Saturday, January 26, 2013


If we are not focused on Jesus, there is just no way we will be able to enter his kingdom. If we do not focus on him daily, we will get sidetracked so that we will not be able to enter his kingdom if we are to die today. If we do not focus on Jesus every day, we will not be able to overcome; and he who does not overcome will not eat from the tree of life. But he who overcomes will eat of the tree of life.

I saw in my dream people who were entering the kingdom. And these people had separated themselves from the their flesh, and they followed the spirit. They focused on Jesus, and because they focused on Jesus they made it into the kingdom of God. But people who did not focus on Jesus, I saw they did not make it into God's kingdom. You see Jesus shows his servants things. He shows us the way to his kingdom. He shows us when we have faith in him. He is the one who hears and speaks. When you focus on him, when you live for him, change comes and that is when you become a follower of the living God.

That is when you will enter the kingdom of God, because a new way will come into your heart and your mind will be continually focused on Jesus Christ. It is when we take our focus off Jesus and we just focus on the world; on our pursuits, on the things that we want to achieve in this life, it is then that we will find out too late that we will not inherit the kingdom of God......