Wednesday, May 8, 2013


And we're here to him to to give him all the glory in this time really is such a very serious time to be living in. we live in a time where people are dying for lack of knowledge of the truth and many people they are just ending up in the fire and it's a serious time and a time of deception and lies. You know it's a time of Christian deception. The church has fallen away. So friends we're here to walk free of this deception and to come into the presence of God. And I wanted to talk today about tearing down Christian deception. All these things that cause people to end up in the fire and they end up away from Jesus. They end up being far away from Jesus. If you have any bread and something to drink, bring it along because later we're going to eat the Last Supper in remembrance of Jesus. But today I was wanting to talk about these Christian deceptions and one of these deceptions is that people they want to believe in Jesus that saves them while they continue to live a life of their own immorality and their own ways. One particular person and messaged me saying that you are saved by believing in the finished work of Jesus Christ and his work alone, so you can't lose your salvation by lying or speaking without love or sinning. And sadly this is what many Christians believe. They believe that they are saved by the grace of Jesus and they say that it doesn't matter if you lie, it doesn't mean you're going to lose your salvation. But this Christian lie or this Christian deception is busted straight away by 1 Corinthians 6:9 where Paul writes that; do you not know that these people wont enter the kingdom of God. No liars deceivers fornicators nor homosexuals and it goes on. None of these will inherit God's kingdom. So when these Christians say that we are saved by the finish work of Jesus Christ and the cross and you can't lose your salvation by lying, they are lying. Because it's written very clearly that those who practice lies will not inherit the kingdom of God.

And that's with in 1 Corinthians 6:9. we can also read in Revelation 21:27 the end of the Bible, we can also read that nobody who practices a lie or works abominations will enter the holy city. So friends it's a lie that we can go on in our little sins daily and expect to enter into the holy city. I want to read to from 1 Peter 4:8 “above all keep fervent in your love for one another because love covers a multitude of sins, if anybody says that I love God and he hates his brother he is a liar for he who does not love his brother whom he can see cannot love God who he cannot see.” And it's written in one John three: he who does not love his brother abides in death…. and whoever hates his brother is in danger of hellfire… the words of Jesus. So these Christians will say; well the Bible says that those who hate their brother in Christ were never saved to begin with. But that's another Christian deception another lie. Nobody is saved now. They say you are saved now. No you're not. It's written very clearly that he who does endure until the end after he has endured he shall inherit the crown of life. That is what is written, he who endures to the end after he has endured he shall inherit the crown of life. And Jesus says that if you stay faithful, the faithful shall store up for themselves a reward in the kingdom of heaven and their names will be written in the book of life if they stay faithful. That is also what is written. So that Jesus also said, he said that the seed of the word landed on the hearts of some people and their ground was weedy ground and the cares of life and the sins and the lust of the eyes pride of life came up and choked out that seed and it bore no fruit and it died. So these Christians say that you are already saved. They probably would've said that to one of these Christian who had weedy ground, you are saved.

And so that person had their seed choked out by the cares of life and he still thinks he's saved because that's what Christians believe these days. They believed you are saved now. But we havnt inherited prize of the crown of life before we have reached the end of the race. Nobody gets the prize before they have finished. That is why Paul warns that we must walk until the very end. These truths are very readily available for anybody to see yet people still choose to stubbornly stick to these Christian deceptions. And we're here to tear down the wall of Christian deception today. Now the deceived people will continue to say things like this; you are a sinner if you rebuild the old system of the law that is already torn down. No we are already sinners under the condemnation of the law so we have to repent and turn to Jesus and obey him so that we can be cleansed from the law of sin that leads to death. So I want to warn you friends that if we're continuing in sin then we are under the law and the law condemns the sinner. And so Jesus said that if you love me you will obey my commandments. That is if you love him. And so while we think that we can just go on in our ways and we think we have faith in Jesus yet continued to break the rules and live in sin, then we certainly don't love Jesus because we don't obey his commandments. And it is written that if you love me says the Lord, then you will obey my commands. Hallelujah. Thats what we're here to do, we are here to obey Jesus. That is the true gospel. The true gospel is that Jesus died for us that if we follow him, if we deny ourselves and follow him we shall inherit the crown of life praise God. And these Christians go on to say things like this; believe in Jesus and accept his grace for you and not by works lest any should boast. Yet they say this because they have dishonest hearts. They are being dishonest, because they don't say this because it's not by works of the law we are saved. Which is true it's not by works of the law. They say this to be lazy servant saying that it's not by works therefore I can continue to enjoy my life and not obey Jesus, not strive, not be serious, not be separate from the world oh that is works they say. But we here to bust down these Christian deceptions by the parable of the 10 talents. This one is a real Christian deception Buster. The parable of the 10 talents is about three servants in them of God who followed and obeyed Jesus Christ or believed in him enough to be given gifts and these gifts were called talent. And to one of these servants, the Lord gave many gifts many talents. And to another he gave some talents and to another he gave one talent. It is written that the master who is Jesus Christ gave these talents according to each of their ability. So the Lord knows your abilities and he will give you according however those things arent just given to you to do nothing with them.

And so these three servants had faith in Jesus Christ and that they had accepted him as their Lord and they were following him to the kingdom of God. And when the master returned that's when Jesus Christ comes, and they go before the judgment seat of the Lord, he asked them to bring accounts to what they had done with what he had given them; his peace, his eternal life through faith in Christ, his freedom from sin, and certain gifts of the Spirit that they could use to help bring other people into the kingdom of God as that's what the work of the Kingdom is. And so he called them to account and the first two servants had increased what had been given them. And the Lord praised them. He said well done. But the last servant had hid his gifts in the ground and he didn't do anything with them at all. And the Lord had him bound and cast out into the outer darkness. You see this tears down the walls of Christian deception, this true from Jesus Christ, because it shows that Christians who aren't serious about working for the Lord end up in the outer darkness. There is no saved now unless you work for the Lord and do his will…then we don't find salvation in the cross, unless we walk the way of the cross. And that's what Jesus said. Let us read from Ephesians 2:10 from the words of Paul; for we are his creation created in Jesus Christ for good works which God prepared ahead of time that we should walk in them. That's Ephesians 2:10. but friends it is our choice to walk in these good works that God prepared for us because God wills that nobody shall perish. Everybody who believes in the name of the Lord God wills that they will be saved. That is why he ordained you to have good works and talents in the kingdom of God. But the problem is people they don't they don't use these talents and they hide it in the ground and they continue in the Christian deceptions of this world and they follow there sins, their dreams, this world, and they continue on the path of destruction believing that they are saved. That is very sad, and Jesus said that this is the verdict that God's light has come into the world but men loved darkness because their deeds were evil so they refused to come into the light lest their evil deeds be exposed. That that's what Jesus said in John 3:19. so friends if we are willing to come into the light then we will have the light come into us so that we can follow and obey Jesus. But if we are not willing to come into the light and leave the world and leave our sins, and instead listen to Christian deception, then what happens is we will stay in the darkness fearing to come into the light because our deeds are evil.

I want to read you from one John 1:7; but if we are living in the light as God is in the light then we have fellowship with each other and the blood of Jesus his son clenses us from all sin. You see the blood of Jesus doesn't clense you when you're in the darkness. It only cleanses you when you come into the light and that's where the Christians miss it. The Christian deception says that you can have the blood of Jesus while you're in the darkness, and that is why they say things like this; believe and accept Jesus by his grace for you not by works so that no one can boast. Now this of itself is true. We don't do works of the law to save ourselves, its through faith in Christ alone. But if we cannot come into the light and we want to be dishonest, and we want to just say; I know it is not works that I'm saved, therefore I can continue living my dreams doing much sins and if I try and turn away from my path on the broad path and I try and walk on the narrow path, that means I'm doing works of the law they say. But that is Christian deception and that is what leads people to the fires of hell. And that's what we here today to tear down these walls of Christian deception by the truth of Jesus Christ. And Jesus said this he said that; those who do not abide in me will be cut off for the ax lies at the foot of every tree that bears bad fruit. And it goes on to say in one John three verse six; nobody that abides in him keeps on sinning. Nobody who keeps on sinning has either seen him nor known him. Because friends when we know Jesus and we come into the light, it is then that we get transformed to do good works unto salvation.

Isn't that wonderful, to do the good work that the Lord gave us to do and to turn away from our sins all the way until we reached our goal which is salvation in the kingdom of heaven. For nobody is saved yet. It is only those who endure on the way till the end who shall inherit the crown of life. For we are only saved when we abide in Jesus Christ and him in us for the Lord said that; I am the vine and you are the branches, anybody who does not abide in me withers and in time the Father who is the gardener comes along and cuts such branches off and he has them casting to be fiery furnace. That is what Jesus said in John 15. and so friends we want to be seriously abiding in Jesus today, our Savior, and we want to be walking with him all the way being true servants building our talents for the Lord so that when he returns he won't cast us away because we just did nothing with what he gave us. People they become Christian and they think they're all saved and sealed and they do nothing at all for Jesus. They don't go and witness for him. They don't go and tell other people they know about Jesus. Jesus is a secret is something they just go to church to do. And so they read the Bible and they go to church and they think they're saved, yet they come home and they just do sin and live in immorality and practice evil and spend their time in pursuits of fun yet they do not dedicate to Jesus and they think they are saved. And their pastor will tell them; hey you're saved because you have faith as a finished work of Jesus Christ, yet they don't even follow Jesus. They're hiding their talent in the ground. Their seed is getting choked out by the cares of this world. Friends it is a lie, Christian deception that brings many people into the fire. Now another Christian deception that I want to bust today is that; we are saved by Grace so can enjoy your life. This is what many Christians believe. They believe that if you are saved by grace of Jesus then you can go and enjoy your life and they will tell you that. Christians write to me and say; hey you're saved by grace so go and enjoy your life, have joy they say. Yet we read in John 12:25 the words of Jesus that; he who loves his life will lose it.

And he who hates his life in this world will keep it for life eternal. And if anybody would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Whoever does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Luke 9:23. you see Jesus made a solemn warning right here where he said that if you're not prepared to hate your life the sake of the kingdom, if you're not prepared to deny yourself to follow Jesus (that means turn away from your sins and focusing on the way you want to go in life) if you're not prepared to turn away from that then you are not worthy of Jesus. It means you're not worthy of the cross. You are not worthy of his blood. You are not worthy of his salvation. You are not worthy of anything Jesus did for you. Because you will not deny yourself and follow him. That's what Jesus said. He said that if anybody would come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me. Whoever does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. That's what Jesus warns today dear friends. He warns us that if you want to be saved by him by faith in him by his grace, then you have to prepare, be prepared, to give him everything. You have to be prepared to stand up for his name. You have to be prepared to turn away from your sins. To no longer chase after a fun life and instead chase after Jesus and his kingdom. That's what you got to be prepares to do if you want to be worthy for Jesus and what he has done for us on the cross. And if you're ready to repent today and if you're ready to deny your ways, turn to him and follow his way, then you are ready to enter his kingdom and follow him and have his new way in your heart hallelujah. That's what we're here to do. We are here to tear down the walls of Christian deception. And another Christian deception is that some sins wont end you in hell. So they say it is alright to have some little sins every day, God understands, it's only the big sins that will end me in hell they think because I'm saved by grace. Now if I go out and I murder somebody obviously I'll go to hell they think, but it's okay if I lie sometimes or swear little bit in the day. You know but friends that a lying as is written in 1 Cor 6:9 does not enter heaven. Those swear words Jesus said by your words you will be condemned.

They'll either acquit or condemn you so watch your words said Jesus even your words. So those are two little sins that straightaway we can see by the truth that is written that will end in the fire. And Christians say well you know a little lust is okay. But Jesus said that even looking in lust can get you into the fire. He warns that you better pluck out the eye of lust otherwise you end up in the fire. If that's what you got to do warns the Lord. So that another Christian deception is that we can go on in a little sins every day and somehow enter the kingdom through grace. But this comes from Satan, Satan's gospel. Satan wants you to believe you can go on disobeying God, being a lazy servant, not turning away from the world, not being separate from the world, and Satan wants you to believe that you'll somehow enter the kingdom of God while you do this. Now I want to expose another deception from Christians. The wall of Christian deceptions. They say that you have to go to church to be a part of the body of Jesus Christ. But this is straight out a lie. Because Jesus said this he said; come to me to have life. Be a part of me. He said; pick up your cross and follow me. And I read from John 4:23 where Jesus said that: the time is coming and it is indeed here and now that true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and in truth. And the father is looking for those who worship him that way. In Spirit and in truth. Having the Holy Spirit come into you from Jesus Christ, and in truth living by doing the word. It's what Jesus wants to see. It is how we worship the Lord. You become part of the body of Christ when you worship the Father in spirit and truth by doing the will of the father. And the will of the father he said what that was; it was to believe in Jesus whom he sent. And if you believe in Jesus whom he sent, that is the will of the father then you are one with the father you are one with him because you are doing his will. You are believing and if you believe you follow. If you follow you do. If you do you inherit the kingdom. And so that's what we're here to do. Now it is written here that; the father is looking for those who worship him that way, spirit and in truth. So we are here to tear down these walls of deception. Now another deception is that you have to study and know the Bible well to follow Jesus Christ. And that is what the religious hypocrites would have you believe so that they are the ones who have the keys to life and you have to listen to them. But that too is a lie.

For Jesus said that salvation is for the simple, he said for the children. The little ones belong to the kingdom. Jesus said this he said; I tell you truly that unless you become as little children you shall by no way enter the kingdom. And so if you don't become even as children you cannot enter the kingdom. So that immediately pulls down this wall of Christian deception if you have to study the Bible well to know and follow Jesus that's a lie. Because Jesus said that if you don't become little children you wont enter into the kingdom. And so if we want to be led by the Lord we have to go to him for it is through the Holy Spirit that we get wisdom from the Scriptures. Often and even children who know Jesus have more wisdom about the Scriptures than the learned scholars because the Lord hides wisdom from the wise and he exposes it to the humble and to people that he gives his truth to. And so if you haven't got Jesus you got absolutely nothing. You can read the Bible all you like and you can testify and make sermons up out of the Bible and be very much scholars in the Bible, and a pastor thinking you know so much about the Bible, yet if you don't have Jesus and you don't know Jesus you got nothing. Now if you do know Jesus and you follow him then the Bible is going to back up what you say and you're going to be able to understand the truth. And by all means study the Bible all you like and that's a good thing. But if you think that that's the way to know the Lord and you don't even go to the Lord but you listen to men and their teachings, then how can we enter the kingdom when Jesus said that; come to me to have life and water of life from heaven. We have to go to Jesus to have that. We got to start praying and become spiritually instead of carnal and relying on our own minds saying to study hard that we may find ourselves approved yet we don't even go to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah, we're here to go to the Lord so that we can get wisdom then we can teach others about the truth in the Bible because of the Holy Spirit teaches us and we can lead them to be filled with the Holy Spirit also. Now another lie from some Christians is that you must go on missionary trips to please Jesus. So you must go to Africa or go to China or wherever that the church seems to think is good and you got to go there and that's going to please Jesus. But no we are to be led by the Holy Spirit to please Jesus. Now where does the spirit send you? Are you going places you're not sent? Now a lot of Christians they go to places they are not sent. And they wonder why God's not working there because they're going where they are not sent. But we have to be focused on the Lord and this is another wall of deception, is that somehow you please God by doing all these things yet you don't follow and obey the Lord what he puts in your heart. So friends know that's what works is; having our righteousness come from our own strivings to look holy like being Catholic and being a nun out in Calcutta or something like this yet we don't even be led by the Holy Spirit. And we are not going where Jesus wants us to go.

You know Jesus tells people where to go in life. He show's many people just to go this way or to go that way and they go and do it and they are part of the Kingdom of God during his work. And he leads them in their heart to give to people and to help people and do many things in his name because people who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God and are the people who do the works of God on this earth. It is not the religious who do good things even the unbelievers do good things. They go around and set up organisations and do all kinds of good things. But these are not what pleases the Lord. What pleases the Lord is obeying him and doing what he says because our works are like filthy rags after all. And so these churches that preach that our works are filthy rags and is by grace we are saved, they themselves are striving out of doing their own works and are not led by the Lord. And they are filthy rags because when we don't do our works led by the Lord we are doing out of selfish motivation. Out of making ourselves look good, or for trying to make the Lord pleased with us while we're living in sin. I know many Christians who go on missionary trips but they still live like the world. They go to Africa and they helped many people and they come back and they party and have fun and live in immorality. God is not looking for that, he is looking for us to worship him in Spirit and in truth and that means going to be living lives of holiness, obeying him and going where he sends us. And each person has a different place to go a different thing to do. But if you don't know Jesus, how are you going to find that out. We have to be spending time in prayer getting to know him so he can fill us with his Holy Spirit. And another Christian deception is that you don't have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. But we have to be. If you obey the Lord you will be. Now the way to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to obey Jesus. Jesus said in the Bible himself, he said those who obey me and I will come into them and the father will send them his spirit, and they shall live for me. That's what Jesus said. He said that those who obey me and follow me and my teachings will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

And that's what happened to me I've obeyed the Lord and I turned to him and asked him to lead me and give me spirit and he gave me his spirit. Is not that wonderful. And another deception is that the rapture is not coming soon instead many things are coming and in a long time Jesus will come back. You know the reason Christians say this is because they are being dishonest with God and they do not want to prepare themselves now for the Lord, because they would rather continue making money and having a good time and focusing on this world rather than turning to Jesus and finding out what they need to do for him today. And they would rather put it off to live holy lives and they want to keep living in their sins, so they say; well I will wait till a big war comes or a big tribulation comes and then I'll repent and then I'll be ready for the Lord, but until then I'll enjoy my life. But friends God is not mocked like that, and there's no signs like that to get us to live wicked lives all the way up until the day and then repent and get saved, no. that is the way of the dishonest. And if we are dishonest about Jesus, we're not going to enter his kingdom. So Jesus is warning and he has already warned. If you didn't hear then you haven't been listening. He warned that he is coming back soon and he said prepare now. He said be separate now, or be left out left behind. That is what the Lord said to be separate.

If you haven't heard his warnings then you have been praying and been listening to Jesus. He has been warning that he's coming back and there is a wall of Christian deceptions out that is keeping people from turning to him now repenting now to be ready now. So that is why because of Christian deception, many people will be left out many people will end up in the fires of hell all because of Christian deception. And Christian deception is fire. It is everywhere. It is all through the churches and is all through the different denominations and all through the supposedly Christian religions like Catholicism and Anglicans and all these things. It's all through the religions friends. Christian deception. And it is Christian deception that the devil uses to bring everybody away from the real truth that I spoke about today of following the Lord in holiness and truth, obeying him. They instead go into the broad path of destruction where they follow their own way of thinking their saved where they strive after being good nuns and all these things yet they don't follow Jesus. Trying to save themselves in good works. Friends there is only one way and Jesus said what that way was. He said if anyone wants to follow me that means believing him, it means you must deny ourselves and follow him, that is the only way. He didn't say follow the church. He didn't say follow yourself. He said follow him. If you don't know him how can you follow him. Jesus said follow me. So how can you follow Jesus if you don't know him. That is why we must seek and if you can't believe how can you seek? If you can't believe that Jesus is the Messiah and John 3:16 applies then how can you seek? How can you get on your knees and seek him if you don't believe. And that is why it is only those who believe who will be saved. Because they are the ones who get on their knees they are the ones who the seed lands on good ground because they truly believe. They realize this is true. They are the ones who turn away from their sins and ask Jesus to forgive them and Jesus comes into their life and he forgives them. They are the ones who walk with Jesus until the end and Jesus said that they will not be snatched from my hand. But it is all the Christian deception out there that people follow and then they are snatched from the Lord because they don't even abide with him. They are never with him. But God in his mercy he prunes us and allows us to be chastised to bring us to repentance. To bring us to follow the Lord in holiness and truth. And if you listen today and if you repent then you are going to be saved if you abide with the Lord all the way till the end and your branch is going to bear good fruit and is not going to be a withered branch because you cut yourself off from Jesus but you abide in Jesus.

And because you believe in him because you believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, that means you do abide with him. You do deny yourself and strive on the narrow way knowing that if you go back to the old way then you certainly are not worthy for Jesus. For he says that anybody who looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God. That is what Jesus said; anybody who looks back is not for the kingdom. And so if we're looking back and wanting to do our sins living in a world, then we're not even for the kingdom. We're not worthy for Jesus. We are not worthy for his finished work on the cross because Jesus said that anybody who does not want to deny himself the pick up his cross is not worthy of me not worthy. However the good news is that we can tear down these walls of Christian deception today and we can know that if we want to follow him, then we can. We can follow him. If we want to eternal life and we want Jesus then we can have it because today is the day that we can follow him and get to know him in prayer and to leave our ways and to let him abide in us. Today is the day to have the Lord abide with us and together to walk on this narrow way all the way to the kingdom of God hallelujah. And then we know that we will inherit the crown of life while we stay on this way and we are serious and dedicated to our Lord...Praise The Lord......