Saturday, May 25, 2013


And this true gospel of Jesus is dividing the world at the moment. And the Gospel where we repent and follow Jesus, and we are going to find ourselves walking to his kingdom and being changed anew. And today I wanted to talk about this wonderful change. This change that happens when we turn to Jesus. You know Jesus is about a new way, a new beginning and that's why he came to die on the cross for us that we could have this new way in our hearts and we could come on a new way in life and no longer have to walk the old paths that were now ashamed of. As Paul said we are now ashamed of the things that we used to do but now we are happy that we can walk on this new way. And that's what Jesus does he gives us a change a new way and we no longer walk on the broad path to destruction that Jesus talked about but we are part of the people who are striving to enter his kingdom by abiding in him on the new way. When the apostles had received the Holy Spirit and they started to travel through Samaria and Judea and the ends of the earth, you see they were walking in the power of the Holy Spirit in this new way and were boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth because they knew that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. And he had come and died for the whole world that all of us who repent and turn from our sins we would indeed come on this new way praise the Lord. And that's what's so wonderful is that we can come on this new way in the name of Jesus, and we can be changed like the apostles were and like all the early believers were. They all change. Many Christians don't realize about this change. Many of them are thinking we can just live our old ways still and still enter God's kingdom somehow through some kind of faith that they have and be saved. But truth is friends and when we turn to Jesus and we dedicate ourselves to him and we go and get baptized in his name, that's when real change comes into our lives. And that's what happened to the people who turned to the Lord Jesus. Is not that wonderful. Now I want to read to you the story about the Pharisee and the tax collector, because this is a story that many Christians really misinterpreted and they use to keep themselves in deception.

A lot of worldly people will also quote this scripture giving them an excuse to stay in their evil deeds thinking that they can continue to have good lives on this earth and go to the pub and drink beer, swear and curse and continue to sin and have the immoral relationships, de facto relationships, living with partners they are not married to, you know they think this is all permissible now. And so a lot of people use this parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector as an excuse to stay in their sin and to live an immoral life. And they use it to try and justify themselves until they end up in hell a little bit later when they die. But we're here to read this parable today. I want to read it to you in Luke; He also told this parable to those who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and treated others with contempt. Two men went up into the temple to pray one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee standing by himself prayed thus; God I think you that I am not like other men, extortionists adulterers and unjust or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and I give tithes with all I get get. But the tax collector standing afar off would not lift his eyes to heaven but he beat his breast saying; God be merciful on me for I am a sinner. I tell you said Jesus this man went home justified rather than the other for everybody who exults himself will be humbled. The one who humbles himself will exalted. So this is the story that Jesus told him in Jerusalem. He was talking about how the Pharisee was praying and how the tax collector was praying. And at the beginning he told this parable to those who trust in themselves and think that they are righteous and treat other people with contempt. And that is how many religious people want to be, is that they feel that they are righteous and they trust in themselves and they are righteous by their own making. But that's what the Pharisee was. He was the Law keeper, keeper of the Torah and he was strived hard to follow the 10 Commandments and to follow the Torah.

And many Christians are like this today. They will tack Jesus on the back of their Torah keeping and their righteousness comes from striving after the law. And so these people believe that their righteous by their own power by their own strength yet in their hearts they are still sinning. And they are actually sinning in action every day. Often they'll admit that they are sinning. But somehow they'll say that Jesus also covers for that while they strive after the law. And so they'll say it's impossible to not break all the commandments but we should try hard. And so what they do is that they trust in their own self for their own righteousness and they think themselves pretty good at it. And so they're like the Pharisee who was keeping the law to be righteous looking at contempt with non law keepers and people who were outside the temple. And so this is whom Jesus spoke this parable to. So we have this tax collector who was a corrupt man, who was an evil man, and he came into the temple in repentance. When you repent before God to have humility because you realise; I've lived an evil life and I haven't done what is righteous in the sight of God. You know I've been living in adultery. Ive been unjust, Ive been an extortioner, Ive been evil. And so this man cried out to God he said; Lord I've sinned please forgive me and please help me and forgive me. And what happened was that he went home justified. Now justification; what happens when we get justified by God? Justification is a change. It is a new way hallelujah. Now I want to read on about this wonderful justification. Luke 23:39; now one of the criminals or thieves who were hanged railed at him saying; are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us too. But the other thief rebuked him saying; do you not fear God since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we indeed justly so for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds. But this man has done nothing wrong.

And he said Jesus remember me when you come into my kingdom. And he (Jesus) said to him; truly I say to you today you'll be with me in paradise. You see friends this is another scripture that the ungodly like to use to justify themselves in living life on the broad way going to the pub and drinking beer and wasting time in their sins adultery and fornication. And we're looking at the two people here. We are looking at one person who didn't want to repent and we are looking in another person who did want to repent. And he said to the Lord please remember me. And once again we are looking at this justification by Jesus Christ by God. So we are looking at the tax collector who was justified and we are looking at this evil thief who repented and was justified. And the thing between both of these people is that they repented. Now the Pharisee professed that he loved God and he wasn't against God like the evil thief who railed against God. No he professed to love God. So we are looking at two different kinds of people here. We are looking at the religious who believe that they love the Lord or they love Jesus, and looking at the regular sinner who hates God. And both of those did not get justified before God. But we are looking at a corrupt tax collector who wants to honor God and repent and looking at a thief who wants to repent. We are looking at two people who have turned away from the evil and decided to repent before the Lord and for that the Lord justified them, why? Because of faith, they had faith.

Now I want to read to you what happens to somebody who gets justified by God. Let us read on in acts 6:5; and what they said please the whole gathering and they chose Stephen a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit. And Stephen full of grace and power was doing great wonders and signs among the people. Then some of those who belonged to the synagogue they stood up and disputed with Stephen but they could not withstand the wisdom and the spirit from which he was speaking. And they secretly assigned men who lied and they said that he had heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and God, and they stired up people and the scribes and they came upon him and they seized him and brought him to the Council where they set up a false witness and they said that this man never ceases to speak words against this holy place and the law for we have heard him say that Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and will change the customs that Moses delivered to us. And gazing at him they saw that his face was that of an angel. And later on Stephens said behold I see the heavens opened and I see the son of man standing at the right hand of God. And they cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and rushed at him and they cast him out of the city and they stoned him. And as he died Stephen called out; Lord Jesus receive my spirit and do not hold these sins against them. You see we are looking at a man who became justified before God, and somebody who became changed by their faith in Jesus Christ. And so Christians think that the tax collector, the Republican was an evil man so that means I can continue on the broad path. They have to remember one thing and that is that both the tax collector and the thief on the cross became new people like Stephen did. They became righteous men on that point when they became justified by God. You see Stephen the martyr he used to be a worldly man too. And the Lord Jesus justified Stephen, the thief on the cross and also the corrupt tax collector. He was justified by God. And what happens when people are justify they go back and they become a changed and new person. Now unfortunately the thief couldn't have that chance. But Stephen did have that chance and he ended up dying for Jesus living in holiness and preaching the word. That is what happens to a person who gets justified by God; they leave their sins. They no longer walk on the broad path. No longer drinking at the pub and laughing at dirty jokes living lives of immorality.

No some of them are dying for Jesus. They're standing up for his name in the face of trouble, persecution evil and they're not living in the paths of worldliness. Just like Peter and the other apostles who were sinning and denied Jesus. Once Jesus changed them when he had died and risen again and given the Holy Spirit, they were justified before God and they became new people also. They were no longer the people they once were. They were no longer chasing after their own ways. They gave away everything and they were spending their time living for Jesus. Living in his ways hallelujah. And that's what we should be doing. We should not be like these dishonest Christians who use the thief on the cross and the corrupt tax collector as an excuse to continue to live a life as a sinner as somebody who hates God, as somebody who spurns the cross. Because they want to continue in their evil. No we want to be like Stephen who was changed and the tax collector and the criminal on the cross who was changed by Jesus Christ. And they became new people and they had the new in their hearts hallelujah. Now I want to read you what is written in John: he who shall not eat my flesh and the my blood has no life in him. And Jesus goes on to say is that if anyone thirsts let him come to me to drink and let him eat of me. Jesus also says that if you don't eat of him and drink of him, you got no life in you. What is this? His flesh is the word, his word. That is what his flesh is. And his blood is the Holy Spirit of God. We got the Holy Spirit as his blood and we got the word as his flesh. Foolish and immoral people like the Catholic religion, they will say you got to be a cannibal and you got to eat Jesus or some Eucharist or whatever it is. But that's a lie friends.

That's a pagan belief. But what Jesus said was that his flesh is the word, his word, and his blood is the Holy Spirit, the life, lifeblood. And it is the Holy Spirit and the word within a person that changes them and makes them a new person. And that's why there's a change in the heart of those who are genuinely repentant and who have beat their breast before God and ask him to forgive them. And who have gone out to Jesus to remember them. There is a genuine change that comes into these people by the grace of God. We are not changed by our own power keeping the law doesn't help you enter heaven. It doesn't change your heart. Striving after being a good Pharisee doesn't change you. What changes us hallelujah is getting on our knees like the tax collected before Jesus, before God and repenting of our sins and turning away from our evil deeds. You know when we gone on in our sin then we're also helping the world to continue to destroy kill cause terrible destruction on the earth. We are all part of the problem and we're continuing to sin because we are giving Satan power because Satan is the sinner and evil gives satan power. So the more you do evil the more you help to spread Satan's agenda on earth, the more you help rape, the more you help prostitution, the more you help the exploitation of the poor, the more you help war, the more you help killing, the more you help murder, the more you help broken families adulteries, betrayals, the more you hurt some people. The more you want to sin, the more you want to contribute to the problems of this world. And the more you want to justify yourself as a sinner before God, the more you heap condemnation on your head. Hallelujah we are here to turn away from our sins today praise the Lord. Now Stephen was a righteous man he became righteous because of faith. It says in acts that he was a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.

So he had eaten the bread of life and he had Jesus in him. Why is that? Because Jesus is the bread of life his words are bread. It says that he was full of the Holy Spirit. Full of the Holy Spirit means that he drank the blood of Jesus. That's what it means because the blood of Jesus is the Holy Spirit. That's what it means. And so what happens is Stephen is full of Grace and power and he was doing great wonders and signs among the people. And it said that some of those who belong to the Torah, the keeping of the law, they were the ones who wanted to kill him. Now we see this today. We get a so many believers who follow the Church or they follow religion, they're the ones who want to harm people spreading the true gospel of Jesus because it doesn't sit right with them. According to their ways they can't accept that we have to be holy, and we have to follow the Lord in truth. You know they can't accept that we got to repent of our sins. But we're not here to be like them. We are here to completely dedicate ourselves like Stephen did to the Gospel. That is what Stephen did. He dedicated himself to the Gospel and to the preaching of the word amen. And that's what they all did. They dedicated themselves to the preaching of the word and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These people were not going back to their sins and immorality. They were staying focused on the truth of Jesus Christ hallelujah. And that's what we are here to be doing today dear friends that's why we have to be serious about Jesus so that we have this new change come into our hearts. Do we have this new way? I ask Christians this. I ask them, you believe in Jesus well do you have the new way, do you follow the narrow way? Have you turned away from the broad path to destruction.

Are you resisting temptation are you living in victory over temptation through prayer and abiding in Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith. That is what I ask Christians. And the ones who want to condone sin and want to use the tax collector as an excuse to go on doing evil, I tell them God is not mocked. What you sow in this life you shall also reap. You will reap death and destruction in the next life if you live life as an evil person and if you commit sin and you do not repent. Many Christians believe that they will enter the kingdom while they live like a tax collector and they rip people off and they steal and are dishonest. You know God doesn't let people like that into his kingdom. It is written in revelation that on the outside of the holy city are all those who practice abominations. And we don't forget one John 3:6 where it says that those who abide in him do not continue to practice sin. And those who keep sinning are of their father satan and don't know Jesus. That is what is written in 1 John 3:6. but dear friends we are not here to be deceived. We are here to be honest about ourselves today and we are here to ask ourselves if we are changed and are we on the narrow way? If you're not and you are not changed but you're still living your old life in sin immorality and chasing around ways well it is high time to lay real faith in Jesus and really go to the Lord ask him him for mercy. And ask him to change you so that he can give you a new way in your heart, that you can come on this new way and not end up in the fire. That's what the theif on the cross did. He cried out to the Lord to have Mercy and remember me.

And that's all we should be doing. We should be asking the Lord to remember us so that we can enter his kingdom also. Hallelujah. That is what Jesus came to do; he came to give us a way to enter the kingdom. That's why the Gospel is so good because we can eat of his flesh and we can think of his blood which is his words and being filled with the Holy Spirit. And then you will never thirst again. Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit? If you haven't then you got to go ask. And that's what happened to the believers who the apostles laid hands on and they believed, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they started praising God and speaking in other tongues and Peter said; if God gives the Gentiles his Holy Spirit who are we to refuse the baptism in water? And so they were all baptized and they realize that the good news of Jesus wasn't only for the Jews but was also for the Gentiles as well. Dear friends you know it is wonderful friends that we can be here today in the Gospel of Jesus and it's wonderful that we can follow him today. I want to ask you, do you dedicate your time to him? Do you live for Jesus? Is he the dominant factor in your life? I asked Christians this at the same time I want to make sure I myself are living on the right way on the narrow way. Are we living our life? You see Jesus changed me too and when I turned to him I had to turn away from many things. I had to turn away from focusing on my own life. I had to turn away from all my pursuits. I had to giveaway living life on the broad path. The broad path is the path that everybody lives on. It is the path where you go to the pub and you drink beer.

It is the path where you just laugh at the evil jokes of this world and you don't want to separate yourself unto the Lord. It is a path where you deny Jesus every day because standing up for Jesus means you lose face amongst the unbelievers and they might be your friends. So when you're on the broad path you're still friends with the world and all your unbelieving friends and your friends with them because you don't want to stand up for Jesus. Wont tell them the truth and have many turn against you. That is the problem friends is that a lot of people they don't truly love Jesus. He is not the first in their life. They are busy denying him so denying him everyday and not changed. But we are here not to be like these people. We're here to be changed in the heart and to continue to endure under temptation until the end. Because that's the way that we will enter the kingdom and I tell you friends time is running out. It is at the door that the Lord is going to return and he wants people to be ready for him now and he wants the new way in their lives now. Through him. You can't get it on your own power, you can't fix yourself up. All these resolutions we made we can't keep them. What we have to do is we have to dedicate Jesus 100% now and we got to give all our life to him so that he can lead us and he can guide us into what we should do for him in his kingdom. That is what Jesus is all about friends . he is all about the new way, like what happened to Stephen the martyr. He stopped being an evil man and he was changed and he became a righteous man and full of faith and grace and power of the Holy Spirit and he spent his time administering the word of God and in the prayer and preaching the word. Then he ended up dying for the Lord in the end he wasn't on the broad path to destruction. He didn't walk in the pub one day and slack around and talk dirty and then the next day get killed for Jesus. No he didn't deny Jesus one day and the next day was martyred for the Lord.

No he lived for the Lord in the grace and power of God changed by Jesus Christ. And that's how real Christians are not fake ones. Fake ones are those who say that Jesus died for them and it is all about the finished work of Jesus on the cross and we are all sinners like the tax collector and like the tax collector we are justified because we go on in our sin (but have faith). That is a lie; the tax collector was a changed man he got justified by God that he walked away justified, a new man, a different way. The thief on the cross would've become somebody like Stephen filled with the Holy Spirit and leading others to the truth with his testimony preaching the word. He would've been part of those in the book of acts doing the will of Jesus Christ walking around as led by the Holy Spirit. Many Christians today are busy being led by themselves and by Satan on the broad path. They are busy watching all this evil on TV and filling their minds and hearts with trash and rubbish of this world on the broad path. Their whole focus is on things like sport which is absolutely empty pursuit is all about self glory, their whole minds are focused on immoral Hollywood and many of these evil shows that are fiction and lies, and this is not the way of somebody who's changed by Jesus Christ where they live and new way, no. these Christians aren't busy turning away from their temptations.

They are falling to their sins everyday. But maybe you're one of those Christians who is decided to get serious today and you are falling to sin and you know you need mercy. Well that's when you cry out to God with a repentant heart and deciding to turn from your sins and what happens is Jesus will help you to repent and turn away from your sins next time temptation comes. He'll help you to have a heart that can live Holiness, and if you fall you got to repent and get back to the way praise God. You know that's how we got to be friends otherwise I tell you, you will not enter the kingdom of God. It is the narrow door as Jesus said the door is narrow. He said strive to enter it is difficult. He said for many would try few will be able. That is because many people don't want to lay true faith in Jesus. They do not want to give their whole lives up for him. But Jesus said that he who loves his life will lose it but he who tries to hang onto his life will lose it but he who loses his life for my sake and the kingdom and the gospel will save it. That's what we're here to do. We are here to not to have our worldly lives but to live for the Lord. Why don't we go away today and spend a day in prayer. Instead of turning on TV to watch sports, why don't you pray instead. Instead of following the TV and all your favorite shows why don't you go and pray and administer the word instead. Focus on the Lord and spend time with him…...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


That's what we are here to do is to endure until the end. Praise the Lord. So today I want to talk about this narrow way. The new way, the new way the Jesus leads his people on. Anti is a way where we are going to have all kinds of trials and troubles that sometimes we are going to feel discouraged. Sometimes we are going to feel discouraged and other times the we going to have all sorts of trials to deal with. Some people they find themselves being tested. Some people even find themselves thrown in prison.and they feel very bad. Other people they are persecuted by various people. Maybe their work or the government. The way that Jesus leads us on even though it is difficult there is still Joy because even Paul and Peter could sorry Paul and John or Paul and Silas could find a reason to rejoice while they were in prison and so they were still able to praise the Lord Jesus even though they were imprisoned for his name. Thats what we're here to do is to be like the apostles were where they were enduring to the end with the faith being serious and enduring till the end with Jesus Christ. And that's what we're here to do. So we are here to persevere and endure because Jesus said that in the book of Revelation, he said that he who endures he who overcomes shall inherit the crown of life and I will never erase his name out of the book of life. And Jesus also said that he who endures and he who overcomes I will give to him eat of the tree of life that grows in the paradise of God. And it said: blessed are they who overcome for when they have endured they shall inherit the crown of life. And so we've got all these wonderful promises, so let us lay aside every thing that could entangle us and cause us to doubt and instead run the race with endurance.

Which leads me onto reading from one Corinthians 12 verse 24; run in such a way to get the prize. Everybody who competes in the game goes into strict training but they do it to get a crown that will not last. But we do it to get a crown that will last forever. And so that is why we have something way more wonderful to run for than those who strive after this world for they work hard in this world to get something but in the end it perishes. It is something that perishes. But we are running for something that is eternal and it doesn't perish. What we run for goes forever. And so that's why we want to run in such a way to get the prize. And that's why Paul wrote to run in such a way to get the prize. It is not running in a way to lose and quit. Paul goes on to say in 1 Corinthians 12 verse 26 he goes on to say; I beat my flesh into submission lest after having lead so many people to the way of truth I myself should be disqualified from the prize or from the race. So Paul is talking about running in a way to get the prize. He is not saying you're saved now and all happy, he is saying that we have a wonderful hope and our hope it will be attained if we stay dedicated. And that's why it's a race. That's why we develop endurance because iif we are saved now and we are in heaven now, there is no need for endurance. There is no need for running the race to win the prize because we already have it. But that time has not yet come. We havnt reached the time when we can rest in the kingdom. And until then Satan can catch us away if we follow him. It is our choice. And the Lord Jesus says nothing can snatch you from the father's hand that is true, however you can walk away and you can not endure so take yourself away from the Lord. But nothing else can take you away nothing. Think of it, nothing on heaven and earth that can take you away from the Lord. Satan cant. People cant. Death cant, nothing.

It is only you who can walk away. So let us not be foolish today friends. Let us be serious about enduring until the end so that we will run in such a way to get the prize. Things that will cause us to miss out on this prize is things like sin. And the little things that try and pull us down each day don't think it's not going to Satan's mad. He wants you back. Satan wants you to be with him and that's why Jesus said in matthew; if your eye causes you to sin it would be better to cut it off rather than end up in the fires of hell with 2 eyes or 2 feet. So the Lord's warning us that we got to run this race. We got to run it in such a way to enter the kingdom. To get the prize like Paul said in one Corinthians 12. we got to run in such a way. So let us move on. I want to read to you from revelation chapter 19: let us rejoice and be glad and give the Lord the glory for the wedding of the Lamb is come and his bride has made herself ready fine linen bright and clean has been given to her to wear and the fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God's holy people. And the angel said to me, write this; blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb and he added these are the true words of God. So dear friends it is truly blessed that we can be invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb. And so let us keep our fine linen white where we are having righteous acts of God's holy people. Righteous acts. These things come from abiding in Jesus Christ. When we abide in Jesus Christ his righteous ways come into our hearts and we should listen to those ways and run with endurance following those ways. Not our flesh.

Because the flesh can surely bring us away from those ways and cause us to be dirty and stain our robes. And if we go and stain our robes in our own self will we know we will be like that servant that Jesus talked about in the wedding feast who had stained robes. Dirty clothes, and he said; guards have this man bound and cast out into the outer darkness because this man was in the wedding feast with dirty clothes. He thought he would be a foolish man and built his house on the sand. He didn't listen to Jesus about being serious about repenting and having these fine linens on and so he didn't do the righteous works that the Lord put in his heart to do such as helping others. You know being kind. Developing patience and perseverance. Being serious about your walk each day. Learning from your mistakes. You know when you make or do something wrong learn from it and walk the right way again next time. You know this person didn't learn from that. He just went on in his sins and his robes were tattered and dirty after he had come to Jesus Christ. Probably he thought he was saved as well and maybe he thought that he would be able to enter the wedding feast of the Lamb looking so filthy. But the problem is the blood of Jesus didn't clean him up and make him clean because he wasn't interested in being a wise bridesmaid. He wasn't interested in being ready and filled with the spirit so what happened was, he was asked why he had these dirty robes on. This man was speechless and Jesus had him cast out into the outer darkness. And that's what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7 verse 24: therefore anyone who hears these teachings of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house in the rock and the floods come in the winds beat against that house yet it will not fall because it has been founded on the rock. And that's how many people they don't realize that we've got to be obeying Jesus teachings and his commandments and listening to them. So when Jesus says that the tattered man in tattered clothing doesn't enter the kingdom and he says watch and heed and he says to repent or perish, that means you should be doing that, otherwise you're the foolish man. Let us read on; but anyone who does not hear these teachings of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on the sand and great is the destruction of that house. Now many Christians are foolish people.

There are heaps of foolish men who are Christians that they are like this foolish man who even teach that we shouldn't obey the commands of Jesus. They even say don't obey Jesus. That is because they've got their house on the sand and when we got our house on the sand then we can't be pleasing to Jesus. We are not doing his teaching. We are not even on the rock. That's why we're here to do the teachings of Jesus and not our own will. Not our own will. Because people think well you know I can do this and I can do that and be this and that but hey we got to listen to Jesus and find out what he wants us to do and do his will, his words and his commands. So when Jesus tells us that they we've got to endure until the end and turn away from our sins we got to go and do that. And walking this narrow way as Paul said as I read earlier: run in such a way to get the prize. You know people often they they don't run in such a way to get the prize. They are instead listen to Satan. Or they listen to their own mind. I seen so many people they that they go and serve God in Africa somewhere they go and shirk their responsibilities and they go and follow the church somewhere but the don't work for the Lord. He's just not with them. They don't even know him. They even know his voice he doesn't even lead them. Before we do anything friends we got to be led by the Lord Jesus Christ otherwise were going to be like a rudderless ship. We are not going to know the way to go. You see Jesus knows the way to go but we don't know the way to go. We don't know where to go or what we should do. We can be self-willed and we can go our own way in life, and we can do all these things that we think we should do, but we got to be led by Jesus Christ and we got to be prepared to do what he leads us to do and shows us to do. And every person is different and one person can't go to you and say; just because I did this for the Lord that means that you've got to go and do this for the Lord too”. No that means you're a servant of that man. If a man says hey this is what I'm doing for the Lord, this is the place that the Lord has put me, you're supposed to be here doing this too. You know that's a foolish man who is trying to lead people and he's not listening to the good Shepherd. Because the good shepherd leads his sheep separately.

There is no such thing as we go and listen to somebody and we go and do what they do. No we have to find out what the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to do and there's no use wanting to find that out if you just want to live your own life. You see so many Christians are content just to go to church and then continue to live their own life and so they say; I can't have a job now, I got to give away my job and my house. And I say to them; that is not what I said. I told you, you got to go and listen to Jesus. But they don't want to listen to Jesus. They wanted to just continue doing their work and doing what they want to do and living their life and doing all the things they want to do, but they never consult Jesus and not lead by him and they're led by themselves. So they say; hey I'm doing such a good thing for society, I am making jobs you know I'm working hard you know…. but hey did you ever go and ask Jesus where he wants you to go now that you follow him? The problem is they don't follow him. That's why they never get led. You know the way Jesus leads you is amazing. He can bring you into a different circumstances so very quickly and he will look after all your needs. He doesn't leave you penniless in the gutter somewhere. Jesus provides people with work and jobs and the things that they need to do while they do his will. But he doesn't listen to people who are self-willed and they just do their own will. That is why Paul says run in such a way to get the prize. Because Paul was commissioned by God to do his work and he could do it because he was commissioned and God sent him and because God sent him he had the provision to do it and the situation because that's who he was. But you know that's not what we are. We are not Paul. You and me we have our own walk with Jesus. What does Jesus want you to do? I will tell you what I used to do; I used to go and chase my own life back in Australia. And chase my life with with other Christians in my in my sport. And other Christians would chase the same things I was chasing. We all thought that we were saved because we would go to church and I was just leading my own life. I was sinning. I would spend my time joking around with unbelievers who would mock God. I wasn't serious about Jesus. I would live for Jesus I would just go to a pub and have fun with some mates but I wasn't interested about Jesus. I would deny his name every single day why because I was living on the broad path to destruction with them. And now Christians will come to me and they'll say how you can you reach the lost while you're separated from them? But I tell them hey how can you reach the lost while you are ONE of them.

And that's what I was. I was one of them. I was one of these Christians who was lost living in among the unbelievers and sin and accepting it. I wasn't interested in turning away from chasing my own dreams and what I wanted to do, all my ways. And I strove so very hard after these things. But you see the Lord Jesus Christ had mercy on me and he took me out of that situation and he brought me down. He brought me down to live a new way. And he changed my whole situation. He sent me off to another country. I no longer live in Australia. I was sent off to Asia. And you know I'm away from my old life. You know I live far away from my old ways just because the Lord Jesus made in that way. The Lord Jesus organised my life to be a totally different way I wouldn't even imagine. He brought me out of those ways and he brought me on this path. But this is my path. This is not your path. Your path is where Jesus leads you if you get to know him and be serious. He makes the way open up and you will be able to go places for what you need to do for him. And so Jesus started to look after my life and I started to give myself him fully and not follow my own way anymore. And so then I found the new way and Jesus started to lead me and guide me and showing me what I must do and say and things like this. You know and Ive got to keep seeking the Lord every day and seeking his will every day, because we all only see the truth through very dark glasses. We cant really see very much. I can't see much. I can see only very very little. And with caution I speak because I don't see much friends I see very little. But what we got to have faith it is enough. That's why we got to listen to the gospel. We got to listened to Jesus. We got to listen to his apostles, because they're warning us that we got to have faith. We got to run in such a way as to get the prize. And we got to follow Jesus so that he can lead us to what he wants us to do in his kingdom and if you don't know just keep praying about it and just let him work through you to reach other people. You knowIve seen many people go as missionaries from church and you know they go overseas, but often they are just sent by the church but not sent by Jesus. Ive got some old friends back in another place I used to come from and you know these people go around the world doing things on a mission trip and they come back and living just as worldly as they were before they left. You know people are just interested in having a good time down here. Christians are interested in going places and having a good time rather than focusing on Jesus Christ. Now I am not saying it's a bad thing to have some time off and go somewhere. You know that's not a bad thing but what I'm saying is when we live our lives when we don't know Jesus then we are lost and all this living for ourselves isn't going to bring us to the kingdom. It might not necessarily be sin just having a good time and going and having a holiday or something but the thing is friends people do this without knowing Jesus and they don't follow him. And what happens is they just keep following their own sins because of that.

So my message today is that you have to turn to the Lord to be led in what he wants you to do, because I do not know what Jesus wants you to do. All I can say is this: that we have to run in such a way to get the prize of eternal life. We got to go into strict training. That's what Paul said. Everyone who competes in the game goes into strict training and they can get a crown that doesn't last. But we get a crown that lasts forever, so you got to go into strict training with the Holy Spirit where he'll teach you what you aren't to do and what you are to do. And so people they start doing things they should not do. You know they start living the wrong way and so the Holy Spirit convicts them and tells them you shouldn't be living this way. You got to stop and you got to repent. So you listen to the Holy Spirit and you stop doing that and you learn from your mistakes. And what happens is you're able to run the way that way because you're listening to Jesus. You're listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to tell you. And so you're going into strict training. The Holy Spirit allows you to go into hard situations in your life to test your intentions. And so you go into strict training because temptations and trials it is written in James ch 2, they bring endurance. When you endure they develop endurance. And that is what training does. It develops insurance so that we can make it through to the end of the race and we can overcome. Don't listen to the Christians who preach that you don't have to overcome. They are liars because Jesus warns himself that we got to overcome to receive the crown of life. And so that is why Paul says in one Corinthians 9:12 everybody who competes in the game goes into strict training and they do it to get a crown that will not last but we do it to get a crown that will last for ever. So he says run in such a way as to achieve the prize, get the prize. So as you can see we've got to be getting into some strict training with the Holy Spirit and the only way we can do that friend is if we lose our self will and we start listening to Jesus instead of what we think we should do. People have many ideas on what they think they should do. They think that hey I can sell all my possessions and go and do this and go and live over in Africa or something. You know but that is what you want to do. How bout Jesus what does he want you to do? How about Jesus. Let us start seeking the will of the Lord. People are very romantic in their idea about what they should do so often they think they should be a beggar or something. That's why the monks in the old days would go and live in monasteries. They would torture themselves. Live in isolation and all these things but they weren't led by Jesus. How about being led by Jesus.

You know the Bible says all those people the Bible says; good for you for having the self-control and the mind to deny yourself so far… but how about actually following Jesus? I think Peter writes something about that where he says good for you if you can deny yourself so many pleasures of life like the food and drink you know but what does it matter if you are not led by the spirit and following Jesus properly. It doesn't matter it just means that you are strong in your character. But we can't overcome unless we are led by Jesus. There is a lot of strong characters out there who will deny themselves to the extreme, you know where they'll beat themselves with sticks, and will sell all their possessions and be beggars on the street beat themselves up and live in monasteries, but friends we got to be led by Jesus Christ. There is no heroes in heaven. Only people who run to get the prize and they endure and are serious about seeking to know the Lord. So how do you get to know Jesus? You simply pray. You just keep praying. Just pray pray pray. You talk to the Lord Jesus Christ and listed. You have to spend time doing otherwise we will not make it into the kingdom. We are always going to find ourselves on the outside if we don't spend our time in prayer and dedication. You know there's no use trying to go off all these Bible scriptures that get your head going round and round, it is because you just don't understand them. You know what we got to do is we've got to get into praying to the Lord Jesus so that he can give us wisdom. When the Lord gives you wisdom about some scripture you are at peace and you don't have a concern about it. But when people start using the Bible to get themselves all worried and concerned, they start going off their own minds and they lead themselves and not with Jesus, he is not leading them and they are doubting and worrying and doing all these things but we can't be like that. We got to be sober of mind. We got to have a sound mind.

A sound mind comes when you follow Jesus. People these days got so many problems with all these mental illnesses and bipolar this and depression that and so they are popping all these pills and stuff because they got so many problems letting all these demons into them, it is because they don't even follow Jesus. They are not interested in turning away from those ways. We got to turn away from ourselves. You know I used to be a depressed person as well but I turned to Jesus and forgot myself. I turned away from that, from my own problems. And Jesus was the solution and he gave me all I need. He gave me a sound mind to follow him and not foolishness which we all have if we don't follow Jesus, and he gave me a new way to go. And I've just got to continue following that new way. That is what I got to do. And I got to be in strict training and running in such a way to get the prize. That is what I got to do. You can't do it for me, I've got to do that. You got to do it for you. I can just tell you we got to do these things so that we can get the prize. Learn from your mistakes. When you have a problem when you done a sin or fallen, you got to learn from that. You know we got to come back out of the dirt and we've got to make sure that we don't live those ways again. We got to make sure we learn from our mistakes so we can move on and we can endure and we can have that training necessary for endurance, trials and troubles. And when we develop endurance we're going to make it to the end of the race of faith and not going to walk after Satan. Were going to do as Jesus leads us....

Saturday, May 18, 2013


We're here today to talk about the truth; the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and all who he is. The truth that he has made known. And people say well what is truth? Well the truth is that if you follow the Lord today and stop following your own ways then you're going to enter on a new way. That is the truth. And this new way will enter you into the kingdom of God. But the new way, even though it's yoke is easy and the burden is light, it can be a difficult way. It means that we got to stop trusting in what we want to do and trust the Lord in what he wants us to do and how he wants and how he wants our live to go instead of us making the shots all the time. Because that's what people do is they make their own shots and what happens is they end up in the streets and living in their car when the financial crunch from God's comes. Then they end up getting into drugs and divorce and all these things because of the pressure and the children get sold out from under them and sent to foster homes by the state. And just two or three years ago these people were middle class and a mansion and earning like 600,000 a year and all of a sudden the cards fell. And they just lost everything due to things like the financial crash and all kinds of things and so this people are feeling the crunch of God's wrath that has already begun. And he has already sent out the Angels into the world to take away peace and financial stability. And so while you're just striving away trying to make your life, you're just wasting your time because not only will you end up in hell because you don't follow Jesus, you'll also reap homelessness or just be without God somewhere when it all comes down on you. Because we live in times of instability. Times are not like they were. America's changed the economy has changed it's been dealt a death blow. It is not recovering. It going further down and as it goes down so goes your hopes and dreams. And all the things you chase after and interest end you in hell. Not only are your dreams all shattered because you don't even reach them, but you'll also go to hell.

Now what trade-off is this dear friends. That is why we have the truth the good news and the good news is that we have God to trust in. we have God who sent Jesus Christ for us so that he could forgive us and we could live for him. Live for his ways and follow him in our hearts and in our daily life. And today I want to talk about how the Lord has saved us and leads his people, through the book of Romans. We read in Romans how the Lord's wrath is against sin. I'll read it to you from Romans one verse 18; the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all godlessness and wickedness of people who suppress the truth by their wickedness since what may be known about God is plain to them because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen being understood from what has been made so people are without excuse for although they knew God they never glorified God nor gave thanks to God. But their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were dark although they claimed to be wise they became fools and they exchanged the glory of God for images made to look like human, birds, therefore God gave them over to their sinful desires of their hearts. You know this is what's going to happen to you if you give yourself over to following the world. That means you will also be given over to your sinful lusts and shame and those are the things that you are going to follow because God is not with you. But today we're here to be with God and him with us through Jesus Christ. I want to read on in Romans verse two where we read in verse two: so we know that God's judgment against those who do such sin is based on truth….. so it is showing that all who sin apart from the law will perish apart from the law. And all who sin under the law would be judged by the law.

For it is those who hear the law who are righteous in God's eyes as those who obey the law will be declared righteous… and it goes on talking about the law and how God sent the law to make people would have no excuse for following righteousness instead of living in immorality and greed and filthiness and hurting one another and killing and unrighteous deeds. But dear friends we're not here to to follow those old paths anymore, we're here to follow the Lord Jesus Christ who has given us a new way. And as Paul says that righteousness comes through faith. He says: but now apart from the law righteousness of God has been known and it's through faith in Jesus Christ, Romans chapter 3: therefore there is no difference between Jew and Gentile for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and we all are justified freely by his grace through Jesus Christ. So is the through faith that we receive the atonement of sins through Christ…. This faith that we receive this is wonderful atonement of sins through faith, that's something that's either you've got or you don't have. Now I can't tell you go have faith, no faith is an action. Faith is a new way and faith is your own realization and when you have faith that means that you repent and turn way from your sins because if you don't have faith in the Lord how can you repent. How can you turn away from your sins and how can you follow him if you don't have any faith in him. It is like not having faith that the airplay will hold you up in the skies so why would you go and get onto that airplane if you don't have faith that it's going to hold you up. So dear friends, faith is something that you have to have and faith comes through realizing that what the Lord's servant are saying is true in what happened in their lives, and what the Lord is saying is true when he says that if you accept the Lord Jesus by faith for the atonement of your sins as is written in Romans 3, then you will be forgiven before God. And that's when you start to enter into relationship with God if you have faith.

Now faith is something I cant teach you dear friends. Faith is something that when you realize it is true it just becomes your own. Even a mustard seed. And so what happened to many people is that they called out upon the Lord like one alcoholic I knew. He was bound in an alcoholic addiction and he cried out on the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on him. And he had faith. And he had faith that the Lord was there to hear him, and the Lord would free him. What happened was the Lord did free him that very night and he didn't drink at all again. So you see that the Lord forgave him and gave him a new way because he had FAITH. And that's what Jesus said to the Roman guy who came along and said “Lord please heal my servant”. And the son or the servant was very sick. And he said he just have to say the word and the servant is going to get healed. And Jesus was very surprised because this man too have faith. He realised that the Lord can do anything and if you only ask the Lord would do if it's according to the Lords will like healing, he is going to do it. And so the Lord healed him and it was his faith. Many times Jesus said in the Bible he said that your FAITH has made you well. Your faith has saved you. He didn't say I have saved you, your faith has saved you. That is because salvation comes through faith and is something I can't teach you. And I can only tell you repent turn from your sins and follow the Lord. That will be faith if you do it. Because somebody who repent and turn from their sins that person has faith. Why would you turn from your sins and follow somebody who you don't have faith in? Its impossible.

So dear friends let's have faith. It is all through faith that we receive. And another brother the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and he was talking with the Lord and he said; Lord cannot I take something back to show these people that all this is real… And Jesus said look it doesn't work like that here, it is by faith. And it is by faith they believe. That's why it is only by faith that you will enter the kingdom, and it's only by faith that you can have your sins forgiven. Now if you don't have faith why would you turn from your sins? Why would you stop following your lusts since they're so pleasurable anyway. Why would you stop chasing the world since that's the only logical thing to do. Otherwise would you not perish and starve? Why would you do these things unless you had faith. Unless you had faith in Jesus, why on earth would you turn away from your sins? It doesn't make sense to me. You can only do that if you have faith. You can't repent if you don't have faith. And that's what we're here to do. We are here to have faith. That is why I preach so hard about turning from your sins and following the Lord because I can't say go have faith. But I can share with you what the Lord has done for me and what you should do and naturally you will simply have faith and do it if you have faith. That is not something I can teach you or show you. It is something God will show you.

So let us have faith and let us realize that hey the Lord Jesus Christ set me free. He changed me to live his ways. He is leading many other people, he is healing many other people. His supernatural miracles are still going on in this earth in various places. So hey why can't I have faith in this Lord Jesus Christ and have him come into my heart and have myself forgiven of my sins and follow the Lord and be with him in his kingdom and do what he says! That would be wonderful if we could just be with the Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah and just follow him and not our own ways. Because after all it is all by faith. It is by faith that we shall enter the kingdom not of any other way, but you have faith you shall enter. Now let's read on in Romans and let us just heed the truth. Now what does the Scriptures say Romans chapter 4; Abraham believed God and it was accredited to him as righteousness. And it says by FAITH Abraham was credited to him as righteousness and it was given before the law and he believed God and follow the Lord before circumcision and before the law of the Jews and it was through faith of the coming promises that Abraham was purified. And what were these coming promises? The promise was that Jesus Christ was going to come in the future. And when the Lord made a ram appear for him to sacrifice on the altar instead of his son, the Lord was showing him how he was going to sacrifice his son for the sins of the world, Jesus Christ. And Abraham believed and by faith he was made righteous on the hope that was the come.

So the promise comes by faith, promise, that is by grace that you receive your salvation and then you enter the kingdom when you die if your stay faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is by faith that we believe in him who raises our Lord from the dead and delivers us from sin and we're justified in him… Romans chapter 4…. So we are talking about faith here. We are talking about faith and just letting go of yourself and just following the Lord Jesus Christ. And it says therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have gained access by faith into his grace. So now we boast in the hope of the glory of our God but we also glory in our suffering knowing that it produces perseverance and perseverance character and character hope. And the hope is in the eternal kingdom. So the hope is a put to shame because we have also the Holy Spirit given in our hearts who has been given to us. Now this goes for somebody who has the faith and repented of their sins. They have that assurance of the Holy Spirit in them. But how about you? Do you have the assurance of the Holy Spirit.

Have you had faith and turned away from your sins and given yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not today is the day to do so. So says in verse nine; since we have been justified by his blood how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! So going back to what I talking about earlier; with all these troubles about people getting evicted from their homes who were previously middle-class Americans, and the crunch coming where the wealthy getting wealthier and poorer which is 90% of America, is just losing their stability, that is part of God's wrath coming. Part of the shaking. Part of the troubles coming. Paul said here very clearly about the Lord Jesus Christ, he said; how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through Christ.. time to quit running. It is time to turn to the Lord Jesus and follow him with all your heart. So reading on: so we have been reconciled, not only this but will we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have received reconciliation. Therefore just as sin entered the world through one man death through sin, since all people have sinned, so through one man life has come into the world. The law was brought so that as trespasses might increase but when sin increases Grace increases so that just as sin reigned in death so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ. So Paul is talking that this is for the Jews to no longer strive keeping the Torah, he is saying that we are now saved through faith in Jesus Christ. And so that is why I'm talking about today is faith in this very unstable time that we live in. do you have faith. If we have faith we would turn from our sins. Now I want to read to you from Romans chapter 6 where Paul writes: shall we go on sinning that grace might increase by no means for we who have died to sin how can we live in sin any longer! So stopping there; Paul is saying it clearly that look we who have have faith and we've turned to the Lord Jesus Christ and repented because that's what faith is, it is repenting and turning to Jesus, we who do that have been set free from our sin. He says we have died to sin. So he says since we died to sin then how can we live in sin any longer? If you die to it, how can you live in sin any longer! It is impossible. So it says: or don't you know that when we were baptized into Jesus Christ, we were baptized into his death.

Therefore when we were buried with him in baptism in the water that's providing are baptised, but when we are buried with Jesus Christ in the water it says in the baptism and raised signifies that we were raised from the dead through the glory of the father that we too may have a new life. It is time to have faith. Time to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and get baptized in his name. It says: for if we've been united with him in death like this, we will also be united with him in the resurrection. For we know that our old self was crucified with him that the body ruled by sin might be done away with and we are no longer slaves to sin… Now let us stop right there; Paul says that we are no longer slaves to sin. That goes with what Jesus said in John 8:36 where Jesus said that; he who sins is a slave to sin and a slave isn't a free member of the household but the son is therefore whoever the son sets free shall be free indeed. And that's what Paul is saying right there. He is saying that we who are freed from sin, we longer are ruled by sin. He says verse 6; we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with and that we no longer be slaves to sin because anyone who has died has been set free. Now this all comes from FAITH. You know it takes faith to die to sin. It means that you turn away from your evil and you go to the Lord Christ. You know this takes faith. You can't go to Jesus Christ and repent of your sins before him if you don't have faith. That's why so many Christians they gone on in their sin and they're trying to claim that they are saved while they are doing it. It is because they just don't have faith.

Because if you don't have faith in Jesus that is real and true and deep, why on earth would you repent?! It is a simple as that. Why would you die to yourself. Why would you go and get baptized without faith. That's why so many Christians don't get baptised. And still not baptised because they don't have faith. They don't really care about that and not an interest to them. It is not something that they believe is part of that Jesus Christ is because they just don't have faith. But faith is what saves us dear friends not by any other way. Now let us read on. Now if we died to Christ we believe in him that we will also live with him. We believe that we will also live with him for now since Christ was raised from the dead he cannot die again. Death no longer has mastery over him. In the same way count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Jesus Christ. Therefore, verse 12, do not let your sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its desires. Do not offer yourself as an instrument of wickedness. But rather offer yourself as an instrument of righteousness to Jesus Christ. For sin shall no longer be your master because you are not under the law but under grace…but the problem is friends today is are you under grace or are you still under the law. He who sins is under the law. Paul wrote earlier that if you sin apart from the law not knowing about it you die apart from the law if you sin under the law to die under the law, perish. But look we've been saved by grace through faith so why don't we have faith today and turn from ours sins hallelujah.

Why don't we turn away from the ways that bring us into the fires of hell and turn away from our sins and have faith; faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Why don't we lay our faith in Jesus Christ because he has forgiven us today because he has. If you only did that then you go to the Lord and feel the new way come into your heart from him and you don't get baptized and start to walk a new way in life in joy. That's what happened to me and I'm a different person and know the Lord's forgiven me. I am not saying that I no longer get tempted for I get tempted probably more than before. I am not saying that the flesh doesn't go away the flesh is here every day and its evil. But as Paul said, he said; count your self dead to sin and alive to Christ and do not let sin reign in your body so you obey its desires and instead offer yourself as an instrument of righteousness. And that's what happens when you have faith is that you turn away from your body's way and you don't let it rule you. And you offer yourself to Jesus the Savior as an instrument of righteousness and what happens is the Lord actually lives through you and it is all your own will. I saw this old drunk guy saying something on a documentary. He was homeless and he had quite a good situation in life but alcohol just took him out. He had to drink every day and it just ruined his job his relationships, his life and ended him up on the street. And he was saying in the interview; look God gave us free will and wish God didn't give us free will but look we destroy ourselves with our will. And this man was right and what he should've realised a bit deeper was that we also have a will to turn to the Lord when we cannot fix ourselves. And it is through Jesus Christ that we get fixed from from being broken beyond repair you understand. And so we got the free will to turn to Jesus in faith today so that the unthinkable could happen. We can be changed even though we can't change ourself. Sure we can have free will and do sin but once we become a slave to sin that means we are no longer free to do righteousness or follow the Lord. We're completely killing ourselves in slavery to sin and we cannot get out of it. It is true. That is what slavery is. Slaver isn't being a servant where you can quit one day and walk away when you want.

No once you become bound to it where you can't walk away that's why drunks can't free themselves. They always get bothered by their demons and they end up always going back to the alcohol. That's why people can't stop their evil and they go into prison several times but it doesn't heal the evil in them. They just go and commit evil when they get out of prison again and end up going back. You see the problem is that this whole race of mankind is in bondage to sin and once you're in bondage to sin you are no longer free to do what you wanted to do. You have to go these ways and people get filled with regrets and they know that they're doing things they shouldn't do like this poor old drunk guy who was saying; look God gave us free will, and that is exactly right. And sadly with our free will we get ourselves hopelessly enslaved to the devil and what ends up happening is that we just go to hell and in the end it is our own fault anyway. But the thing is that Jesus Christ came for this situation. He came that we don't have to be in bondage to our sin anymore that's what happened to me and that's what will happen to you too if you only listen to what I'm saying and have faith. And so when I had faith in Jesus Christ and I decided to repent and turn from my sins, it doesn't mean I was able to turn away from stopping my sins. It meant that I got on my knees and I turned away from my sins in my heart you see. I didn't go away and try to clean myself up first before turning to Jesus. No I got on my knees and I turned away from my sins in my heart saying to the Lord; look I repent please free me please know me… and that's when the Lord came into my life and he freed me from sin. And so here I am free no longer a slave to doing my evil. I am not saying I don't get bothered by evil. I get bothered by evil every day and so will everybody who is on this earth in these bodies. But it doesn't mean that I go and do those evils and not a slave to them anymore so I no longer am under that condemnation, that guilt. Because it's not me, I no longer am doing what I was enslaved to because I was set free.

And that's what happened with this drunk guy. He called out to the Lord and the Lord Jesus set him free from alcohol. Now when he called out to the Lord he was still doing alcohol. He was still in bondage but by faith he cried out to the Lord; God please help me. And he had faith, true faith. He really wanted the Lord to help him and knew the Lord would cause of Jesus Christ. And so what happen was the Lord did free him from alcohol and he stopped drinking the miracle happened. Why? Because he had faith in Jesus Christ. Is what Paul is talking about in Romans the book of Romans. And so dear friends we are here to be the slaves of righteousness. Now let's read on verse 15; what then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace? By no means do you not know that when you offer yourself to someone as obedient slaves, you are slave of the one you obey whether you are slaves to sin which leads to death or to obedience which leads to righteousness (obedience to Jesus) thanks be to God that you used to be slaves of sin, you have come to obey from your heart the teachings that you now claim. You have been set free from sin for the Gospel and have become slaves to righteousness. Now that's what Paul is saying to his followers in Romans in Rome who were set free from sin and who believed his testimony and they used to be in bondage to sin and now they've turned away from their sin and they have called on the name of Jesus Christ he came into their hearts they were baptized in his name in the river and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Now these are the people Paul is writing to. So dear friends do you want to also experience what they experienced and what I experienced? Well it is time to lay faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is time to realize hey Jesus set us free from our evil, so let us go to him and accept that. That's what faith is. You got to accept it. You got to accept that Jesus Christ has set you free now. You got to accept that he set you free now. And so Jesus Christ doesn't hold sins against anybody on this earth even though they're still in sin. But he knows that if you don't repent you will end in the fire of hell. And you'll end up in torment.

And that's why Jesus Christ warns through the Bible through people through his servants that we have to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and have faith in him now. Now verse 20 says here; when you were slaves to sin you were you were free from the control of righteousness. What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of. Those things result in death but now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God the benefit you reap is holiness and result is eternal life. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Paul is making it so very clear that these Romans used to be enslaved to sin, because he said WHEN you were slaves. But he says here that now you are now ashamed of the things you did but now you have been set free from sin by Jesus Christ hallelujah. So let us leave our sins today. That takes faith. If we got faith today dear friends we will turn from following our own ways in this world. We will turn from living in sin and following sin. You know people they have so much trouble with sin in their life. That's because you got to have faith and turn away from it and go to the Lord. He has already forgiven you. He won't hold your sin against you but you got to repent. You got to go to him otherwise how can he free you and how can he save you and you will just end up in hell. And he will say to you on the judgment day; look I had mercy on you and I forgave you to repent but you didn't have faith and just ended up in hell. Friends we can't serve two masters. You can't serve sin and righteousness at the same time. You can't serve two masters so don't think you can just live how you want and still somehow have a relationship with the Lord. It is not going to work. We got to leave those paths behind us. Now let's read a little bit further on in Romans in Romans Chapter 7. I want to read from verse 21; so I find that this law is at work although I want to do good evil is right in me for in my inner being I delight in God's law but I see the Law at work in me waging war against the law of my mind making me a prisoner of the law of sin that is working within me. What a wretched man I am. Paul here is talking about how we we want to turn away from sin but we can't. It's like when you were addicted to something and you know that you don't want to keep drinking and killing yourself but the thing is that there is another law at work inside of us and we are hopelessly addicted to this alcohol or whatever sin that it might be. Just hopelessly addicted. Hopelessly stuck in all this stuff. There doesn't seem to be any way out. That is why Paul said who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death. We know that these things lead to death. There is no argument about that. The drunk knows that he is on his way to hell. You know those people who are in prison for all these crimes they know they are not going to heaven. Who are you kidding man, you think we're going to heaven they will say? No no but we have a hope. I will read on; who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death.

Thanks be to God he will deliver me through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then I myself in my mind I am a slave to my sinful nature a slave to the law of sin. But now we are free from the law of sin and death for there is no condemnation now for those who are in Jesus Christ because through Christ the law of the Spirit gives you life and you are set free. It says that through Jesus Christ the law of the spirit that gives you life has set you free from the law of sin. So that's what happens is that although we were hopelessly enslaved to all these sins where we just couldn't get out of them, the Lord Jesus Christ set us free from sin hallelujah. That's what happened to the Romans. For the law was powerless to do, the law of Moses, was powerless to set us free from sin because of the weakness of the flesh. So it says that the righteous requirements of the law will be fully met in us who do not live according to the flesh but according to the spirit…Now when are in the flesh dear friends and we are like that old drunk on the street who just is following his own will and is in bondage to it, he just doesn't have the spirit to follow. Many of you probably don't either. That is why it is time to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ to get the new spirit inside so you can go and follow that. You know, how can I tell you to have faith! I can't. I can only tell you to listen to what happened to me and then it will be up to you whether you want to believe it or not and go and have faith yourself. You see what happened to me was I realize what's written right here is actually true and I repented and I cried out to the the Lord Jesus Christ and he heard me and I did have faith and what happened was he came and set me free from sin. And he gave me the power to turn away from my evil. So I was in the paradox that I wanted to turn away from sin and I was doing sin and I knew that I shouldn't do this but I was enslaved to it. So I was always feeling condemned and that's because the law sin was at work in me. But what happened was I turned to the Lord Jesus Christ and there is no condemnation for those in the Lord. And I found there was no condemnation forme either and that day I was forgiven. And the Lord just forgave me. And I was under no more condemnation from sin. And because the Lord Jesus forgave me and came into my heart that's when I got a new way. And so I was set free from sin is not that wonderful. How much clearer can it be that Jesus Christ according to my situation and the Bible sets people free from sin. Paul made it very clear, Jesus made it very clear. Now why is it that Christians still think that they can't be set free from sin by the cross? That is because they don't have faith. They say you know I believe in Jesus, but how can we stop sinning it's impossible to be set free where is that written? … Ive been talking about that in Romans where it is written very clearly that through Christ we are set free from the law of sin that leads to death. It means you are no longer enslaved to it.

Now I'll read on verse five; for those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desire, pride of life cares of the life, lusts. That's what the flesh desires. But those who live according to the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. And the mind governed by the flesh is death. But the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. So it says those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God. But read on verse nine; you that's the Romans who were set free from sin by the Lord Jesus Christ, he says; you are not in the relm of the flesh but you are in the realm of the spirit. But then Paul goes to say; IF indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. Then he goes on to say that; if anybody does not have the Spirit of Christ they do not belong to Christ. But if IF Jesus is in you then even though your body is subject to death because of sin the spirit gives life because of righteousness and the Spirit of him who raises Jesus from the dead is living in you and he will also give your life to your mortal bodies because of the spirit living in you. Therefore brothers and sisters we have no obligation to live according to the dictates of the flesh for if you live after the flesh you will die that if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the flesh you will live. It goes on to say; those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. The sons of God hallelujah. So friends we are the sons of God when we are led by the Spirit of God when he lives in us and us in him. Do you have the Spirit of Christ in you? Have you had a conversion experience did you turn away from your sins and have the Lord change you? If not then it is time to go and seek isn't it! It is time to have faith. It says that the spirit does not make you live in fear (that is sin and death which happens when weren't in sin) but we cry out to the father and the Spirit testifies that we're his children and now we are children heirs of God if indeed we share in his sufferings we also share in his glory. Dear friends Paul has made it very clear.

The Romans realized this when they were converted. When we turn away from our sin and when we turn to Jesus we have a new spirit coming in to us and we get free from the power of sin so we no longer have to follow sin. But it's clear that we CAN. It's clear that we CAN. We can go and follow sin again that's why Paul said; look we have no obligation to live after the flesh anymore. Which means you're no longer in bondage to the flesh if Jesus has indeed come to live in you. For if you live after the flesh you will die but if you live after the spirit that you would put to death the misdeeds of the body by the spirit. That's where you get the power. You get the power to put out temptation through the Spirit of God. That's how I do it. It is through God. And it says that if we sin we have an advocate with the father if we repent. And that's what Peter also talks about he says that if you come to Christ why would you go back and roll in the mud as a washed pick back to the mud or a dog back to his vomit. You know that's what happens is that sure we can be set free from it all but we can also go back to sin we can. And that's where people fall double hard. What happens when you get back to sin is that you re-crucify Jesus Christ. You know it is not something we want to do today. We do not want to go back to the slavery that we were indeed saved from. And this is the problem with a lot of people is that they just never knew Jesus to begin with, so the whole time that they profess Jesus as their Lord they are living in sin and not being serious about it. Some people were changed by Jesus when they repented and turned to him but then they became lukewarm over time and they were born-again sure. They had that new way in their heart. I know and they were changed and had joy for a few days but what happened was they were like the seed that landed on the weedy ground and what happened was Jesus said that these people heard the word that is the gospel and they received it with joy and lived it for a while. But what happened was the cares of life came up and chocked out the seed.

You know what is the seed? The seed is FAITH. The seed is also the word, but it's also faith. That is why Jesus talks about a seed of faith. You know this faith gets choked out and it dies. So the word dies in them and what happens is they end up dead and that's why Jesus talks about branches being cut off. And that's where Christians get all confused is that they are think they still saved and they did have a conversion experience where they felt the new way of Jesus in their hearts and they were set free from sin at that point, they did live a new way for a little while, but what happened was the cares of life grew up. The enemy came and snatched it away. The lusts of the deceitfulness of the flesh and wealth and the lusts and desires of the flesh, they grew up and choked out the seed. That is what happens to Christians who die is that they were saved at one point. They did turn to the way of truth and they had the new way come but they didn't stay with it. They went like a dog back to the vomit. They were in the vomit and they came out of the vomit because of the Lord Jesus Christ but then they went back. That's why Paul says that; don't go back, stay with it. That's what we're here to do today is we are here to stay encouraged that we don't need to go back. If you have gone back, it is time to come back. Time to come back to Jesus Christ today hallelujah praise the Lord. You know we have to have faith. Now I want to read on verse 18: present suffering and future glory; it says I considered none of our present present suffering is worth anything compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. So creation waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed. So we have all this trouble and trial now because of our sinful flesh and satan and the cares of life trying to choke our seed out, and it is very hard at times I admit that. But the thing is our present sufferings is nothing compared with the glory that will come to those who stay faithful and they will be conquerors. That's why Paul says that we must stay conquerors and we must stay with Jesus Christ.

Paul says here; I am convinced that neither death life nor demons or angels nor the present nor future nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything else can separate us from the love of God. So nothing can separate you from the love of God if you stay with him hallelujah. So let us not be separated and end up in hell. Let us stay with the Lord. Let's read on Romans 10 verse six: but the righteousness that is by faith says, do not say in your heart who will ascend into heaven or who will descend into the deep, that is bring up the dead… he says that that: if you declared with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved for it is with your heart that you believe and you are justified and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith…. anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame for there is no difference between Jew or Gentile the same Lord is Lord of all for everybody who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. And that's what we're here to do today is call upon the name of the Lord because I tell you truly that is how you are saved. You are saved by faith. If you really believe in your heart you would turn from your sins and you would cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that is why dear friends that we are here to lay all faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and not be following that is the way of the world anymore, but to follow the way that leads to life and stay in it, because we believe in our hearts about Jesus Christ and he is our Lord so look up and realize that hey the Lord doesn't hold our sins against us. So let us just to continue walking with the Lord Jesus Christ from this point on. We were forgiven. Look you're forgiven so become free become free in Christ and leave your sins. The Lord will indeed set us free who come to him.

Now I want to read to from verse 22 in Romans chapter 11 where Paul writes this: considered therefore the kindness and sterness of God. Sterness to those who fell but kindness to you providing you continue in his kindness, otherwise you will be cut off and if they do not persist in unbelief they'll be grafted in for God is able to graft them in again after all. If you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature contrary to the nature and were grafted into cultivated olive tree how much more readily will these natural branches be grafted back into the olive tree. He is talking about Israel. But he's also talking about the sterness of God. Jesus said the same well showing that God also in showing kindness, you should abide in his kindness otherwise you get cut off as it says. He says; abide in his kindness for otherwise you will be cut off for if they do not persist in unbelief they will be grafted back in. so we have a belief that is when we fall to sin and our own ways. That is all unbelief. So we are going to get cut off. But we are here to lay faith in Jesus today!...