Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Lord will help us to enter his kingdom if we are serious about it so that's why we're here today is to be serious about Jesus. And that's why I'm here. I'm here to be serious about Jesus and give myself to being serious about Jesus hallelujah and doing it daily because what Jesus called me to be. Jesus called me to come out from the world. Come out from all my following of this society all its music and fun sports pursuits, and Jesus called me to come out from these things and instead come and follow him praise the Lord. And that's what Jesus wants you to do as well he wants you to come out from the world and be separate from the ways that lead to destruction, because Jesus has a sincere and serious warning for this generation and this time and for the church and his warning is to come out from the world my people be separate or you'll be left behind. His warning is to be separate before it's too late. And when it's too late and we end up in the fire.

And I wanted to talk about this today was that Christians end up in hell. Why they end up in hell? You see salvation is not something that you attain now. It's not something you can say well you know brother I am saved and sealed in it's all good. No dear friends, salvation is something that you obtain after you have remained faithful in a relationship with Jesus until the end. And then when you enter the kingdom having abided in the Lord and you go through the gates of heaven, then you shall inherit the crown of life and it is there that you shall have your reward of salvation. But on this earth we do not have salvation. We only have the hope of salvation and the Spirit of God with us that if we stay with him we will indeed enter his kingdom, because he washes us clean from our sins if we truly repent. And so that's what Jesus did for us. He came to die for us and to set an example. An example of denying yourself and following him. And that is why people aren't saved now because many people believe that, they say; brother I am all saved and it's wonderful. No you are not, nobody's saved yet… and what happens is the Gospel which is the seed of the word of the truth goes into people's hearts and it falls on some hearts that the person says well I love this gospel I accept the gospel I believes in Jesus and it's wonderful that I can come to the truth. And they are enthusiastic for a little while but in time the cares of this life come up and they choke out the gospel seed and it dies.

You see this person didn't receive eternal life at that point when the seed came into his heart. No, the seed has to grow and then bear fruit and then the Lord has to harvest the seed and he gives eternal life at the end. And so that's what happens to the seed that lands on the good mans heart, is that the seed grows and then after a time when it is been in the good ground for long enough which is a person who does the word and is a doer of the Word, and then the seed grows and bears fruit and the father collects the fruit and then he rewards the person with eternal life. You see that is how we have salvation. There is not that not one single person on this earth who is saved now. Nobody's saved. Everybody is on a way to salvation or to hell today. Either you're on the way to salvation on the narrow way abiding with Jesus our Savior or you're on the broad path of sin. And the way to know which path you are on is what you are doing. Are you doing sin today? Then you're on the broad path to hell. Are you doing the works of salvation today which is faith and abiding in Jesus? Then you are on the way to the kingdom of God if you have indeed given yourself to Jesus and to have faith in him. Because what happens is if you do that the Lord will reveal himself to you and he will give you a relationship with him and he will lead you. And that is how we enter the kingdom of God. You see many Christians end up in hell because they don't endure to the end. I saw in my dream some years ago where the Lord was speaking saying; look at these people you see. And they were going into the hot waters of trial and I saw these people entering trial and then some people came out of the trial at the end and they went into the kingdom of God. But some other people didn't come out of the trial they failed. You see they were never all saved to begin with. They all believe the gospel and they all believe that Jesus saves and so they turned to him, and they experienced his forgiveness of sins, but then for some reason or other just some fell away to this way and some fell away to that way and they didn't endure the trials and they didn't pass the test and they didn't go to the kingdom of God. No they perished.

And you see all these Christians would probably believe that they would enter the kingdom yet the cares of life choked their seed out, and they thought they still might get into the kingdom but they died and they find out that they go to hell because God is not mocked at all. When you practice sin and you do what is unrighteous then you end up and up in hell even if you're a Christian. It doesn't matter because nobody is saved on this earth at this time until they have walked the narrow way with the Lord Jesus Christ. And that's what we're here to do today. We're here to walk this narrow way of following Jesus and to keep away from the false paths that lead to hell. We're here to abide with him. Because I tell you truly friends that only if you abide with Jesus can you walk the narrow way and only if you abide with Jesus can you bear fruit, and you can't have good ground if you don't give yourself to Jesus because only Jesus can change your heart. If you got a stony heart you need to repent. If you got a weedy heart that's worried about the cares of life or you are just dishonest in your life, then you need to repent and Jesus will change you and you can become good ground. But when you have good grounds it is then that your walk starts. It doesn't finish you are not saved then, that's when your walks begins. And when you abide with Jesus to the very end and then he takes you through trials and testings to develop your endurance and you stay faithful to him he will save you and then he will give you the reward at the end. As Paul said, he said we all have that hope and that is the hope is that we will have the reward, and the reward is the crown of life eternal life and that's a hope. And when we walk and abide with Jesus we have passed from death to life but when you don't abide with Jesus you're going back to death. So friends we are here to pass from death to life and then stay in life until the end until we enter the kingdom until we are saved and sealed. We are sealed up there. We are not sealed down here, we are sealed once we endure to the end because at any time we can follow Satan and end up in hell. There was one particular brother in Nigeria who was shown by the Lord Jesus Christ after a time of prayer and fasting. He was showing these the people who ended up in the fire who thought that they were saved and one particular Christian had gone to prison for preaching Jesus but in prison he had gone a false way and he ended up dying in in this sin and he ended up in hell. And some other top leaders of some big churches over there thought they were going to heaven. But when Jesus showed these people in the fire that they were saying why they were there.

Some were there because they were dishonest and some were there because they were self-righteous and they were covetous. Some were there because the they weren't sincere with the Lord and they weren't honest with him so they had guile in their life; deceit and hypocrisy and lying. You know these things don't go to heaven even though they might say you will go to heaven. But the problem is Christians think that that they can still lie and they can still have deceit and and have hypocrisy in their life, and they still think that they could still enter the kingdom of heaven. But God is not mocked and you will end up in hell. He is looking for people who obey Jesus not people who go on and practice evil. And some other people were there because of their self-will. You know they wanted to do all these things for the Lord but they don't go to Jesus and instead they get into false ministries. Fake people lay hands on them and give them a strange fire that's not the Holy Spirit they start going around and doing all these big things in the name of Jesus and then they die and go to hell because they were following the false fake way and having sins in their life. And the start of it is often divorce somebody and start lying and living in sin, and then they end up going to hell, let alone all the false doctrines that they follow. You know and some other pastors ended up in hell that this brother saw who preached false doctrine. You know if you preach false doctrine and you start going against the true gospel of Jesus about turning from sin and following Jesus, you're going to end up in hell to for every false way that you follow you will be condemned. And so now one man ended up in the fire of hell because he was giving wrong counsel to people. He was giving them the wisdom of man. He was telling people to do things that were against God's will.

And he got people to fall away from the truth because of that and God judged him and he ended up in hell because he didn't repent and he didn't stay serious. And another man ended up in hell because he lived in compromise. He compromised his faith. You know he was dishonest and you know he was a Christian but then he started to live in compromise. Started doing things that were not right. You know once you do that friends you are on the way to the fire and the Lord will leave you and push you to repent but if you don't heed and you don't repent what happens is one day the Lord will come upon you suddenly at a time that you think not and he will cut you off. And then all of a sudden too late and then you will wish that you had listened. You know and many people end up in the fire friends because they are not sincere with the Lord, they don't fear God. And they don't have a fear of God that they know that he is holy. And so they think they can get away with anything and so they start saying that well you know Jesus will let me get away with it and Jesus will be okay about this and Jesus will understand about my lifestyle right now. But the thing is what happens is they find out that Jesus didn't understand them and in fact they got judged and the father had ended up them being cast into hell. And so friends we got to be serious and we have to fear God, because in this life you know while we're going around thinking that we're all saved but we just keep living in our sin, what happens is that is when we will come into big trouble and as we go on into deceit in lying in not being serious about Jesus in having false ways in our talk, gossips and having all these ways that aren't right before God, the thing is the Lord is giving you a mercy time to repent yes, but the thing is God doesn't give that mercy time forever.

And you must understand that before you many people have been cut off already and are now in hell. So what makes you think that God is going to treat you any more special than them when we know that God is not a respectable persons and God has cut people off before you and cast them into hell for sin. What makes you think that he's suddenly going to give you some leniency just because you think that your going to get away with you're a sloppy lifestyle. Dear friends God is not mocked and he is seriously calling you to repent and he's giving us that time to get it right and that's why he's a merciful God. He gives us time to get it right. But the thing is that time is not forever and it is at a time when you think not that it will be cut off and then you will wish that you had heeded and it will be too late. So that's why as Christians we are here to be warned by the truth. You know the truth will judge us all. Nobody is above the truth. Just because somebody preaches the truth or teaches the truth or you teach the truth, doesn't mean that somehow the truth doesn't apply to you. And that's a big mistake many pastors make is that they think that the truth must not apply to them because they are preaching it. But the thing is the truth does apply to them. In fact Jesus said that you'll be judged harder. And so the thing is friends we have to fear God today. We got to know that the truth doesn't change. The truth doesn't change to your ideas. The truth doesn't change to your whims or your philosophy. It doesn't change. In fact your philosophy will condemn you. And so that is why we have to be a abiding in Jesus today in holiness so that we don't end up in hell like these other Christians who are not serious about Jesus. You know we got to understand today that we are on the way to the kingdom and we are not saved and sealed until we have stayed with Jesus until the very end. And he will save us. That is our hope. We live in a hope that we will attain if we stay sincere, and if we stay abiding with the Holy Spirit. And that's why Jesus gives us the confidence and strength to do that. And that's why he sends the Holy Spirit. You see when a sinner gets on his knees and he cries out to Jesus to forgive him, he gets that wonderful feeling of forgiveness come into his heart and that wonderful born-again feel. He's come to the start of the race of faith. But you see it is there that many people fall away as I was talking about earlier about the parable of the seeds where Jesus said about all these people that heard the word of truth and the seed went into their heart, and that they were liberated and they were born-again and felt so wonderful because of all these wonderful things that Jesus does for us when we repent, but the thing is it wasn't sincere wasn't lasting. And Jesus said that a lot of these people the seed died because of the weeds that grew up, the cares of life, and then the seed also was snatched away by the devil and persecution and the people fell away from the faith, and then they all end up in darkness and Jesus says that if you have been brought into the light and then you just go back to the darkness, then more devils will come into you and more trouble.

And maybe would be better off for you not to have known the way of truth. So people say well you know I've been born again how can I not be unborn again again? But then they forgot where it is written that the people who have known the way of truth and experienced all the ways of truth and the Holy Spirit and they go walking off back the sin, it says there is no repentance for them. And so friends we got to be serious and we got to be sincere today. And if we have repentance in our heart today, we can turn away from our sins today then today is the day to be doing that hallelujah. So we have to understand today that there is no salvation now. It's only when we endure. It's only when we get to the end of the race of faith not the beginning. And then the seed bears fruit in your life. It is all about that relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus then you have a problem. You have not passed from death to life yet and don't have a guide to take you to the kingdom. So how can you enter the kingdom if you don't abide with Jesus because you don't know him. That's why if we want to walk this Way to the kingdom and not to the way of hell which is the way by default then we need to be seeking Jesus today until we find him. And there's no use trying to find the Lord just in doing other things. You have to find him and actually turning to him praying and seeking. That's the only way. You know that you can't find that the way of life by listening to other people and going to church or reading the Bible or reading testimonies or reading all sorts of books that other Christians have written. These things are not going to make you know Jesus. They are going to point you to Jesus, but you have to actually go to the Lord Jesus yourself and you got to pray and seek him. What is the use of knowing about the words of Jesus where he says that all who come to me will get life and the living water flowing into them, what is the use of knowing that if you don't go to Jesus.

You gain nothing. You just gained wisdom but you won't go to the truth which makes you doubly foolish if you end up in the fire. Because at least you were not like the unbelievers who didn't know the truth. You were somebody who knew but you just spent your time in procrastinating. So friends we got to be serious and we got to come to the Lord to know the truth otherwise how can we be saved? How can we enter the kingdom? How can we abide with Jesus if we don't know him? That's why I say that you got to seek the Lord to know him in your life. So he can lead you in all you do. And Jesus does hear and he does speak to those who repent. You see the Lord said that if you obey me then I will make myself known to you and my father will come and live with your and he will give you the Holy Spirit. Some people they don't have the Holy Spirit so they so they ask how to have the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the way. He said if you abide in me and obey my commandments I will give you the Holy Spirit. That's the way. The Lord will give you these things if you obey and abide with him. But if you don't want to get on your knees first in faith and go and seek, how can you find? Now people they go and seek for a little while and they try and test the Lord and they think in their hearts the Lords got to speak to me otherwise he is not real. And they seek for a little while and give up and go away. You know friends what is the point of this? We already have the living God all around us. You go and pick up a stone God is there. There is no excuse. All we have to do is lay faith in the Lord and live for him from now on no matter what you see or hear and give yourself to his ways. And what happens is with true faith, then the Lord will lead you he will help you in your life and lead you and show you things. But you have to actually go to him to be led by him. You don't just go there a little while and then just give up. The Lord is looking for people who actually are sincere and do have faith just like Abraham. He had faith too. He didn't really understand and know things when it was difficult and he didn't really understand too much, but he decided to have faith in the Lord even though he didn't know. And the Lord showed him how things go. And he was rewarded because of his faith.

And thats how Christians are to be. We got to be seeking that relationship with the Lord and we got to be speaking with Jesus and not be all caught up in religious affairs. Religion is poison. It will poison your soul. It will keep you in darkness so that you end up in hell that all these religious Christians are going to. Because friends there is no eternal life and outside of a relationship with Jesus and you cannot endure until the end if you don't have a relationship with Jesus. It is impossible because Jesus himself said in the Bible that without me you can do absolutely nothing. And so that's why I'm here to tell you today that we have to seek that relationship with Jesus Christ. We have to give our lives to him in sincerity and stop just coming and doing religious stuff, and actually be serious about the Lord and seeking to know him for real and then having his spirit in you so that you can live after the ways of God hallelujah. So let us be sincere today and not be in any false ways like these Christians who ended up in hell. You know like that pastor who was living in guile. Guile is covertness and hypocrisy and deceit. Friends we got to turn away from these things. We got to turn away from our dishonesty. People can be very dishonest. They have money and they are dishonest with it, or they dishonestly trying get money. Or they extort money out of people. Friend's extortioners don't go to heaven. Christian extortioners end in the fires of hell with the unbelievers. If you are an extortioner and you try to extort money out of people from unjust and unholy means, dishonest means and lying, then you will go to hell. In fact you're on your way to hell now if you're doing that. You know and the same goes for a living in unfairness and treating people in with an evil heart and doing things that aren't righteous before God. That all goes for me too. We got to examine ourselves daily with the Lord. We got to ask ourselves are we right with the Lord today.

If you are sincere with the Lord he will show you. He doesn't want you to end up in the fire so he gives you his helper the Holy Spirit to show you all things that are wrong. But you got to listen. If you want to walk this narrow way to the kingdom following Jesus you have to listen. And if you don't listen how can the holy spirit guide you if you are not willing to listen but you just want to listen to your own way and to follow your own ways. But friend that's why we're here today, we are here to listen to the Lord God and we are here to seek to know him in a relationship so that he can lead us on to the path of truth. And we can get before him in repentance and we can be sincere in our lives every day knowing that we will attain salvation at the end if we stay faithful if we abide in Jesus and we don't turn away to sin. That's the only way to attain our salvation. There is no such thing as these foolish gospels that say you're all saved now and welcome to heaven. No dear friends, you have to endure and there are many trials on the way to heaven. And if you endure you will make it. And that's what I saw in my dream. The Lord was saying look at these people, the ones that are coming out of the trial, they endure until the end and they receive the crown of life. They ended up going into the kingdom. But then we see that other people they were in the heat of trial and they didn't come out. They didn't enter the kingdom they didn't overcome. They fell to sin. You see that's why we get tempted. The devil tempts us to fall to sin. He temps us to go to sin and come back to sin and that's what causes us to fall to hell is sin.

That is why the Lord says to repent. You repent of self-righteousness thinking that your righteous while you go on in sin. You got to be humble before the Lord because none of us are righteous inside. We all have these hearts of wickedness and these hearts of evil but what happens is we deny and we crucify those things daily. And we humbly allow the Lords Way to live through us. That's why there's no righteous men. That's why there's no working to heaven, why having work as filthy rags. Because I tell you truly friends the works of your heart are full of evil and the only way we can follow Jesus is to make sure that we turn away from our flesh, crucify him daily and instead follow Jesus. Have his new way in our hearts always. Don't follow that old way that old man. You know if you follow the new way I'm sure you don't want to meet your old man anymore. I am sure if he comes around to you and you would be anxious to get out of his company you want to know him anymore and he might plead with you to come back onto the old way. You say no, I am following the new way now I don't want anything to do with you. Thats how we got to be daily. You can't have anything to do with the old way. And that will keep you humble because we know the there is nothing good in us and it is through Christ alone that we have this wonderful new way. How can you have pride and self-righteousness while you have these things that you know are in your heart you need to turn away from. You would not want the Lord to expose what's in your heart to the world would you! We got to turn away from the things of the heart and crucify them and the Lord will indeed wash us clean. And that's why we cant be self righteous. That's why we can't think we are better than anybody else. You are probably worse than some people. The thing is friends we got to be serious and if we are taking the Lord seriously like this, and we are being humbled knowing that there is nothing good in us and that we want the Lord to live in us, and we crucify ourselves daily, then Jesus sees that. He sees that you're somebody who who is sincere and that's the person Jesus will help. Somebody who is humble. He is like that tax collector who was beating his breast in the market square in the praying place and asking God to forgive him. And he knew that he was evil, he had to turn away from his sin. He knew he had to turn away. He was sincere with God so he said, I got to turn away from my evil way. And the Lord justifies such people because they're sincere. They are not like the foolish self-righteous Christians who say they are all saved and sealed and it's all fun is all through faith and we can keep sin.

They are dishonest people. God does not allow dishonest people into heaven. They are dishonest with God because they are saying God allows them in their sin to go to heaven when God clearly said that they got to be holy and they got to turn away from their sin. So they're trying to expect God to be dishonest so that's why they preach a dishonest gospel. It is completely dishonest. And the thing is in the end they'll find out that God is not dishonest like they are. And in their dishonesty they'll end up in hell, because God expects us to live right and to follow his new way inside and to crucify our evil paths inside. Crucify our lusts, crucified the flesh that just wants to take us after chasing the world. That wants to take us after money. Wants to take us after all these things that are not righteous before God. We got to crucify that. We got to follow Jesus and then we won't have self-righteousness. You'll be humble knowing that there's nothing good in you except you follow Jesus and then that's where the good comes from, it comes from God hallelujah. Is not it wonderful that we can have that humbleness come into our hearts. Self-righteousness friends ends up in hell because when you're self-righteous your hard of hearts following your flesh thinking that you are in the right way. When we're following the flesh thinking that we're saved and sealed, that is what self-righteousness is, then we're going to end up in hell because we are not going to be sincere about Jesus. But is not it wonderful friends that we can be sincere about Jesus today and we can be serious about doing good for the Lord. Not letting our right hand know what our left is doing. Some people, they like to boast about what they do for Jesus. But God's not mocked. You know you get no reward at all. Jesus said don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. You are not here to say how wonderful we are. We are here to give ourselves to the Lord and be humble, and have humility.

And we are not here to prove anything. We are here to follow the Lord. We are here to prove to God that we are sincere. We don't need to prove anything to people. You don't have to be led by anybody. If you're led by people you're going to fall into a ditch. If you led by a church you will fall in a ditch. If you're pastor leads, you will fall in a ditch. The only way you can be led is to be led by Jesus Christ. And the only way you can be led by Jesus Christ is to get on your knees and repent and be sincere about him. And then he will be faithful and he will come into your life and he will set you free from your sins praise God. So that's what we're here to be friends. We are here to be sincere about Jesus and we're here to know that God is not mocked and we got to fear God today. We got to have the fear of the Lord in our hearts and if we have the fear of the Lord then we will be able to enter his kingdom praise the Lord. And know that Christians are in hell now. Know that many go to hell because they're not sincere. Know that the seed dies in the hearts of many. So let us strive to prove our faith and to make our election sure. You know why else would Paul say to strive to make your election sure. We want to have our election sure. It's something that we'll have in the future. It's a hope. It is not something you got now. Christians are very foolishly deceived when they say, I am saved now. They say, don't try and shake my faith I am already saved. Friends we got to strive now. We got to make our election sure. And we will have that hope if we follow Jesus. It is not an easy thing. Walking the narrow way is not easy. Very few people in the end will actually get into heaven. A lot of Christians will go to hell when they thought they were saved. They were just not honest. They were doing things that were unrighteous in their life. They went being sincere with God and were allowing dishonesty into their life. False ways into their life. They weren't allowing the ways of God to come into their life. But we are not here to be like that friends. We are here to be dedicated followers of the Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah. And then when we have turned to him in repentance we're here to continue to follow him praise the Lord. You know this world has being deceived by many false gospels and you know at these big evangelist meetings, often they'll say are you ready to accept the Lord Jesus as your saviour?

And the people say yes and they say you're saved now after they pray about it. But that's not true, that is a lie. You are not saved now. You have come on the way of faith. And they should have been saying well now you must follow the Lord. Dedicates yourself to him. But they don't say that, they say you're saved now. So what happens is that person he walks out of the meeting next week he forgot about it. Just keeps living his old life. You know it's only those who are touched by the Lord who are changed. They are the ones who really repent. Some of them might be at the meeting too. They might hear that you got to turn to Jesus and so they do turn to him but they're sincere about it because they realise about hell the Holy Spirit convicts them of hell. And they turned from their sins and they end up being sincere with the Lord all the way to the end and the end up in heaven. But that preacher might still end up in hell because the truth he preached wasn't from him. And thats what people think they think that their works will burn the earth. They think that the truth they are speaking is their own so they think they're above the truth. But then the Lord ends them in hell because they live in pride and self-righteousness or they live in false ways and start sinning. And then they wonder why they're in hell so they say, I preach the truth. But the thing is the truth is not their own. The truth isn't the compromised. You know you can't get above the truth by preaching the truth. There is no power games with God. You don't become somebody in heaven just because you start preaching the truth. So many of these famous ministers even after having led so many people to the Lord they ended up in hell themselves because they weren't serious. In the end the truth they preached wasn't theirs anyway and they ended up in the fire because they weren't serious about their life. They had things in their life and they were doing things that were ungodly in the sight of God.

And things he was not pleased about and he gave them time to repent but they didn't repent and that's why these top preachers ended up in hell that this man saw in Nigeria. They were in hell. They said the truth was not ours, it was Gods after all but we thought we were above the truth, we thought that the truth didn't apply to us. But it does. It does apply to you. The truth of following Jesus and being holy applies to you and it applies to you now. And the truth will judge us all. And no man will be somehow favored over another. You know God was ready to cut David off and send him to hell to if he didn't repent. But God gave David a time to repent of his immorality. But if he didn't repent he would go straight to hell. No immoral persons who cheat on their wives or commit sexual immorality go to heaven. And the thing is luckily David had a heart to repent. That's what you must do. You must repent and if you repent then the Lord will be faithful and wash away your sins but if you don't repent watch out because the Lord will come upon you at a time that you think not, and then he's going to cut you off and he will cut you off and cast you out. So let us be serious and let us have ourselves focused on the Lord......