Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today I want to warn you about the false Roman Catholic Church and the other churches that follow the false gospels of men. Long before the Roman Catholic Church took hold on earth, Jesus Christ had already brought about his truth on the earth. He had already taught his disciples and his disciples passed on the Gospel. And the original Gospel, long before the Roman Catholic Church, was that if you believe on Jesus Christ if you go to him you will be saved. Because those who go to Jesus, he would lead them into the kingdom because he died for the sins of the world. Now Paul and Peter and the disciples warned against the false apostles that would come in amongst the brethren bringing wicked heresies perverting the truth and causing divisions.

And one of these such divisions came along and it was called the Roman Catholic Church. This division had nothing to do with Jesus Christ. This division was about separation. It was about power and they were in the government, and religions that are at one with the government are always also at one with the world. Because governments are off the world and those who follow Jesus cannot be of the world otherwise they have to get on the broad path that leads to destruction. You see the Catholic Church never talks about the Holy Spirit and filling you with the Holy Spirit, nor speaking in tongues, nor being baptized in the name of Jesus in the river, because they are a false religion. They do not speak that Jesus hears and speaks and will lead you.

They never say that he will set you free from your sin and he will lead you to heaven. They point you to men and you go and talk to a priest and make up some false heresy that will keep you out of heaven because at the end of the day when you die a Catholic, you die as somebody who doesn't know Jesus. You just don't know him and you go to hell. You see the religion of Catholicism is the same as Islam and Buddhism and all the other religions that go to hell too. Catholicism, Islam and Hinduism, they all mix together and they support each other and accept each others leaders. That is because they are all in league with Satan and Satan was the mastermind all these religions. Friends I want to warn you against the false apostles and the false Gospel as they preach, and I want to tell you that if you follow them you will not enter the kingdom of God.

If you go along to the Catholic Church, you will be partaking in idolatry, you will not know Jesus, you will not be filled with the Holy Spirit, and you'll be indoctrinated by their false lies. But if you want to be saved today, you must separate yourself from this false church, you must get on your knees, you must seek the good Shepherd in heaven Jesus Christ and don't stop until you find him, and then you must listen to his voice and let him lead you. Because no church is to lead you. No man, no organisation. It is only through Jesus Christ that you can be led. Because the false Catholic church forgot to tell you that without Jesus you can do nothing. Because Jesus said that I am the vine and you are the branches and without me you can do nothing. And so when you do not know Jesus and when you are without Jesus even you go along to the false churches, you simply will not be able do anything for the kingdom of God let alone enter it......