Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christians Leave Your Distractions

How is your relationship with the Lord Jesus. Do you even have one? Do you spend your time with the Lord? Or are you busy spending your time doing what pleases you instead. There are many fun things in the world that we can do. They can really distract us and take us away from the path that enter the kingdom of God. In fact the world is so full of distractions that so very few people will be saved. Are you letting your distractions take you away from Jesus so that you cannot follow him and enter his kingdom? Will you get before God bankrupt and empty-handed having not worked for the Lord at all? Instead you didn't make hay while the sun shines and then the time came and you look back and you wish you served the Lord but you just didn't and it was too late. Friends it is time to leave out distractions. We know longer need to chase after all the things this world can offer us.

All its sports, pursuits, dreams, goals, fun things. Instead let us pursue the Lord. Spent time in prayer seeking his name. Because if we spend time pursuing the Lord we are going to find him and we're going to find grace and we're going to find eternal life, and we are going to find a reward, a reward in heaven. And we going to have such a wonderful eternity with God and you will be so glad that you did spend time with him instead of pursuing their own goals dreams and desires. Friends it is time if you want to have all these things to leave all those things you chase after. All these distractions that keep you away from serving God and living holy and pursuing and following Jesus Christ. How can you follow Jesus while you are living for yourself? While you wont deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow him. How can you serve Jesus when you don't want to put your hand to the plough and if you do, you want to look back. Friend it's time to be like the Israelites; leave the comforts of Egypt and come out into the wilderness and start serving the Lord.

Walk to the promised land through the wilderness. It's not so nice no, it is not very nice out in the wilderness. But once you get to the promised land you'll be glad that you made the journey. Your home is not this world. Your home is not in Egypt. Your home is the promised land; Jesus Christ and his kingdom. So Christians it's time to stop fornicating in Egypt and start living after all your pursuits and desires that Egyptians live after, or the world, and it's time to head out into the wilderness to the promised land as the people of Israel did in obedience to God and he will look after you all the way just like he did to the Israelites, he will also look after you. Have faith. You don't want to miss out....