Thursday, March 7, 2013


We all have a beast within us. Every person is born into sin and they have a beast residing in them that when they grow older they become. Every person is born an innocent child but we all have the beast of sin in us. We got a beast inside, and there comes a point in our life where we must choose to go to the Lord to be set free and to be given in new way so that we will not perish, because this beast inside will take us all the way to hell. There is nothing good in the flesh.

That is why we must crucify the flesh and all its desire knowing that it is time to turn away from the beast inside. That is what drives people to commit evil against people every single day. That's why there are no good men and women on earth. And all children start off so wonderful and innocence and then they grow up into wicked men and women because everybody has a beast inside of them, and when it comes out and it will, it will cause many sins upon the earth. Now the only hope that we have is to become born again so that we can crucify the flesh and live after the spirit. Crucified the beast within. Don't let it rule us anymore. We've all become slaves to sin but now it is time to go to Jesus Christ and become changed and a new person so that we no longer have the ways of wickedness abiding in our daily actions in our body. We are all going to be judged according to what we have done in our body, so if you don't want to be condemned because you followed the beast within you, then it is time to turn to Christ and repent and have him free you from bondage to this beast inside.

Everybody has it dear friends, nobody is without sin on this earth. All have sinned and fallen short of God. We all are evil inside. So our only hope is to turn away from our evil and no longer want it anymore, and instead have Jesus Christ set us free and come walk the new way of holiness keeping ourselves from sin all the way until we reached the kingdom of God. Are you ready to be set free from the beast today? Then go to Jesus Christ and get him to free you, forgive you, and wash you clean with his blood, so that you can become a born-again child of God innocent once more. And then go crucify the flesh daily, live after the spirit. For if we live after the flesh and not after the spirit we shall indeed die, but if we shall live after Christ and crucify the deeds of the flesh daily, follow him in the new born-again way, we shall indeed be saved......