Saturday, March 30, 2013


So dear friends today I want to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, his gospel. And I was praying today and the Lord Jesus Christ talked to me about his gospel, and how it's such good news for us on this earth at this time to have access to this gospel. You see none of us are in hell yet, none of us are in in the middle of a big war is something and in darkness and the fear and calamity. We have a chance of the gospel and we've heard about the gospel and got a chance to find out about this gospel and what exactly is the gospel of Jesus Christ. You see the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just the words on a page. The gospel of Jesus is living and vibrant. It only appears dead to religion and that's why we have Easter at the moment in the West; Easter and Good Friday and all those things. The Gospel of Jesus is very dead during these meetings. He is not really a reality. They can't see that Jesus really did rise again. Not only that he is here right now. And that's what the gospel is all about. It's all about Jesus Christ here and now. It is not about something a long time ago. It is not about words on a page. It is not about a church. It is not about religion. It is not about whether or not to go to the Baptist Church or you go to the Pentecostal church or you go to any church on Sunday. It is about realizing that Jesus Christ is alive now. And that's the reality few Christians seem to have, because we got the Muslims and the Hindus and they look at the church and they say, “Well that's just another religion like us, we've got the book and they've got a book”. And then Christians they like to argue amongst each other.

But the thing is the Muslims and Hindus do not realize one thing, and many Christians, and that is that Jesus hears, Jesus heals, and Jesus speaks to people. In fact it is such an easy fact to find that you don't have to search very far to find somebody who Jesus has done this for. But you got to search forever to find anything that Buddha has done or Muhammad has done for anybody. Or you got to search a long way in any church to find anybody who knows Jesus. In fact that's the sad thing at this time is that many people just don't know Jesus here, and we go along to a church and sure we can sing and mouth along to the words on the page. We can listen to the preacher and yawn and just hope that we can have our dinner afterwards and go and socialise, but where is the reality of Jesus? Sure we can go along and the socialize on the Saturday with our Church friends and fill the good about our Tuesday night Bible study, but again third-party talk about Jesus doesn't bring us any nearer to him. Where is Jesus? What is this wonderful gospel? And that's what I'm here to do today is present you this wonderful gospel that I found. You see what happened was I didn't know Jesus at one time. I had a brief understanding of him for a while but then I fell away I didn't know Jesus. Now I knew the Bible I read the Bible all the way through. I knew church I did go to church. I knew activities, I did do activities for the Lord, in the name of the Lord but really in the name of this and that. I did pray, but then I was praying for myself for my own selfish paths. Yet the reality of Jesus wasn't in me and I didn't have the fear of God. You see I didn't know the Gospel. Now I understood about the gospel, but I didn't know what the Gospel was.

You see it wasn't until the Lord brought me to realize that I was on my way to the fire that I suddenly realize the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and how critical and wonderful and special it really is. You see Jesus Christ saves me from the fires of hell, I was clinging to Jesus once I realized that truth. You see once you realize you are in the sinking hole, you know you're being sucked down and beneath the water beneath the darkness, once you start to realize that, then you can start to appreciate the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that's what I'm here to talk to you today is the gospel of Jesus Christ and how important it is. When a sinner gets on his knees and realizes how damned he is, and how he is headed to the great fire the great lake of fire the second death. The Bible says woe to those who are part of the second death. You know that's why Jesus Christ is such wonderful news, because when you realize that Jesus Christ is here now, ready to speak now, ready to heal you now, ready to have a relationship with you now, then you can realize that there's hope for you in your doom. But we got to realize that we are doomed if we don't turn. And that's what I realised. I realised that I needed to repent and I needed to stop swearing and I needed to stop my sin, my immoral lifestyle. I needed to stop looking at the people in lust. I need to stop all kinds of sins and every man has many many sins that they do. I needed to stop these things and I needed to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and get saved because I tell you truly dear friends, if your eye causes you to lust or your hand causes you to sin, you are better to get rid of it than be cast into the eternal fires of damnation in hell, and that's where we all are headed dear friends, until we find the real gospel of Jesus Christ. And so what did I do? I sought this gospel, I realise that Jesus does save but I've got to go and get to know him. Whats the point of knowing he saved me if I don't actually go! So I realised Jesus saved me from this terrible fate I was in, so I started to pray to the Lord.

Thats the only way you can communicate with him is to go and speak to the Lord. It is not going go to church. There are people who believe that you go to church and are saved. I was talking to someone the other day and they were saying, “If I was going to go to a church it would be the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is the most like the world, so I'm most comfortable there”…. I asked him what is the reason going to church, what is the reason. And he said, “The reason I would go is that people believe that by going there, you are going to miss hell go to heaven and have a good life and get help for your difficult situations. They are going to help you there…… Come on dear friends, man cannot help you. That is a lie. The only way you can get help is to do what I did and go and seek Jesus Christ. He is the salvation not Church. You go along there but you are not going to be saved. You have to find the Lord. And so what I did was I started to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and I asked him many things and I repented of all my sins. I decided I was going to dedicate to the Lord and he knew I was serious about it so what happened the Lord started to speak into my spirit and started to say abide in me. Now why did he say abide in me? Because he is the way the truth and the life and he is the gospel. That is why I'm talking today about the gospel because Jesus Christ is the gospel and to have the gospel in your life you must go and get to know the gospel you must know Jesus. And so what I did was I prayed and asked the Lord, “Please know me please have mercy on me, please let me into your kingdom, please come and fill me with your peace!” And that's what Jesus did. You see he is not a blind and deaf God.

You can listen to allah and try and find allah and buddha, but you not going to find anything. You are not going to find the voice of the Lord because they are deaf and blind. You might find for yourself demons and curses and darkness, you go along to your churches and the Catholic Church and you go and pray to Mary and find yourself in darkness and depression and find yourself no peace. But if you cry out to the living God, if you cry out to Jesus Christ the Gospel, then you find him. Because Jesus said anyway he said that those who seek will find. And so that's what I decided to do. I cried out to the Gospel, Jesus Christ, and he came and found me. He came into my life. Now he was drawing me to himself all along. But I was too stupid to turn to him. Now is he drawing you today? Maybe he's drawing your spirit today and wants you to come to him today.s maybe you are just following your own path today as a Christian and say you believe in Jesus but you don't actually know him. Dear friends, what is the use of knowing about the gospel, which is that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, if you don't actually go to the Gospel and get the gospel to save you? There is no use whatsoever if you just know about the gospel but you don't actually do it. You are like the man who sees treasure in a field, but he doesn't sell all he has and go and buy that field. How foolish is that! But that is what I decided to do, I decided to lose everything and go and buy that field, that treasure, because there was treasure in the field, Jesus Christ, so I would not look back. That's why Jesus said how joyful it is for the woman who swept her house cleaned to look for the golden coin to finally find it. He said that's what the kingdom of heaven is like.

It is like the joy of the woman. She found what she was looking for. And that is what I did, I found what I was looking for. Peace and the Lord. So then I found a way to walk with him, and I found the way to the truth. And that's what everybody's seeking in this world in one way or either, they try and seek the truth. But they're looking in all the wrong places because the truth was there all the time. We only have to look around us at the wonderful world that the Lord created and we got no excuse to ignore our mighty creator. We got no excuse to ignore the wonderful way that he sent to be saved through his son. And we got no excuse to get to know the son, because the father handed all judgment over to the Son and it is him who will judge you according to what you have done. And so dear friends we have to get to know the judge and get to know the Gospel, the way the truth and the life. If you want to know the way, if you want to know the truth, and what if you want to have life, then the only way is to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ and not just about him. You see Muslims know about Jesus very well because he is in their Koran. Buddhists know about Jesus because Jesus is being preached through many nations, but knowing about Jesus isn't going to do you any good whatsoever, as Christians also know about Jesus, they go to church and they hear about him from the Bible, but they don't actually have him set them free from sin. He doesn't even speak to them because they are in sin. And we read in the Bible that God doesn't speak to sinners. He only speaks to those who turn from sin and are the righteous. John chapter 9.

So dear friends there's only one way and that's to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and so once you come to know him and he have him set you free from your evil because you repented of it, then he is going to start to lead you but you have to abide in him because you will get tested. The Lord Jesus Christ tests me. Not by his own hand, he allows us to be tested by our own evil desires as is written in James; each person is tested and lured away by his own evil desires and the devil and those who endure unto the end in the faith will inherit the crown of life… And so once I found this gospel of Jesus Christ, now I have to abide in this gospel to the very end and don't let Satan take the gospel out of my heart which is the seed. Now didn't Jesus say that the seed that fell on stony ground, and the weedy ground, was choked out by the cares of the world and the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life and it bore nothing, it died, the enemy came and stole it. But what about the seed that landed on the good man's heart? The person who hears the truth and hears about the gospel goes and does it. It says he becomes a doer. What is a doer? A doer is somebody who goes to see Jesus to get to know him. He doesn't just hear about the truth. He hears about it gladly but also puts it into action. He realizes that Jesus Christ will save him from hell. So he goes to find Jesus. And what does he do? He finds the Lord, abides in the Lord, and because he abides in the Lord he bears fruit some 50 fold some 100 fold as Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches and if you don't abide in me and I don't abide in you, you cannot bear fruit because how can a branch of itself bear fruit?” Jesus said that, “If you abide in me and I abide in you can bear much good fruit and the father will prune you to bear more fruit. And he who cuts himself off, withers off from the vine, the father will come along in time and cut him off and gather up such branches and throw them into the furnace”. So dear friends once we find the gospel of Jesus Christ we got to abide in him and sincerely and it all starts with faith. We received by faith. I decided to cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ realising that I needed to be saved. By faith I ask the Lord to set me free from sin. By faith I asked the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me, to come to know me and to save me because he is the gospel. And by faith I excepted that the Lord would hear me. And you know what? Jesus hears the prayers of those who seek him in faith. And that's what I experienced for reality. You see my faith paid off. I didn't just stay in blind faith, my faith paid off and once I called out to the Lord and once I got to know him, he just came into my life and then I got to know him more and more. And it doesn't stop there. It keeps going. Today is different to yesterday. I know the Lord a lot more now than I did two years ago, and the Lord has shown me many things since then in many areas that I need to put out.

You see, he is going to clean your life up. There will be things in your life that may not be quite right with him as you go along and so Jesus Christ is going to start to show you. He wants you to get rid of this or rid of that vice. You know maybe you are still in bondage something, and Jesus Christ is going to help you get rid of it. He is going to work with you and to make you pure and clean and you are not going to continue to sin because Jesus Christ will come into your life. And once you abide in Jesus you don't go on sinning. It's only when you don't abide in Jesus that you go on sinning and that's when you get cut off. Because we read in one John chapter 3 verse six that he who is with Christ does not continue to sin. And so those who continue to sin are not abiding in Jesus Christ but they don't know Jesus. It goes on to say in one John three verse six that; he who continues to sin does not know the Lord, does not know him nor has seen him. You see it is when the Lord Jesus Christ comes into our life, it's then we get changed dear friends and that's when we become a new creation and that's when we get the new way. But it doesn't stop there. Jesus Christ changed me to a new person and he gave me the new way inside, he gave me the new way to follow him. He gave me the new Way to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and to turn away from sin. He gave me a new way to stop swearing and stop lusting and carrying on after the flesh. He gave me a new way to be a different person. You know but it doesn't stop there. Now once we are on this new way we can deviate from the new way. And that's what the devil is here to do. He is hear to get me and any of you who know Jesus, to deviate from the narrow. He is going to get those who get to know the Lord to stop in their faith. They just go back to sin. Now let me tell you this that when Christians come to know the Lord and then they got off and sin and they get cut off. They stop hearing from the Lord. He no longer leads them.

I know many such; they start off well for the Lord but then they suddenly stop. Why? They stopped in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and they no longer abide with him. And there is no salvation for people who don't abide in Christ. That is why that the lies of the churches will never lead you to heaven because it is only when you walk with the good Shepherd that you shall enter the kingdom of heaven and it's something you must do until the very end. But while, dear friends, we do not walk with the good Shepherd, and we decide to go back to sins so we go back to slavery followed the world and we fall into darkness, we are on our way to the fire along with the pagans. We are already withered up on the vine. The father is on his way to cut you off fast, so that's why Jesus says to repent unless I come upon you quickly and you will not know the day nor the hour that I should come upon you. And that's why dear friends that when we decide to dedicate to the narrow way we must be serious about it. We must put our all into it and it must be something we do daily, and that's something you have to do. The Lord will not do that for you. You see many love the truth they hear the truth and many seeds go into the hearts of people who accept this wonderful gospel that saves from hell, but very few people want to actually go the full way with it and that is why you see the seed that landed on the stony ground where the seed that took root was the person who really heard it and he really liked the Gospel but the thing is, he had no roots. He wasn't dedicated. He just wasn't serious. And the sun came up and it just died. And then some other seed Satan snatches out of their hearts. They allow themselves to follow Satan.

So Christians they go and fill themselves with the devil, by watching all this polluted media and by doing all these evil things, and they allow the devil to snatch out their seed and they are in greater darkness than even pagans because often they'll think they are saved and yet they got no seed anymore. If the light that we think we have is darkness, how great do you think that darkness really is! Even the pagans know that they're in some sort of darkness, but if you think your darkness is light, then how great is that darkness?! And so I'm here to encourage you at the same time doing this myself, to walk this Way of the Gospel. The Gospel is Jesus Christ. Walk after Jesus Christ. He is the way the Gospel, the way. You must walk after him. It's an action. It's a commitment. It is something you do daily. It is not something you do and say well you know I'm just going to believe in Jesus and then you go and chase after your desire. You chase after your career. You chase after all your money and all the things and cares of this world. You put your family first. You see many people are unwilling to hate their family for the sake of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that if you love them more than me you are not worthy of me. And that's what he means by that verse. He is not saying hate anybody, he is saying that you must put him first over everything so that if it comes between who you choose, it must be Jesus Christ if you love him. Very few people want to be worthy for Jesus but then very few people are going to enter the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is a wonderful place. It is a place when all people will be gathered together in unity and love and holiness. And that can happen on Earth only amongst the true followers of Jesus Christ hallelujah. But if we go on in darkness in this world and we don't deny ourselves, we don't put Jesus first, we don't live for the Lord, we are busy just chasing our desires, then you are just going to reap death. Death is going to be your place, the second death as written in Revelation, that will be your place. It says that: Woe to those who will be part of the second death. And the second death there is no turning back dear friends. If you're in that second death, you got no hope.

It is hell and the lake of fire. The Lake of fire is coming, it burning like a furnace, and all those part of the second death who do not repent are going to end there. That's why you need this gospel today, because most of you may be headed to the fire, I don't know, you know. You know if you know the Lord. You know if you are going on in sin. You know. I don't. So I'm urging you that if you don't know the Lord and you are going on in sin thinking that you are in the light when it is actually darkness, then you need the Lord more than anything. You need to get yourself serious because you don't want to become part of the second death. You know you don't want to end up in the fire. Now people say why do you preach about this fire and brimstone? Is not it all about love? Well dear friends I preach the truth because that's what Jesus said. He said he is the truth and I'm telling you now that if you want to be saved from the second death, then you got to give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ today and become serious about him and becomes serious about putting him first. You have to give yourself unto the Lord and only then will you get to know him. Now what if we go up and what if you are away from the Lord right now and what if you just don't know the Lord and you've known him in the past but you fell away to certain sins, what of that? Well I can tell you what to do; you must repent, you must come back to your first love because that's what Jesus says. He warns time and again in the book of Revelation to the letters to his church which is now, and he's saying that very clearly. Because many have walked away from the truth they knew the Lord at one time. He is saying come back. He is saying come back lest you end up in the fire, lest your lampstand gets removed. You got to come back.

You got to get back to your first love and make him Lord of your life once more. And if you don't even know the Lord you have got to go and get to know him. What is the use dear friends of leaving it till too late? I could have left it too late. I could be still going on in my own life following my own desires. You see as people we just have many desires. You know we've got all kinds of desires and we can just go and follow the flesh, but we know that if w follow the flesh we get part of the second death in the great lake of fire that is coming. But dear friends we are not here to be part of the second death. We're here to have Jesus Christ set us free hallelujah. We are here to walk after the Lord who died on the cross for us. People say the truth of the hell is a hard truth. Who can accept it, who can accept the fire and brimstone? Who can accept eternal torment for just some sins. They say does anybody deserve it? I tell you the truth that Jesus died a gruesome death on the cross to save from such a gruesome place and if you want to be save well you got to realize what the Messiah has done for you. And if you can accept that he died to save you from hell then you can accept his salvation. But if you cannot accept that he had to go through so much pain to save you from hell then how can you be saved? But the thing is it's a fact not fiction, nor an idea, or just words of the page. It is an actual fact and an event, a reality. And the other reality is that Jesus not only died, but he also rose again! He came out of the grave and he went into the kingdom of heaven. So that all who believe on him will be saved. All who follow him will be saved and all who deny themselves pick up their cross and follow him are going to find their way into the eternal kingdom of God. And that's what we're here today to do friends is make it into this eternal kingdom. I tell you many people will try and very few people are going to get in.

Jesus said that. He said that, “I'm the narrow way”. He said, “I am the narrow gate”. He said, “apart from me you can do nothing”. He said that if you are follow him you will enter this narrow gate. He said many people will try to enter but they won't be able to. He said broad is the way of the world, easy is it on the way of the world, many people travel to the path of destruction. But Jesus said narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life. And that's why I'm here to encourage you to walk the narrow way. Don't give up. Put your hope and trust in the Lord and get to know him, because if you don't even know him, how can you endure on the narrow way? How can he lead you if you don't know him? That's what I was faced with four years ago, I didn't know Jesus. I didn't know who he was. I knew about Jesus. I knew what he did on the cross, but he wasn't my gospel. He wasn't my gospel because I didn't know him. He had not revealed himself to me in any way because I was a sinner and didn't want to repent at that time and God doesn't listen to sinners. He doesn't hear the prayers of sinners, he only hears the prayers of those who turn away from sin and give themselves to him. He hears those people. He hears the repentant Republican who gets on his knees and cried out to God that, “I'm a sinner please have mercy on me”. He hears the prayers of the thief on the cross who was a wicked criminal and repented in his heart and accepted the Lord as God and righteous, and turn to the Lord and said “Lord please remember me”. You know he hears those people. But he doesn't hear the self-righteous churchgoer who goes on in sin and thinks himself pretty good and goes and prays and has a good time at church. But God doesn't hear that. He didn't hear the Pharisee, he wasn't justified. He doesn't hear the people who think that their religion saves them. He only hears you if you dedicate yourself to the Lord and if you do so, you will be cleansed. And he will not only come to know you but he will also come to lead you.

And that's what I wanted to talk about was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The real gospel. I am not talking about the dead gospel in most churches these days. They preached a boring sermons sure, that you don't listen to. But I want to tell you that the gospel is real because I found it and Jesus Christ put the seriousness in my heart to turn away from sin and I'm asking you that if he's put that seriousness into you then you better get on your knees after this and go and ask the Lord to get to know you too, and dedicate yourself to the narrow way. And if you don't really know him and you find yourself struggling in sin and all sorts of stuff that you know you shouldn't be doing, then it is time that you get on your knees and cry out double fold because I tell you the truth that many are they who are headed to destruction! Many, many. Very few are they who will be saved and we all must endure until the end to be saved. I myself can fall from the way of truth and I can end up in the fire because I didn't even follow the truth because God is impartial. You know just because you preach his truth doesn't mean that he is going to excuse you if you don't follow his truth. God is impartial. The person who follows Jesus and abide in Christ will leave their evil. But the people who do not they end up following their own desires. God is impartial, he will judge you along with every pagan he sent to hell. He will send you there also because of that is the place you chose in end, even you did know the Gospel at one time. And so as Christians you got to realize that you got to be choosing daily. Be choosing against the flesh to overcome. As Jesus said that, “he who abides in me and those who I abide in them, they will bear fruit”. They are the ones who enter the kingdom. And that's what I saw once in a dream. You see the Lord showed me what it is like in this mystery. He showed me people getting tested by hot fires by the heat of trial. Temptations, other people. And the Lord showed me how at times people were entering the kingdom of heaven at intervals. But many people were tested, but not so many went to the kingdom. It seemed like a lot didn't make it through the test. It seemed like a lot of them just didn't endure. The Lord tests those who love him. He himself doesn't test you with sin, he allows you to be tested. He allows you to choose; follow the flesh or follow him. Follow Satan or follow the Lord.

And that's what we're here to do today is to choose the Lord and that's why I want to encourage you today that if you already know Jesus and turned to him, then you must make sure that you follow the Lord. You got to follow him. If you're in anything that's going to cause you to fall away from the truth, then you need to turn away from it. If you're following a false way you need to turn away from it and you need to follow the Lord hallelujah. Friends if we are in dissension or we hate somebody, or we don't love a brother or in unkindness or fighting or if we got anger in our hearts, or we are fighting our wife or husband of having trouble, then we have to repent. Because while we are doing those things, we are cutting ourselves off from the vine and are withering up. And it doesn't take long to have the father come along and cut you off. He can do it very quickly or he can take his time. But I tell you the truth that you must be serious about abiding in Christ and do what Paul said; he said, “I beat my flesh into submission daily lest at the end of the race of faith after having led so many people to the Lord that I myself should qualified”. And so that's what the Lord warns us today. He warns us his church in the last hours. He warns you to repent. In fact he said seven times more than seven times in the book of Revelation to his church, his people, he says REPENT. Repent of anything, we got to repent. If we have fallen away we got to repent and come back. The Lord will not turn you away until it's too late. But friends let us not leave it until too late. Let's have this gospel come and set us free hallelujah. Let's have this gospel bring us out of sin, out of the way of perdition. Bring us unto the way of Jesus Christ hallelujah. And let us have this gospel cleanse our hearts so that when the Lord returns for us or we die we are going to be able to stand before the Son of Man. Jesus said that, when I return how many are going to stand before me. He says watch and pray that you may be worthy. Because you don't know the hour. You don't know the day you can go or you die.

I know many people that have died very suddenly and are quite young and they just died. One day they were there and the next day were gone. But they didn't know they were going to be gone. If they did I'm sure they would've been cleaning themselves up before God not realizing that they were headed to the fire. But friends we got to be ready now because if you miss Jesus Christ when he returns or you end up in the fire, you go no hope. You have to turn to the Lord now. It's a message of urgency, not only at this time, at any time. Its message of urgency. The gospel is an urgent message because every day is a day closer to your chance running out in whatever circumstance. Every day gets closer. God has his mercy he said one day to me, your time on this earth is my mercy says the Lord. So every day you have on this earth is a mercy from God; mercy to do his will, mercy to be saved from hell. Mercy to get yourself prepared for the wedding feast of the lamb. But if you are not doing any of those things then you're wasting your mercy. You're squandering it. You are just going on in your video games. Just watching your way to hell in the movies. Just having fun with your friends all the way to the fire. And then all of you end up in there together and then no more fun friends. You know it's a serious truth. It is not a laughing matter. You can't laugh at the Gospel. The Gospel is a matter of wringing your hands before God and asking him to save you and give you a new way. Asking him for his spirit to come into you and abide in you so you can speak to the Lord in tongues and also through the spirit you can pray. You want to be led by the Spirit and I gave a message a few weeks ago about the end of the world and the Holy Spirit and was saying that you got to be led by the Holy Spirit because you don't know what can come down. You don't know what's going to befall you in your city. You may have peace for a while and then suddenly no peace. You know what if your husband dies. What if you are suddenly faced with all these situations. What if your child get sick. What if your job just dries up and goes. You know a bit late to go running to God then if you're on the brink of the dying. You can cry out to the Lord but we got to prepare now friends. It might be too late then.

I heard many people who cried out at the last minute and God delivered them from their distressed because they were serious. But if you're leaving it thinking that you've got that time to do it and you're waiting for a death bed repentance, in the meantime must living it up and your putting off another day, then God is not mocked friends. You are going to reap for your self destruction. Never go off the testimony of anybody else. Sure many have been saved on the brink of trouble, brink of hell, they have been saved from there, but never go off that thinking that you're going to be saved that way too so just hang around and wait. We got to be more serious than that. We got to prepare ourselves now. We got to be ready now. We got to be making hay while the sun shines now. We've got to be seeking the Lord in repentance now. We got to go away today and dedicate ourselves to Jesus Christ now. There is no point just going along to church now and just continuing in your evil. Just continuing in your life loving your family before God putting everything in your life before serving God and putting him first. Friends and how can we make it into the narrow way doing that? It is not going to work and that's why I wanted to talk about this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ today, that if we put him first and we make him Lord of our life today, and we go and seek, we will find. And when you find, you will find diamonds in a field and you go and sell all you have and go and buy that field to make it yours. And it is your treasure and where your heart is there your treasure will be. So is your heart for the kingdom? Do you want the kingdom of God today? Do you want to enter the glorious kingdom of God with God? Then your heart needs to there. It needs to be no longer in this world. And the only way you're going to keep your heart there friends, is if you repent and you go and give yourself to the Lord and it is something you have to do. It something I did, I went and prayed and I went and did the time that was needed to go and give myself to the Lord. Now that's what we all got to do. And it doesn't stop there hallelujah, we got to keep walking on the narrow way and we will make it hallelujah.......