Monday, March 4, 2013


Jesus Christ is not religion. Religion is man's doctrines, mans churches, mans theology, but Jesus Christ himself and the father in heaven are not religion. Religion is man made, its ideas, philosophies and thoughts of man that they put together into an idea or organisation. And religion makes for themselves many followers, money…. But the living God your God who created you and all you can see, who sent his son Jesus Christ to died for your sins, he is not religion. That is a deception from the devil. Religion holds people from getting to know Jesus.

Religion causes people to hurt each other, to fight, to cause wars, but religion has nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus came and brought the truth. He is the truth; the way the truth and the life. Apart from him there is no other way. If you want to get to know your living Creator and be saved from the reality of hell, then you need to turn to Jesus Christ, for he is a reality in the kingdom of God. This very minute he is alive and breathing. He is waiting to fill you with the Holy Spirit. He is not religion. He is a reality, but few people believe so few people are saved. It is time to get to know Jesus Christ today and free yourself from religion, philosophies, ideas of men, all their studies, even these things also are religion. They make religion out of the Bible. They make religion out of their churches. They have got leaders of their religions, but none of those lead to the kingdom of God. Your church may look good on the outside and it may sound nice on the inside but still they are not the way to heaven. The only way to heaven is if you yourself get to know Jesus Christ and have him set you free from sin, for he is a reality and he is not a religion. Go get to know him. He is there to be found. I sought him and I found. You will also if you go and seek…...