Monday, May 6, 2013


There is no doubt in God's kingdom. There is no room for doubt when you turn to the Lord in heaven because he is such a powerful reality in this world that when you truly realize that you need to live for him from now on instead of your own life, it is then that you find him and the wonderful new way that belongs to those who give themselves to the Lord. And Jesus Christ came for that very reason, to give you the hope and the confidence to stand before the Lord so doubt will have no room in you. If you are full of doubt and fear and worry wondering if you are going to enter the kingdom or not, that is because you need to go and get to know him; the one who's above. He is all around and he comes into those who truly give themselves to him in every way. It's really a no-brainer. You dedicate yourself to the Lord, you give yourself to him and he will surely come into your life, change you. He did for me friends he will do for you. He is a reality, he is here right now.

Jesus died on the cross a long time ago but he is risen and he's here now waiting for you to open the door, waiting for you to live your life for him, because he has already forgiven your sins if you would only repent and if you would only have a heart for him and turn away from your sins, turn away from all those evil ways, then the Lord will come to know you. You will be forgiven and by faith your name will be in the book of life. So doubt not dear friends for the doubter is an unstable man and he doesn't know the Lord. The reason people are full of doubt is because they don't know the Lord if you would dedicate yourself to him and if you would spend time in prayer to the Lord and dedication knowing he's for you then all doubt will leave you and Satan will not have his triumph over you if you are seriously dedicated to your Lord your God. Because you must know that he would never turn you away if you repent and turn to him. He only turns away people who don't repent. He turns those away who don't want to obey him. He turns the religious away who claim him yet they do not obey him nor follow his ways. But he would never turn you away who go to him with a sincere and honest heart. Trust me the Lord will never turn you away if you do that. He came for me and he came for you too.

So let us turn to the Lord today and stop loving your life. Instead love a life living after the Lord now. Love a life to enter the kingdom. Love that way and no longer live for our fallen dead ways. Let us love the way that leads to life today. Let us repent of our evil deeds and let us come full heartedly onto the new way of Jesus. He is waiting for you dear friend so lay aside your doubts and let the Lord clensed you and mold you into the person he wants you to be. But he can only do that if you give yourself to him, and you turn away from your sins and your doubts and you let the Lord live in your life. That's the way friends. There is no other way. Have faith in the Lord. He is there for you if you would only be there for him......