Sunday, March 31, 2013


Holiness is a separation from worldliness. Holiness is being holy in your actions. Luke-warmness is the opposite of holiness. Lukewarmness is apathy towards holiness; a lack of seriousness towards everyday personal holiness. Holiness is things we do in our personal life. It is not how we preach. We can preach and talk about Jesus in many church meetings or on the Internet or meetings wherever we want to. You will be judged on your actions in your heart. On how you act towards people and how you act towards the Lord, on how you seek to love him and serve him. You'll be judged on whether you have pride or where you do things out of love for the Lord. You will be judged on your actions. An apathy towards holiness is lukewarmness. People who are lukewarm towards Jesus and apathetic towards holiness, which means that they're not striving to get into the narrow gate, they are going to be left out on the outside of the narrow gate to heaven. They are going to be like the foolish bridesmaids who got left out of the wedding feast of the Lamb. That is why personal holiness is so very important. If you really want to make it into that narrow gate into the kingdom of heaven, into the rapture, you have to have personal holiness. You have to be striving to enter into that narrow gate. You have to be serious about doing whatever it takes for you to make it in. you have to be serious about the words of Jesus when he said strive to enter through the narrow gate and where he said the you must be perfect as the Heavenly Father is. Because we all know that without holiness and without a pure heart we can't see God.

And Jesus himself says that unless you become like a child you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. And so that is why we must seek to have a purer heart. To have personal holiness and to strive to enter the narrow gate and not get left out, we got to strive in prayer before the Lord and pray and be serious about every action we do and choose to do. We've got to start taking responsibility of our thoughts and our actions and our intentions and start bringing them to the will of God. We got to start bringing our things towards Jesus that we need to get out and have him help us put these things out and become pure; purified by his blood. But he is not going to purify you if you're lukewarm and apathetic towards holiness. If you are one of these Christians who says, “I'm saved and sealed but you know I will sin every day”. If you are like that Jesus isn't going to wash you clean because you're just not serious and you are apathetic towards your own personal holiness. You're not willing to accept that Jesus said that everything sin must go and to pluck it out for it's better to do so than end up in hell. You would heed the words of Jesus where he says all your idle words will condemn or acquit you on the last day so in other words you will not be apathetic towards holiness but very serious and dedicated, clinging to the narrow way that you may enter through the narrow gate at all costs.

It means that you are constantly evaluate yourself. You're constantly evaluating how you act daily hourly. In situations where you fall you make up how you are not going to do it again in repentance before the Lord. You spend your time in prayer, because holiness is the opposite of worldliness. You don't go and chase sports and watch the TV and have fun in the world and chase after all your desires all these things because if you do that you're lukewarm and Jesus will spit you out of his mouth even you say you're saved and sealed in believing in Jesus. It is not going to help you get into the narrow way if you yourself are not serious about holiness. Because if you're serious about holiness then you would go and your time abiding in Jesus Christ in prayer because you know that without Jesus abiding in you and you abiding in him you can't bear good fruit. And so if you can't bear good fruit, how are you going to enter the kingdom if you don't abide with the Lord? So that is why I warn you today dear friend that you must be holy. You must pursue holiness.

You must dedicate prayer to the Lord. You must spend your time striving to enter that narrow way, because many are going to try but so few are going to get through. So we got to make it our mission, your mission, to get through the narrow gate. Think about your personal holiness everyday. What area of your life do you need to hand over to the Lord today? What do you need to put out? That all goes for me too. And so we have to be serious about our personal holiness today before God and don't make excuses for even one single sin, one single disobedience, and following the world. Remember worldliness is the opposite of holiness. To be holy means you separate from the ways of this fallen generation. Are you ready to do that? Are you going to get through the narrow gate? Or are you going to be found out on the outside......