Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today I want to talk about several things, very important things at this time. One of those things is the end of the world and the other thing is about the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to those who obey him and follow him to be the helper in times of trouble, and so he sent the Holy Spirit to everybody who professes his name and everybody who believes in him, to guide them and to help them through troubled times and to lead them through his ministry. That's what Jesus did. And no time is more critical to be led by the Holy Spirit than now, because now we are drawing towards the end of the world. Now there is lots of speculation about that. You can watch the TV and look at a lot of lies and lot of twisted truth, but then again you can look around and you can see the signs of the times. And all people now know that we are heading towards a very difficult time. The foundations of things are being shaken. Things are not as they were. The financial markets have been shaken. The world at its foundations has been shaken. There have been troubles of various kinds throughout the whole world, strange events, multiple animal deaths, mass deaths of fish, and many things throughout the earth that is baffled the scientists. And of course what you see on the TV is mostly lies about these things, or they don't report it at all.

Many people are asleep today because they spend their time listening to the lies that people tell them on TV, because that's what the people wanted to say on TV. They want to hide the truth. They did the same in World War II; they hid the truth. They did the same in the Chinese revolution; they hid the truth. And they hide the truth because they don't want you to know that you need to get ready or you need to prepare. They want you to be blind sheep following them. Now why is this? It is because we have the ruler of this world is the devil, and the devil is behind the kingdoms of this earth, and he has one agenda; and that is to suppress the truth and speak lies. Why? Because he is the father of all lies. And so the devil is here to suppress the truth and to keep you in the dark so that you can't come to the light. So the first thing he does is he is going to get into the churches. He is going to twist the truth in the Bible. He is going to speak his lies to the public on the TV or in whatever media he can use. The devil will use his lies and his deception to keep people who don't want to follow God, asleep. And that goes for the Christians as well. Those who are not led by the Holy Spirit will be in the dark. But you see we are not here to be in the dark.

We are here to be led by the Holy Spirit so that we can understand these things, and Jesus Christ will start to reveal to his sheep, his followers, what time they are in and what they should do. You see the Lord warned me several things. He warned me that trouble was coming. He warned me that I need to come out of the world and be separate, prepare for him. He prepared me to stand before him by his Holy Spirit, because his Holy Spirit came to be with me when I accepted the Lord and dedicated myself to him and asked for his spirit. And so the Holy Spirit came to lead and guide me into all truth. Now Christians who are not led by the Holy Spirit are in the darkness. They are led by their own minds and are even led by the voice of Satan. That is why many don't believe that we are heading to the end of the world even now. They don't believe that their comfortable life of computer games and rap music and rock music and movies and popcorn is going to come to an end. They don't believe that the return of the Lord is going to be like the days of Noah where people will be just living life as normal, business as usual. And then one person will be taken the other one left.

Two men will be working in a field, one was taken and the other left. For Lord said, “Behold I come as a thief in the night, blessed is he who is dressed and waiting so that you will not be naked and have to walk around in shame”. You can read that in the book of Revelation. Dear friends that is why I warn you today that we are approaching the end of the world and we need to have the Holy Spirit to be able to be prepared for Jesus Christ. Because if you do not have his Holy Spirit and if you don't know Jesus and you're still living your own way, if you are still living the ways of this world and following your own desires, you're going to be missing out and you won't make it into the wedding feast of the Lamb, and you're going to end up in big trouble. Because the trouble is coming. People are going to be caught out. The lies on TV are not going to wake you up to the truth. They are not going to tell you much truth on there. They are going to only say as much to keep people calm. To keep them continuing to follow their own ways so that there's not going to be too much trouble. Because people can be easily control if they trust in man, the government, if they trust in their armies, and so called Kings.

But that's what the Lord said is that people who trust in man are cursed. And that is why people get into so much trouble in this world; genocides, war, mass deaths, judgment upon those who trust in man. They get cursed. Who runs this world? Satan runs this world. So you go trust in the ways of Satan and in the things he has set up, you will get cursed. It is only those who seek to be led by the Holy Spirit, who are going to be able to be ready for the Lord, who are able to overcome. We read in the Bible about this overcoming, where James writes that: “Blessed is he who overcomes for when he has been tried and tested he shall inherit the crown of life”. And we read again in the words of Jesus, where he says in Revelation, the red letters: “Blessed is he who overcomes, for the overcomer's will walk with me in white for they are worthy, he who is victorious until the end to him shall be given to eat of the tree of life”. Victorious, overcome. We this term throughout the words of Jesus in the Bible and we also see these words in the apostle's letters where we see that those people who overcome are the ones who enter the kingdom. Now this overcoming is something you must do daily because we have the enemy in this world trying to stop us from being ready for the Lord, so he's going to send you like a bad dream, an evil dream to get your mind on the wrong things when you wake up. He is going to send you things that are going to cause you to stumble if you're not watchful, and that's why Jesus said, “Be watchful and alert at all times lest that time shall come upon you like a snare”. A snare catches people so quickly.

That's why the Lord said to be watchful at all times as you do not want to be caught out unawares, like a snare. And that's why dear friends we must overcome. We go along in our life of watching TV, we are not going to be able to overcome. We going to be deceived by lies; lies from the devil, lies from churches, lies from false ministers. Dear friends we need the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will alert you about any sin that is going to overtake you, and he's also going to alert you to anything you may have fallen into straight away giving you the chance to make sure you get it right and do overcome, he is going to give you help in temptation. You see many people have a lot of trouble in temptation. They are swayed this way and that way in temptation trying to work out if they really want to go after the temptation, if they really want to fall. They are trying to work out all the time if they want to be loyal to their love of sin inside that they are trying to turn away from, or they want to be loyal to God instead. The thing is in temptation, often the flesh is going to get the upper hand and you're going to end up just following the flesh if you are not led by the Spirit. And those who follow the flesh perish. It doesn't matter if you're Christian. It doesn't matter if you go to church. It doesn't matter if you read the Bible and you're a preacher and you do many things. If you fall to sin and you follow the flesh you will perish. The unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. So that is why we need to be led by the Spirit at this evil hour, because we have the devil coming against us daily trying to lose your footing so you will not be able to stand before the son of man when he returns. We have the flesh trying to trip you up at every turn because the old Man and the Spirit are at war and you will only win if you are led by the Holy Spirit and Jesus abides with you. Because as Jesus said that, “Without me ye can do nothing”.

You won't be able to overcome and be right with Jesus Christ. If he doesn't abide in you and you don't abide in him, then how can the vine cause you to bear good fruit? Can a branch severed from the vine bear fruit? Now, that's what Jesus said. He said that a branch that is severed from the vine cannot bear good fruit. It withers up and dies and the father will come along and he will cut off that branch and it will be gathered up and cast into the fire. That's what the Lord Jesus warns and that is why you need to abide in Jesus Christ. When I first came to Jesus Christ in repentance the Lord Jesus Christ kept telling me in my spirit, through the Holy Spirit; “Abide in me, abide in me, abide in me.” he kept telling me to abide in him. Now why does he say that? It is because it's the most critical and most important thing that you must do in order to be able to be led by the Holy Spirit and to enter the kingdom, you must abide in Jesus Christ so that you can bear a harvest so that the father can prune you. Now you can't abide in Jesus Christ while you sin. That is cutting yourself off. That means you're going to wither up. You can't abide in Jesus Christ while you are filling your eyes with evil and sin on the TV or movies. Nor can you abide in Christ when you fill your ears with wicked music, or you waste your time chasing your own pursuits and desires in this world. That is not abiding in Jesus Christ. That is abiding in the world. That's following the flesh and that is what will end you in big trouble before God because it is those who abide in the Lord Jesus Christ and in his words, prayer, spending their time in prayer and minds are focused on the Lord, it is these people who will be able to overcome, because they are bearing fruit and the father comes along and he sees that they bear fruit and he is well pleased. The end of the world is coming to friends, and if you aren't abiding in Jesus Christ when the crunch comes, you're just going to end up in the fire.

The Father will cut you off because you are not serious about him. You are not serious about Christ, you are more serious about the world but then the end comes and the world is taken away from you, what have you got left; empty-handed and naked before God walking around ashamed. What did Jesus say? He said, “Blessed is he who is waiting, watching, dressed in service, that he may not go around naked and ashamed.” the other week I talked about these wedding clothes, these robes of righteousness, these garments and it said in revelation what these garments were and they were the good deeds of God's holy people. So deeds that arise from you are abiding in Christ and that is something that you must do. You can't just abide in Christ by following the world and you just go to church. That is not abiding in Christ. It is actually a firm decision to go and seek the Lord so you can speak to speak to him, interact with him, be filled with his Holy Spirit, and spend your days with your mind and heart focused on the Lord, pleasing and doing his will. That's what abiding in Jesus Christ is. Jesus Christ becomes your pursuit. Instead of your career, Jesus Christ becomes your career, pursuit, and everything else is just what you must do as your responsibility, but you live for the Lord. And when you wake up in the morning you praise the Lord when you go to sleep you can praise the Lord. Throughout the day you can spend your time in listening to the Holy Spirit as you go about your daily duties and his duties that he gives you if you follow him. And that is how we are ready for the Lord when he returns, because the Lord said that, “Blessed is the man who is doing the will of the master when he returns, Surely I will sit him down and I will serve him myself…”, “So when the master returns unannounced, (at the end of the world), how much faith will he find?” Jesus talked about the end of the world. He said that at the end of the world there would be many signs, much trouble and terrible signs in the skies and on the earth. We've been seeing these signs. We been seeing the trouble beginning.

We been seeing all these things starting to take shape. Now a lot of people are asleep because they look at all the lies they are fed on TV. But when you led by the Spirit, you will see the times that we live in. the spirit will tell you how things are being set up for the coming trouble, about all those prophecies that are talked about in the Bible for these times. It is only those who are led by the Holy Spirit who are going to make it during this time. It is those who are following the world who are going to be caught out and they are going to be in great shame and regret and it is going to be too late. Too late to spend your time in service to Jesus Christ, too late to be holy, too late to serve Jesus and have a reward in heaven. It is going to be too late. Then you wish that you heeded the warnings from the people of God who were warning about it. That I myself heeded, because the Lord Jesus Christ is warning people that we are headed towards the end of the world. Now satan has his own counterfeits to try and blind everybody. So he brings about people saying that the end of the world will be here or there, and of corse it isn't because Satan is a liar. And so people start to relax and go back to sleep. At first they were alerted but then because of satins false alarms they just mock it all and go back to sleep and they think that they have another 300 million years. Dear friends you only have what is left of your lifetime to get it right and then that is it. Your next reality becomes the new eternity. And that eternity always ends up in the fire in hell or in the kingdom of God. And we are choosing our eternity down here even as we speak by what we do every day. Our actions choose our eternity whether or not we are going to enter the kingdom of heaven or fall into the fires of hell. Because we choose to disobey the warnings of God and we go on in the world and sin, we get cut off.

The churches are asleep. Christians choose to continue to follow the ways of perdition, the ways of sin, ungodliness. They don't want to be separate from the world. They want to continue partying and having fun and saying that drinking fine because Jesus was drinking they will say, and they'll continue to make excuses for living a life on the broad path to destruction. But then God is not mocked and in the end these people are going to reap much shame; as Jesus said those walking around naked and ashamed when he returns. But it is those who are dressed and watching who are not going to walk around in shame. They can see the times. They are filled with the Holy Spirit, and so they are able to be led by the Spirit at these times. And that's what the Lord Jesus did for me. He woke me up and I heeded and I decided to go and seek him. So I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me and to know me and I really meant it and because I really meant it the Lord Jesus came into my life and he set me free. He set me free from my sins I was stuck in. he gave me the power to follow and obey his ways, and so he got me ready for his return, and he continues to do so. But during my walk with the Lord I have to stay focused on him being led by the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit speaks to you in your heart and you can speak the language of the Holy Spirit in prayer. It is just like the apostles did; they were led the same way that we are led today by the Holy Spirit. But if you don't have the Holy Spirit like a lot of Christians don't have, then how can you be led? How can you abide in Jesus if you don't have the Holy Spirit? You might have a little faith, but you're going to be left behind because you are not dressed and ready. You will be walking around naked and ashamed as Jesus said. He said that, “Blessed are those who dressed so that they will not walk around naked and ashamed”.

We must have the Holy Spirit at this time. Jesus talked about this, saying, “I will send you the helper”. He also said that, “If you ask the Father he will give you the helper.” People say, “Well I don't have the Holy Spirit”. Well ask the father. Jesus said if you ask the father in his name he will give you the Holy Spirit. He said, “Does the father give his childless a stone when they ask for a fish? How much more is your heavenly father, who is much better than you, going to give his children the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” People they just don't spend time asking the Lord. The Lord showed me a few years ago the reason people don't get to know him is because they don't seek him. They don't want to seek him. They don't draw near him. They don't spend the time to seek. They might seek for five minutes and then they just go back to living a life of sin, and they seek again for five minutes while they, on the next hour, just go and start watching TV and being unserious. That's not the way to find the Lord. We can only find the Lord if we are serious about him and we really want his Spirit and we really want to be led by the Holy Spirit so that we can enter the kingdom of God, led by the Holy Spirit bearing fruit as Jesus Christ said. And the Holy Spirit will speak through you to warn others. You will have the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's wisdom is also the wisdom that the apostles had, and so when the have a look at the people who are led by the Holy Spirit, they and the apostles in the Bible will have the same doctrine. They will be led by the Spirit. They will know Jesus. They will be hearing him so they can know what to do.

Paul was asleep one night and he had a dream about people from Malta crying out across the water, “Please come and help us”. And so he knew that the Lord wanted him to go over to Malta. He went over there and many signs and miracles were worked because he walked in the power of the Holy Spirit. He knew what to do in the time that it came. He didn't know always what to do (future) or what the future held but each day he was led by the Holy Spirit. He was one of the servants of God with a specific task to achieve. Now you are no different; you live at the time of the end of the world and you need to be led by the Holy Spirit at this time be able to get into the wedding feast of the Lamb, to be able to do the works the Lord wants you to do to ready other people to do so. It is not doctrines and churches and Bible and whatever you want to try and follow. It's about getting to know Jesus of the Bible and being filled with the Holy Spirit as his word clearly says. Go and read his words for yourself. He says that those who follow him and obey him he'll give them the Holy Spirit to lead them to that they will not be in darkness. The Apostle themselves warned their churches that they must seek the Lord for wisdom. You must be led by God's Holy Spirit otherwise you will not make it and you will not know what to do. You will be in the dark and you will not understand what to do when this fragile economy we live in is going to crash. This tool I use right now is the Internet. That's only been around for the last 20 years and only the last 10 years and had been good enough to use. It is a fragile world. People at this time do not rely on electronics. This whole world will fall in a day if electricity fails. If your electronics get knocked out. Logistics and everything will crash in a day within two weeks you'll start to starve. If there was a big problem worldwide that caused disruption in electronics and all the freezers turned off and transport could not run, if there was big war the economy would collapse in a day. Your life here is so fragile. You know the Internet will go in the second as soon as a bomb goes off. All your communication will go down straight away. The only people who can communicate will be those with radios and even then they might not work. Friends the world you live in is very fragile.

The way we live now is hanging by a thread and if you are not led by the Holy Spirit at this time and things come down around you, and they will in time, you are not going to be running around not knowing what to do. It is going to be too late to cry out to God. Too late by then friends when the walls come down. Your time to do that is now. The time to be ready is now. The time to being filled with the Holy Spirit is now because when that time comes there is not enough time to go and get more oil. The bridesmaids went to try and get some more oil but it was not enough time. They came back and it was too late. They were told to go away. It is the same with now. You've got it made use of the time you have now, because the Lord has his servant now warning now, and he gets us ready now who are listening now. Because when the walls come down, and they will, when trouble starts, and it's going to, then what you going to do if you don't know Jesus, you are not led by his Holy Spirit and you are still worried about the things of this world, the cares of life. I will tell you what's going to happen; you are going to get choked out. Jesus said that the people who follow the cares of this world and follow the pride of life, their seed dies. He said the seed that landed on the weedy ground, he said that the weeds grew up and choked out the seed. The cares of this life. Friends it is time to separate ourselves from this immoral society. It is time to separate ourselves from following our own desires. It is signed to separate ourselves unto the Lord Jesus Christ so that we can become led by the Spirit. Filled with the Holy Spirit. And that's what I was wanting to talk to you today about was the end of the world and the Holy Spirit. When the end comes and you don't have the Holy Spirit, then you're going to be naked and ashamed, no oil, caught out, and everything in the Bible condemns you, everything. Those who aren't ready, people get cut off, no clothes get cast out. You have to be ready, and the time to be ready is now. We still have time today to get ready. But we don't know when it will finish and it will. Jesus said that the time will come upon the world like a trap, a snare. Upon the unwatchable this time will be like a snare warns Paul. And it will just catch them all out like a snare. They will be caught in the trap and it will be too late.

The Lord Jesus Christ has warned many people throughout the world of the coming troubles, the coming war, coming earthquakes. I myself have seen massive tsunamis coming, all held back right now just to give you some more TIME. Time to get ready, time to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The time is now. And those who take use of the time and get themselves ready are going to be protected in those hours. And the Lord talks about several things about that time. He talks about Shadrach, and Abednigo, those men who were thrown into the fiery furnace and they were walking around and king Nebuchadnezzar was astonished. And then a fourth man appeared and he had them pulled out and they were completely unharmed even know were in a 800° furnace. Even their clothes didn't burn yet the people who threw the men in died from the heat. It was a very hot furnace. How much more is the Lord Jesus Christ going to be able to save you if you walk with him, if you walk with Jesus Christ. How much more is he going to be able to save you from trouble, from the trials coming upon the world, if you're led by his Holy Spirit. Is it not written that Jesus says that, “I will spare you from the hour of trial if you follow my commandments and obey me.” If you persevere, that's what he said in Relation, if you persevere, if you are faithful. And that is what we are here to be today dear friends. We are here to be faithful and persevere, hallelujah, being led by the Holy Spirit so that we can understand what we must do.

And that is what I am here to warn you today to do. Warn you about the end of the world and warn you about the Holy Spirit. Now people can mock and say, “Well where is the end of the world?” Well there is no end of the world now because we are in the time for you to get ready for the Lord and he has held these things back. But I tell you truly that the end of the world does happen to people every day, and they go and face their eternity either in heaven or in hell depending on how they lived their life. Because how you live your life is very critical to where you end up as Jesus himself shows; he talks about those who live their life as obedient servants turning to the Lord, following him in all they do, and he talks about these servants getting a reward in heaven and the king saying well done my faithful servant. And he also talks about those who don't do anything, they are lazy servants drinking with the drunkards and carousing with the world, and Jesus tells them to get out. He casts them out into the outer darkness. Such servants don't inherit the kingdom of God, lazy. They hide their money in the ground. They do nothing. They don't live holy. They are not led by the Holy Spirit. But dear friends we are not here to be like this. We are here to be ready for the end of the world. As much as people mock it, the end of the world is coming. Jesus has warned about the end of the world. He has warned that it is coming. He's warned that there's going to be destruction and trouble. All your delicate life relying electronics is going to go.

There is going to be starvation, no food, persecution, and trial. And it is all a result of the wicked ways of man. Our wicked ways. And it is only those who are following the Lord who are going to escape. They are going to be kept safe. So unless you are led by the Holy Spirit, how can you know what to do? How can you be able to be holy? How can you turn away and overcome your sins, overcome your temptations, if you are not led by the Holy Spirit? That is why I warn you today to become led by the Holy Spirit. Go ask the father. Jesus said that, “If you ask the father for the Holy Spirit in my name he will give you”. Then you will be able to pray to the father in different tongues. You will be able to be led by the Holy Spirit and listen to what he tells you. You'll be able to stop listening to Satan. A lot of Christians are actually listening to Satan and not listening to God. They think they are but they don't know Jesus, they don't have his spirit. When you don't have the Holy Spirit you can hear Satan instead. People say, “So you got strange voices talking to you now?”

But these unbelievers will say themselves about the trouble they got into that they listened to the “little voice”. What little voice? I say, I though that was for crazy people. They say “I listened to the little voice instead of their conscience. They listen to Satan. The little voice egging them on to go and sin, they said, “I didn't listen to the right way”. They listened to the little voice they said. And they don't listen to their better conscience. And what happened is they end of the fire and the same with Christians. The little voice starts telling them all sorts of evil and they start listening to it. It doesn't line up with what God says. It doesn't line up with the teachings of the Holy Spirit. It doesn't line up with the Holy Spirit's truth that you can find in the Bible. So if things don't lineup with the Holy Spirit that you have inside, well it's not the truth. So dear friends it is a critical at this time, to become led by the Holy Spirit in all we do. If we aren't led by the Holy Spirit we are going to perish. And if we're going to perish we are going to end up in the fire. So I want to ask you today; are you preparing yourself for the end of the world by being led by the Holy Spirit? Are you preparing yourself to stand before Jesus on robes not naked. Or are you just being carried away by the world not preparing, and so you become like the foolish man who builds his house on the sand and what happens is your destruction will be great......