Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This Christian generation is caught in many lies, and the root of all lies is Satan. The reason many are caught in a lot of lies is because they just don't know Jesus. I quote you Galatians 2:20 “It is not I who lives anymore but Christ lives in me”. Many will quote this verse and say they are right with God, but I'm here to tell you that I can tell if you are a liar if you say that Christ lives in you yet you continue to sin, because if you no longer live but Christ in you that means you would have died to your evil works as Paul said. He died to his evil, he died to his flesh. And so if you are continuing to sin which is bearing bad fruit, it shows me that Jesus Christ is not living through you, rather you are living and you haven't crucified yourself and allowed Christ to shine through you. It is time to be honest with yourself and repent of your continued sin. We read in James ch2: Those who have no good works have no faith, faith without works is dead… While you say that you have Christ and he lives in you and you are saved by grace then I would say “Show me your conversion, show me your changed way.” If Christ really does it work in you then would you not be living a life free from sin? Or are you continuing to live in evil in which case I will tell you that the truth is not in you at all because those who Jesus lives through walk as he did and as it is written in the scriptures, those who claim Christ walk as he walked. Liars claim Christ yet they continue to walk as they will in their sin daily and that is why Christians would say that they daily sin because it's true.

It is true, they daily sin, they break God's laws, they commit lust and immorality every day. They will not turn out the evil inside that they love. They love of immoral paths, they love lies and falsehood. And that is why they sin every day. They are speaking the truth and they do sin, everyday yet when they say that they are saved by grace, you can know that they are liars because if Jesus Christ had saved them, they would be changed people. When Jesus Christ changed me I turned away from my false paths because he set me free and so James 2 was true; I had faith therefore I had good works. Now our works before faith are filthy rags before God and nobody can be saved by them lest any man should boast. That is why we must turn to Christ and get him to set us free from sin to do righteous deeds of truth ordained for us from the beginning by God as is written in the Scriptures.

A child of God doesn't continue to practice sin as we read in 1John 3 and Jesus said that you will know a tree by its fruit. He said can you pick thistles of fig trees? You cannot pick bad fruit of a good tree so also do I know you by your fruit and you will know me by my fruit because our fruit represent who we are and if Christ truly is living in us then we will be set free from our addictions, our sins, our immoral lifestyle, and our continued wicked deeds that we have turned away from and Jesus Christ has indeed made us a new creation born-again in the image of God. Dear friend are you continuing to sin, has Jesus set you free? Have you got a testimony of how Jesus made you a new person? If not it is time to get to know Jesus because you don't know him and get him to change you like he did me and then you can live on the new way that leads to eternal life. Because I tell you truly people who don't live with the truth in them will not inherit the kingdom of God and those who continue to sin will not be saved. For as it is written the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God Christian or otherwise. So be serious today, get to know your Lord and be changed......