Saturday, June 29, 2013


Many times in the past I have gone my own path in life and I haven't walked to the way of salvation at all. You know that's why Paul says in Hebrews 12 he says; since we have a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Paul goes on to write; consider him who has endured so much hostility by sinners against himself…. and then he talks; you have not resisted sin to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin. So he is talking about staying focused and enduring despite these troubles that we run into. Isn't that wonderful that we can be focused on turning away from our sin and striving on this narrow way. That's what we're here to be doing. We're here to strive on this narrow way following the Lord and not giving ourselves over to sin, and in our striving against sin we haven't shed blood, so let us not lose hope but lay all faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and keep away from the old paths. That's so very important. Now I want to tell you a little bit about me about how I didn't follow the Lord many times. And I was just following my own way. You know I didn't strive against sin, I just lived my own life when I didn't know Jesus and I didn't follow him. And I allowed myself to follow after the demons, the ways of Satan. And when we do that we always reap for ourselves a lot of trouble and I was reaping for myself trouble. But we've got to be focused on the Lord dear friends so that we don't reap trouble, but we find the Lord and in holiness and truth and a wonderful new relationship with him where we can just follow and obey him all the days of our life.

When I was a child I decided to give myself to the Lord you see. And because I did so Satan and his demons came along and they try and tempt you to get you off that path. They tried several times.q and eventually I just left Jesus and I decided to chase after my own life in the world and started to pierce myself with many griefs. You know the world is full of many wonderful things but they all lead to dust and ash. All these things I used to do and I wanted to do and I just focused on doing, and all these things just lead to ash in the end and they left me empty and no fulfilment and what I was chasing didn't have the answers. You see I decided to follow the Lord when I was young but I didn't want to. In the end I just follow my own way. I thought that chasing after my goals and dreams was okay and fine if you followed Jesus, you can do that like the church or many churches teach or many Christians will say. They say; ah it is ok to chase your goals, that path is still with Jesus or they say that it still goes to heaven as long as you believe in Jesus. Which of course is a lie because when we walk to the broad path to destruction, we cannot find the narrow way. We're not walking the narrow way and we won't find that narrow gate. And so because the Lord in his mercy chastised me and brought me to a place to seek him, then I was able to repent and come out of that way that was leading to the fire and instead dedicated to the Lord Jesus. And as I said every day is striving against sin and are striving against our own ways to just continue to follow Jesus. Which means that we don't need to give up hope or grow weary, we just need to endure hallelujah. And sometimes the things sin can wear us down. We can struggle with certain problems in certain areas of our life. But what happens is Jesus gives us the peace and hope to get through if we abide with him.

And that's why we're here; we're here to abide with Jesus Christ so that we can be totally focused on him and not focused on our own ways. Because when we are focused on our own ways we will surely fail I tell you that now. If we focus on our own ways we will fail. We will not find ourselves in the kingdom of God. We will only find for ourselves grief and tears. You see demons have a certain order in the power of the spirit world and certain demons can be given to go after you trail you around to try and get you to sin. These daemons normally have a kind of a family history in your family so they have a right to be going after you. Sos that's when you hear about all these generational curses and what happens is these these demons they go and trail people and they are going to try and bring them down. I knew a husband and wife who were following Jesus and had given themselves to Jesus, and the man was into witchcraft and tarot cards and all that sort of stuff before he came to the Lord. The Lord appeared to him in a light and he repented and he came to Jesus. And then his wife she was following the church way which was the way of religion. And these people stayed with the Lord for some time, but what happened was Satan and demons were trailing them around waiting to bring them down. So even though this person was a preacher, what happened was the demons were waiting for the opportunity to take them down, take them away from their faith in sin. Because that's what the demon do. They're waiting for an opportunity to take you into sin. And so what happens is when you fall to a sin they get control in you and they will destroy you. And so these demons followed him around for enough time and at a opportunistic time they got him to do sexual sin. And the what happened was they divorced and he went off to his own ways, and the wife she just was bitter and unforgiving. And when we have bitter and unforgiveness in our hearts, we are letting demons into us we're letting trouble come. And this lead to cancer. You see unforgivness causes cancer. This is all demonic. It's all part of the powers of darkness. And so what happen was these people were on their way to hell and one had cancer was going to die because of unforgiveness.

But that particular one cried out to the Lord asking him for healing and forgiveness and decided to forgive so the Lord healed. Even though the doctor said there was no chance. But that's the Lord having mercy and giving another chance. Now did this person take that chance and decided to properly follow the Lord now and not follow the demons? I don't know. The other one who the demons took out in sexual sin, did he come back? At this stage no. friends we have to strive against the flesh and follow the Lord. There is no point just being like this and allowing the demons to take us out. I read to you again in Hebrews we read; therefore since we have such a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, lute us lay aside every encumbrance and sin which so easily entangled us. Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross and despising it's shame, sat down with God on the throne. He goes on to write; for you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin. Verse five; and you have forgotten the exhortation which is addressed you as sons. My son do not regard lightly the discipline of God, nor grow faint when you are reproved by him. For those whom the Lord loves he disciplines and his scrooges every son that he receives. For it is good discipline that you endure. God deals with you as a son for what son is there that the father doesn't discipline? If we are without discipline of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate children. Furthermore we have earthly fathers who discipline us so how much more with our heavenly father discipline us. All discipline for a moment seems not so joyful but it's sorrowful yet those who have been trained by it afterwards it yields peaceful fruits of righteousness. Once again friends we get righteous when the Lord starts to discipline you. He takes things out of your life. He might take your wife out of your life. She might die. You know he might bring you down into very bad situations in life to get you to repent. The Lord's discipline is hard. It is not like our father that who just hits us a few times and then finished. No if we are in danger of falling to hell, the Lord can start doing a lot of things. You know that's why we started getting so much financial pressure in our life, so much trouble. It's because when we are not following Jesus and we are in sin, we are out of the blessing of God and he is going to allow Satan to do things. Like he did to Job. He started to take away his family, his work everything. You know the Lord will discipline you if you keep sinning. We don't need to be disciplined if we are going to be obedient and we've heeded the discipline already and we've decide to obey the Lord. The obedient children don't need to be disciplined, it is the disobedient who get this so if you keep falling to a sin well expect God to discipline you. Expect things to happen in your life you wished didn't happen. That's the reality of the situation is that the Lord disciplines those who he loves.

Now I had this discipline several times in my life while I was following my own way, I was handing myself over to Satan and what happened was the Lord allowed the way of destruction to enter into me and I started going down the path of grief and tears and trouble. And I was getting all kinds of troubles and got to a very low point in my life where I finally cried out to God and said; look please save me I am going to live right, I am going to live for you now. But it took a lot of trouble to get me there. It took a lot of days of unrest depression troubled sadness grief. And that's what will happen to us if we are in the world and the Lord wants us as his children. He is going to discipline you. That's why people get so depressed and want to kill themselves because they're under the discipline of God to bring them to repentance. And what he does is he brings you to repent. Other people they don't want to listen. They just want to still go their own way the Lord just gives them over to their desires. Dear friends that's what we're here to do, we're here to listen to this discipline and when he warns us to repent and when he warns us to to come back and live holy and be righteous, that's where we should listen and we should heed. We've got to heed him. We got to be serious about him in what we do. You know we have got to stop listening to other people but instead start praying to the Lord and ask him what we should do in our life situation right now. You know many people have a troubling life situation where they find that things aren't going so well for them. They feel trouble in their life. Their job is drying up and have little money. It seems like a lot of pressure and they wonder why God has left them. Dear friends God never left you. You're away from him and that's why he's disciplining you. You know a lot of us have these discipline actions in our life and we are just wondering what is happening. Why are we going through such trouble right now. Its because the Lord is disciplining you and he wants you to repent and dedicate to him. You know the Lord still disciplines us if we fall away after we turn back to him. If you do a sin you will feel the judgment and the Holy Spirit warning you to repent. He will bring these things and take your peace away from you. But we want to listen to his discipline we want to repent. And we want to go back to Jesus and keep walking on that narrow way. There is no use being stuck in a sin and continually feeling condemned. No wonder you don't feel right with God it's because you're not. You keep sinning you keep feeling condemned what happens is you start to feel the face of God really far away from you. And then troubles start to arise in your life and things just don't go so well. Friends that's why we don't want to be walking away from Jesus. We want to be obedient. I walked away from Jesus for many years, chasing after my own desires. People say that's fine, we know that it's not. We know that if we chase after our own desires we're not going to be pleasing to Jesus and we certainly don't have a relationship with him while we do that. That is why I say friend we've got to not chase after our own desires but we have to give ourselves to the Lord and be focused on dedicating to his name hallelujah. Because it is only then that we shall find ourselves in his kingdom praise his name.

That's what we're here to be doing, we're here to be focusing on praising the Lord and being dedicated to his name so we can be in his kingdom. How many of you are going though a troubling time in life where you just think God is not listening and you just got all this trouble in your life. I'll tell you what that is, it's God disciplining you and telling you that you got to get serious and you got to start actually following him and being obedient to his name hallelujah. That's what we want to do, we want to be obedient to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because he is calling you to repent. He is calling you to dedicate to his name hallelujah. You know it's so very important that we focus on the Lord Jesus Christ at this time, because it's a time of sorting. We're being sorted. And the Lord Jesus wants us to be obedient everyday because when we are obedient, then he's going to allow us to have that wonderful peace that we need in our souls. We got to pray about everything. That's what Jesus wants and we can make mistakes a lot. I make mistakes too and when happens is if you have the wrong heart towards somebody or you're mean or unkind, the Spirit of God will let it know that you've done wrong and you won't have the peace of God with you and you have to repent and you have to endure. And that's why it's written in Hebrews that in our striving against sin we haven't shaded blood so let us be enduring and putting sin out and learning from the Lords discipline knowing that he disciplines us because he loves us.

Sometimes a discipline will be very severe other times it may not be. But if you really fall away from the Lord, you will get severe discipline like this person I was talking about earlier who got cancer. They let the demons in and the demons cause cancer. The Lord allows it to discipline these people to repent. This person prayed and they got healed when they repented. But will they continue to follow the way? I'm not sure, the Lord gives them another chance. But they just don't seem so serious for the Lord but more serious about their own path still so I don't know. That is what we should be doing friend. We can't just be letting our chances go. If you've had cancer and the Lord healed you, I am talking about cancer where you got no time left and the doctors say you're going to die, and the Lord heals you and you got a new lease of life for a little while, but what are you going to do? Are you going to heed the discipline? Or have the Lord have to cause you to be taken off the earth and cast into hell? We don't want to be cast into hell friends. We can be suffering a lot in our lives from all the sins we've done and all that things that the Lord allows to happen, because we've sinned. You go and break up your families you cause the discipline of God to come upon your head. He is angry with you. If you're his son he's going to chastise you very hard and if you don't listen he's going to hand you over to Satan. Satan will become your father. That's what it says is that people who just want to continue to sin then Satan becomes their father and all his demons. They just lead you and the wrath of God just abides in your head. You go and divorce people and and have all this sin you don't repent off and you just think it's all right to go and just live in adultery or to go asleep around or to go and party and have a good time and not live for the Lord or just spend your time watching the TV and not praying and focusing on the Lord rather just entertained by foolish sin on TV. (I am not saying everything on TV is sin but if we're watching sin on TV and not following the Lord in dedication what does that say for our relationship with the Lord? We obviously don't have one.) Or are we just interested in following our own ways, this society, just having fun with this society in their way of fornication against God. No wonder we got so many problems, no wonder we feel so bad right now is because we need JESUS. We need to dedicate to him and stop living for sin. And instead be serious striving against sin and endure in the faith. We got to endure in the faith Hallelujah. Praise the Lord....

Thursday, June 27, 2013


But you know friends today I wanted to talk about temptation, because a lot of people have a lot of trouble with temptation, desires to sin and they feel that they are being a little overcome by these things. So that is why I want to talk about it today and to give a bit of hope according to what the Lord says about temptation, and the Scriptures. I want to start off with a word from the Lord that I was given some time ago about temptation. Now these are words that I hear in my spirit through the Holy Spirit, so you can pray for discernment: listen to what I command says the Lord I command you to leave your works of sin. Choose against the lusts of the flesh and put down your flesh with effort and I'll reward you. How must I overcome lust you ask or the flesh? I have overcome it already so trust in me and I will deliver you from your flesh. First you must choose to leave your flesh and make the effort to choose against it. Go against that which you want to do and choose against that which would kill you and drag you down to your doom. For sweet tempting desire will soon turn to gravel in your throat, a monster over which you cannot control. Consuming you and leading you by force where you do not wish to go. So come to me says the Lord that I can free you. First choose against your temptation and cast it to the ground these sins which you hate. Hurry do not tarry lest they consume you, before insatiable desires destroy you. Here is what I want you to do; turn your eyes off what that which tempts you. Cast them off which is appealing to you. Choose against these things which tempt you. Bring all things to me for deliverance. Abide in me and I will abide in you and give you the power to overcome. For by yourself you are but a straw in the wind at the mercy of the enemy crushed and broken your righteousness in tatters.

Now I read from revelations 2:26 where the Lord says; he who overcomes and keeps my works until the end to him I will give power over the nations. Friends a lot of us have a lot of trouble with temptation, but the way to get free from this trouble is all about our choices. You see when we follow temptation, that's when Satan gets a toehold in our life. We give power to the enemy in our life by choice if we follow temptation. People say, “well I fell today and next time you know I get tempted so it is hard to try and overcome”. It because once you fall then there's a foothold and a stronghold in your life you gave to satan. You, you gave, but Jesus said we must choose against our temptations and cast it away, but we have to do that choosing. It's not God or Satan he doesn't choose for us. We have to choose. And that is where it all comes down to our choices and what we choose to do today. As Jesus said it's he who overcomes and keeps my works to the end who shall inherit the crown of life. Now that's a choice. I get tempted a lot by many kinds of evil things from my flesh and the devil is going to try and tempt us throughout our lives to try and bring us into a situation where we are going to fall. Because if you fall then satan can get a stronghold in our life, he can get some power. And once he can get some power he can lever us to fall more into deeper sin and in the end to death, and after death comes hell. So the enemies trick is very very subtle. He'll start to use subtle temptation to start to get a toehold in your life and then he will start to get bigger temptations until you get into big sin. And that's how Satan takes out servants of God is he starts off with sweet tempting desire and that sweet tempting desire starts to turn into some acceptance and some sins in our minds and our hearts. And then after that the things start to become more in our deeds. And when we become full slaves in our deeds then we give birth to death. Sin gives birth to death. That is how temptation works, it gives birth to death once we fall. That is why we are here to overcome. Today's the day to overcome. We can fall today and say next time we wont fall but the problem is because you fell today then you've given Satan a toehold in your life. He has taken ground from you that you need to get back.

The only way we can get that ground back is to start from where we began, start over at A, so to choose. It's a choice, it's a choice to choose against temptation. It's a choice to repent. It's a choice to say no. now I want to read from 1 John 5:4: for everybody who has been born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome the world is our faith. Our faith. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful and he wont let you be tempted beyond your ability but with the temptation he will provide a way of escape that you may be able to endure it. And we read in James that God doesn't tempt you. God allows us to be tested to test the intentions of our heart and our choices and so he's going to sort us. How are we going to be sorted as fish. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like a man casting a net into the sea and dragging up all sorts of fish and he sorts the good from the bad. And that is how the kingdom of heaven is like. That is what Jesus said. At the end of the age the Angels will gather together the people and they'll sort the good from the bad. The bad will be thrown away and the good will be gathered into the kingdom. Jesus said the same thing about the end of the age. He said the kingdom of heaven is like the farmer who gathers the grain into the barn. And what he does is he beats the grain and blows away the chaff and the straw is burned and the stubble and the wheat is gathered into the barn. Jesus said that is how the kingdom of heaven is like. In the same way you will be gathered as weeds or blown away and burned as chaff on the last day. So at the moment we're working out if we're wheat or chaff, good fish or bad fish and it depends on our choices. That's why the Bible says that; make your election sure. Strive, strive to prove yourself to the Lord that you are good ground. Make your election sure. I want to read to you from revelation Chapter 2; be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life says Jesus. Jesus is talking about being faithful so when temptation comes next time will you be faithful? Now Jesus didn't say I will make you faithful until death and then I will give you the crown of life, no. Jesus says BE faithful. That means you have to choose and me. I have to choose to.

You have to be faithful. You have to overcome. It all comes down to our choices. God can't choose for us. Satan can't choose for us rather we are choosing chains and sin if we choose to fall to our temptations. People say I fall everyday to temptation. Well you're also choosing to be bound in chains. Now one particular person was a Satanist and he was in many sins. And in a spiritual experience Jesus Christ came to him and he found himself lying on the ground bound in all these chains. He said to the Lord why did you bind me. The Lord said I didn't find you, you bound yourself because of your choices. Jesus said I came to free you from your chains. That is wonderful. Jesus said that he came to free people from their chains, but you find yourself dear friends. We bind ourselves if we walk off into temptation. You know why are we following temptation? I want to read what Jesus that about overcoming and that's our choice; to him who endures I will give to eat from the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Revelation 2:7. Be faithful until death and I'll give you the crown of life says the Lord. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death relation 2:11. to him who overcomes I will give him some of the hidden manna to eat and I will give him a white stone and on that stone a new name which nobody knows but him who receives it. Again he who overcomes. Now that's our choices. He who endures and keeps my works until the end I will give him power over the nations. I will give him the MorningStar. He who overcomes he shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the Lamb's book of life but I'll confess his name before my father and all his angels revelation 3:5. he who overcomes I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of my God, the city of my God the new Jerusalem and I'll write on him my new name. He who overcomes dear friends, that's a choice. You don't have to overcome if you don't want to. You don't have to choose against temptation if you don't want to.

To him who overcomes I will grant to him to sit down with me on my throne as I also overcame and sat down with the father on his throne. Again it's our choice, choices. He who overcomes shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be my son. Behold I am coming quickly says the Lord and my reward is with me to give to everybody according to his works. Again we're looking at choices. I can read further in the 1 James 12 where it's written: Blessed is the man who endures temptation or overcomes temptation, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life. Again we're looking at standing the test, we're looking at choices, we're looking at overcoming, we're looking at enduring. It's written somewhere else if we endure its written if we endure we shall receive the crown of life. It is to him who endures. It is not him who quits and goes off to his temptations and falls. Jesus says somewhere else that if you keep your robes clean and you overcome I will spare you from the hour of testing coming upon the whole world to test those who belong to the world. Jesus says in another place in the Scriptures he says if you overcome he say there will be a temptation in this world and it must come but woe to those whom the temptation comes through. Friends we have to be very watchful with our flesh daily because I tell you the flesh will rise up no matter how much Jesus has set you free and given you a new way, Satan will come against you all the more to try and bring you back into his kingdom. So that's where the good fish are going to be sorted from the bad fish, by whether or not we choose to go to our temptation. Now if we're falling to our temptation everyday, we're choosing Satan as our father because that means we're doing our sins aren't we. And 1 John chapter 3 says that those who continue to do their sins have Satan as their father not God. If they claim God they are liars. So again life isn't a matter of falling to temptation today and repenting tonight and going and falling to temptation again tomorrow. That's the way of the false believers.

The false Christians who do not have the way of God in them. Because the truth is as Jesus said to me earlier, he said that I free people from chains. He says that you can't overcome by your own power. He says for by yourself you are a straw in the wind. A straw in the wind, and your righteousness in tatters. Isn't it written in the Scriptures that our own righteousness is filthy rags? Tatters? And that's what it comes down to friends is that by ourselves there is not really any overcoming if we're already in sin and we're in chains. Once we choose chains how can we be set free by our own willpower or our choices? No we can't. Once you choose to fall to temptation you are a helpless slave to the devil. He has gotten a foothold in your life, be bas a stronghold and he has every right to be there and take you down. And you are binding yourself. But the thing is friends we got the mediator, we got Jesus Christ who can free us from these sins. And that's what happened with me. Jesus Christ freed me from sin. And he will do it for anybody who seeks him and gives themselves to him. He will free them from sin. But once we've been free from sin, temptations are going to come all the more. Not impossible temptation, but temptations from the powers of the enemy to try and bring us back into submission to the powers of darkness into the slavery to sin once more where we certainly will not enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God we must realise friends is for those who overcome. It is not for him he does not overcome. It is not for him who does not endure. Friends I will go to the same hell that unbelievers will go if I don't overcome. And I just follow my temptations and I don't choose to put them out and I choose to follow them and have Satan get a foothold in my life. And the unbelievers will go there because they rejected Christ and they died in their sins. In the end God is not mocked. He is not mocked by believers who say they believe in Jesus but go on in their sin. They will go to the same fire as the unbelievers who mocked God to his face. That's the hard truth, the hard reality. The hard reality friends is that there is no getting away from the justice of God so if we're savvy and we are wise we would choose to fear God, realise that we're going to come to a judgment seat one-day.

And what happens is the Lord is going to say to you to go right or left. Many people are going to be motioned to the left and they'll walk off over a great cliff to hell. Some people will be motioned to go to the right but on that day you can't choose to go to the right. You can't choose to go to the left. You lost your choices. On that day you have no choice anymore. Whatever you died in is what your judgment is. It was set and your choice has now ended. You got no more free will you realize once you get to the day of judgement. You are either under the power of God or the power of Satan. If you died in rebellion saying I got free will I can do what I like, and you die, well your free will just ended that day. And you are enslaved to be motioned to the left, and the demons will take you over to hell over into the fire. So remember this while we are on earth we have the power to choose. I'll read it again: This is what the Lord put into my spirit some time ago about the temptation: choose against the lusts of the flesh. Put down your flesh with great effort and I'll reward you. How must I overcome lust you ask? To overcome the flesh? I have overcome it already says the Lord so trust in me and I will deliver you from your flesh. Is not it written friends in the Bible that Jesus said I have overcome the world fear not. He has overcome. Jesus Christ has overcome so you got to get trusting the Lord make your election sure start choosing. First you must choose to leave your flesh, make the effort to choose against your lusts. Go against that which you want to do. Choose against that which would kill you and drag you to your doom. Jesus once again warns that hey we have choices. We've got free will. We can choose to turn away from the lusts and desires of the flesh.

Why did Jesus say to people to deny yourself and follow me if you want to come after me? That was a choice. He didn't say you MUST come after me and I will make you clean. He said if you WANT to come after me follow me. Let's go on; how must I overcome my desires or lusts you ask? I have overcome it already so trust in me and I will deliver you from your flesh. Choose against that which would drag you to your doom. For sweet tempting desire will soon turned to gravel in your throat a monster over which you cannot control. Once you get following your sweet tempting desires and what happens is that a big monster takes control of your life. A lot of these people who end up in big sins kind of say they're fighting the monster or they are fighting the demons within. Or you know they feel compelled to sin and they can't stop. Now that's true. Once you give foothold to the enemy, you're going to have his power over power you because you chose to give him your soul your power. So you become enslaved and bound in chains. Let's go on; consuming you and leading you by force where you wish to not go… how many people, how many of us who have been in past sin and have felt forced by sin once we become enslaved to it too to get to sins that we just wish we didn't do and places we wish we didn't go! But we just felt compelled to once we were so enslaved to sin. You know how far does sin take us? It takes us a long way and we just feel hopelessly enslaved to it. I am talking about when we were sinners. Now reading on: Hurry and do not tarry first you must choose against your temptation and cast these things to the ground before these insatiable desires destroy you. Here is what I want you to do, turn your eyes off all which tempts you and cast them off which appeals to you. Choose constantly against these things which tempt you. Bring them to me for deliverance. So that's what we got to do. Bring all these things to Jesus Christ. But you have to choose to do that. There is no use in bringing things to Jesus that you don't actually want to turn away from. Everybody wants to sin that's why we have a temptation to do it. It's not like you don't want to. Some people don't want to do certain sins. They are not tempted by those things. People do want to do those things so they are tempted. Let us read on; abide in me and I'll abide in you and give you power to overcome says the Lord for by your self you are a straw in the wind at the mercy of the enemy crushed and broken and your righteousness in tatters. So once again our works are as filthy rags we do not have the righteousness within ourselves friends to overcome. And that is why the Lord says without me you can do nothing, in John chapter 15. and that is why we have to abide in Jesus Christ. And him in us. Hallelujah.

So are we abiding in Jesus Christ? Are we casting to the ground that which tempts us? Are we turning our eyes off temptation? Are we turning our eyes from sweet lustful desires? Are we bringing these things to Jesus for deliverance from them or do we just fall to these things everyday? And keep sinning? This is the problem friends is that everyday we can just keep falling to our desires and we can just keep sinning. But that's not what we are here to do, we are here to put these things out and abide in Jesus Christ. For those who have been born of God have overcome the world. Overcome the flesh. That's what John writes. So if we have overcome the flesh and if we overcome the world that's through Jesus Christ. That's why I say we have to go to the Lord we got to bring these things to him but first we have to choose against them. There is not use wanting to have Jesus set you free from sin and chains if you yourself don't really want that. If you would rather keep fornicating or if you'd rather keep living in sin well Jesus wont free you. But if you want to turn away from your fornication Jesus will free you. That goes for all other sin. Some people struggle with all kinds of sin and these sins make them their identity. So some say they are transgender or some say they're gay, they say that's their identity now. Well that's true that's what they chose. But the thing is these monsters will take us where we do not want to go and though we have many chains from being born into this world, the answer is hey you can't free yourself, you have to go to the Lord Jesus Christ. And I remember in a church I used to go to there were people there struggling with the lustful thoughts and the homosexual desires. And the thing is some things people are tempted by more than others. Some people may not be tempted by homosexual desires. Some people will be.

Some people will not be tempted by adultery and other people will be. Some people may not be tempted so much by sleeping around or getting into fornication too much. Other people will have a lot of trouble with that. It is because the flesh has various issues and problems with it from from the beginning. And we've been born into sin. As is written all born under Adam have come into the curse of sin. And so we do not need to judge those who have various problems that we may not have, because we've got other things that they don't have that we struggle with. We realise friends that Jesus is saying that hey you can choose against these things today. These sweet lustful or these sweet tempting desires or all these things, and you can bring them to me for deliverance from and you can choose against these things and cast them away and overcome. You know the more you overcome the greater the crown of life will be. A lot of people fall to the trap to believe that okay I'm tempted by this that means I'm that. That's not the truth. The truth is when we get tempted by something, it is Satan trying to bring you down into a certain sin and have a stronghold in your life, get a toehold in your life. It doesn't mean that you're that. Say you're tempted by adultery that doesn't make you an adulterer. If you are tempted by homosexual thoughts doesn't make you a homosexual. If you're tempted by fornication it doesn't make you a fornicator. If you are tempted by thieving it doesn't make you a thief. If you are tempted by hurting others it doesn't make you a murderer. You know the list goes on. You know what makes us all these things is if we choose to follow our temptations and we go and do these things. That makes us those things and that puts those chains upon us. But friends we're not here to have all these chains. You know you can choose to be homosexual you can choose to be a transgender like I see so much in the news these days. A lot of people choosing to be transgender. These sweet lustful temptations will seem alright but as Jesus said they become gravel in your throat and they will take you where you don't want to go. Force you. And so these things get power over your soul and you will go places and do things you just don't want to do in the end. And in the end you will go where you do not want to go. So that's why you know we have to choose against these loves of the flesh. We can't just accept them and say its okay and we could be this or that because society accepts it. It's ok to asleep around is part of nature, you can be this way you can be that way it's right you know that's what the world is like. That is what Satan loves. We know that it's not that way, we will reap what we sow. The good fish will be sorted from the bad fish either way. Either way you'll be told to go right or left on the day of judgment by what choices you make now.

And so by our choices we will be either acquitted or condemned as its written by also by our words. So friends it's time to remember that we can choose against temptation. It does not have to rule us. We can choose to put these things out of our lives hallelujah and we can choose to give these things to Jesus Christ abiding in him and when these temptations come put them out. That's what we got to do, we got to put them out. That is what Jesus warns. He says put out your temptation put them out. Now that's what we have to do. And we should be encouraged by all these wonderful things that happen to those who endure; he who overcomes will eat from the tree of life, he who overcomes will be given the crown of life, he who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death, he who overcomes will be will have a new stone a white stone with his name on it and he'll eat from the hidden manna, he who overcomes will be given power over the nations, he will be given the MorningStar, he who overcomes shall be clothed in white and his name will not be blotted out of the book of life. What if you don't overcome? Do you think your name is going to be blotted out? He who overcomes I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, I will write on him my name. He overcomes I will grant him to sit on my throne as I overcame and sat with the father on his throne. He who overcomes will inherit all things and I'll be his God and he shall be my son. Behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give everybody according to their work revelation chapter 22. you know when you think about all these things friends, is it worth you to overcome? Is sweet tempting desire worth your forfeit of all this? Is short-term satisfaction in sin worth the forfeit of all these things? Is it worth the second death? Is it worth being told to go left and then being cast into the lake of fire with the devil and his angels and having the smoke of your torment rise before the throne of God forever in the presence of the Lord? You know not overcoming and following sweet tempting desire, is that worth forfeiting your place in the kingdom of God? Is it worth forfeiting your place on the throne of God? Is it worth to forfeit your right to eat from the tree of life? Is it worth your crown of life? You know, is it worth these things friends to forfeit your future with God just this sweet tempting desire you have today. Is it worth it?

Now what you choose will be where you decide to go. Some people will choose to go to the left. They will decide that it is worth it. They don't have the faith really in God anyway and they decide hey I want to be gay I want to want to be transgender, you know I want to be a fornicator I want to be an adulterer, I want to follow my lust although I don't like doing it I still want to. That's what they choose in the end they go and do it. Satan puts them in chains they choose their chains they don't turn to the Lord and they end up perishing and these go to the left. That is why Jesus said; strive to enter the kingdom of heaven through the narrow gate for broad is the way that leads to destruction and many are they who go by that way, that easy way. But narrow and difficult is the way that leads to eternal life and few are they who find it therefore strive to enter the kingdom through the narrow way for many will try but few will be able. And this is what Jesus said. So this is what we are faced with today friends is always our choices. You can choose to accept that you want to have these wonderful things that Jesus promises, or you can choose to just have your desires that tempt you. I talk about homosexual sexuality a lot because it's such an agenda these days. So many people accept it now. They're trying to make it normal so that if you choose that you think that you're not sinning. Everyone knows it's sin but they're trying to kill their conscience to sear it with hot iron so they don't think it's sin anymore. The same goes for adultery and all these other sins that society now accepts as not sinful. So what happens is so many people choose against their consciences they choose against the way that leads to life, and once you're in all these sins you're very very far away from God and there is no way can have a relationship with Jesus Christ while you're gay, while your a fornicator, while you're practicing all these sins. God is far from you as he said in John 9 that he won't hear the prayers of the sinners who don't repent. He's far from them.

But he'll hear the prayers of sinners who do repent, who choose to turn away and turn to the Lord hallelujah. You know these sins to some people are normal. To them it's how they are born. This is the problem. Now some of us feel it is fairly normal to lie. And some of us have a problem with this or that and we try and justify it in our minds. We try and justify certain sins. It is very easy to try and justify many things before the Lord. That's now what we're here to do. We are not here to justify, we're here to put out. We're here to overcome. Talk to any of these homosexuals and they'll say it's normal for them. They'll say it's how they're born, it's how they are. Well it's true that's how they decided to go that's now their bondage under it and what they're enslaved to. And all these things can start from a very early age. You know chains can start early in life. By our choices we would choose eternal life or the kingdom of death. But friends we're here to choose eternal life amen. So let us think about what we're choosing today and which way we are going to go with the next temptation and when it comes make the choice because the next time will be far easier, let us choose........

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Without mercy we won't be able to see the Lord and that is why we need the mercy of God today in our lives. His mercy. Now I want to read to you what the disciples said to Jesus in Matthew 18: at that time the disciples came to Jesus saying; who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Jesus called to him a child to them and said; truly I say to you unless turn and become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom and whoever receives one child in my name receives me. But whoever causes one of these little ones to believe in me to sin it would be better for him to have a millstone fastened around his neck and drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world for temptation to sin for it is necessary that temptation comes. But woe to the one whom the temptation comes. And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, you would be better off to cut off and throw it away for it would be better for you to enter the kingdom crippled or lame than with two hands or 2 feet and cast into the eternal fire. And if your eye causes you to sin tear it out and throw it away for it would be better for you to enter life with one eye than have two eyes and be thrown into the eternal fire.. These are the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 18 and so I was wanting to talk about what Jesus said in Matther where he said; I tell you unless you become as a little child, as one of these says the Lord, you will by no means into my kingdom. He says unless you repent and become like a little child you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is greatest in the Kingdom.

Now Jesus was with the disciples at this time and they were gathering around him discussing who was greatest in the kingdom and there were children there around the Lord and he called one of these children to him and put him in the midst of them. Now why did Jesus talk about becoming as a child. Why become as a child to enter the kingdom? Because as we all know when we grow up we can't become children again. We would have to go through everything again and learn everything again. But that's exactly what Jesus wants you to do. He wants you to learn everything again from him and so when he's saying become as a little child, he's talking about losing your ways for the Lord. Like when he says in Matthew, he says; unless you deny yourself and crucify your flesh you can't follow me. You must follow me and crucify the flesh. So that's what the Lord is talking about here is he is talking about turning away from yourself basically. And when you do that and you lose your wisdom and you decided just to go to the Lord as you are without all this wisdom and preconceptions about who you think he is and all this theology and all these things. You know if we would only go to him empty and ask him to teach you from the beginning everything, then we can become humble enough to be taught by the Lord everything. But if we're not really willing to turn away from all our wisdom and all of things that we understand, we can't really be taught by the Lord because we're not humbling ourselves. When you humble yourself you got to accept that you don't know anything. And if you can accept that you don't really know anything before the Lord then he can start to teach you true wisdom. But if we're content just to think about all the wisdom that we have throughout studies and whatever and the accrued wisdom, well how can the Lord really teach you? So we got to be prepared to not rely on our wisdom on ourselves, we simply go to the Lord in prayer and ask him to you to teach you. And that is what the Lord said. He says that you will never enter the kingdom unless you humble yourself is this child and those who humble themselves as a child are greatest in the kingdom. And so obviously we can't change ourselves to be children but we can indeed lose our airs for the Lord and simply say; Lord I want to learn from you so take me and teach me.

And the Lord will teach you. But he cant teach us if we think we know everything already. And we already have studied all the Bible we know everything we understand it all we think. You know how can the Lord teach you if you cant humble yourself and pray and ask him to teach you and show you what he wants from you. Another thing that children do is that they tend to trust without questioning. Which is foolish in ways in the world because people are evil. But when we trust God we can know we can just trust the Lord without questioning. So when he reveals to you to do things you can just do it without questioning the Lord. You don't have to distrust the Lord so when you have faith in the Lord you're simply going to trust him when you pray. But a lot of us we go to pray and we are were filled with doubts and worries and all these things. That is not of the inner child before the Lord. We're too full of our own wisdom these days, that's the problem friends. If we are full of our own wisdom how can the Lord teach us? How can he teach us what we need to know from him. But if we're prepared just to go before the Lord and say; Lord please teach me… and trust him, in faith and don't worry about your doubts, then he can come and teach us. That is what it means to come before the Lord as a little child. And another thing that children do is have this simple faith where they'll tend to believe what they're parents tell them, well you know God is our parent and he does not lie and so when he says things like this in the Bible we can just believe and don't have to question everything. We don't have to put our wisdom to it to work it out our own way. We can simply accept that we can trust the Lord as a little child and we will enter his kingdom. That is what it means to become born again is to just humble yourself before God and stop trying to work it all out and have all the wisdom. If we try and work everything out we won't make it. If we try and be this and that and try and be all these things you know, what we need to be doing is being before the Lord. Just being before him and asking him please teach me Lord and he will indeed teach you. He is not going to cast you away. He is going to teach you what to do and that's why the Lord says going on in verse seven he says: verse eight he says that if your body causes you to sin, he's talking about denying it and you would be better to just cut these things off. Cut sin off out of your life, deny it all rather than end in hell. So you know Jesus is showing something here.

He is showing that as little children you not going to sin but you know if you're allowing your flesh to lead you off into sin well you will end in the eternal fire. That's what Jesus says. He gives the ultimatum. He says that if your eye hand or foot is doing sin, you are going to be cast into the eternal fire if you don't repent. And that's why he says you would be better off to cut these things off and out of your life than keep sinning and end up in hell. That is why Jesus is very serious about sin. He is talking about a condition of the heart. Know if your hand is causing you to sin it doesn't necessarily mean you cut your hand off because you're still going to sin. You just in with the other hand. If you cut that off you still sin in your mind and your heart. It doesn't stop people from sinning. If you tie people up and you put them into prison because they are criminal, it doesn't stop them sinning. It forces them to not be in society to commit evil there, but their heart and mind is still in sin and the minute they let out they will still sin again and still sin in prison as well. So is not a question of the body, it is the condition of the heart. What is the condition of the heart? Are we in our hearts becoming humbling ourselves before God as a little child so that we can enter his kingdom. Are we humble before God in our hearts or are our hearts full of pride and sin. You know in the heart and the mind is where we sin. That is where it all begins. You cannot cut your mind off with a knife. But we can cut it off our thoughts. And what we choose to do it, it becomes a choice then doesn't it. So we have a choice to cut off sin in our life and if we don't do that Jesus says we will end in the fire. And so becoming a child means to purify our hearts and our minds. You have to have to purify these things through Christ so it's up to you to choose what you allow in your hearts and in your mind. And God can't make that choice for you. We got to make that choice. That's why Jesus says woe to the world for temptation to sin. However he says that this temptation is necessary. It is what sorts the good from the bad. But woe through whom temptation come. In and next breath he says that if you're causing sin you would be better off to cut off than be thrown into hell. Jesus is talking about a choice here. He is making it very clear to you right now that you have a choice, an ultimatum, to become as a child and cut sin out of your life. And it is something we have to do. It is not something that Jesus would do for you. Because Jesus expects us to make the choice. So he expects you to keep your mind clean and your heart clean.

Because if we really humble ourselves before God and repent he will cleanse you. But it is up to you to not allow that evil thought to come in. if it comes in, it is up to you to put it out. It's up to you to turn away from that evil desire that might come into your heart. But the thing is we're not always so quick to keep our minds and hearts clean because we are often not being like little children in our minds. We're just being our own adult selves of sin where we kind of want this knowledge of sin in our hearts and our minds. And we are not really very willing to turn away from it so what happens is these things develop into fantasies and lustful actions, evil words, covetousness, and all sorts of sins, lies and dishonesty, and they give birth to sin and that sin gives birth to death. So you know if your hand causes you to steal, cutting it off isn't going to change the situation because it began in the heart. You cannot cut your heart out. What you got to do is you have to become like the child before the Lord ask him to forgive you and humble yourself then it is up to us to choose what we put in our hearts and in our minds because I tell you we have the choice. We have the choice to turn away from something that comes into the heart. That's why Jesus says that you have to do it, you have to do it. It would be better for you to cut these things out than end up in the eternal fire. So we have to cut these things out of our life. And so when we have an evil thought come into our hearts, we've got a responsibility before God to put this thing out. We got to decide to put it out and don't allow a continual thought of unforgiveness or an angry feeling of unforgiveness continue to make us bitter. Put it out. You know television these days they'll have a code of practice where they say certain things aren't allowed because the children who watch the show. So they have their code of practice. Now a code of practice prohibits nudity pornography and drug use and cursing and things like this. Now it's a very broad code, it doesn't cut out all the other sins like violence that corrupts children, no, but the worldly code still has a code and they keep these things out of the vision of the TV for the sake of the children. Now how much more should we be keeping our minds clean like this having a code. How much more. And not only just uncleanly things like big sins. How about all the other things as well that are inappropriate for children like violence crime scenes, all kind of things. Are we keeping that out of our minds.

Some people say I got such a problem with lust but the thing is every day they're watching all sorts of stuff on screens that aren't appropriate for children anyway so no wonder they can't defeat their lust because they're feeding it. And they're also feeding their mind with lust and so they can't defeat anything because they're filling themselves through the eyes and through the mind with this lust. So how can you defeat something you choose every day! It's impossible. That is why Jesus warns that we have to cut off. So we got to start getting this code of practice for our minds. What do you allow yourself to watch. Are you just watching crime and sin everyday in the news? Well you know how can we expect to have a pure heart and a pure mind if we allow all this sin in. now sometimes it may not be possible to cut out what we see in sin or things like this, but in our hearts we can cut out these things we can turn them off. But it takes a choice. It takes a real choice before God to humble yourself before him as a child. And say Lord please forgive me, I'm here to walk your ways. So you ask him to give you a new heart so what you do is you fill your mind on all things good and pure and holy and right and that is written in the Scriptures where we read in Paul's letters he says focus your mind on all things pure righteous and good. The problem is a lot of us are not. So we're not renewing our minds daily. We're destroying our minds by allowing into our minds all this garbage. You know the garbage can come from our eyes what we see on the screen and the world around us as well so you know we got to guard our eyes. That is why it is written in Psalms: I won't place evil things in front of my eyes no is not possible to get rid of every evil thing in front of my eyes. It is not possible to get rid of every evil thing from your eyes, you would have to be out of the world. But it is possible to not place things by your own will that are evil in front of your eyes. All those books you're reading that are full of sin. Some people read about people's sinful life and sometimes they read these books about their sinful relationships. And so they read about all these impure thing and wonder why they get so many fantasies plague them when they read about other people's fantasy. And these things insight these desires inside so no wonder you can't get rid of all these problems in your heart today friend is because you're filling your mind and your heart with these fantasies of sin, and books and the TV in movies and the news and the Internet Google searches, not to mention in all the things that we think up in ourselves, past experiences. You know it's all going to come into your heart and pollute you. You are not going to be pure. And that's why Jesus says become as a child. You know that means you got to start putting some rules into our life. Rules about what we see. Your own rules for yourself.

You know start cutting that eye out and don't allow yourself to view evil. If you got a problem on YouTube viewing evil there well block the application on your device. Don't go there until you can have some self-control. Cut it off. If you have a problem with a lustfull heart, well you better watch what you look at. In the news you are going to see a lot of things that might incite that desire so make sure that you delete the news off your devices. Don't look at the news for a while. Get into prayer instead. Cut off what is necessary. You can live without the news for a month. You can. We don't need to know everything friends. The tree of our knowledge of good and evil is what the brought about the fall of mankind after all. We don't need to know everything. How about the guard on the thoughts. You know well so what you get these evil desires and thoughts come in, well how about putting them out. Making your your mind have rules. No 18+ material allowed in here. On the TV they don't allow certain material on there with their code of practice, well why don't we have a code of practice for our minds? After all your mind is like a vivid TV. That's where all the pictures are. We can say well these things are all awful but hey in our minds are a lot worse than what you see on the screens and the media. Our minds can be worse. What about the TV screen in your mind. All the things that you have imagined in your mind. How about turning that off. How about doing what the Scriptures say; put your heart and mind and all things good all things pure all things honorable all things righteous all things holy all things pure. What did Jesus say? He said put your mind and heart on the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all these other things will be added to you. You know but people say that's boring. Well it's boring if you want to follow Jesus on the narrow way but you love the world. Yeah it's boring if you want to have your mind rules that you only allowed in there what children would be allowed to see. That's boring but it is not if you love God. They say it is boring if you just focus your mind on all things of God. Why cant we live a life on this earth? Well go your life in sin and all it's immorality and wickedness if that's what your fun is. But that leads to hell. But if you don't want that fun anymore and your life is following the Lord, well it is not going to be boring for you to have your mind focused on God 24/7 instead of all these other things that come into the mind. As children if we can remember back, we didn't have all these sinful things come into the mind until we got a bit older, until we were exposed to a lot of sin and could have all the evil desires of the flesh of Adam rise up to the full. But that's why Jesus said you got to become born-again otherwise you will never be saved. So obviously there has to be a change and we don't make the change we can't make ourselves born again and become his children before God anymore. Only God can. So if we're willing to turn away from all this evil that we've come into us as we've grown-up, well we will be willing to get on our knees before Christ the Lord to give us a new heart, make us born again. That's what I did we got to do that friends.

You got to ask. Make me born again Lord. Ask the Lord Jesus to make you born again after he said you can't enter the kingdom unless you're born-again. There is no way. You can try and keep the 10 Commandments as best you can but you still won't go to heaven if you're not born again. I don't care how much you try and keep the law or try to stop sinning or try to be a good missionary or no try and help all the sick and the poor, you can't go to heaven unless you are born-again. Your works cannot make you go to heaven. It actually is not that hard to try and keep the letter of the 10th commandments. A lot of people say well I honor my father and mother well that's ticked off you. I religiously keep the sabbath. I make sure I don't work on the sabbath, and I don't work at all on the sabbath so that ticked off. I try not to lie and these days I don't lie so much or I've put out lying, that is ticked off. I think I love God because I pray everyday and I'm serious about these commandments, I don't dishonor my neighbor I don't really like to cover what he has, well people can say all these things right? It is not that hard to justify yourself if you can keep these 10 rules, it is not that hard for people to get pretty angry if you start to pull those rules out from under them and say hey that's going to save you. Because they had it all worked out. They had something worked out here but you're saying to them; you can't enter the kingdom unless you are born-again. It doesn't matter about your rule keeping you are still condemned anyway. You broke those rules before. That's why friends we have to be born again. You have to become as a child. You have to become a new person and start from the beginning. Like a baby again before God. It is the only way. That's why Jesus said unless you become as a little child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Unless you become born again you won't enter the kingdom of heaven. He says if your hand eye or foot causes you to sin you would be better to cut off than end up in hell. So there's a very clear message here; Jesus is directly saying that you have to forsake yourself and you got to turn away from everything. Just get on your knees and pray and ask Jesus to make you a new creation then once he has we still have a flesh that wants to sin right? So we got to start getting those rules; what we allow in our minds what we allow in our hearts. And that's where the temptations comes, and that's why Jesus said this in Matthew 18 verse seven; Woe to the world for temptation to sin but it is necessary that comes it comes. So obviously when we become born again as little children and we become changed, just trust our God, and we have our rules to keep sin out, obviously we are going to be tested to see whether our seed is good or bad. The sorting process all over again like Jesus said in the parable of the fish. He said that they were all drawn in and the good were sorted from the bad and that's what the kingdom of heaven is like. He said it is like a threshing floor.

The wheat is gathered together into the barn and the chaff is blown away with the stubble. Again that is what the kingdom of heaven is like. So Jesus is making it very clear that it is a sorting process this life and temptation will come and so what you do with it is up to you your choice. This is where the cutting off comes. All the cutting off, guarding your mind. Doing what Paul said focusing on all things good righteous and pure. If you have a problem with lust well that's because you're not focusing on what is good right and pure. People say well I can't help it. We can. You don't have to sin. I tell you you have the power to guard what is in your mind right now. A tormenting thoughts doesn't have to stay there. You can rebuke it in the name of Jesus and turn your mind off. We are not forced in our minds, nobody is forced. We are only forced when we are under the power of Satan we are a slave to Satan in our isn. Then you are forced. That's when people are forced to sin by the devil and they cannot stop. They're slaves. But when we become born again you are not slaves anymore. I used to be a slave to sin and I couldn't really help myself to just think evil. It would just be there without my choice because I had a ready chosen it and once you choose these things that become yours and that's who you are. So how are you going to change who you are? You can't. But when I turned away from my sin and I sought the Lord Jesus Christ and I was serious about him, then that's when he makes you born-again.

He makes you a child inside so what happens is you're able to turn away from these things. You can make the rules for your mind. You can put out of your mind what should not be there. Where is your mind? Are we watchful are we watching where our mind is today? Our mind can lead us to many sins friends. But it is up to us to not allow into our minds anything that is wrong. All inappropriate material or explicit material all things that aren't righteous pure and good, should not be in your mind. If they are you got to put them out. It is up to you, is your choice. It is what we do. God won't do that for you. That's why he said temptation must come because he is testing the intentions of our hearts. Are we going to be faithful. Since we're born again and Jesus made us as little children, are we going to stay that way? Or are we just going to go back to the devil and back into slavery back into defeat. You know it's never too late to come back friends until it's too late. So today is a day to guard what's in our hearts and minds and put it out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013


You know today I want to talk a topic that troubles a lot of people and that is the being a tortured soul or being a harassed soul. A lot of people can have all these troubles from the enemy where they feel that they're condemned or there've done a lot of things maybe in the past that it's hard to forget and these things can cause a lot of trouble in our life if we allow it as these things come from the enemy. The enemies' going to try and bring us to a point where we're just going to give up on our faith and we don't really want to go forward anymore. And that's what the enemy wants. He wants us to stagnate in our faith and just continue on other paths that isn't the narrow way, not faith in Christ following the Lord. And so the enemy is going to harass us with thoughts and memories. Memories from our past because a lot of people have done things that they wish they did not and these things can play with our minds and the devil can orchestrate these things. I know there's people who have been tortured souls by evil spirits. Harassments in the mind. And a lot of these things harass people. People remember things they've done in the past which they wish they hadn't done and they have these things torment them, tormented souls. You know the past can really torment us if we allow it because most of us have done things we wish we did not. There are all levels of things but we know the apostle Paul did a lot of things that he deeply regretted where he was part of a group that was murdering somebody and he did other things that wasnt very nice and Satan knows these things he knows that we've done things we ought not in our past. And a lot of people haven't necessarily done crime like that or havnt done things that could be looked at by society as too bad.

But the problem is the law is the unbending and what the law says is wrong is wrong. So when the law says that you shouldn't commit adultery and shouldn't lie and various other sins it is true. And the law is unbending and there is no mercy under the law. And so a lot of people they get tormented by satan. They get tormented by spirits that are trying to bring these people away from their faith or stop them from having faith in Christ. A lot of people they are wanting to come to Christ, but the devil is tormenting them like he is sending hindering spirits to try and stop them from having faith in Christ. But we are exposed today that there's no condemnation when you're with Christ. There isn't. I can read Romans eight verse one: there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ from the law of sin and death. And so even if we were criminals in the past or just lawbreakers breaking the laws of Moses and things like this, breaking God's holy commands, being like the Republican and the tax collector, or maybe the thief on the cross people like this you know, it must be realized that there is no condemnation for those in Christ. No condemnation. And the thing is the devil doesn't let up. He is not somebody who is going to give up on you and just say oh well this person is in the with Christ now so I'll just leave him alone. No the powers of darkness are going to do all they can to try and bring you back into their path that will bring you into their power. That's why many people get very tormented by the devil. But we got to realize that this does not need to happen.

We don't need to be tormented by him, because we have we have armor and we have a weapon. The problem is people don't use that weapon. And so what happens is they get tormented and get troubled for their life and they get paralyzed by the enemy so they cannot move on. They cannot get a sound mind. But Christ came to give us a sound mind. Not a mind of listening to voices like many people do when they listen to Satan. Not a mind of being tormented. No, Jesus came to give us a sound mind and he came to show us that hey there is no condemnation if we are in the faith of Jesus Christ. There isn't. That's where condemnation finishes on us; when we turn from our evil paths there is no more condemnation. We're no longer under the way that is going to condemn you. Now this is the problem is that people coming to the Lord they get tormented by sins they are doing. They say I can't give up this lust sin that I'm in today. They say; I've always been enslave to it. They say they cannot give these things up and are tormented everyday because they know they're doing a sin and they can't stop. So people get very tormented. But the thing is we got to realize that when we are in Christ we don't have to do sin. You don't have to do what it is that your flesh may have a desirable for. You just don't have to do it. And that's the wonderful thing is that when we follow Christ we don't have to do sin. You don't have to go and do it. You don't have to go break God's laws. You don't have to follow lusts of things in the flesh. You no longer have to. You can be free and the answer is through Jesus Christ. Now a lot of people that they feel very bound to sins. You know they got some things in their life that they know that it's a sin but they can't stop. And the thing is that these things are coming into their lives all the time and they're tormented by Satan because; 1. they also are doing the sin and 2. do not realise that they can stand up and you don't have to do this anymore. That is what Jesus says. He says you don't have to sin anymore. He said to the adulterous woman he set free he said; go sin no more. You don't have to do this anymore. And that's what Jesus wants of you today.

He is saying you don't have to sin no more. Why are you following your temptation. Why are you going and doing the desires of your flesh when you don't have to. That's what Jesus is saying. Jesus sees us struggling with certain desires and actions of sin and says; why are you doing sin when I've set you free and why do you need to go into sin. Jesus says you don't need to go and sin. You don't need to go and have a problem with sin. You don't need to have the flesh torment you. And Jesus is saying that hey there's no condemnation when you follow me. And so the key to be able to overcome all these problems from the enemy is to realize that we are free if we turn to Christ. And that's why we must turn to Christ to get free. Freedom in Christ. You know people don't really understand that when you say that you've been set free from sin, because so many people are in such bondage to sin that they can't stop. They say well I can't go a week without my lust or desire driving me to do lustful acts. Or they say well I can't go very long before I sin again. I start swearing and cursing or something like this. The thing is friends, we have to turn to the Lord properly to be able to have this wonderful freedom of Christ coming to us where we can know that we don't have to go to sin anymore. Now the devil is cunning and if you'd been set free from the way of sin, he is not going to just leave you alone there and give up. Rather is going to try different ways and he likes to torment people. If they can be tormented. Many people don't realize that they can send Satan away but they don't use their armor and they don't use their weapons. But we were given weapons to use against the enemy. We were given the word of God to use against satan.

And when you speak Jesus' name against the devil and you do in faith properly as a sword then you can have these things taken away from you. These things can be bided hens, all these tormenting things. People they get tormented by all kinds of problems, worries and guilt. They get tormented by guilt from things they should not have done maybe in the past. They get tormented by thoughts. They get tormented by desires and sinful evil desires that the flesh may acquire. They get tormented by things that Satan puts on them or tries to put on them. Other people get tormented that they lost their salvation and not realizing that nobody has salvation on this earth yet. We simply just follow Jesus and he will lead us to his salvation if we stay with him. Some people get tormented by satan saying that they have committed the unforgivable sin. So they are a tormented soul. But friends Jesus says and warned many times that there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Jesus Christ from the law of sin to death. So by the Lord sending his only son in the likeness of the flesh for sin, he condemned sin and those who do not walk according to the flesh but the spirit they have the requirements of the law fulfilled in them. We read in Romans eight that the righteous requirements of the law fulfilled in us who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit of God. So it's time to really start spiritual warfare against Satan and don't let him kick you around because so many people get troubles in various ways. Now nobody is the same. Some people they get all bothered by Satan all the time when they're trying to repent and turn to the Lord properly and live for him, where they're always in a sin that they can't really let go of. It seems like they feel they're in bondage to it.

And that sin could be anything and so they they feel a bit hopelessly doing the sin and feeling repentant but not really able to stop whatever it might be. Other people get tormented by spiritual forces like voices and things like this from the powers of darkness. Some people get tormented in all kinds of ways by the powers of darkness from their past so they feel full of guilt but friends it doesn't really matter about the past for one thing the past cannot be changed and two, the Lord Jesus forgives and it doesn't really matter about being stuck in sin because we know that Jesus sets us free from sin if we go to him. So 1: we don't have to be slaves to sin anymore because we don't have to sin as that's what Jesus says. He says look you don't have to sin you can turn to me and I will set you free. That is what the Lord has done a lot of. He has set people free from their addictions and he set people free from all kinds of past sins. And so the whole key in all this is to give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ in full dedication until he comes right into your life. And don't just give up and don't just follow the love of the flesh. So many people won't enter heaven because they're not willing to let go of the flesh. In the end they are not able to. They don't want to. It comes down to a will, a choice. So a lot of people end up condemned because they weren't really willing to say no I don't want to follow the flesh anymore. But that's where liberation comes because Jesus says that you don't have to follow sin, you don't.

You do not have to follow sin. You can turn away of sin today. You do not have to do the things that you know are sin in your heart. You are not under condemnation if you turn away from sin and to Christ. That's why Jesus is very important. He is the good news that we can be forgiven and set free from our sin if we turn away from it. If we choose. But you have to choose. You have to choose if you are willing to no longer follow the flesh the things the flesh wants to do or is doing. The things of sin are very obvious. There is a list in the Bible about these things. Things like adulteries, immorality theft perversions dissensions fighting living after the desires of the flesh. Selfish living, living for self. All these things that we're centered on ourselves only and don't care about following the Lord and just living after our desires on the earth and living the way that the world would like us to live. Friends I want to stress that there is no condemnation in Christ but we have to make that decision to turn from sin. If you want to enter the kingdom you have to make a choice that no I don't want to do these things anymore but I also don't choose them. That's when people get set free from things in Christ and that's when I got it free. But the thing is the devil just doesn't leave us alone and he's going to try and bring us back to all kinds of things and that's why so many preachers fall away. I know a lot of preachers that fall away to very bad sins. They start off on the right way and they are preaching and being led by the Lord, things like this and then they listen to the devil and the desires of the flesh which rise up all the more because they are following the Lord and they go back under slavery to sin and therefore fall right away from grace. And they are under condemnation and all kinds of awful things. It's a very dangerous world out there. It is the world of the power darkness that want your soul. They want your soul in the fire. And they're not like us. We go to bed at night we forget things but they are not sleeping. The powers of darkness are active and on their mission all the time. So don't expect the rest from the power of darkness because they are not resting.

And don't think they are going to give up. They will not give up. They have their own plans to bring you to the fire each person. But that doesn't have to bother us. We got to understand that we've got to wage war through the word of God. We have to take control of our weapons. We can't just be sitting around with no weapon like a lot of Christians do. They sit around with no weapons. They've got these weapons but they don't use them. And they all get defeated and tormented. Satan puts all kinds of desires and thoughts into their minds and they start to give up and can't really do anything for the Lord because they're paralyzed in fear air and guilt and trouble and they're paralyzed in in all kinds of things that satan put on them. But they don't fight back. They are too condemned in their own hearts because they're not totally focused on Christ. So we are here to walk away from this kind of thing and start using our weapons; the sword of faith the sword of the word of God. So we have the name of Jesus Christ and that's a powerful name against the enemy. You use the name of Jesus against the enemy, that's when we get delivered. That's when the devil will flee. A lot of people they are very obsessed with all kinds of teachers and the deliverance ministries and all kinds of things but a lot of them even though they understand all of these things I am saying, they still don't put into practice what Jesus said. Jesus gives you a sound mind. A lot of people don't have a sound mind because they don't submit themselves properly to Jesus. They are not obeying him in their life. They are often listening to all kinds of preachers and teachers that are not telling them to go to the Lord properly and they don't go to him. And what happens is they just go off their own intuition and their own mind. They are not following the Lord through the spirit.

And what we should be doing is having a serious heart and spending our time in prayer actually seeking the Lord and not just going of doctrine. And going of doctrine can be very dangerous. It means that we are not going off a proper relationship with Jesus Christ, we're going off what we think might be right. What's the use of that friends. We know the doctrine that leads to Christ that is we repent and accept him. But do we actually go to him. We know those who repent and believe will be saved. But do we actually believe. Do we go to the Lord. Do we spend time getting to have him come into our hearts and make all the changes that we cannot do. Give you that sound mind that you can't get on your own. Or are we too busy just doing what we want to do. I should do this or that. One believer he was such a tormented soul that he just sold everything he had and was ended up with all these drunks and they just took all his money and ended up dying a tormented soul with nothing, no peace nothing. Because he let the devil speak to him and he wasn't interested in getting to know Jesus properly because the devil deceived him. This as the problem friends is that people they just do what they think. And they they think this is a good idea so people they go and do a missionary here or maybe they go and dedicate to something in the church or all these things but then again they don't know Jesus they are not following him. You can do a lot of things. You know you can try and obey all the commandments of God in the Bible. Some people do that too. It is not that hard if you're dedicated to obey the 10 Commandments and most of those sins you can keep away from. You can be pretty religious in keeping ceremonial things and days and anyone who puts their mind to it can do these things. But the problem is the heart was never changed these people remained torment souls. Another thing that people do is they become monks because they think that's the way to go. You see a lot of that in the second and third century where these people were such tormented souls that they would lock themselves away in cages for many years because the torment of lust or whatever it is that is tormenting them in their head from the devil.

They mortify the flesh. One monk locked himself into a wagon wheel. He stayed there for like 10 years. People do a lot of funny things when they don't follow Christ and don't have a sound mind for the Lord and don't know him. They go and build monasteries and live away in isolation where the Lord did not send them, hoping to be away from sin that's tormenting them but they find themselves all the more tormented. They are tormented souls, a lot of people are tormented souls. Satan torments them. Psychiatrist start labelling people as skitsofrenic or depression or whatever. But there is a deeper problem in all these things is from Satan. And some people they just can't turn away from these ways and come to Jesus but you know we are not here to be like them. We're here to get to know the Lord properly and we do that through prayer. It's not something that you're going to find overnight. You are going to be finding different things about Jesus for the rest of your life. And he is going to show you all kinds of things over your life if you follow him and you are going to grow in the Lord. But you can't do that if you're leading yourself and you're trying to call the shots. I should sell all this or I should be a monk in the wilderness, all these things that people want to do but not led by God to do and they just get tormented by the devil. All these voices they hear in their head. Where do you think that comes from, these things come from Satan. The Lord Jesus speaks in the heart and he doesn't torment and is not that way. People who listen to Jesus know that he is not a tormenting voice. The problem is all these other people they get all kinds of tormenting voices and thoughts desires and again it's not because it's something wrong with them.

It is because of the devil and is because we need to be vigilant against the enemy and realized that hey we do not need to sin. So what you're tempted to do whatever it is but no you don't have to sin. You don't have to go and do it, it's a choice that we have to make because we are the one who do things. Satan cannot make us do anything. God cannot. We have to make that decision to turn away from our own ways and really give ourselves to the Lord properly. And it's called seriousness of mind having a sound mind. Giving your mind to the Lord and being serious about it. The enemy won't leave you alone as I said. He will continue to come against you. That's why Paul said to put on the armor of the Lord. The armor includes the sword of the spirit. The word of God, righteousness, faith, all these wonderful things. The hope of salvation, all these wonderful things that we have because of Jesus Christ. It all comes down to as is written that there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. No condemnation. And the Devil's very good at condemning people. He will condemn you all day. He will bring back your past to condemn you all day. Sure you've been evil in the past, I have. But hey we repented of that anyway and turned away from those things and so we're no longer under condemnation. Now people will still condemn you. People will not necessarily forgive you. But we who follow the Lord are under no condemnation and that's the important thing to realize is that we got to start standing up for ourselves against the devil in the name of Jesus. Because the Lord is requiring us to make those choices. He just doesn't want you to sit back and do nothing. He requires you to to make a choice. And the devil also tries to make you make a choice.

So clearly there's going to be conflicts here. Because on one hand your flesh is trying to make to make a choice about following its desires and accepting its ways that it has inside, and on the other hand we got the Lord who is expecting us to choose him and not those things. Choose his way and overcome. Overcoming faith where we are not all condemn before God and doubting Jesus and thinking we've lost our salvation even thought nobodies saved anyway because we are all walking to the way of salvation if we follow Christ. So satan can't say to you today you lost your salvation. You can just say to him it is through Christ today that I am saved and there is no condemnation and as long as I stay with him to the end I will reach the goal. That's the reality of the situation. And if you stay true to the end you will reach it. You are not suddenly cut off. The only people who are cut off those who have died, have been cut off. If you die in sin well I guess there is not hope then. If you die in doubt and fear and worry and care in the world's ways then it is over then because there is not more changing anything. But while you have life you've got the narrow way to follow, following Jesus Christ. While we follow Christ we're not condemned. While we stay with him we will make it to the end of the race. While we use his name against Satan we cannot fall. There is no condemnation as it is written Roman 8, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Amen. So we've got to start dedicating ourselves to friends to Jesus Christ properly in a relationship with him where we're going to be very careful about following him realizing there's no condemnation for us who are in Christ therefore we do not have to sin. We don't have to choose sin. Because sin is always a choice. We always choose to go out and do that thing we shouldn't have done. And then all those evil thoughts and temptations and desires that are torment us.

We don't have to do what they're trying to torment us to do. If it was something we really want to do I guess it wouldn't be a torment you would just go and do it. We're tormented because we don't want to do things that the devil is trying to push us to do. He's trying to push you away from your faith. And so we are not here to to fall away from our faith in Christ and just go and choose to do sin again or allow it to come into our live. We're not here to be tormented by the devil saying you've lost your salvation because you can say; well look that there's no condemnation for those in Christ as long as we follow him we will attain salvation at the end of our life. So don't let the devil like to you or cause you to do funny things. You don't have to be a monk you don't have to go to the wilderness and fast for 40 days and be a monk and have no contact with the world. You don't have to do that to be holy. You don't have to sell all you have and go on the street.

You don't have to do that either. What you have to do is you have to give yourself to the Lord and seek a relationship with him. Thats what you have to do. What you have to do is turn away from your sins. You have to seek the Lord to have a sound mind. You have to use the name of Jesus against evil thoughts against any tormenting from the powers of darkness. You don't have to be a tortured soul. You don't have to be a tormented soul. You can have a sound mind in the faith of Christ which is guaranteed salvation, guaranteed at the end of our lives if we stay with Christ. It is very simple. Now Satan knows it's very simple that's why he tries to get you away from Christ and away from your faith. He knows if you fall away from your faith you can end up not making the end of the race of faith. Not getting the crown of life at the end of it. But friends that is why we can have this wonderful assurance and hope that we will enter the kingdom of God, because we walk with Christ. We have the assurance of the spirit that comes when you have that relationship with Christ and you follow him amen…...