Friday, February 1, 2013


Jesus said that you will know people by their fruit. He said do you pick thistles off fig trees? He said by their actions you will know them. You will never be deceived by anybody, if you look at the FRUIT. we have many religions in the world, their fruits are OBVIOUS. We have the false Roman catholic church that has led so many people astray and their fruit are obvious. The leader of that church needs body guards and guns to keep himself safe when he goes around in public. He clearly does not have the Holy Spirit. People who have the Holy Spirit go as the Spirit leads them and they do not need guns and body guards. They are not loved by everybody. Yet these leaders are adored by many and that is because they are of the world. Now when you have the leader of an organisation bearing the fruits of thistles, it is a big red flag if you want to go and follow that organisation. It is only going to lead you to the fire. Because blind leaders lead the blind and those who are blind leading the blind fall into a ditch said Jesus. There is only one leader that we can trust and that is Jesus Christ himself, He didn't come to set up buildings and organisations up on this earth.

He didn't set that catholic church up on Peter, that is a lie. Peter the apostle spread the gospel of Jesus Christ pointing people to Jesus himself that everybody who should go to the master shall be led by the Holy Spirit and shall walk in the Holy Spirit. They shall not belong to any organisations of men. They shall belong to the body of Christ and it is this that is the true church of Christ: anyone who puts Jesus first. The catholic false church says you must go to their church in order to be saved. That is because they follow doctrines of devils and they themselves are not led by the Holy Spirit. People within the organisation will defend them avidly saying they are led by the Holy Spirit yet the fruits of this organisation expose them as followers of satan not followers of the Holy Spirit For is they were following the Holy Spirit and they were of God they would be hated, they would be despised, they would be persecuted, they would be protected by God they would not rely on the strength of men. They would not be in cahoots with the governments.

They would not love the world, they would not lead their members into idolatry and false doctrines. They are false shepherds making up lies that will bring you into the fire if you follow them because they do not know the way to the kingdom, and they themselves are holding the door shut onto their kingdom to their followers. Be separate from these things follow Jesus only. Don't go to these places where they worship devils. Where there is demonic activity. Where there are false miracles. Because the kingdom of darkness is working in that church. No wonder it is so popular. Now wonder it is such a big organisation because it is filled with people who are on the broad path to destruction. They themselves will not enter into that door and they will try and stop other people from entering into that door. They are waterless clouds. Workers of darkness set up by the kingdom of Hell. Friends if you want to be saved you have to be separate from the churches of men.

The only true church in this world are believers here there and everywhere throughout the world who simply follow JEsus, obey him, turn away from sin, and they are filled with the Holy Spirit. The apostles had nothing to do with the making of the catholic Church. It was made by men who did not follow God. IT was set up by foolish people who did not put Jesus first and did not seek to know him. And that is why you hear so much sexual immorality in that church. They follow the broad path. They lead others on the broad path. They abuse their nuns. They abuse the poor. They set up organisations that look Good but on the inside they are full of dead mens bones. Do not be fooled by their good exterior. The pharisees were the same. They looked good on the outside. They gave offerings and helped the poor but on the inside there was nothing good. Friends be separate from the Catholic church deception. Don't follow the blind guides. Be holy following Jesus only. Seek to be filled with his Holy Spirit. You wont find his Holy Spirit in their churches, you will only find a foreign spirit from the Kingdom of Darkness. Come out from her, come out from the false churches of men or you will be left behind. You will not make it into the wedding feast of the lamb. Come out be separate before it is too late….....