Monday, February 11, 2013


Jesus is calling his people out of the Babylon church and he is calling them to be separate before it is too late. The Babylon church is the church of this world and the people who run this church and go to the church have their eyes focused on the world and their message is the one of PERDITION. They speak about the love of Jesus and they have many great concerts for Jesus praising his name, but they hold up their hands in sin. They never preach the hard truth of turning away from sin. Thousands of people go to their gatherings and listen and sing along with their praise and their worship. They are all about entertainment, yet those who praise God with sin on their hands, God said that their praises is an ABOMINATION to his ears. He is not looking for the praises of sinners.

He is looking at those who worship him with Holy hearts and holy hands. That is why in the Babylon church you will not hear the message of repentance and turning from evil because they say that they are all sinners and are saved by grace so they follow the world and they preach that if you want to (or must) live Holy, you are being self-righteous and following the law. I want to tell you today to be separate from the Babylon church and come out of the Babylon church, because they will put your light out. I have a seen brethren who go to the Babylon church and they went there and their lights got put out. The Babylon church leads people to the fires of hell. They do not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. But Jesus said that if you want to follow me and be my disciple, then deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me...You see people didn't like hearing the words DENY yourself, because they would rather keep drinking and partying and watching TV and following entertainment and listening to rock 'n roll and rap, rather than following Jesus.

They want to play their video games and have fun in this world and still think that they are saved and they go along to the Babylon church and they raised their hands in worship and they feel so very holy before God and yet they go on living in sin for the rest of the week. Babylon Church people are very good at looking righteous and they have very good shows in church. But dear friends the Babylon Church will lead you directly to hell, because the truth of God is not in there and the JUDGEMENT of God is coming down on this church and he will SPEW these people forth from himself because Jesus said that if you are lukewarm neither hot nor cold he's going to SPEW you forth from his mouth. Come out of the Babylon Church before it is too late......