Wednesday, April 10, 2013


And that's what I wanted to talk about today is this road that turns into the fire. Into fire and trouble. Because that's what it'll do further down this road without following the Lord. It will turn to fire and that is coming this terrible tribulation that is coming to the earth. You know what Jesus said, he said in revelation that the coming tribulation he said is going to be absolutely terrible. He is talking about the trial and the testing that was going to come upon the whole world. And this trial is going to test the people on earth and he said to the Philadelphia church that he would keep them from this terrible suffering of trial that is coming to test those who are ungodly and wicked. The judgments of God. That's what God said he would do. He will protect his people from his own judgment upon the way of perdition. And that's why I want to warn you; which road are you on? Are we on this terrible Broadway of living for self and having fun, or are we on the road that leads to the golden way? You see the other road will just bring grief tears and in the end fire. And that is why we do not want to be on this road today dear friends. And so what happened was I used to be on that road and then the Lord as I told you before, he pointed me on to the new way. He pointed me to come follow me take up your cross denial self and follow me. And that's what I decided to do.

I decided to turn away from chasing after my own ways that I wanted to go in life. You see I was enthralled in many ways. I really wanted to do things in this world. I really want to be somebody. You know I had various talents that I could pursue and be good but it didn't lead me very far. It was leading me along the road that turns to fire. If I had stayed on that road even now I would start to enter that fire and I would never make it into the wedding feast. I would be one of those people who were saying to Jesus, “I've got my family to attend, I've got my business to tend, so I can't come to the wedding feast”… You see Jesus has sent invitations out to come to the wedding feast of the Lamb. And that's what people are doing right now. Christians are saying, “Ive got my family to look after, I can't dedicate myself fully to you and live for you and have faith in your Lord, I can't take up my cross deny myself and follow you. That's what they're basically saying, because they think that they have got more important things to do than get ready for the wedding feast of the King. They got there their family to bury, they got their house to tend, a new ground to plough. Now friends we have to make sure that we follow the Lord and we put asaide all these other troubles and problems, otherwise is just not going to work for us. We got to get ourselves on the narrow way. You know the reason why Jesus is not looking after you is because you got to get yourself right with God. And that's why people wonder why they have not a job, why they got no money, why do I struggle in my life, why doesn't God answer my prayers?

It is because you're not following him and he is not Lord of your life. So that is why we have to separate ourselves from these ways we got to follow the Lord hallelujah. We got to give ourselves the way of the Lord and follow the Lord in holiness and truth. Thats what we are here to do. We are here to follow the Lord on the narrow way, not trying and get things out of people. You know not try and get everything for ourselves. People are too lazy to follow the Lord these days. That's why they get themselves into trouble in their life. It is because they are not trusting the Lord because the Lord will provide for his people. And we were not trusting the Lord, when we are walking the wrong path, that the hard way that leads to the fire, that's where we are going to start to try and call out on people “help me”. But then the Lord does not hear because we are walking on the way to the fire and he is asking us to turn away and repentance and to turn away from our ways that we can turn to him in holiness and truth. That's what the Lord is here to do. He is here to lead us to go to that golden way. Now what did I do? I turned away from my own ways and I got on my knees and I said Lord I'm going to dedicate myself to you this time. I'm no longer going to chase after all these ways I was trying to go. All these dreams I wanted to do. It was time for me to turn away from it and to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and to start following him instead and start doing what he said, becoming a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, instead of following my own ways. And so the Lord gave me power to abide in him and that's when Jesus started to tell me to abide in him. To abide in him. He says “Abide in me and I will abide in you for if you do not abide in me and I don't abide in you you cannot bear fruit”. And Jesus goes on to say that people who do not abide in him who don't bear fruit what happens is they wither up and in time God the father will cut such Christians of the vine and they will be gathered up and cast into the furnace. So that is why friends we are here to clean ourselves up to check ourselves what road are we on? Are we on that golden narrow way that's going to turn to gold? Or are we on the easy way that they looks good and it's a way that seems to be the best way to prepare for our family lives and things on earth but it's a way of not trusting God and living our own way and then it turns to fire later!

I tell you it's going to turn to fire and we got hard times coming. Even now war drums are beating. Even in my country here. We got a lot of trouble just a few kilometers away on the border in North Korea and at any time war can come. Not only here but everywhere throughout the world. Nowhere is safe. And the Lord has been warning about the troubles that are coming to earth. He has been warning the last two years to get yourselves right with the Lord, because trouble is coming. We got a lot of trouble coming and a lot of hardship a lot of grief of tears. And that is where the Lord is warning; “put yourselves separate unto me, come and walk the narrow way, heed my invitation to come to the wedding feast of the Lamb”. The King is inviting people to his feast and so very few people are deciding to leave their things to go in go to that feast. So when the king sent his servants out, he says, “Go and gather them and invite them to the feast”. And what happens is he gathers them and invites them to the feast but these people they say well you know I can't come, I got my life to look after. I cant lay faith in you and come and follow you because I've got to look after my new wife and my home. I have got a business to attend to. A new business, and so people they are not ready for the Lord when he returns. You want to be, but they said to him “I don't want to be, Ive got these other things to attend to and I don't really care about coming to the Kings feast”. And that's what Jesus talked about in the parable of the feast. You see these the words of wisdom from the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ where he talks about the Kings feast and he is talking about people being invited to the feast, all the chosen ones. And people who should becoming like the Christians and the Jews and people who should be choosing the Lord, he is saying how many of them would not decide to come to the Lord. They would say “ My father is older, I need to attend to him”. Or, “Ive got land and my business”. You know that's what we got to do dear friends we got to give ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah.

We've got to give ourselves to the wedding feast and we got to decide we want to come. The servants went out to the alleyways and the byways and brought all sorts of people, and they were the only ones who wanted to come. We are here heed the invitation to come to the wedding feast of the Lamb and not be like these foolish people who want to take this path to the fire. This easy way and this way that seems right to a man but in the end only brings trouble trial and grief. That's not what we want to do. We do want to go along that road. I've been on that road and I'm glad I was able to come off the road and come to this new way instead praise the Lord. That's why friends, are we preparing ourselves to accept and be accepting the invitation to the King's wedding feast? And are we deciding to come along the narrow road, his narrow road the golden highway? The highway of holiness that runs through the wilderness? It is not so easy. It means you got to do some things. You got to give up some things in your life. You got to turn away from following your own ways again. People write to me, how can I come this way, I've got to provide for my family for instance and I want to chase my career. The Lord will help you to provide for your family and he will give you the means. But we have to be dedicated on what he wants you to do. People say to me “well I don't know what the Lord wants me to do, I don't know what job or where he wants me to go or anything”. Thats why we've got to seek to know the Lord. You know what's the point of trying to follow the Lord when he doesn't lead you and you are not listening. That's what I decided to do decide to do. I decided to get on my knees and decided to focus on the preparing myself for the Lord.

I want to go back to what I was saying. Friends we got to become serious for the Lord in all we do, and we got to prepare for entering the King's wedding, kings wedding feast it's a big event. And so many of us don't know the way there because we just don't know Jesus. People say to me well I don't know the Lord how can I follow him? And I say well the way I found the Lord was I decided to follow him and get on my knees so I got on my knees to pray so I started to ask the Lord please know me and please show me the way. And so what happened was the Lord did come to know me. He started to change my life from then and there and he started to speak into my spirit. You see the Lord is spirit and you got to come to him seeking to understand his ways by having his spirit. So ask him to give you his spirit so you can understand things. And so the Lord started to speak into my spirit and that's where he'll lead you is in your spirit. And he will also show you things in dreams maybe even visions. As the Bible says the Lord speaks to people in dreams also and also in visions. But if you don't even know the voice of the Lord and his spirit doesn't even teach you or lead you, how on earth can you then find the way to his wedding feast or his kingdom? And that's why we have to spend our time on that narrow way seeking to know the Lord. You see there's no point just going on in your own life and being on that broad way that turns into fire because you will never know the Lord there. You won't be able to hear him because the Lord blocks his ears from people who go on in sin. It is written in the Scriptures that God doesn't hear the prayers of sinners unless they repent. He hears you when you repent but not when we go on in sin.

So that's what we got to do friends. We got to give ourselves to the Lord and we've got to seek to know him. Seek to have him lead us and there is no use just going along and going to church or trying to understand the Lord from the Bible yet we don't want to find out who he is really by praying. We can find out a lot ABOUT Jesus, we can find out a lot of what he said and those words are wonderful words to bring us to him. But there comes a point where we're going to have to make a decision. Are we going to give ourselves completely to the Lord and do as he says? A re we going to seek to know him so he can lead us and he can speak to us? Because Jesus does say in the Bible that my sheep know my voice and they will follow me. So if we want to be his sheep, are we going to seek to hear him? Ask to hear him? Don't pray for just a few hours and then just give up and go back your life. We are here to dedicate our life to the Lord and we do that in faith. That is what true faith is. If we got true faith it will bear fruit for you. Like the good man's heart. The seed that fell on the good man's heart. Some of it bore 30 fold some 60 and some 100 fold, but it all bore fruit because he was hearing the word of truth and so he decided to act on it so he was a doer. What is a doer? A doer is somebody who decides to go to the Lord and says look Lord I understand this is true I want to know you and I want to follow you. And so they seek to know the Lord and then what happens is they come to find him. So friends that's what we are here to do. We are here to find the Lord Jesus Christ. Find him for ourselves. Get to know his voice for ourselves praise the Lord hallelujah, praise the Lord. And we want to have his way come into our heart so that we can become children of God being led by the Spirit having the new way praise the Lord. I cannot stress this enough.

I hope people go away from here and that they really seek to know the Lord, know his voice, because that's the only way that you will get to know him praise the Lord. How focused and serious are we about getting to know the Lord so that we can be led by him, be led by his ways and his truths. That's what we're here to be led, we are here to be led by the Lord. And he is a living God. He is not dead. He is not just in the Bible and 2000 years ago. You know he's somebody who's around now. He is a living God. And that's where people get in trouble in their life because they don't realize that he's the living God. And he will speak to you and show you the way and change your life. If you would only dedicate all of yourself to him. If you did that you would get to know him praise the Lord. Friends it is absolutely wonderful that we have this opportunity to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ and walk this Way this golden way hallelujah. I'm so glad friends that I was able to walk this Way hallelujah.

Now if anybody has some bread baby got some bread and you've got some drink of some sort I would like to eat the communion meal with you tonight and we can be obedient to Jesus who said eat this bread in remembrance of me my body broken for you and drink this drink in remembrance of me for my blood spilt for the forgiveness of sins for many. And he said do this in remembrance of me. But we also must make sure that our hearts are right when we eat to the Lord and we drink to the Lord so that we don't drink and eat upon ourselves any judgment. Because our hearts need to be right so let us make sure that we have repentant heart's hallelujah. Now I'd like to pray before we did this meal and I would like to just pray. Dear Lord we just thank you that we can come before you and eat this meal in remembrance of you. And Lord it is so important Lord that we eat this meal in remembrance of your name. As you died for us Lord and as you died for us Lord and you are broken for us and poured out your blood out for us, so we want eat this in remembrance of what you did as you said. And we do so with repentant hearts today Lord we turn away from any sins any blemishes any evil that we may have done and we repent of it Lord so that we don't eat upon ourselves any judgments. So we wash ourselves clean before you in your blood and we are here to remember you in what you have done for us in your holy name amen.

Now Ive got something here some bread and on the night that the Lord Jesus Christ was going to be killed he went up into the upper room you see. And he was sitting around with his disciples. They could've been any people like us who believe and love his name and he's watching us now because this is his remembrance of his name. So we have some bread that the Lord had and what the Lord did he broke it before his disciples and he gave them a piece and when they ate from this bread he said eat this bread in remembrance of me until we eat anew in the Lords kingdom hallalujah praise the Lord. Is not that wonderful friends we can eat this bread in remembrance of Jesus Christ, his body broken for us. Otherwise we would never get into his kingdom. Is not that wonderful. That's what the Lord did. He did this for us don't never forget it praise the Lord. It was hard for the Lord. Dying was very hard I can't imagine his emotions on that night on knowing what was to come, not easy. And he said to one of the disciples one of you will betray me and he knew that he was about to be offered up for the sins of the world and have God turn away from him while that was happening. It was not easy friends so let us eat this in remembrance of Jesus Christ hallelujah. Amen praise the Lord. And all his disciples ate with him and Jesus was saying let us do it in remembrance of me. Does anybody remember Jesus? I remember how he brought me out of the way of sin and I remember how he brought me to repent and I'm very grateful for that.

I remember how he said go to follow me abide in me and that's why I'm here today to do in remembrance of my God Jesus Christ. Now after they finished eating Jesus took the cup and he said this is my blood a representation of my blood poured out for the sins of many for the forgiveness of sins and he said to drink this cup in remembrance of me until we drink anew in the Lords kingdom. Praise the Lord. Lord we thank you so very much that we can do this in remembrance of you today and we can do this until we eat anew in your wedding feast in the Kings feast and we cling to that hope Lord and that's why we are here to deny ourselves and drink this cup and also Lord when we drink this cup and we also drink your cup. And your cup was no such an easy cup to drink and we know that when we drink this cup we also share in your cup so at times Lord we can get into difficulties for following you. We know that you're with us till the end of and we know the Lord that even though we have certain trials and tribulations on earth for your name in the end we will also reign with you because you are the king and so Lord we are here to walk the narrow way that turns to gold so that we can be received into your kingdom hallelujah. And until we drink again Lord, until we eat again, we do this in remembrance of you and we thank you Lord for pouring out your blood for us and for giving your body up for us so that we can just meet together and share this together and do this in remembrance of you just like the disciples did and we ourselves can be your disciples and deny ourselves and follow you on that way that turns to gold. Amen praise the Lord. Friends it is absolutely wonderful that we have this opportunity to walk the narrow way hallelujah and to give ourselves to the narrow way......