Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Are you growing in Christ or are you receding? Are you going forward or are you falling back? Every day with Jesus is a day to grow in the faith and become more of who you were to be from the very beginning that God planned. Every day is a day to learn; learn the new way, learn the way Jesus wants you to be.

And he changes you each day and each day you become a little different than before; more strong better able to handle things that come your way that may cause you to fall later. The Lord hones your faith and he gives you strength to reach the target, and that is eternal life. He created you to be a certain way and if you stay with him on the narrow way, every day you will be moving forward to become who he wanted to become.

But sadly many of us haven't learned from our mistakes, and this has been me in the past, and so we stagnate. We don't move ahead. We stay in one place because we left Jesus at that point and we no longer continue to grow but went backward. It is time to come to Jesus on the narrow so he can change us, lead us, and teach us daily so we can continue to grow on the new way. It is no good just to stay away from the Lord so that we never reach who he wanted us to be and in the end we just reap the fire. Dear friends let us be growing in Christ daily. Are you growing or are you receding?...