Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are two false sides to the Gospel and in the middle we have the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The same gospel that Paul and Peter and all the apostles preached. The same gospel that Jesus came and delivered. And then on either side we have the falsehoods, deceptions from the devil. On one side we have the falsehood that we must keep the commandments of the Lord to be saved and Jesus came to tell us to do that which is of course false because if that was the case then Jesus death was in vain. On the other side and of the true gospel we have those who say that through the grace of Jesus we are saved and we can still continue to do our evil, we will continue to sin. The grace of God covers our continued sin. Now both of these false gospels are very clearly warned about in the Bible by the servants of God, yet people still follow these false gospels all the way up until today. Because they never got to know the real gospel. That is why.

You see the real gospel becomes your reality once it changes you, once it becomes your reality your testimony. And then you never fall to false doctrine because of the real gospel was that Jesus Christ died and he rose again from the dead for YOU that all who should believe upon him he will come up abide with them, change them, set them free from sin (John 8:36 John 3:16) make them born again, free them from the chains of sin addiction and the curse of the law for breaking it. Jesus came to free you to walk in holiness because while people are not free from sin and are on the ways of the world, they are not free to walk in holiness. They can try and be a good person. They can strive to obey the laws and try not to do many sins, yet that still wont save them, because you have to be actually changed by the blood of Jesus to be able to enter the kingdom because still you are dirty before God if you have not laid faith in Jesus realizing that he will make it perfect to enter the kingdom. The real gospel is like a knife edge, very sharp.

People don't want to accept the real gospel because it means they got to do something. They got to repent and believe. It means that they can't rely on their own gospel of salvation and their own works. They can no longer rely on trying to do something to be saved. They can no longer rely on thinking they are saved while they do sin. They realize that the real gospel forces them to repent if they want to be saved, if they want to lose their rebellious heart then they have to turn away from their sins and have Jesus wipe them away and have Jesus set them free. Now many will say: How can you stop sin? Aren't you a self righteous hypocrite? So they say, yet these very same people don't know the power of the cross. And is not I who lives but Christ in me. Because Christ set me free to walk on this new way. So when I boast it is in Christ who set me free on the cross. So my boasting is in Christ who did this deed not of my own but of his grace. Because I was already condemned unless he had come to the world to save me. And I could never keep the law perfectly I could never be righteous enough for God to enter the kingdom. I could never be.

And so Jesus Christ came to make the way for me, and that is why I am free to serve him. That is why I am free to turn away from my sin because I no longer want to do my sin because I just want to follow Jesus. I just want to give myself to his paths and obeyed him because I'm so grateful of what he is done for me on the cross. That is what the other thief on the cross felt. He was so grateful that this perfect Son of God being crucified for other people's sins, could say to him a sinner who is not worthy of anything and was being condemned for his own wickedness, that you will be in my kingdom. That is what he said. Jesus told him you'll be my kingdom because you believed. You see that is the wonderful thing. Once you believe you realize that Jesus did come for you and you can leave us trying to save yourself by striving after being a holy and righteous person, trying to be self-righteous, righteous enough to enter God's kingdom. You can leave your sins realizing that you no longer have to be a slave to doing wickedness everyday. You can leave following the world knowing that something far more wonderful to come and follow, and that is Jesus to the kingdom of God, and instead you can set your mind and heart and following this wonderful Jesus Christ who did so much for us who believe in him. And we can obey him all the way to the kingdom.

And if you fall and you make a sin one day, we have the Holy Spirit convict us and get us out of that sin and repent and don't do it again. We may fall at times yes, but the spirit of God strives with us bring us to repentance so that we don't fall to hell. If we have hardened hearts towards Jesus and we don't really want to believe and we just go on in sin we will simply be cut off. If we don't really want to obey and serve Jesus and were just in it for the money, then we won't inherit God's kingdom. Because the axe is lying at trees that do not bear good fruit. You see Jesus allows us to bear good fruit you have to have the right heart about it. If you really want him, if you really are grateful for what is done for you, then give your life to him today and believe and just let them work through you. Let him do the work that is needed to make you righteous. You can't do it you can't make your self righteous let him change your heart to love. Just let him work you out to be able to enter God's kingdom.

But first you have to turn away from your sin. We can't have our love of sin and hang onto our sins if we want to follow Jesus, it will not work. He didn't come for people who want to continue to do wickedness. That's why the rich young ruler couldn't be saved because he didn't want to come and follow Jesus. He loved his worldly ways to too much. He seemed to have a good heart for God and he kept the commands as best he could, but he really didn't want to leave world and that's what most Christians don't want to do. They don't want to leave worldliness and they think they're going to the kingdom but they never came to the cross. Because when we come to the cross we leave everything there and we shoulder the cross and we walk after Jesus and his burden is light. You see the way of Christ is difficult at times that's why Jesus said that the seed that landed on the shallow ground, the hard ground, was he who heard the word and really excited about Jesus but he faced persecution for the name of Jesus and he didn't endure and he fell away. And then we have the seed that landed on the weedy ground where people heard the message and then it took root in their heart they accepted the truth they said yeah yeah I'm going to follow Jesus and then the weeds of the cares of this life came up and choked the seed out and it bore no fruit. Because they started just living for the world and the pursuits of life and all the pleasures of this world choked their seed out.

You see Christians in their churches are watching beer and football! Very few are saved because very few really come to Jesus and experience his wonderful forgiveness of sins. This wonderful new way that you get when you really follow the cross. Get on your knees before God and say sorry to him for your sins. Realize Jesus died for you, that if you trust him, if you realize that you don't need to try and save yourself, then you will be saved. You will be forgiven and what happened is a new way comes in your heart. A supernatural power starts to transform you from God and is not something that you try and conjure up out of you. Jesus does the work inside of you. It is just that many they don't have this faith in Jesus and they don't get on their knees and go and accept him. They don't do that so they never get transformed inside. They never get set free from sin. Jesus is in their reality. They never open the door and let him in. they say they believe, they read the Bible they quote Bible verses and believe all kinds of doctrines. They even preach. But they don't have the reality of his peace in their heart and they can't say that Jesus changed me, I no longer practice my evil anymore because Jesus set me free from the chains. It wasn't by my own works that I got free. I wasn't some amazingly strong person who was able to free myself from my addiction. I was as some righteous person who is able to stop lusting. I wasn't stronger than David and was able to turn away from adultery. Friends you can't say that you change yourself because nobody can.

Only Jesus Christ can do that change so that you become empowered by the Holy Spirit who comes to live in you. The day of Pentecost was real. The Holy Spirit comes upon people who give themselves to Jesus. They go and pray and they accept Christ. So the Holy Spirit fills them. They go and ask the father for the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, he comes to them. They get supernaturally changed. Is time to seek friends and realized that Jesus is not a myth. He is not just theology, he is real. You go on your knees and you find him and he hears and he speaks to those who repent with all their hearts. You don't need to sin anymore, you don't need your sin. You can completely give your self to Jesus today. Have him free you from all your iniquity. You can become a child of God through Christ if only you would go and lay all your faith in Jesus and tell him you accept him today. Do so dear friend, while you still have the chance…....