Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The true gospel is not a gospel that people like to hear because it requires them to become serious, and it makes us, gives us a boot to wake up. It is like cold water in the face in the morning. And that's why a lot of people they they don't want to hear the true gospel. They don't mind about the false gospel. You see Satan wants to compromise the true gospel and that's why Satan makes up many false gospels and easy Gospels. Satan doesn't mind there being a bit of a gospel going out just as long as it's one of compromise. And if it is one of compromise it has got no power and Satan knows that. So satan is here to bring people away from the true gospel and into the false gospel. And that's why Satan gets into the churches and places of religion, because there he can bring about his gospel perverting, and he can start to sway the minds of people who are led by men and are not led by God. You see only when you're led by God can you really be like a guided ship that has a rudder and it is going to go in one direction no matter the number of storms that come, and it is going to go to the destination. But if you're in the boats of religion they don't have a rudder and what happens is these boats get tossed around and the devil can easily come along he can start steering them other ways. And that's what he is doing in the church is at this time. He's bringing about compromise in the Gospel. And he is doing it absolutely everywhere and wherever men lead man. If people are being led by Jesus there cannot be a compromise of the Gospels, because a spirit of truth is abiding with those people. And when you have the Spirit of truth, the spirit of truth teaches you. But many people don't have the Spirit of truth which is the Holy Spirit, so they go this way and that way in life but they don't actually know the way to go with the true gospel.

They say you know I believe in Jesus but that don't have a direction in life to go and so what they do is they follow their own path. And their own path leads them into many griefs, many sins. They listen to other people. They listen to what their Christian brother and sister wants to tell them to do, and they go and do things like that. Satan will send along Christian stumbling blocks and these ones will lure you into sin. You know these are all from the devil too. And Satan will pervert you the truths to keep you away from coming to the truth which is finding Jesus Christ for real and turning away from your sins. Satan will do all he can to keep you in the dark of religion just following your own way and studying the Bible but not actually going to Jesus. Satan can do whatever he can to stop you from being filled with the Holy Spirit and turning to Jesus in prayer, and in turning from your sins. But we're not here to go those paths. You see in acts chapter 2 Peter called out to the people who were ready to hear this true gospel. He said to save yourselves from this crooked generation. And he said to turn to the Lord, call out upon the Lord and turn from your sins. And Peter extorted them to turn away from the ways of this generation. But you see these people these days, if you say to turn away from the ways of this generation, they will call you a Pharisee, because the truth is people don't really want to hear that they've got to turn away from their parties. They would rather have a good time and a brother in Christ saw this in a vision and in this dream he saw these people in this party and they were having a good time in this party and it was all fine and good but they were not getting ready for Jesus. And Jesus showed him here, that this is what the Christians are like. They are not getting ready for the return of the Lord. They are instead having parties and its all fun and then that's where their hearts are. It is in fun. It is not in serving the Lord and being serious, their hearts are in fun and so churches are asleep. And when the church is asleep that is when Satan will move quickly and he will get many of them into the fire because they're not being serious. But we are here to heed the true gospel of Jesus where the gospel says that he who calls upon the name of the Lord and he turns from sins will be saved. And that's what Jesus said. Jesus said that he who turns from his sins and repents and believes upon his name will be saved. Thats the true gospel that nobody is preaching. Very few people are preaching.

And if we want to heed this true gospel of turning from your sins, and turning from the ways of this crooked generation and instead believing and having faith in Jesus Christ, what happens is Jesus will reveal himself to you and he will fill you with the Holy Spirit. And that's what Jesus said that I will reveal myself to him who obeys me and I will fill him with the Holy Spirit. He will send the Spirit of truth and we shall make our abode with him. And so you have the Lord living in you the spirit so that you will have the witness of the Spirit bearing witness with your spirit on your path to the kingdom which is the confidence that we have when we have true faith. But if you are full of fear and you cannot hear or see or see the way to go and you're just scared about everything, that is because you don't have Jesus in you and you have fear because of sin. And when we have sin in our lives we have fear about the truth. And the truth brings us fear and conviction. Because that's what the Holy Spirit does when we are not following the Lord. And we're on our way to hell. The Holy Spirit convicts us of God's judgment and righteousness and the way to truth. And so if we have this fear of God it's from the Holy Spirit warning us to turn from our sins and turn to the Lord so that we can have his peace and we can have that new way in our hearts hallelujah. And then we can enter the holy city because of the Lord is returning soon and he's going to be taking people into the holy city. Now written on the gates of the holy city is this scripture. I want to read it to you. It is the very last scripture in the Bible I believe. And it is this that is written on the gates of the holy city; and there shall in no wise enter into it, the holy city, anything that the defiles nor anyone who works abominations or lives a lie, or makes lies. Only they which are written in the Lamb's book of life revelations 21:27. so you see these are the only people who will enter the holy city. It is not the sinners. It is not those who live and practice a lie. It is not those who practice abominations. It is only those who are written in the Lamb's book of life and we know how to have our names in the book of life where our names stay in the book of life because Jesus said that if you heed my admonition to persevere and overcome and stay faithful to me, he says I will not ERASE your name from the book of life. He says those who keep their robes from evil and keep them clean, he says I will not ERASE their names from the book of life.

When you turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and you go and abide with him and you give your life to him, what happens is he will write your name in the Lamb's book of life and then you will be able to enter the holy city. But the problem is between now and the end because we have not finished the race, you can have your name also erased out of the book of life as well. And that's why Jesus warns about this and he says that he wont erase your name if you stay true, if you keep your robes from sin. And our robes are those clothing which we get when we turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. And what he does is he gives you these robes of holiness, these new ways, wonderful new ways, and will not judge your past anymore. But the problem is that if we then dirty those new robes, then the Lord will come upon us quickly and he's going to get us to cut off in time if we don't repent. Because the Lord judges your walk not before you turn to Jesus but after. And when you have decided to turn to the Lord that's when the judgment will begin, and the Lord will judge you on the good and the bad from that point on even if you backslide. And so we have to be very serious about keeping true to the way so that our name is not going to be erased out of the book of life but it's going to stay in the book of life so that we can enter the holy city. Because Jesus himself says that if you sin you have an advocate with the father and he will wash away your sins, but he says that if you don't repent there will come a time when you're going to get cut off and cast out into the outer darkness. Thats what Jesus warns in the book of Matthew. So we have to be very sincere about our walk today. I want to read to you from one Thessalonians chapter 4 because we want to ready ourselves for entry into the holy city soon because Jesus Christ is coming back for his people and if you want to enter into the holy city then you need your name written in the book of life and he needs to find you faithful.

Finally brother we urge you in the name of the Lord Jesus to live in a way that pleases God as we have taught. You do this already but we encourage you to do it even more for you remember that we taught by the authority of the Lord. It is God's will for you to be holy and to stay away from all sins especially sexual sin then each of you will be in control of your own body and live in holiness and honor not in lustful passions like those who do not know God. So never harm or cheat brethren in adultery for the Lord avenges all such sins and we have solemnly warned you before that God calls us to live holy lives not impure lives. Now this is a solemn warning and is a warning that many Christians choose to ignore. But the truth is that God called you to live a holy life and any sin causes our life to be impure and unholy. Even one lie makes you unholy. One lie makes you a liar. And so we go on to read that; therefore anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human teachings but rejecting God who gives us the Holy Spirit. And I see this all the time. You see the Holy Spirit within me warns people to turn from their sin. And these people come and say that these rules is all rule-based love and rule-based salvation all these things. But we read so very clearly in one Thessalonians 4 verse eight that anyone who disobeys and refuses to live by these rules, they're not rejecting me, they're rejecting God who has his Spirit in us. And so for that reason friends, we have to be very sincere in our walk with the Lord hallelujah, and love each other and be righteous towards each person so that we can be found worthy. Now this is a gospel that rebellious Christians don't want to hear. It is a gospel of rules and it's a gospel of works. You see it requires you to keep rules. A rule of keeping holy as is written. It requires you to have works. Works of faith and repentance as is written. You see these are not my teachings these are the teachings of the Holy Spirit that lives in me. And they are not my own. They are also given through the Holy Spirit to the disciples and to any person who follows the Lord Jesus Christ. You see anybody can be filled with the Holy Spirit and anybody can have these truths.

So I want to read on; make it your goal to live a quiet life minding your own business and working with your hands just as we instructed you, therefore you will not have to rely on others and the nonbelievers will respect the way you live. You see many other believers they want to just do nothing in this life and live off other people but friends while we have the ability to work and to be responsible, and to live our time here obeying the Lord Jesus Christ, we should be doing so with the utmost fear of God. Because we know that soon this time will be over and our work will be finished. And if the Lord finds us being lazy people who just live off others, sinning, non-holy, spending our time playing games, we are going to be cast out into the outer darkness and our name will be erased off the book of life. That's why I warn you today friends that we have to have a serious mind and how we got to follow the Lord today. And it is the Gospel of truth. It is not a gospel of man, it is not my gospel, it is not the Gospel of ME, it is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, his ways hallelujah. It's the gospel of God given by the Holy Spirit. And that's why we are here to obey this gospel. To live by the rules. Don't listen to the Christians who say it is all rules-based salvation and false. No no that's because they reject the truth. They reject the Holy Spirit. They don't live according to God's rules. But as we read very clearly in one Thessalonians four verse eight, that anybody who refuses to live by these rules of holiness, is not disobeying people, man, is not disobeying me, it is not my truth…It is disobeying and rejecting God who gives his Holy Spirit to live in you. So that's why Paul warns so very clearly. He warns that you must be holy and stay away from sin that's what Paul said in his own words as Jesus said the same thing. And Paul's words build on the foundation stone of Jesus Christ. They are not under Jesus' words, they are above on tope of his words. The truth that we stand on is the rock that is Jesus Christ; his commands and his truths and his warnings. And so if we want to be able to enter the kingdom of God, if we want to make it into the holy city, then we have to live by these rules of Holiness. Sincerity and dedication to the Lord's way praise his name. And we must keep away from all impure paths, as it is written that nobody will enter the holy city that defiles and whoever works abominations and whoever makes lies.w and you see these days we live in a society that will tell you that you can be homosexual and that is fine. But the problem is they are working abominations so they wont go into the holy city.

They are on the outside with the dogs and the sorcerers as it is written in revelation. And then there's other people who say well you know I can have a good time on this earth and have parties and live the life of the world and still enter the kingdom because Jesus forgives me. But it says here that there's no one who will enter the the holy city that defiles. And when you're defining the temple of God in your sin, you don't enter the holy city you wont. You simply will not enter the holy city. And not only that you won't find your name in the book of life if you live like that. So friends we are here to be very serious about following Jesus today and being prepared for his return. Don't be like the foolish Christians who aren't preparing for his return. They're preparing instead for the antichrist. Let them prepare for him, but WE must prepare for the Lord. You must prepare for the Lord with all you have. So let us be serious about this today. Now Paul warned so very clearly about these things which so many Christians reject and what they do is they pervert the truth from the Holy Spirit and they try and bring another gospel that they think Paul is saying. And so they bring about a gospel of no works, a gospel of no holiness, and a gospel of you can continue to live a life and Jesus Christ will bless you and he will forgive your sins while you live a life. But that is a lie because Jesus warns that if we trying to keep a life on this earth, we are going to lose it. But if we loose our life for his sake we will gain it.

And so while we're hanging onto the way that we want to go in life which is a life, then we can't follow Jesus and we cannot enter his kingdom. But when we throw away the way we want to go for God and we seek his way, what happens is he will show you the way to live for him from now on and you're no longer just living these other ways that you want to go. And you no longer sin and do all the things you want to do but you just focus on the way God wants you to go. Isn't that wonderful. It is the way of the Lord that we can turn away from our selfish ways and ways that we want to go and we can instead get to know him in a relationship. And that's what Jesus Christ asks all of us to do. He calls us to have a relationship with him. You know there's no good in just following religion, you don't have a relationship with that. You have to actually know the Lord when he speaks to you, where he bears witness in your spirit, and where his Holy Spirit is with you. That's what we got to have a relationship. And a relationship is what will bring us into the presence of God where we can have the confidence of the Holy Spirit with us and we can have the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Lord will reveal his ways to you as he promised. Jesus Christ said himself that if you obey my commands and you keep my statutes, he says that the father and I will come and abide with you and we will reveal ourselves to you. Now has Jesus revealed himself to you? Of do you still don't know him? That is the question. And if Jesus hasn't revealed himself to you in all kinds of ways in whatever he has decided with you, then you don't know him yet and you need to seek that relationship and you need to obey him. It is a truth that people must adhere to is that if you obey the Lord and you want to follow him and you go and do it, that's something that's an action of faith.

And when you do that then the Lord is going to reveal his way to hallelujah. And that's what Jesus said. He said I'll reveal myself to you. And so we don't want to be in dead religion that has no revelation of Jesus. They say that the Bible is all you need, yet they don't have any revelation of Jesus. But the thing is the Bible is not all you need, you need Jesus. You need to get to know him, and if you completely dedicate yourself to his way and then you are going to find his truths and you're going to find him as it is also written in. you see scriptures and the truth only have one purpose and that is to point you to go to the Lord to know him and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And then you will have the scriptures back your testimony. You'll have the backing of both the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit and so you have no reason to fear. And then when Satan comes, he is going to be very careful around you because you are following the Lord and led by the Holy Spirit and he cannot do too much. He'll harass you like to did Jesus but you'll just tell him to be gone and he'll go. You'll have power because you are walking with the Lord and he will be with you and the Lord will be with you. Thats when you have power and he'll be with you and so Satan will run if you send him. And even if he tempts you and caused many troubles, he cannot know longer have power over you like before. But while you're following your own ways and sin, Satan is the one who has power over you and he will lead you in any way he wants. And the ways that Satan leads you is always going to be to the fire one-way or the other. Even if he leads you with a gospel that watered down. Satan has the gospel too. He doesn't mind if people preach the gospel as long as it's one of compromise and this whole world is deceived by the gospels of compromise. Their ministers of lies who will get up and they'll start preaching about Jesus, but then they'll start compromising Jesus. And what they're preaching is the gospel that Satan wants to hear. It is the gospel of compromise because it doesn't have the power to bring people to Jesus so they get filled with the Holy Spirit. Because people believe that gospel and they get all religious and they go along to whatever organization that that person is preaching and then they will get involved with it, but they don't get involved with Jesus Christ.

But we are here not to follow compromise or compromise the gospel or compromise the truth. We're here to absolutely and strictly adhere to the rules of God, which came from God and not from men. So let us heed these rules as it is written in 1 Thess 4:8. I will read it again; God has called us to live holy lives not in impure lives, therefore anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human teachings, but is rejecting God who gives his Holy Spirit to you. So all these Christians that come against you or they pervert this truth of rules of holiness, these people reject God and they do not want to live a holy life. They want their sin. And that is why they come against you because they come not against you but against Christ. So friends let us flee as far as we can from all sexual immorality, from all sin, from anything that is displeasing to the Lord in any kind of way, and let us instead to pursue holy lives, pursue obedience to the Lord. Pursue living quiet lives on this earth working, working with our hands doing the will of God and not being a burden upon other people. Not being a lazy good for nothings seven who just lived the lives of other people servant who just lives off other people and doesn't follow Jesus and just spends his time playing games. Such people Jesus warns will be bound and cut into pieces and thrown out into the outer-darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Now that doesn't sound very nice but that's just how it is. That's just how the truth is. Now the truth isn't very easily accepted no. because the truth doesn't sound very nice to people who don't want to repent. It doesn't sound very nice at all, but if we want to repent then the truth is it liberating and powerful because we know that if we are ready to repent today and turn to the Lord, then he is ready to wash away those sins that we have done and forgive us and make us a new way so that we can enter into that holy city and have our names written in the book of life, hallelujah.......