Monday, June 10, 2013


Well dear friends I wanted to talk about the judgment of God and his seriousness about how he wants to discipline people, and how we have to be serious about him. Because I tell you friends that we have to be focused on pleasing the Lord in this life because the Lord has ended many people's mercy on this world and he has brought them an end to their life and he's brought them into the fire. Like Jesus said he said to fear the one who can destroy your body but then cast your soul into hell. And that's what people don't realize is that the Lord God doesn't put up with foolish and disobedience behaviour. He gives it a time. He allowed these things in the world for a time but he doesn't allow it to keep going and at one point in your life he is going to end your life. And then after he has ended your life he's going to judge you and cast you into hell or save you through Jesus Christ depending on whether you were obedience in your lifetime to him. And I want to tell you something friends this world is rebellious against God. They are headed to be cast into hell. They are destined to hell most people, because they refuse to be obedient. They want to say that gay is okay and they want to directly disobey the law in all they do and they want to directly go against his commandments.

They want to say adultery is ok. They want to say that being rich and chasing your life and having worldly fun in sin is okay. And the Christians often want to do that too during this time. This Age is very rebellious and God gives this period a time to make the number of people who will repent full. But after that time that the Lord is going to judge and throw those people into hell who do not repent. And so we have to realize when walking on this earth right now that God isn't just someone in the sky that's all welcoming and ready to welcome you into heaven while your in your sin. That's a big life. God is very serious about judgment and is very serious about punishment and discipline. Now many people don't like the thought of being disciplined after all they think they're adults and they should live their own life and they're their own God. But I tell you truly friends God will discipline those whom he loves and if you don't heed his discipline then how are you going to enter the kingdom and find mercy? Some people have a hard time with discipline. Their lives seem to start to fall apart on them and then they just won't repent and so they start losing things in their life they start losing family members. Terrible things happen to them. Hard Times come. They lose all their money and almost end up on the street. God's disciplining them. He is trying to bring them to repent because he loves them and he doesn't want them to go on in their backsliding. But sometimes these people say to him to leave me alone.

They don't want to have the discipline so God leaves them alone and hands them over to Satan. Satan gives them all they want and then he turned to them in the end and cuts them down and they are dragged off to hell. It is a terrible thing to not listen to the discipline of God. And as an obedient child somebody who wants to obey the Lord and doesn't want to go on in evil, these ones find mercy because God is looking for obedient people. And that's why we read in revelation, revelation ch 2: where the Lord says that I know that that you endured patiently for me bearing things for my sake but I have this against you that you have abandoned your first love. Your God. Remember therefore where you have fallen, repent and do the first works otherwise I will come at you quickly and I'm going to remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent. So I'm telling you friends; God is serious about his judgment and his discipline and he gives warning enough. He gives us warning to repent and he is warning us all the time to repent and turn away from our evil deeds. But we got to listen. We can't just go on in our lack of discipline. Now I'll tell you a story about someone who did. They were going out partying and doing what they shouldn't do when they were followers of Jesus. And they ended up getting drugged by a date rape drug and drug was so strong that it cause the body to shut down and so their soul left their body and went before God and God said that you're destined to go to hell. He sent this person off the hell because of their disobedience. Disobedient people don't enter heaven even if they're Christian. They still don't enter heaven. If you are disobedient you will get judged for it, God in his mercy didn't allow her to die just then. He allowed her to come back to her body and tell all that we can't be disobedient little brats running around and partying and having fun drinking and sinning. Because if we do that God will cast our souls into hell and there will be no mercy at all. And that's what the message was to the young people to stop being foolish and to repent. To be serious about the Lord because if you die in your sins you cannot enter the kingdom. But the Lord himself will judge you and he will cast your soul into hell as it is written. So that is why we have to be serious and we have to be serious about turning away from our sins and giving our lives to the Lord. For if we do that we shall find mercy in his name. But if we go on in our own ways how can we enter the kingdom of God?

How can we enter his way to life if we're just disobedient. You know another Christian or another person who the Lord was working on, decided to continue in his sin and the Lord was warning him to repent through various ways. And this man he had enough and he said Lord I don't want you to warn me anymore, leave me alone leave me alone. And the Lord left them alone and shortly after that he died and he went to hell. You see God doesn't play around. He is serious about whether you repent or not. Now Christians don't hear that. They want to believe that he will overlook their disobedience so they get mad when they hear that God doesn't overlook disobedience. Because many they just want to continue in being angry and hateful and think they can get away with that. Or somebody does them over and want to stay bitter and unforgiving. And they think that somehow Jesus will overlook that when Jesus clearly said in the Bible that if you don't give neither will I forgive you before my father and all his angels. And then they deny his name in the world and think the Lord will forgive them by going on to parties and denying the name of Jesus and being embarrassed about the Lord. What did the Lord say about that? He said that if you deny me in front of this sinning generation, I will most certainly deny you before my father and all his angels. And so these disobedient Christians aren't willing to hear that God is a God of punishment and justice as well as a God of mercy. It is only those who want to turn away from their sins who will find mercy. That is the only people who will find mercy. It is not you who want to go on in your pleasure seeking ways and your sins. You know people we think about ourselves too much. And we are so interested in following our own ways. But that's not what we're here to do because that's not the way to mercy.

That is the way to judgment and condemnation. God will not put up with your disobedience. You will stand before God and he'll get the angel Gabriel to cast you into hell because you didn't obey him in your life. You weren't serious about him you just kept sinning. You know we have to be serious and obedient children friends or we wont find mercy. Those who fall on their knees before God find mercy as the tax collector found Mercy. He was a sinning man on his way to hell and he cried out to God please have mercy on me. Those people find mercy. But if we just keep going on in our sins and loving our foolish paths and not being serious about the Lord, that's when we find ourselves in trouble before God. And I tell you, you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven doing that. You only find for yourself judgment and trouble. Don't make a foolish mistake and die in your sins like so many have and gone to hell. Remember that God judges rightly and justly and he will not overlook disobedience. If you're living in disobedience today such as fornication and stealing or lying, many people are living in and desires and are still addicted to their own lusts and they still watch porno movies. They're still following the TV and all its frivolity and foolishness and laughing along with its ungodly ways. Don't think in your disobedience that you're going to find pleasure with God. Certainly not. He is a God of judgment and he will indeed judge you. So we need to be finding mercy before God not judgment. And if we find mercy will he not receive us? If we are obedience to Jesus and serious about turning from our sins will the Lord not receive us? He is looking at your heart to see if you are interested in being obedient or if you do, you certainly will find mercy. But if you don't will you not find judgment dear friends? Most people are headed to judgment even now. They're happy to stay in rebellion against God. They are happy to break all the commandments of God and think they can get away with doing that, instead of repenting and honoring Jesus Christ.

You know if you commit adultery the law will condemn you because the law warns that you shall not commit adultery and you will be condemned. But if we follow Christ he will set us free from adulteries so we are no longer under that law. You no longer will practice adultery because Christ will change your heart. And that's why Jesus was sent to the world. Not to condemn the world but to save it. So everybody who decides to turn from their sin and go to him he will change your heart even though you're already guilty and already condemned. It is so important friends to go to the Lord Jesus and get his heart. Get him to change your heart to stop singing and stop living in rebellion. But you can't do that unless you're prepared to leave your rebellion. If you don't want to leave it then you certainly won't find Jesus. And why should he come and free you from rebelling if you don't want to leave it? That is why I warn so much that we must leave our rebellion otherwise we will be falling under the judgment of God under the law. So we must leave our rebellion and we must be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and decide to obey him in all we do hallelujah. That's what the Lord is looking for. He is looking for people who obey the Lord Jesus Christ who are interested in being obedient praise the Lord. They are not going on in their sins like this girl whose soul left her body after the drugs took the life and she ended up before God to be judged. And was told to go to hell. She wasn't ready to leave rebellion. The scriptures says no drunkards go to heaven. No people living in fornication and frivolity go to heaven. You know that's all under the law. Christians who then say that to turn from adultery and try and turn from a slovenly lifestyle it means you're trying to work yourself to be saved. They are are a rebellious people of heart because they're not willing to accept that you've got to turn from your rebellion to be able to receive the grace through Jesus Christ, because it is grace. We don't deserve salvation but if we repent and return to Christ we are going to receive salvation in the end if we stay with Christ. But if we go on in our rebellion we most certainly won't accept and receive the mercy of Christ because we are at enmity towards God. And if your at enmity to God in your sins, he cannot forgive you. You are under condemnation of the law. That is why friends we have to be serious. We have to be dead serious about how our life is right now. You know one brother he was watching porn on his computer and the Lord chastised him. He came to him in a dream and this brother ran to him in the dream wanting to hug Jesus.

But Jesus turned his face from him. He would not because this brother was in sin and daily watching porn and Jesus does not put up with that kind of behavior nor does God. God is angry at that behavior and he wants to put you into hell because of it. But Jesus pleads before the father and he says to give this person one more chance. Give him one more chance. But what are you doing with your chance, what are you doing with your chance. That's what Jesus said in the scripture. He said that there was a tree growing in the garden that bore no fruit and the father was angry and said cut the tree down it is wasting space in the garden. And Jesus who was the gardener said please let me fertilize it and let me look after it for one year and if it still doesn't bear fruit, then you can cut it down. And that's what Jesus is like. He wants to give you one more chance. But if you're not prepared then he can say okay father you can cut this person out of your kingdom because he wouldn't listen. He wouldn't bear fruit. Is that's what's going to happen to you today dear friends? We got to be serious. We got to be serious I tell you. And we have to be serious about what we are doing for the Lord and turning from our sins amen. That is what we got to do and that's what the Lord said to do. He said be zealous and repent and turn from your sins and if you do so wont you find mercy? Wont you find mercy before the throne of God if you are zealous and you turn from your sins? That's what we are here to do. We are here to be a zealous and turn from our sins. For if you turn from your sins and you are serious, will you not find mercy before God? And that's what Jesus is looking for. He is looking for people who respond to them when he fertilizes them and he tends them and he coaxes them to bear good fruit. And so this zealousness means that we are completely dedicated to the way of Jesus Christ where we just live for him every day. Zealousness is when we put ourselves onto the narrow way of following Jesus in all seriousness daily and that's who we live for. And we are serious about being obedient to Jesus and turning out our evil inside. You see in this dream this brother brother saw Jesus and Jesus grabbed his laptop and Jesus smashed it in the dream looking extremely displeased because he was watching porn on his laptop. Another brother who was watching porn and one day he had this the horrible smell come into the room and was like something really disgusting. And then the Lord spoke and he said this is how you smell to me in your filth.

And the Lord warned him to repent quick watching porn and go to Jesus in repentance. Because you're a disgusting bad smell to Jesus if you go on in sin and you don't want to repent. It is horrible and God doesn't want you in his kingdom, he wants you to repent and have him clean you. And that's what Jesus said. He said I will cloth you in white robes. Now in a dream some years ago I saw this narrow golden way that leads to the kingdom and the people on this way were few and they were dressed in white robes. There were no sinners on that way as it is written in Isaiah 35. there were no sinners on the way. There were no abominable people on that way. There were no people following their own desires on the way. That way belonged to the saints were dressed in white robes of Jesus Christ. And the reason why they are saints and changed is because they follow the Lord and they're serious about him in all they do. They are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. They are made a new way in their hearts are no longer breaking his commandments praise the Lord. And that's what Jesus always warns. He keeps warning us to repent hallelujah. Jesus warns us to not go back to the false teachings of the way that leads to the fire. And he says that we must repent. We must repent. This is what Jesus says in revelations 2:19: I know your works and know your love and your faith and your service and know your patient endurance but I have this against you; that you tolerate that Jezebel spirit who teaches my servants to practice sexual immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols. I gave her time to repent but she refused to repent of her sexual immorality so I will throw her on a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her, I will throw them into great tribulation unless they repent of their works. Its a terrible thing friends to fall in the tribulation of God. You know once God brings tribulation onto a land there's no food left, there is disaster and the people are starving and dying and chaos and horrible. You don't want to test God I can tell you that. Leave your rebellion…

but to the rest of you in Thyratira, who don't hold to this teaching, I say to you I don't lay onto you any other burden only hold fast to what you have until I come. The one who overcomes and keeps my works until the end to him I'll give power over the nations and he will rule them with a rod of iron and I will give him the MorningStar. Friends we have to be serious. Only serious people will enter the kingdom of God. If you don't be serious and follow the Lord you wont see life. That is what it comes down to. We have to be serious because the Lord will will judge his people and in the end and if we are found in Christ we won't face that judgment. But if we are found in sin and our own ways, we're going to face judgment. That is why I warn you so hard that we got to be serious about our lives following Jesus. We cant be haphazardly going to parties and drinking and watching desperate housewives and TV or whatever is out there and just following this a immoral society and loving its idolatry and it's adultery and homosexuality. Because I tell you if you're doing that you're in a rebellious person and you won't find mercy before God. I can't judge you for being rebellious that is your affair. I can only warn you that you must be obedient while I myself must be obedient because if I'm rebellious and I teach to be obedient you know I'll just reap the fire anyway. But I must be obedient to the Lord and I am here to put out all evil as it comes if it should come in the good name of Jesus Christ.

And that's what people have. A lot of problems with their thought and their desires, because our thoughts and desires are always of rebellion because the flesh is in rebellion against God. And so there is only one way to deal with that friends and that's to cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ and to follow him. Because if you cast them out in his name you are not going to follow the flesh hallelujah. That's what we got to do today. We got to cast these things out the name of Jesus Christ and not follow the flesh. But give ourselves completely to the Lords that we are not found in rebellion amen. Now another Christian I know of but not personally, he warned that if you die in rebellion you'll go to hell. And this Christian was a serious Christian but he died in some rebellion in a car crash one day he wouldn't forgive his wife. And Jesus said that if you don't forgive I wont forgive you. And he went to hell. Now luckily his wife was praying for him and he came back to life after the terrible time in the hospital. And the Lord sent him back to warn the world that Jesus's words are true. If you do not forgive you will not be forgiven. I don't care what you want to say or how much you want to quote from Apostle Paul. But if you die in rebellion then you are not going to see the kingdom of God. So we got to be very serious about these things, otherwise how are we going to find mercy before God if we die in our sins? This whole world just wants to go on in their sin. They don't want to turn to Jesus. But if you die in your sins you will be condemned and you will end up fire. So let us be serious about these things......