Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well today I wanted to read what the words that Jesus had for the church and I want to ask the church: where is our zeal gone for the Lord? We have a lot of our gatherings are full of wonderful dinners, worship songs, and missions for Jesus, but few people are living for Jesus and this is the problem and time is running out to be able to live for Jesus and so we have at this hour that the Lord has warned his servants. He has warned them to come out of the world or you'll be left behind and that's the warning and that's the message is that the Lord gives at this time that we must come out of the world or be left behind. And at this time as in the days of the apostles, we have amongst us people who are not serious. They are like Judas or like Simon Magnus the sorcerer and he was a believer and he came and he wanted the Holy Spirit too but his heart wasn't in the right place and for him it was about money. And so we have this church at this time they have married the world. They're not married to Jesus Christ and that's what Jesus said. He warns about this in the book of Revelation in the letters to the churches and he says: Why have you departed from your first love?”

Why have you left your first love, he says. You know many have forsaken the truth and they've left their first love and so Jesus always writes: I've got something against thee, I've got something against thee. What has Jesus got against you? What has he got against you? He had against the the the churches that they were tolerating the Jezebel Spirit and tolerating evil. They were accepting sexual sin, they were following false doctrines and they were accommodating sexual sin and the Jezebel Spirit and they had left their first love and that's what Jesus said in the letters of revelation, he said: I've got something against thee. What has he got against us today? What have we done that he has something against us. And that's what Jesus Christ said. He said we are living for the world: worldliness, living for self, lukewarmness. He said: I will speak thee out… Accepting sexual sin, chasing after money, tolerance of evil, diluting the truth, and that's what Jesus said: I have something against thee… Against thee. He said: If you do not repent, I'm going to come upon you suddenly. What is going to happen then? So don't think that we're going to enter any wedding feast of the Lamb while we are married to the world because we wont inherit the kingdom of God while we are married to this world.

So where has the zeal for Christ gone? There is little zeal for Christ left in the churches of men. People are not zealous for Jesus anymore. We are not spending our time interceding for the lost but more interested in entertainment. But how does entertainment bring anybody to Christ? And where is one single drunk, one single sinner who came to Jesus because of Christian entertainment. There arent any because entertainment doesn't bear fruit and it's only when we turn to the truth and we follow Jesus in the truth in the salt and the fire, it is only then that people repent. And Jesus warned about this he said: I warn you, you have a few, a few of you, who have not soiled your garments in evil and they shall walk with me in white. Now these few people they haven't soiled their garments in evil but what of the majority of us who soil our clothes in evil? A few of us don't but what of those who do? And what are these garments? I want to read to you about what these garments are so I'm turning to the revelations chapter 19 where Jesus Christ speaks these words: Then I heard again the sound of a vast crowd and a roar of mighty oceans and a shout of praise the Lord, our Lord our God Almighty reigns. So let us be glad and rejoice, let us honor him for the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb and his bride has prepared herself. She has been given the finest pure white linen to wear; good works for the fine linen represents the good deeds of Gods people… So we have these good deeds as the garments of the bride; those who are worthy, those who are entering the wedding feast of the Lamb. Good deeds, good righteous works. But Jesus kept saying to the churches he said: I have a something against thee, I've got something against you. Now what has Jesus got against you today?

Is it that you have left your first love? He said: You have left your first love, look how far you have fallen, Ive seen your works how good they are, you were zealous for me but you left your first love. He says: Repent before I come upon you and remove your lamp-stand from its place. He talks about tolerating sexual sin. He says I've got that against you, you tolerate the spirit of Jezebel in the churches. So people Jesus has a lot of things against us if we're not serious and zealous for the Lord. And don't think we're going to be entering any wedding feast of the lamb soon while we are married to this world. Now Jesus said that these robes that we don't stain are our good works which are those following the truth and his paths, and many of us are soiling those robes in evil. Yet Jesus said that some of you are soiling your robes because he said there's a few of you who are not and such people I will not erase out of my book of life. So we're looking at people being either erased or being left in the book of life according to whether or not they stain their robes in evil. It's written in Exodus 33:32 that the Lord said: I will erase him who sins against me out of my book. And the Lord himself said this.

And so where is our zeal, our works. Where is our good works for the Lord? Are they all used up now in entertainment? Do we just spend our time in entertainment! Why are we not zealous for Jesus Christ? That is the thing of the today's church friends is that we are not zealous for Christ no more. Why aren't we zealous for him? We got to be zealous, zealous in the first works that are love, service, truth. You know the apostles in Acts spent their time doing one thing and that was spreading the Gospel and meditating in the words of the truth. And they said they spent their time doing these things in prayer and dedication to the new way, in the book of acts. But I don't see a lot of that going on these days but dear friends we don't want to be left out of the wedding feast of the Lamb and the Lord warned his servants in these last hours. He has warned them again and again. He is saying this: come out of the world my people or you'll been left behind. He is calling you out of the world. He is not calling you to escape, he is calling you to get out of the world because he doesn't want you to end up in the fire. There is no escape route. There is only you serving Christ and entering the kingdom of God whenever the Lord decides that, or you are going to be left out of the wedding feast. That's what Jesus talked about, and those who are left out they just walked sadly away. Jesus said: I don't know you. Jesus said: the kingdom of heaven is like 10 bridesmaids who took their lands and they went out to meet the bridegroom and five were foolish and didn't take enough oil and then the bridegroom came and the shout went out; the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him. And all the bridesmaids got up and trimmed their lamps but the foolish ones said “Please give us some oil because our lamps are running out of oil”. And the five wise people said, “we can't give you we have only enough for ourselves”. And so the others replied they would go to the shop and will buy some and they went to when they were gone the bridegroom came and he took them into the marriage feast and he locked the door. And the five foolish ones returned and they said, “Lord opened for us”. And the Lord said, “I don't know you nor where you are from”. He said, “Depart from me you workers of iniquity”. Iniquity dear friends, he says depart from me. And this is what happens to people who aren't ready for Jesus Christ. They are going to be told, “Depart from me I don't know you, where are you from!” And these people they didn't get into the wedding feast of the Lamb, and now here we are right at the start of the time for the wedding feast of the Lamb right now, and many of you are just not ready. You're not ready to go into the kingdom of heaven now.

You know either we die, and we go to the kingdom of heaven or we go to the Kingdom of Hell. There are no in-betweens here. And if you're not ready for the kingdom of heaven, you can't enter it if you were to die today or the Lord come to take his people to the wedding feast today. You will not go. And people have lost their zeal for Christ. Where is our zeal for Christ? How many days out of the week are we spending interceding for the lost. When are we going and praising God? I am not talking about entertainment, I am talking about real praise of your God. How long do you spend praising him? How long do you spend going out and praying spending time with God? Do we spend most of our time simply following the world, are we spending it in front of the TV? Are we spending most of our time chasing our sport? That is what a lot of people spend their time they'll prefer to chase a sport but five minutes of prayer at night to Jesus is all he ever gets. That's not serving the Lord with all your heart mind and soul! Jesus says to serve him and it is written in the Commandments to love your Lord with all your heart. But people they don't love the Lord with all their heart. It is because of one word and that is LAZY. I don't want any of us to be lazy dear friends. I want to enter the kingdom and be rewarded and you also. How are we going to enter the kingdom as lazy servants? It is not going to happen.

Lazy servants don't go to the kingdom. They don't go, and that's what Jesus said. He said about these lazy servants he said there was a parable of three servants and he said the kingdom of heaven can be in the illustrated by a man going on a long trip. Now you want to look at the words “kingdom of heaven” right? So the kingdom of heaven is illustrated by this story. The kingdom of heaven is illustrated by a man going on a long trip. He called together his servants and entrusted them with money and while he was gone he gave them five bags of silver and two bags to another and one to another and he divided it in the portion to their abilities. So we have different abilities here that we can serve Jesus and Jesus gives us accordingly. Some people get a lot and they've got a really big ministry. Other people they don't get much and they seem like they're the least in the kingdom of God. But nevertheless they've got a job to do even if it's a really little job. It's still a job to do. Anyway the master went away and then after a long time he came back and he called them to account for what they had used the money for and the servant who had been entrusted with 5 bags of silver came forward and said, “Master you have given me five bags now I have got five more”. So he was very faithful. He worked hard and he made sure that he got a good return on what he was given. Same with the other servant who got two bags but the one who got the one he came forward in he said, “Lord I knew you were a hard man and I was afraid to lose your money, so I hid it in the earth so look here it is back”. And he do anything he was a lazy servant. And the master replied, “You wicked lazy servant, you knew that I didn't harvest where I didn't cultivate why didn't you at least deposit money with the bankers”. And so he ordered, “take the money from this servant and cast this lazy useless servant into the outer dark where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth”. And that's what Jesus said in the parable of the three servants, Matthew ch 24. now which one of us is going to be caught out on that day when the master should return and ask for his money? What did you do with your salvation when you got given your salvation? When you got set free from sin and given the power to live a new life, what did you do with that gift? Did you use it to reach other people for the kingdom of God? Or did you just be lazy useless servant and do nothing at all with what the Lord gave you. Dear friends we don't want to be like this. We want to be working our talent reaching others for the Lord and doing what he said and being faithful with what he tells us. That's what we should be doing.

Now dear friends, again, these holy robes that we are given, these white robes, they come from Jesus Christ and are our good works, righteous paths, being holy. I want to read it to you again where it says in Revelation chapter 19 verse eight: she has been given (and that she is the bride) she has been given the finest of pure white linen to wear. The finest of pure white linen and the fine linen represents good deeds of God's holy people… So we see that these good deeds and the being faithful servants and being wise virgins, is the only way to make it into the kingdom of God triumphantly. I want to bring your attention to another parable that Jesus talked about where he said that there was a certain wedding and in the feast the king came along and he noticed one of the men there and he wasn't dressed in wedding clothes. He wasn't dressed in this fine linen, this linen of good deeds of God's people that we read about in revelations 19 verse eight. What did Jesus say about this servant about this man? He said, “get this man bound hand and foot and cast out for look he is wearing these dirty clothes”. And in the parable Jesus said: “why are you wearing these clothes?”

And we read that the man was speechless. You see you will be speechless too if you get to the wedding feast yet you did nothing for the kingdom of God. NO WORKS. You didn't serve the Lord. You didn't grow what he gave you. Friends we are here to grow what the Lord gave us. We are here to spread the good news. We are here to be worthy servants, hard working for the kingdom of God. Instead of being hard-working, the church today has this: “I have this against thee”, says the Lord. That is what Jesus said, “I have something against you, you left your first love”. No longer zealous, no longer interceding praying, more interested in entertainment and having fun, going along to church and instead of spending time in getting close to Jesus. I see people more ready to go to the bar and have a drink together or they go to the coffee shop afterwards or the ice cream parlor or they go to their homes and have game nights. Dear friends following Jesus without being very serious about serving him and leading others to do so is foolish. And the only way we can be pleasing to the Lord is if we ourselves have dedicated ourselves to him so that we can find him. And that's what I did. You see I used to go along to church but I wasn't very serious about it. I was the lazy servant, I did nothing. I just lived for my own desires. I chased my own sports. I was interested in serving myself and having fun with the other churchgoers, but I wasn't very interested in serving Jesus Christ. I was more interested in having a good time and I wasn't fearful of being the lazy servant who wasn't serving in the kingdom of God. I was more interested in doing my own will and that's when Jesus pulled me out of that and told me to wake up, because Jesus says again he says: “I have something against thee”. He calls the people to wake up, to come out. He says, “Come out of the world my people or you'll been left out”. And that is what I was talking today is people being left out of the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Dear friends we don't want to be left out. We want to be a wholly dedicated to Christ today where we can bring people into the kingdom also and bear fruit for the kingdom so that when Jesus returns he will call each person to account for their deeds. And he's going to call you forward. And supposing you're the lazy servant who hasn't increased his talent? God forbid that he should call you forward and you say that you haven't increased it and he should tell you “have this person thrown into the outer darkness”! God forbid that should ever happen dear friends. So that is why I want to warn everybody: let us BE READY for the wedding feast of the Lamb and let us be found doing the works of the mast and whatever he brings you to do, having oil in our lamp when we serve the Lord so we will not be cast away and left out of the wedding feast and have Jesus say: “I don't know you nor where you are from depart from here”. And that's what he said he would say. Now supposing we have the world full of Christians, and we do! Now supposing out of those Christians we have SERIOUS Christians, and yes we do we have serious Christians. Now supposing out of those serious Christians we have Christians who are actually lights in the darkness with their lamps burning and yes we have them also. And now supposing out of those Christians we have people who are serious about the return of the Lord and they know he is coming back and they're getting ready and so they've gone out into the darkness to wait for him. Now supposing out of those very select few, supposing that only FIVE are ready and only FIVE the Lord takes with him. Are you even in among any of those numbers?

It narrows it down the dear friends, it narrows it right down. Many people aren't even out of the world. They are not even lights in the darkness for a start. They don't even have a lamp burning anyway, let alone being part of the few that might have their lamps burning. Now out of those who have their lamps burning, which one of you will be the lucky give? Dear friends we got to think about this. You know, how tuned in to the Holy Spirit are we today? How much do we spend our time focused on Jesus Christ having his spirit flow through daily? How much time do you spend in zealousness of pursuit of the Lord in prayer asking him to know you? How much time do you spend dear friends in pursuing the Lord; prayer, dedication to him, interceding for the lost. Out of those 10 virgins will you be among the five? Maybe you are not even among that number at all. Maybe today you don't even know Jesus Christ. Maybe you don't even know that he is going to come back.

Dear friends it is time to get serious and that's what I'm here to tell you today. I'm here to tell you today that it is time NOW to get serious for the Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late. It is time NOW to dedicate to him and to become a wise servant who is serving the Lord in zealousness every day. Spending your time in prayer, being serious about him in all you do. It is time NOW to spend our time in prayer. Find what the Lord wants you to do if you don't know it. If you don't know what he wants you to do and you can't hear him then go and ask and find. Seek till you find because we don't want to end up being one of these foolish virgins or not even any of them at all. Now praise the Lord that today we can dedicate to the Lord and we can really come to find the Lord because those who seek will find says the Lord. Now I want to read on a what the Lord Jesus Christ said. He said in Matthew to 24: A faithful sensible servant is one whom the master can give the responsibilities of managing his other servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds his servant has done a good job there will be a reward. But what if the servant is evil and he thinks that “My master won't be back for a while”, and he begins beating up the other servants and getting drunk. The master will return unannounced he will cut the servant into pieces and cast the servant out into the place where hypocrites are and in this place there is the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

And so dear friends that's why I am warning today; are we dedicated and serious servants for the Lord Jesus Christ? How dedicated are we to him? Are we zealous servants for the Lord? Is everyday consumed by the thought of serving Jesus Christ in prayer? Or is the master going to return and going to find us living in the world with the drunkards. And that's the sad reality of the fact is that the master is going to return soon and how is he going to catch most of you out? You are just going to either end up in one place or the other by this verse; the outer darkness with the hypocrites or in the kingdom of God. Now we want to make it into the kingdom of God dear friends. We don't want to be cast away with the hypocrites. Let us enter the kingdom. Let us not be the groups of Christians who go after this teaching or that teaching, and they're like water in that they change all the time. Or let us not be the believers who profess they know the truth and they look very righteous and they're able to tell a drunk: “Hey you are on your way to hell repent”. Of they are able to tell a cursing person, “those words will condemn you repent”. Yet they themselves during the rest of the week, they are doing things that are displeasing to God when he's not looking, when they think he is not looking.

And so they're spending their time doing little sins in secret but the Lord Jesus knows our hearts. He knows those times when you're being a hypocrite and we don't want to be cast out as hypocrites dear friends. Because the hypocrites will have the same place in the fires as the unbelievers and those who don't repent and don't want to repent. So dear friends Jesus says this he says: “Blessed is the servant who will be found doing the will of the master when he returns”. And that's what I wanted to talk about today is: how are we getting ready for the wedding feast of the Lamb? Are we going to be caught out unawares, unprepared, not zealous! Are we going to be have Jesus come upon us suddenly where he says: If you don't repent, I will come upon you suddenly at an hour you don't expect. And he says he's removing you from the place among the churches. Dear friends we don't have this happen to us. We want to be very serious about serving Jesus Christ today. Now I want to talk about how Jesus Christ said it will be when he returned suddenly. He said: “in those days when the Son of Man returns it will be like the days of Noah, and people will be partying and having a good time”. Now this is what the Christian church is doing today that have gone to sleep and they haven't woken up. And I want you to wake up. Don't go partying with them. Don't be having a good time with them because Jesus said that the people didn't realize what was happening right up until the hour that the flood came and swept them away. And that is what's going to happen to you dear friends if you don't separate yourself from the world now and get yourself ready for this wedding feast of the Lamb. Get yourself ready in service to the King. Be found sensible worthy servants so that you won't be cast away hallelujah. And that's what we are here to do. We are not here to be cast away.

We are here to be worthy servants of the Lord Jesus Christ so that when the master returns he will find us doing the will of the master. We are not going to be like that lazy servant who didn't grow his talent and so we ended up on the outside and ended up getting cast into the fire because that's what it says it says. It says that the lazy servant will be cast out. We don't want to be like the five foolish bridesmaids who didn't have enough oil in their lamp and they didn't spend their time in prayer. We don't want to be like these people, friends. Who want to be the serious Christians for the Lord Jesus Christ and focused on serving him and doing what he leads us to do. That's all we want to do. So when the time comes and when the wedding feast of the Lamb happens then we will be ready for the Lord Jesus said this, he says: “You must keep watch for you do not know the day your Lord will return. Understand this that if a home owner knew exactly when a burglar was coming he would keep watch and wouldn't permit his house to be broken into, so you also must be ready all the time for the Son of Man will come when least expected”… Least expected! Suddenly thief in the night! So dear friends I want to warn you today that the Lord Jesus Christ has warned with these words; Come out of the world my people come out of the world. He says to come out of the world come out of the world my children or you'll be left behind. And that's what the Lord warns in these last hours. He wants you to come out of the world. He warns you to be separate. He warns you to obey his command and persevere. He doesn't want to have anything against you. Yet time again we read in Revelation that Lord Jesus says, “I have something against thee, I have something against thee.” Now what did Jesus say about those who did obey his commandments? He says: “because you have obeyed my commandments to persevere, I will protect you from the greatest time of testing that will come upon the whole world to test those who belong in the world, I'm coming soon hold onto what you have so that nobody will take your crown.”

Jesus always talks about being victorious and he says those who are victorious will become pillars in the temple of my God. Now “victorious” and “persevering” and “obeying the commandments of the Lord”, these are the things that we should be doing today. And it's something that you must do, growing in the Lord. You must spend your time persevering with Jesus, persevering in the faith. And when days come when you may not feel so faithful it is time to persevere and give it your all for the kingdom of God. Give everything you have to serving Jesus Christ and asking, “please Lord lead me to overcome”, whatever it is that you have a trouble with. And many people they might have a trouble with a certain sin or a certain problem. It is because you need to go to Jesus to be set free from this sin and you can't be a servant of Jesus while you got sin in your life and while you're getting these sins in in your life, in your everyday life, you can't be a serious servant for Jesus Christ. While your TV is more precious to you than spending time out with the Lord, you can't be his servant and you can't be a worthy servant. You can't be a worthy servant if you are not prepared today to separate yourself from the ways of this world and separate yourself unto the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not going to work. To be worthy servants we have to give ourselves to Jesus Christ today and dedicate ourselves to following him in all we do. That's the way to the worthy servant's hallelujah. It is the only way. I want to read you what Jesus said in Matthew 24 where he said that “two men will be working together in a field, one will be taken and the other left”.

And he says, “you too must keep watch for you do not know the time that the Lord is coming”. And we've been warned. The Lord has warned time again. He keeps warning to come out of the world be separate or you will be left behind. That is what Jesus says, and are you going to heed that warning today? Are you going to come out of the world today and be separate or you will be left behind? Do you want to be with Jesus in the wedding feast of the Lamb? Now this wonderful wedding feast of the Lamb, Jesus talks about it. I read it again where it says: Let us be glad and rejoice, let us give honor to the Lord for the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb and his bride has prepared herself. She has been given fine pure white linens wear and the fine white linen represents the good deeds of God's holy people, and the angel said to me, “Write this: blessed are they who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb”. These are the true words that come from God… in Revelation 19 verse seven. And so we read about this wonderful wedding feast of the Lamb, we read about the bride who has prepared herself, and we read about the white clothes of good deeds of the holy people of God. And we ask ourselves this question: are we among that number? Are we among the number of people preparing ourselves? Or are we unprepared, unfruitful, living for ourselves, living for our desires, sinning still, practicing evil, practicing the ways that go to the fire, living on the broad path with sinners doing the things that sinners do. If we are no different from them, how do you think that you ever make it into that glorious wedding feast of the Lamb?

Let us not fool ourselves. Let us make it into the wedding feast of the Lamb lest we be cast out and lest the time should come and we will not make it and Jesus will say: “go away I don't know you”. Because you didn't have enough oil and you were not ready when Jesus came so he didn't know you, he just didn't know you. Dear friends let us not have this happen to us today. What is there in your life today that needs to be put out? Swearing perhaps? Lust? A lustful eye? Lying? Unfruitfulness? Maybe you're not dedicated to Jesus today. Maybe you are not really working in God's kingdom. Maybe just don't know Jesus so you just don't know what to do. Well now is the time to spend your time in preparing yourself in prayer. That's the way to prepare. So you go away, repent of your distractions, repent of following all these things that take us away from Christ, and you simply go and tell Jesus, talk to him, and you ask him to lead you. You ask him to help you be separate. You ask him to know you. You ask him to get yourself ready for the wedding feast. You prepare yourself. And so you read this verse and it says: The time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb and his bride has prepared herself. Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb. Are you ready? Have you prepared yourself?

Or have you just left it another day too long and you are still not prepared. Last-minute preparations didn't work for the five foolish bridesmaids. There was not time to run back to the shops and repent. It was too late. And that's what's going to happen to many. It is going to be too late. Time will just run out so that's why I'm here today to warn you: don't let time run out on you today. Prepare yourself to be a worthy servant so that when Jesus calls you to account soon he'll say well done, well done. Maybe you were only worthy for a short time and other people have been worthy all their life, it doesn't matter. Jesus is looking at what have you done once you got serious about him. Were you a worthy servant? Were you found to be worthy? Were you watching? Jesus says: “look I come as unexpectedly as a thief, blessed are you who are watching”. He says blessed are those who are watching. Blessed are you who are watching for me for blessed are you who keep their clothing ready so that they will not walk out naked and ashamed. I want to read to you what it says in Revelation 16 verse 13 where John said: I saw three evil spirits come out that look like frogs in the mouth of the dragon beast and the false prophet and they were the demonic spirits that go out working miracles and to gather together people to battle against the Lord. Look I am unexpectedly as a thief, blessed are you who are watching for me. Blessed are you who keep their clothing ready so that they will not have to walk around naked and ashamed… Are you keeping your clothing ready? Do you not even have clothes? These clothes that I read about before are our good works, service to Jesus Christ, and our seriousness. The key to this whole talk today is how serious are you today about the wedding feast of the Lamb?...