Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Will You End In The Outer Darkness?

How is it that Christians can end up being cast out into the outer darkness. It is through laziness and unwillingness to follow and obey Jesus Christ. Jesus made a very clear illustration about this in the parable of the 10 talents. He talked about the servants, that is those who follow him and obey him, who were given some talents before he went off on a journey. You see they came and they were saved by Christ and he gave them the Holy Spirit. To some he gave 10, others five, and to one he gave one talent each according to their abilities. When he came back he called them to account. And the one who had 10 talents and five talents stepped forward and they said that how they had increased their talent and the Lord Jesus praised them mightily. And then the one who stepped forward who had the one talent said that he was a scared and he hid that talent in the ground and he did nothing and Jesus said of this servant: “Have him bound and thrown into the outer darkness where there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth.” You see Christians who are lazy and they do not carry enough oil because they do not pray, they do not live a holy life, and do not obey the commands of Jesus, will end in the outer darkness and they will not enter the wedding feast of the Lamb.

And that is why Jesus spoke about the parable of the 10 bridesmaids and he talked about how five of them didn't take enough oil yet they were all bridesmaids and they were all waiting for Jesus. And then Jesus did come and he went in to the wedding feast and the ones who were ready entered with him and the ones who did not have oil ran off to try get some more oil quickly, they had to repent. They had to quickly try and get serious properly for Jesus instead of just giving him lipservice but it was too late. And they hammered on the door but it was too late. Jesus said “I do not know you nor where you are from depart from here.” And they had to go sadly away and they did not enter the kingdom. Are you listening? Do you have oil in your lamp? Or will you be scrambling when Jesus returns trying to quickly repent. Having not been really serious. Having not enough oil. Or are you going to be one of the five bridesmaids and one of those servants who increased his talent? And you are going to step forward and show Jesus how you worked and increased your talent and you are going to be able to light your lamp with your extra oil. Because you spent your time NOT in front of the Super Bowl and the TV, nor following sin nor sinning in your mind, you spent your time in prayer in praise, living holy, and dedication to obedience to Jesus Christ. Which are you going to find out who you are. The five wise bridesmaids and those who increased their talent? Or are you going to be lazy servant and the foolish bridesmaids both of which did not end in the kingdom of God...