Monday, January 7, 2013


We live in a time full of a lot of delusions and deceptions and a lot of brainwashing from media from TV from movies from philosophy and what people think. People have their own opinions on many things, yet they get to their death bed and they can't save themselves. They rely on doctors, science, they believe that we create what happens to us and that man is responsible for this earth. They think that we have the control and it's what we do is what shapes the future. But that is part of the delusion of mankind, my friends, they thought the same in the time of the Tower of Babel, and God scattered them to the four winds and took their languages and changed their language to many different languages so they could no longer speak in one language.

The same thing happens today is that people think that they have the answers, the power, and it's only through what they can conjure up think up and decide to do that changes the course of history and the course that mankind is going to take in the future. And so they think about the many elaborate plans and have many opinions about the way they think it should be. And that they take God right out of it. They forgot that God is actually allowing this time to go on with people doing evil and raping the earth of its resources and living for themselves in selfish pursuit, only to give mankind a MERCY TIME for repentance. Because God knows that this life is short and that it is ended and then there's the eternity; heaven or hell. And the world's people do not want to think about heaven or hell because they have their minds on this earth yet you will get to your last day. On your death bed science wont save you, nor will any kind of mankind's power. You will die and then you face the unknown where no man has power and that is the other side, the spirit world. And friends I've seen this spirit world and I can tell you true that there is hell and there is the kingdom of God. In fact I saw people in a place in hell weeping and gnashing of teeth as Jesus said in the Bible. They were wailing out “Why did we not know that living a life after our own desires ended here”. And that's how people live today; they live after their own desires and they will end in the pits of darkness of hell. Dear souls, do not be deceived. As wonderful as mankind may appear to you, the idea, opinions technology, it will not help you the day you DIE. It will be gone. You will leave your body and you will enter another dimension and then it all comes down to: Did you accept Jesus or did you reject him?

It is written that on the last day everybody whose names are not found in his book of life will be cast into the lake of fire, the second death. Did you know that this life isn't just about mankind living how he wants and he thinks he's got eternity ahead of him of people living on this earth? Did you know that it will never come about the sun will just get really big and this earth will slowly get old and just blow up? No it is because God has this earth only for one reason and that is an APPOINTED TIME, and it's a short time only been a few thousand years. And this appointed time is for man to be sorted on those who are going to be the sons of God and those who are going to be the sons of the devil, and those who choose to be followers of themselves and of sin they end up with Satan in the lake of fire. And those who choose to become sons of God and live for Jesus and focus on serving him and not themselves anymore, and to turn away from their sin, they shall become the sons of God.

People they think of themselves quite good and nice. They do good deeds for each other, they help their families, even the pagans do as such as Jesus said, and they think that God's going to see that they are quite good people and they do not have to come to him. They do not have to seek to know, they think they will somehow enter heaven if there is a heaven because they're not quite sure…But that too is deception because it only through Christ that you can be saved even you think that is unfair. You say: “Well look I have done so many good things how unfair is God to make it only through Jesus Christ”… Its because you can't see. If you actually saw really who you are you would be on your knees before God asking him to forgive you. Friend you need Jesus Christ to make you a different person, to change your heart and wash away your sins even you think you're pretty good. Prostitutes and sinners are going to heaven ahead of you because they're realizing that their wicked and they need to be saved and they are getting on their knees and they are getting changed. And they no longer continue in prostitution and in ripping people off. They repent and so they get saved because Jesus doesn't distinguish between sinners.

The sinner who repents is the sinner will be saved. It doesn't matter if you're a well-to-do business person who is quite good in this world and you don't do too many sins and you think you're pretty right. Nor does it matter if you're the worst sinner who is in prison for murdering somebody. The person who repent will be saved, not the person who thinks himself good enough, or the person who wants to stay being evil and doesn't want to repent of their murderous ways. Friends it is time to dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ and become his followers so you can enter the kingdom of God. Because whether you like it or not you will stand before the judgment day of God and if your name is not written in the book of life you will go to hell and I can't change that. You can't change that, it is GODS TRUTH…....