Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It Is a wonderful day today that we can follow Jesus today while we are living in this world. Today I wanted to bring your attention to the verse where it does say “my spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. And spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And this is the problem that we have at this time, is that we have a willing spirit, but our flesh is weak. And what happens is when we follow the ways of the flesh then we kill the spirit, which is what I want to bring your attention today, is about the words of Jesus where Jesus said that when his Word is preached his truth and the seed gets thrown, the seed of truth that is the word, goes into people's hearts and those people have all different kinds of ground. There is the weedy ground of people who allow the desires and the cares of life to bring them away from the truth and the seed dies. There is the ground where people allow their desires of the flesh to bring them away from the truth and they die. The pride of the eyes the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life. Then there's the ground where the seed lands on a stony heart and the person hears the truth and loves the truth and accepts and follows the truth for little while but then he puts it out and then Satan snatched it away and he's not a follower of the truth no more, because satan takes it away and he didn't have good ground in his heart. But then there's those who hear the truth and who realize that this truth is true and they want to do the true so they become doers of the word. They want to do the truth. They put out their lusts. They turn away from their sin and they follow Jesus and they give them self to him and they abide in him as he said that he is the vine and you are the branches and if you abide in me you will bear good fruit. So Jesus said in the parable that these people bear fruit some 30 folds some 60 fold of some 100 fold.

They are like the two servants of the parable of the talents where Jesus said to them who have increased their talents: well done my faithful servants well done. And these people went into the kingdom of God. But then what about those whose hearts were not pure, were not good ground and they allowed the lusts of the flesh take them to the fire. What of them? It says that there seed died. You know the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. So if we allow ourselves to follow the flesh that means that our seed is going to die and soon the Spirit will no longer be willing because it will die. It will end up in the fire. That's where eternal death is. But the thing is if we are dedicated to this tightrope the narrow way, and we are good ground that means we're DOING the word. People say to pray for me I'm struggling with this sin or struggling with that sin. You know only you can help yourself to follow the Lord and it depends what ground your heart is. How serious are you about turning away from your desires. Now if you have good grounds you'll make sure you do and you would do whatever it takes to be a doer of the word. Now doing the word means that you are actually going to do Jesus commandments. Jesus talks about cutting sin out of your life. Jesus talks about denying yourself and following him. He talks about hating your life for his sake and not loving your life but hating your life with his sake. And what is your life? Your life is many wonderful things. People say I want to live a life. They want their parties, they want their career, they want their dreams, they want the holidays and all these things that they want for a LIFE they want their life. But Jesus said that if you are prepared to give these things away for his sake then you will find life. But if you cling onto that life and instead let your flesh and rule you then you will lose your life as Jesus said. Dear friends we are here not to follow those way otherwise we're not doers of the word. Doers of the word are the only ones who are the good ground. They're the only ones who enter the kingdom of God. Doers of the word. Jesus said, “Why do you call me Lord Lord and you don't do what I say?” But we are here to be doers of the word. And that's what Jesus said he said those who are doers of the word are those who have good hearts and good ground and they hear about the gospel and they do it. And what is this doing what this doing? It is obeying and following Jesus's words doing of his words. And Jesus clearly said that we must deny ourselves and follow him.

So you know when you come along and you want to be set free from all your desires and things you're following today that aren't right before God, then you go to become a DOER of the word, otherwise you just going to procrastinate and nothings going to happen for you. Jesus doesn't help people who are not serious doers of the word. They say I should turn away from this and I should turn away from that but they don't away from it. What is the use of saying that you should do this or that. That means you are like that old drunk at the bar or that drug dealers who says I should stop doing this but he just doesn't do it. He knows he is in bondage to those things but he wont just stop. He says I should but he just procrastinates. And every day he gets nearer to the fire. You know that is the same if you if you just keep following your lusts and desires. You say I should do this and I should stop and I should stop looking at this….But when are you going to make a serious decision about this? You know why we so procrastinating? Every day we procrastinate is a day lost and a day closer to the fire. Let us not procrastinate to hell. That proves that we got weedy ground or stony ground or ground that the sparrows come and take away the seed, the devil, friends we got to be dedicated to Jesus we got a turn away from these things we got to start becoming doers of the word and make a serious decision for it today. Talk is nothing, action is what counts. Talk means nothing. Otherwise we are just procrastinating ourselves away to the fire. But if we are full of action that means we're going to be focused on being doers and we're going to be on the narrow way keeping our eyes on Jesus not just saying that we will go and pray and seek him. But actually going and doing that. And then because you seek of course he reveals himself to you. That is what he did for me he will do it for you. And if you are doing this he will reward you and he will lead you. You can't get a victory from Jesus over sin unless you're prepared to become a doer instead of procrastinating just saying all this stuff. It means nothing it's all smoke. Words is smoke actions is what counts. You can say you believe all you like but if you don't really believe where it is not in your heart as a doing belief then it is pointless, absolutely pointless.

We've got to stop procrastinating. We have got to actually stand up and become doers of the word and actually turn away from our sins. We got to actually do that. It takes effort to turn away from temptation. It takes a decision, it takes a real decision. It takes a real action to turn away from a lust or desire that is trying to take you onto a false path. That takes gumption. You know you are not going to do it just saying you should stop. That is going to fix nothing. You are only going to turn away from things if you yourself make a decision. You know we live in a very fallen and foolish society. We live in a society that just takes drugs. We got this problem and that problem in America and you know what they are going to do? They just go and pop pills. The will drug themselves up and then they can't make any decision. You know we live in a society that puts Band-Aids on everything and tries to make its okay. You know but they never get down to the real problem. Full of psychologists and counselors and drugs and prescription drugs and medicine. It is a wicked society. If that's how you are going to run your life, how can you become a doer of the word? You are just going to be doped to hell. You just gonna be numbed all the way to the fire. You know we have to be separate and we got to get a clear mind. Stop taking your drugs and whatever. Stop drinking, stop all these things and start clearing out your mind and become a doer of the word of a sound mind. You know there's no point following Jesus if you havnt got a sound mind. If you're drugged up because you got this psychosis and that psychosis, you're drugged up because you got this problem and that problem, and all the psychotic drugs people take these days and all the pain killing drugs and all this nonsense, no wonder they can't find their way to the kingdom because they are so doped up friends and that's the problem with the society. It is a society that's doped up on pop music and drugs and alcohol and parties and foolish nonsense. And they are brainwashed every day by their TV and all their foolish movies that's all lies. So this whole societies run on lies. They watch lies everyday they believe lies and they follow lies.

And so that's why they can't walk the narrow way. That's why the seed comes into their heart but it lands on stony ground, it lands on weedy ground. It lands on ground and it doesn't take root. They never become doers of the word because they don't have a good heart. We are here to be good men's hearts. While we have the time we are hear to turn away from our ways. Some people they message me and they say, I have a problem with this and I go and have a look at their profile and they got all the world all over it. No wonder you got a problem you're following the world. You know people follow this rockstar they follow that poster, they are focused on the world and focused on Hollywood, they are focused on movies you know they spent their time at parties with friends and wonder why they can't follow God. Of corse you cannot follow God. You can only follow God when you turn away from your sins and turn away from worldliness and the broad road. Jesus said that narrows is the way to life and you're not going to follow him unless you walk the narrow way so unless you're prepared to get onto your Facebook and delete all your trash and then get into your life and delete all that, and then get a sound mind and throw all your drugs out and you start following Jesus and praying and becoming sound in your mind, how can you following him? You cant. You cannot follow him while you're following all this stuff that Satan's got you in. you got to turn away from it all and we got to start becoming clear of mind you know clear of thinking so that we can actually have a chance of following Jesus. Because you cannot follow him while you are doing all this. It is not possible you are kidding yourself. You are just saying I shouldn't do this and shouldn't do that yet you just go and pop another pill. And you just go to another party. You just keep following all these pop idols and you just keep turning on your TV watching of these lies, lying movies that are not real and it just fills yourself with fantasies. You know friends we don't live in a fantasy world, we live in the real world that goes to the fire or goes to heaven. Unless you're prepared to be a doer of the word you're not going to go to heaven.

That is just how it is. I don't care what you say. People say many things. Pop stars say they are going to heaven they say they are Christian yet they get on the stage and they make themselves half naked and they start singing immorality. Who are they kidding? They are only kidding themselves daer friends. They are not going to heaven just because they go to church and say that they believe with their mouth profess Jesus with their mouth and quote Romans doesn't mean they are going to heaven friends. They don't even have a serious heart for the Lord and are not doers of the word. A doer of the word is a wise man. He is a good man, he is the good man's heart who hears the word and he does the word. He puts into action and practice it in his daily life. He turns away from his sins. He turns away from all these false ways and he stops filling his mind with evil and instead he puts his mind on all things pure and all things righteous and on all things of God and he decides to give himself to the Lord completely and he turns away from this immoral society. He stops following it and he instead denies himself and he follows Jesus. You don't need any special drugs to deny yourself and follow Jesus. You don't need any special psychologist to get your mind right to follow Jesus. You need a serious decision today to turn away from it all that's the only thing you need. You need a decision to turn away from your sins and away from all this stuff and actually have the Lord come in and make you sound of mind and heart. That is what you need. It is the only way you are going to overcome. What's the use of knowing that you got a problem with lust or whatever if you yourself just keep feeding that lust and you're not prepared to turn away from it. You are just like the procrastinating drug addict, he says I should give this away, I should give this away, but then somebody eggs him on to take another and another round of drugs and he just goes and does it. He just wasn't even serious.

If he was really serious he would've been seeking a way to get clean. A drunk, says I should stop drinking and the next day he just gets drunk again. That is procrastination friends, it doesn't work. There is only one way to get free, and that is to make a serious decision for Jesus Christ and seriously seek to know him because it is only then that you can be seriously delivered from any problem that you're in. that's what Jesus did for me. He delivered me from a lot of sins and he gave me the power over things. I didn't get my strength from drugs and and alcohol and all these things of the world. I didn't get my strength off counsellors, I got my strength off Jesus Christ because I made a serious decision for him and I stopped following the brainwashed crazy psychotic world. You know these people are psychotic but they don't think they are. They think it's fine that they can go on and live a life without God and end in hell but that psychosis. You know that is foolishness and utter unbelievably darkness. So friends we don't want to be like this. We want to have a sound mind and a sound heart full of the wisdom from God. You know not the wisdom of this foolish American society that just loves all this sin and drugs and alcohol. Friends we got to be separate from that. You no you can't fool Jesus, you are not following him if you do those things. If we are following immorality and we are doing immorality, we can't follow God. You know that is why we get all these gay Christians. They say that they follow God and they go to church and their gay. Gay marriage and all this stuff and they say that somehow they're going to heaven. Friends they don't even know Jesus. He hasn't revealed anything to them because they don't know him. They don't follow him and they are not doers of the word. Doers of the word turn from their sin. God is not mocked, if you're not a doer of the word, you won't turn from your sins, you are just going to try and condone your sins. The bad news is that you're going to hell if you follow those ways. And that's the news people don't want to hear. Why don't they want to hear that?

It is because it is bad news to them. It means that they can't think God as a wonderful being in the sky that just welcomes sinners into heaven. You know it means that they are faced with the bad news that God doesn't do that. He is not like that. You know they are faced with the bad news that God doesn't allow sinners into heaven. That is what they're faced with and people find out that's very bad news for them and so they hate the real gospel. That is when they fight the gospel. They don't want it. But as soon as a good man hears the gospel he is a good man, he is rejoicing. He loves to hear that he has got to turn away from his sin. He embraces the fact that God is holy and he will be set free from sin and be saved if he gets on his knees and cries out. That's why he gets onto his knees in tears and cried out to God. That's why he does that and that's why he finds the Lord. That's why the tax collector went to the public square and beat his breast and said father have Mercy on me because he knew his sins. He knew God is holy. He knew he shouldn't be doing these things and he was truly remorseful about it. He knew he should turn away. So he decided to turn away. He is not like these American or Western societies these days who think that Jesus is someone in the sky who is going to let them all into heaven while they do their sin and they just have to say his name like a chant. Jesus isn't an incantation, you don't chant his name and go to heaven, no you have to become a doer of the word.

If it is bad news to you that you can turn away from your sin then you don't have the right heart and you are rebellious heart that doesn't want to accept it. But if you're ready to be a good heart today, and accept the good news and accept it with joy, want to turn away from your sins, want to stop following these false paths, want to stop doing things and denying yourself instead. If denying yourself seems like a horrible thing to you that means you don't have a right heart for God. You got to repent of that. You should be joyful to deny yourself. You should be very happy that you can turn away from following your rock music and turn away from all your movies and instead follow Jesus. That shouldn't be a hard thing. That should be something you want to do because you want to follow Jesus because of the good news. No wonder so few people are saved because they don't have good ground. They don't have a good heart and they just want to be dishonest. They want to expect God to accept their dishonesty and be dishonest with them. You know they are hoping God's dishonest so that he'll let them into heaven while they do sin. How dishonest are they? That is complete dishonesty friends if we think that we can to enter the kingdom of heaven while we do our evil and we are not prepared to stop taking our drugs and following this world and following all this pop music and rock music and all this Hollywood lifestyle, if you're not prepared to turn away from that, you cant go to heaven you are dishonest. Dishonest people don't enter the kingdom. You got to be honest about God and we got to be prepared to follow the Lord no matter who you are. And that's the good news. The good news is that it doesn't matter how bad you have been in the past. It doesn't matter if you have been the worst homosexual. It doesn't matter if you've even been know in war and killed people or a murderer or thief, or a perverse person, a sexually immoral person and a corrupt person, a criminal, it doesn't matter that's the good news is that Jesus accepts you. But you have to be a doer of the word otherwise you won't be saved.

And that's why a lot of people who are perverse people are so joyful to hear the good news that they can turn away from their sin and be saved and become anew. They don't want to be that way anymore. You know but all these perverse Christians are all saying there'll saved and sealed yet they want to continue in their sin. They are completely dishonest before God. They like to quote the Bible but they themselves don't want to become a doer of the word. They don't want to turn away from their lust. And they don't want to turn away from their society, all the things of this world follows, they wanted to keep following the ways that end in the fire. But dear friends we are not here to be like that, we are here to have good ground and we're here to have ground that seed lands on and takes root. We become doers of the word. We put out our lust, we turn away from following this immoral society. You know it goes for everywhere. It doesn't have to be the West, you know the east society is just as bad. Go to the Middle East as well, just as perverse over there and worldly seeking. It doesn't matter where you are, this world follows the ways of Satan. You go to Jerusalem in Israel, they are just the same over there just as immoral and just as perverse. There is no good men.

We have to repent of our sinful ways and follow Jesus Christ and we got to stop procrastinating and if we are very serious about doing that then we are going to find the new way. If we turn to the Lord he will be faithful to wash away your sins no matter how bad your past has been. Now that's why the good news is so wonderful. It's good news to hear that you have to turn from your sins and that should make you happy that you can now because Jesus is going to give you the power. It should make you happy that you don't have to follow Hollywood anymore hope it does. I hope you're happy today that you no longer have to follow the society. If it is a drag in your heart well maybe you are just not for the kingdom of God then. If you really do want this society well maybe you just aren't for heaven. Because that society is not in heaven. God is honest not dishonest. He only allows honest people in heaven who honestly take the gospel by the horns become doers of the word and go follow the Lord but if you are not prepared to do that and you want to try and enter the heaven in a dishonest way, you know you're going to be like that guy in John Bunyan story, the Pilgrim's progress, the silly guy that got to the gates of heaven and he didn't have his passport and he thought he could get there another way and easy way different way, and he was called vain hope. And vain hope didn't go to heaven. If you got vain hope in a gospel you try to believe that doesn't save, you are just going to get there no passport and you wont have your name in the book of life and you will end in hell. You know a brother had a dream about a friend of his who was in church and this guy got to the gates of heaven after he had died and is told to go away because he got there dishonestly.

He believed and he said he believed but he didn't be a doer of the word. He was dishonest. He didn't deny himself and follow Jesus, had no passport and he didn't have his name written in the book of life. Jesus said, if you abide in me and do my commands that's doing the word then I will reveal myself to you and fill you with my Holy Spirit and make myself known to you. That is what Jesus said. Now no wonder Jesus doesn't make himself known to so many people because they don't do that. They don't deny themselves they don't abide in him they don't become doers of his commandments. Jesus doesn't command you to go and live your own life. You know Jesus said give your life away from my sake, deny yourself and follow me. You know that's what Jesus said. He says turn away from your sins. Jesus doesn't say keep sinning and believe a gospel that says you're saved and just go on in living your own life and chasing your dreams and career and lots of money, friends Jesus doesn't say that. That's a lie. And that's why these people get to heaven believing so many lies from Satan and they never did follow Jesus never knew him, because they didn't abide with him, they didn't obey his command so the Lord never revealed himself to them. Has the Lord revealed himself to you, do you obey him or are you listening to satan and following Satan's world of celebrity and Hollywood? If you're following Hollywood you're following Satan. He is who set that up so that is one of Satan's idols in this world and if you're putting all these idols above God and you're not living for Jesus Christ with all you have then how can you enter his wonderful Kingdom? You are just not going to make it friends. And that's why I want to talk about this today is that we have to be prepared to give ourselves completely to the Lord Jesus Christ and become doers of the word hallelujah. That's what we want to be. We want to become doers of the word, doing of the words of Jesus Christ having the seed of the Gospel land in our hearts and then deciding to come and walk on this wonderful narrow way hallelujah.

That's what we got to do. We have to become doers of the word not all talk. Talk is air means nothing. Talk is air their friends what matters is us doing the word. What matters is you going and forgiving that person you have a grudge against. You got to do forgiveness, it is not something you can say. You got to do it in your heart. You know doing of the word means you actually have to stop going out to parties and following this immoral society. Instead go and do some prayer. Prayer is an action. You know it's an action you can dos daily and for as long as long as you can. Praising Jesus is a doing of the word. It is an action. It is something you got to go and do. Obeying Jesus and speaking to others about Jesus is an actual action. It is a doing of the word. It is not a procrastination either you do that or your don't. Doing things for the Lord is action and following him on the narrow way and listening to his voice and speaking to him is action. It is not procrastination, it is not a belief, it is an action. And that's what you become when you become doers of the word. You don't become just following the world. That's another action, that is an action that leads to hell. That's what people do on the broad path that leads to destruction. But we are not here to live on that broad path. We're here to be doers of the word hallelujah, and we are here to do repentance. That's another action. Repenting is action. You know when I got on my knees to the Lord and I seriously did some repentance. I seriously stop doing some things, I seriously turned away from these things in my heart and Jesus then set me free. I stop doing evil things. Sin is action, people say we're all sinners are all going to heaven because we believe in Jesus yet we are doing sin and we can't stop they say. It is true because sin is an action. You know Jesus didn't say that you could have an eye of lust and go to heaven. No he said that if you have a eye of lust that you will end in the fire if you don't repent.

And turning away from lust is an action and doing lust is an action of the heart and an action of the body. The same goes for a lot of other things. We don't need anything but Jesus Christ to give us the power to follow him and a deciding of the heart and mind to follow him. You don't need to do anything except to turn to the Lord and decide to obey him and repent. That is all you need to do. That's when we get power from. You don't get power from incantations from drugs from Hollywood, you don't get power to turn from your sin by listening to anyone nor me. You get power by becoming a doer of the Word and actually going Jesus and praying to him and deciding to repent yourself. If you really do that you're going to get the power to overcome everything in your life, nothing will be able to bring you down if you seriously turn and become a doer of the word. Nothing will stop you. You don't need drugs to fix your problems. You don't need psychologists, these aren't going to help you, you need Jesus and become a doer of the word, you need to repent. Repentance is an action. You got to do it. You go to make that decision to repent. It has got to be a lasting one. It is not one that you just repent one day and just forget about it the next. Then you are like the foolish man who looks at himself in the mirror and he just walks away forgets what he looks like. That's what you're like if you repent one day and just go on. Your heart wasn't serious to begin with. You have got to have a serious heart. You know when I turned to the Lord and repented I really meant it. I realize I did need to turn away from my sins and I really properly repented in my heart for good. And when you actually do that if you're prepared to do that that means next time temptation comes you'll remember that and you will keep turning away. Maybe you do fall a few times, so what get up and the make the decision next time.

And you really find out how serious you are. When you follow Jesus he puts you through tests and trials to see how serious you are. And that's when you really start to see how serious you really are about the gospel. That's where people fall. Persecution comes many people just fall away they weren't prepared. They didn't have a serious heart. They could it be persecuted for Jesus name and suffer shame. They had to deny him instead. They go along to their groups and meetings with people and hide Jesus. They are trying keep it secret they follow him. They can't endure persecution they don't have the gumption. They weren't really serious enough. But when we are serious enough about Jesus, we are no longer scared about what men say, we're ready to share Jesus no matter what. Jesus he gives you power. He gives you power to overcome all these desires and feelings. Feelings are not sin, feelings come from Satan and from the flesh to try and stop you from being a doer of the word. So don't be ruled by your feelings that's why the Scripture says I quoted earlier and that the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. We are very willing to follow Jesus when we give ourselves to him but the flesh is weak and full of its own whatever. So we could turn away and got to put it down and we've got to follow the spirit becomes strong man of God. And you can't become a strong man of God while you're popping your pills watching your Hollywood and following this this immoral society. You are no strongman of God you're a strongman of the flesh, the flesh is weak and it is going to take you to the fire. So friends our adversely is the powers of darkness and they are very real so we got to be prepared to turn away from our wicked paths and be delivered and we've got to be prepared to give ourselves completely and utterly to the narrow way in a full decision and become doers of the word......