Sunday, March 17, 2013


Satan has many lies in this world and is trying to stop people from preparing for the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus has warned that he is returning and he has made it very clear that you must prepare now or the left behind. So Satan has deceived many into believing that Jesus is not returning so people wont get ready. Satan will speak to people and tell them that the rapture is a lie. Satan will tell people to not prepare because he does not want you to be ready for your bridegroom. But we are not here to listen to satan. We are here to heed the warnings that Jesus Christ has given at this time to be ready and prepare for the Lord…Because the Lord himself has warned through his Holy Spirit: “Be ready or be left behind”. Prepare now, be separate says the Lord, be separate. So we must be separate. We must be no longer following the world. No longer doing our own desires and sins. No longer striving after the perishable things of this earth that are going to burn away like smoke and ash. Only unshakable things are going to remain and those are your service to the Lord Jesus Christ the King, your dedication to the narrow way doing the will of God. Those are things that are unshakable; your robes of good deeds and good works.

As we read in the book of Revelation, that wedding dress of the bride it is written is good deeds. We are here to listen to the words of Jesus about his return where he said that if you remain faithful and watchful, his return wont catch you out. He said, “Blessed is he who is dressed and waiting that he may not walk around naked and exposed when the Lord comes.” He said that the bride has made herself ready. She has a adorned herself with clothes of holiness and righteousness, good deeds. Jesus said that five of the wise bridesmaids had oil in their lamps and went out to meet him with their lamps burning and they went into the wedding feast of the lamb and they were received into the wedding feast of God. But the Lord talks about the foolish bridesmaids who just went on in the world. They were looking, they had knowledge that the Lord Jesus was coming back, because that is why they went out to meet him but they didnt take enough oil. They didn't pray enough.

They were not dedicated and serious enough even though they knew that the Lord was returning and so they got left behind. It was too late to repent by the time the Lord came and while they were out trying to do so, he came and shut the door, it was locked and it was too late. While you are trying to get yourself ready for Christ if you leave it too late, then it is going to come upon you like a snare and you are going to be caught right out. That is why Satan has all these lies about the return of Jesus right now. Satan is trying to keep you asleep so you wont have oil in your lamp. Satan wants you to miss out on Jesus Christ because he knows that those who miss out will be in great shame and they will be told by Jesus, “Go away I don't know you nor where you are from depart from here”. Just like he said to the 5 foolish bridesmaids with no oil. And so Jesus is going to return like he said like a thief in the night, like a snare upon the unwatchful. And if you are not watching, if you are not prepared you are going to be caught out and it is going to be your own fault.

Don't listen to the lies of satan. Don't listen to Christians who say that the rapture is a lie, because they are deceived by satan and are not going to be with Jesus when he returns unless they get sharp and repent and make themselves ready for him. Many people will miss out, few will go. The Lord warned one of his servants in 2008 and 2009 that he is coming like a thief in the night and he said that be ready or you will be left behind. He said to be separate my people, come out of the world, be separate or you will be left behind. Friends are you ready for the return of Jesus Christ today? Are you doing the things that are unshakable? Or are you striving after the things of this world and all the perishable things on earth that will be burned up before God like smoke. Are you going to be caught out naked and ashamed no oil in your lamp? Will Jesus tell you to depart from here, I don't know you? Do you know the Lord? Are you ready for him? Or are you believing the lies of the devil at this time. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you....