Sunday, March 24, 2013

God's Israel

Israel is the name of the place where God is. It's the covenant of mankind and God, the land that God gave mankind, and it is a place where there's no tears no trouble. It is a place where God and man walk in harmony. We must follow the Lord and come to Israel. You see the heavenly Israel is where we are headed who love the Lord. But between us and Israel, the promise land, there is a lot of hardship. There is a harsh wilderness, a troubled walk, that we must be guided by the Lord in otherwise we will not make it. We must be walking with the Lord by the day having his cloud of protection on us so that we will be able to make it, because the journey to the heavenly Israel is very difficult. A lot of people start but not many people finish. Some people turn back and they go back to their places in Egypt. But Israel is the place where God walks with man. And it is the place where we should be headed. The only people who are in Israel are those who God calls. His chosen people. God made and illustrated about this in the world when he chose Abraham and the descendents of Abraham to become the Israelite's and he chose these people to go to his Israel. The place he set-aside on earth and there they had to worship the Lord and obey him. But you see many people who were called to go to Israel, were not true Israelites and they practice what was evil in the sight of God and they ended up in hell. Because it is not a bloodline.

It is not a race of people who are Israelites or Jewish or Jews. It is a people who God himself calls out of the world and calls to his kingdom, who are the true Israelites of heaven. It is not where you were born and what bloodline you're from. It is not about genealogies. That's all pride. It's only about the Lord God calling people out of this earth. And if you're called and you have decided to obey Jesus and have Jesus wash you clean from all sin, then you are made into a spiritual Israelites of God who can enter his spiritual kingdom, the heavenly Israel where God walks with man. And in the heavenly Israel there are only Israelites. There are only chosen people. People who have decided to turn away from their sins and go to Jesus and become Israelites, born again children of the heavenly father. It is not about pedigrees, it is not about cities, it is not about where you're from, what land you live in, who your fathers were.

It's about whether or not you are heading the call from God Almighty to become spiritual Israelites instead of a child of the devil. It is only those who turn away from being children of Satan and come to their heavenly father and hear the call, go to Jesus Christ the true Messiah, the true Israelite, who came down out of heaven to make a way for you to become the new spiritual Israel in the kingdom of God. Don't focus on lands and places down here, we should be foreigners in the land, heading on that rocky thorny path of difficulty through the wilderness to the spiritual Israel of God. And you walk with him the whole way and you'll make it, and you become a resident of the Kingdom of Israel in heaven. Is that what you want? Or do you want to just be in pagan Egypt. Have all the good things down here, but in the end just inherit the kingdom of hell instead. Friend it's time to repent and go to Jesus Christ to become a child of God, to become a spiritual Israelites of the kingdom of God......