Friday, April 19, 2013


It is true that there will be a rapture, but many people foolishly believe that they will somehow just make it into that, yet they don't even serve Jesus nor live for him. They foolishly say “I'll all be taken out of here in the Rapture”. Yet they don't even live for the Lord properly and are not dedicated to him in every way. They're clinging to a false hope because they think they'll be taken out of trouble when they don't even follow Jesus. When the Lord returns for his people, he will only take people who have oil in their lamp and spend their time working for him and being serious about him.

There is no such thing as a Rapture for nonserious believers who still sinned and are still in the world. These ones are those who have no oil in their lamp. And though they were watching and hoping to go along into the wedding feast of the Lamb, they ended up with no oil when the bridegroom came, could not light their lights and ended up on the outside of the door. Dear friends very few will make it into the rapture. So if you want to be with the Lord when he returns then you have to dedicate yourself to him and live for him from now on.

You cannot dedicate yourself to him and live for him if you don't love him. If you love your life and your sins and your ways too much now, you certainly won't be ready from no rapture. Between now and the rapture there will be many troubles, trials and tribulations. There will be a lot of things lying between then and now. But he who overcomes till the end it will be saved. It is not those who don't overcome who will be saved. People who are not overcoming aren't going to make no Rapture. Don't put your hope in something you're not even ready for. Instead dedicate your life to Jesus and get him to show you if you're pleasing to him today, so that you can be with him when he returns with a full lamp of oil......