Monday, May 6, 2013


This world always says get a life and live life to the fullest and you've only got one life so make the most of it. Chase your dreams. That is how this world lives, but that always does not inherit the kingdom of God, and if you love your life you'll lose it. You would lose your life and your place in the kingdom. When Jesus returns you will not be changed he will not take you if you love your life. The people who Jesus is going to take are those who do not love their lives and instead Jesus becomes their life. They longer love chasing after their own ways. They no longer chase their dreams living for themselves because they found Jesus, and instead they spend their time in their day with Jesus instead and he becomes their life. Now of course we look after our responsibilities on this earth we don't shirk our duties, but we no longer put these things of the world above the Lord. We no longer chase after buying that expensive car and that fashion statement.

We no longer care about these things. We don't live that life anymore that's not who we are. We have given that all away for Jesus. We got something better. We got the eternal kingdom of God now and his righteousness. We have the new body that Jesus is going to give us soon to all those who turn away from their ways. So I do warn you to; if you want to go with the Lord and if you want to enter the kingdom well where is your heart? Do you want a life here? Or are you prepared to give away your life for the sake of the Kingdom of God. It means that you have to make some changes in your life. You'll no longer be chasing your pursuits. No longer be a dream chaser. You'll become a boring person in this life to others who are living the life. You know longer do things that they do. You now are focused on entering the kingdom of God and being with Jesus when he returns. You become a strange person to most people because you hate your life for the sake of the Kingdom of God, and you do not love your life anymore. So many of us cling to our life.

We cling to what is best for us and what we want to chase after and get. But we are not prepared to put it away and instead live our lives for Jesus Christ. But that is because we are clinging to our life and Jesus said that those who cling to their life will lose it. So let us not have a life anymore. Let us spend all our time serving Jesus instead. No longer being entertained by the TV and the movies. No longer going along to our parties and getting drunk and having a good time. Instead going along to places and bringing Jesus there instead. How about that! Taking Jesus to places and having him first in your mind instead of satisfying your life and getting the best you can get out of life. Get that good motorbike, go along and buy that expensive car, get that fashion statement, get that newest and greatest thing, chase your dreams and have a wonderful time, oh yes, love your life and lose it in the end. Friends we who want Jesus and to be with him when we when he returns, if we are found loving our lives like that, you will not be changed. He will not take you and you will be left out. Do you love your life? Or do you now hate your life for the sake of Jesus and he has become your life. Time to dedicate dear friend and make up your mind. Now is the time......