed him around for enough time and at a opportunistic time they got him to do sexual sin. And the what happened was they divorced and he went off to his own ways, and the wife she just was bitter and unforgiving. And when we have bitter and unforgiveness in our hearts, we are letting demons into us we're letting trouble come. And this lead to cancer. You see unforgivness causes cancer. This is all demonic. It's all part of the powers of darkness. And so what happen was these people were on their way to hell and one had cancer was going to die because of unforgiveness.

But that particular one cried out to the Lord asking him for healing and forgiveness and decided to forgive so the Lord healed. Even though the doctor said there was no chance. But that's the Lord having mercy and giving another chance. Now did this person take that chance and decided to properly follow the Lord now and not follow the demons? I don't know. The other one who the demons took out in sexual sin, did he come back? At this stage no. friends we have to strive against the flesh and follow the Lord. There is no point just being like this and allowing the demons to take us out. I read to you again in Hebrews we read; therefore since we have such a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, lute us lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangled us. Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross and despising it's shame, sat down with God on the throne. He goes on to write; for you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin. Verse five; and you have forgotten the exhortation which is addressed you as sons. My son do not regard lightly the discipline of God, nor grow faint when you are reproved by him. For those whom the Lord loves he disciplines and his scrooges every son that he receives. For it is good discipline that you endure. God deals with you as a son for what son is there that the father doesn't discipline? If we are without discipline of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate children. Furthermore we have earthly fathers who discipline us so how much more with our heavenly father discipline us. All discipline for a moment seems not so joyful but it's sorrowful yet those who have been trained by it afterwards it yields peaceful fruits of righteousness. Once again friends we get righteous when the Lord starts to discipline you. He takes things out of your life. He might take your wife out of your life. She might die. You know he might bring you down into very bad situations in life to get you to repent. The Lord's discipline is hard. It is not like our father that who just hits us a few times and then finished. No if we are in danger of falling to hell, the Lord can start doing a lot of things. You know that's why we started getting so much financial pressure in our life, so much trouble. It's because when we are not following Jesus and we are in sin, we are out of the blessing of God and he is going to allow Satan to do things. Like he did to Job. He started to take away his family, his work everything. You know the Lord will discipline you if you keep sinning. We don't need to be disciplined if we are going to be obedient and we've heeded the discipline already and we've decide to obey the Lord. The obedient children don't need to be disciplined, it is the disobedient who get this so if you keep falling to a sin well expect God to discipline you. Expect things to happen in your life you wished didn't happen. That's the reality of the situation is that the Lord disciplines those who he loves.

Now I had this discipline several times in my life while I was following my own way, I was handing myself over to Satan and what happened was the Lord allowed the way of destruction to enter into me and I started going down the path of grief and tears and trouble. And I was getting all kinds of troubles and got to a very low point in my life where I finally cried out to God and said; look please save me I am going to live right, I am going to live for you now. But it took a lot of trouble to get me there. It took a lot of days of unrest depression troubled sadness grief. And that's what will happen to us if we are in the world and the Lord wants us as his children. He is going to discipline you. That's why people get so depressed and want to kill themselves because they're under the discipline of God to bring them to repentance. And what he does is he brings you to repent. Other people they don't want to listen. They just want to still go their own way the Lord just gives them over to their desires. Dear friends that's what we're here to do, we're here to listen to this discipline and when he warns us to repent and when he warns us to to come back and live holy and be righteous, that's where we should listen and we should heed. We've got to heed him. We got to be serious about him in what we do. You know we have got to stop listening to other people but instead start praying to the Lord and ask him what we should do in our life situation right now. You know many people have a troubling life situation where they find that things aren't going so well for them. They feel trouble in their life. Their job is drying up and have little money. It seems like a lot of pressure and they wonder why God has left them. Dear friends God never left you. You're away from him and that's why he's disciplining you. You know a lot of us have these discipline actions in our life and we are just wondering what is happening. Why are we going through such trouble right now. Its because the Lord is disciplining you and he wants you to repent and dedicate to him. You know the Lord still disciplines us if we fall away after we turn back to him. If you do a sin you will feel the judgment and the Holy Spirit warning you to repent. He will bring these things and take your peace away from you. But we want to listen to his discipline we want to repent. And we want to go back to Jesus and keep walking on that narrow way. There is no use being stuck in a sin and continually feeling condemned. No wonder you don't feel right with God it's because you're not. You keep sinning you keep feeling condemned what happens is you start to feel the face of God really far away from you. And then troubles start to arise in your life and things just don't go so well. Friends that's why we don't want to be walking away from Jesus. We want to be obedient. I walked away from Jesus for many years, chasing after my own desires. People say that's fine, we know that it's not. We know that if we chase after our own desires we're not going to be pleasing to Jesus and we certainly don't have a relationship with him while we do that. That is why I say friend we've got to not chase after our own desires but we have to give ourselves to the Lord and be focused on dedicating to his name hallelujah. Because it is only then that we shall find ourselves in his kingdom praise his name.

That's what we're here to be doing, we're here to be focusing on praising the Lord and being dedicated to his name so we can be in his kingdom. How many of you are going though a troubling time in life where you just think God is not listening and you just got all this trouble in your life. I'll tell you what that is, it's God disciplining you and telling you that you got to get serious and you got to start actually following him and being obedient to his name hallelujah. That's what we want to do, we want to be obedient to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because he is calling you to repent. He is calling you to dedicate to his name hallelujah. You know it's so very important that we focus on the Lord Jesus Christ at this time, because it's a time of sorting. We're being sorted. And the Lord Jesus wants us to be obedient everyday because when we are obedient, then he's going to allow us to have that wonderful peace that we need in our souls. We got to pray about everything. That's what Jesus wants and we can make mistakes a lot. I make mistakes too and when happens is if you have the wrong heart towards somebody or you're mean or unkind, the Spirit of God will let it know that you've done wrong and you won't have the peace of God with you and you have to repent and you have to endure. And that's why it's written in Hebrews that in our striving against sin we haven't shaded blood so let us be enduring and putting sin out and learning from the Lords discipline knowing that he disciplines us because he loves us.

Sometimes a discipline will be very severe other times it may not be. But if you really fall away from the Lord, you will get severe discipline like this person I was talking about earlier who got cancer. They let the demons in and the demons cause cancer. The Lord allows it to discipline these people to repent. This person prayed and they got healed when they repented. But will they continue to follow the way? I'm not sure, the Lord gives them another chance. But they just don't seem so serious for the Lord but more serious about their own path still so I don't know. That is what we should be doing friend. We can't just be letting our chances go. If you've had cancer and the Lord healed you, I am talking about cancer where you got no time left and the doctors say you're going to die, and the Lord heals you and you got a new lease of life for a little while, but what are you going to do? Are you going to heed the discipline? Or have the Lord have to cause you to be taken off the earth and cast into hell? We don't want to be cast into hell friends. We can be suffering a lot in our lives from all the sins we've done and all that things that the Lord allows to happen, because we've sinned. You go and break up your families you cause the discipline of God to come upon your head. He is angry with you. If you're his son he's going to chastise you very hard and if you don't listen he's going to hand you over to Satan. Satan will become your father. That's what it says is that people who just want to continue to sin then Satan becomes their father and all his demons. They just lead you and the wrath of God just abides in your head. You go and divorce people and and have all this sin you don't repent off and you just think it's all right to go and just live in adultery or to go asleep around or to go and party and have a good time and not live for the Lord or just spend your time watching the TV and not praying and focusing on the Lord rather just entertained by foolish sin on TV. (I am not saying everything on TV is sin but if we're watching sin on TV and not following the Lord in dedication what does that say for our relationship with the Lord? We obviously don't have one.) Or are we just interested in following our own ways, this society, just having fun with this society in their way of fornication against God. No wonder we got so many problems, no wonder we feel so bad right now is because we need JESUS. We need to dedicate to him and stop living for sin. And instead be serious striving against sin and endure in the faith. We got to endure in the faith Hallelujah. Praise the Lord....