Tuesday, March 5, 2013


There are times in our walk with Christ when we make mistakes, but quitting is not an option for those who want to enter the kingdom of God. If it is that you have fallen to a sin today and you have fallen away from the truth in some way big or small, do not quit but get right back into the race of faith in full repentance and rededication. Overcomes are the ones who enter the kingdom of God, not those who do not overcome.

People who learn from their mistakes and they grow and become mature followers of Christ, these are the ones that become the overcomes that enter God's kingdom. Those of us who fall away from the truth and then we just quit and we go other paths, there remained no hope for us for salvation unless we turn away from our false ways and become endurance runners in the race of faith. There is no salvation for quitters, so if you make a mistake today, if you have fallen into any evil any false way any path that is ungodly, or anything that is displeasing to God, repent of it quickly and get up and follow the Lord with all your heart lest he shall come upon you suddenly at a time that you do not expect and remove your lamp-stand from its place. Let us be serious today dear friends, that is the secret. If you are serious and earnest about your walk with the Lord in all you, you are going to find the right path and Jesus is going to lead you into salvation......