Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Very few people understand that we must obey Jesus Christ to have eternal life. God gave the law of Moses in the early times as the old schoolmaster, as Paul said, to guide the people's hearts to accept the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes. You can read it for yourself in the letters of Paul. However people could not keep all the 10 Commandments nor could they keep all the other commandments perfectly and by the one who breaks the law the same shall be condemned. That is why Jesus Christ was sent to the world; to change the people's hearts by the supernatural power of God, that the laws shall be written on their hearts and they shall keep. Now I get Christians they say they continued to break the commandment every day, they continue to sin they say, nobody can stop sinning. Friend and this is because you have not been set free from your sins by Jesus Christ so even you trying to keep the commandments of the Lord as best you can your heart does not keep them.

Because Jesus said you have heard it written that thou shall not commit adultery! That's one of the 10 Commandments, and yet the Pharisees was skillfully getting around that commandment by saying that you could write a letter of divorce and it due to the concession of the hardness of their hearts, but Jesus said it will be different with you. He said that he who looks at a woman in lust has already committed adultery in his heart. So you see the man broke the 10 Commandments as well even though he didn't go out and do adultery. So as a Torah keeper, he can say that he was a commandment keeper but God will tell him: Your heart is an adulterer. You are a breaker of my laws and you will not inherit the kingdom of God. So what is the way out of this? The only way out is to have Jesus free you from sin so you no longer lust and do what is evil in the sight of God. Christians say well you know we have to keep the 10 Commandments yet they break them every day in their hearts. They go out and commit adultery, but they go out and commit adultery in the heart. They keep the sabbath, but they break the Sabbath every day because they do not live for and obey Jesus Christ who is the Lord of the Sabbath. They say they love God yet their hearts are hard so they accuse and slander and hate each other. They say that they do not covet yet there forever chasing after the world's pursuits, coveting these things in their hearts. They say that we must obey the 10 Commandments and they say that Jesus said you must obey them, yet Jesus said that without me you can do nothing.

So friends the only way to have salvation and to be able to keep all the laws of God is to have Jesus Christ change your heart, so that his laws will be written there and you wont sin everyday. Christians say “Aw, you know longer sin?” I say yes, I no longer sin anymore. Why? Jesus Christ set me free from sin! And you can say I am a liar, John 1:8. But I tell you John 1:8 says that he who has said he has NO sin is the liar. Dear friends I have sinned but Jesus set me free and he forgave me. If you doubt that you can stop sinning everyday that means you doubt the power of Jesus Christ and you will never be saved. You will not enter the kingdom of God, because you deny the power of the cross to set you free from your evil. But for you who want the cross to set you free, who want the power of Jesus so that you keep all the commandments of God perfectly in your heart, so that you don't go out and covet, you don't go out and murder, because you no longer hate your brother in your heart. You turn it all out because Jesus changes you. And because Jesus changes you, you no longer bear false witness, you no longer hate God, because when you hate other people you hate God. You no longer love the world and chase after the world, because that breaks the first commandment of the Lord God most high.

You see these Christian so “I keep that first commandment”… yet they go and chase the world and sin everyday. NO! You're not keeping the first commandment. That command is not written on your heart because Jesus Christ has not changed you. So we can walk away from these false teachings today, and we can embrace Jesus Christ fully in the faith knowing that he gives us freedom from the laws if sin to death. He gives us freedom to keep the commandments of God everyday and not break them, because we do not want to break them. He gives you the freedom to no longer lie, to no longer lust. Now many people they just go and lust every day. Jesus gives you the freedom to no longer lust. He gives you the freedom to no longer smoke, drink, fornicate, to look in lust at other people, and when temptation comes and it surely will, you will become an overcomer because the commands of God will be written on your heart. You were very anxious to stay an overcomer.

Maybe you do fall one-day. Maybe you go to a sin and you break a command of God. The Holy Spirit will convict you of God's judgment and so you will be very anxious to repent of that time you fell, and the Lord will forgive you. Jesus said that he forgives sin. And you will continue to walk the narrow way not sinning anymore. But those who sin every day they belong to Satan because Satan is the father of all sin. They break God's commandments everyday even they keep the 10 Commandments (so they say). they're not keeping the 10 commandments, they break the first commandment straightaway because they are sinning and following the world, they lie, breaking the next commandments. Even they keep the sabbath, they don't keep it to Jesus Christ so they break the Sabbath too. They say, “I don't work on the Sabbath”. Friend that is not keeping the sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath is spending your time in holiness of heart before God. Not fornicating in the world! People they keep the Sabbath and then they go the next day and they go and commit evil. They go and live worldly for the rest of the week.

Friend, Gods not mocked, that is not keeping the Sabbath. God is not happy with your efforts to try and keep the 10 Commandments when you don't even follow and obey Jesus, because only Jesus makes God happy. When you obey his son and when you allow his son to change your heart to keep all his laws, that's what makes God happy because it is by his grace. You can say all you like that you are trying to do 10 Commandments so going to be fine before God. You are deceiving yourself friend because you don't keep the 10 Commandments, you just break them all everyday. You might keep them in Word but in actual deed and in your heart you're not keeping them. Because your heart is not changed. Jesus said apart from you can do NOTHING. You can't even keep the 10 Commandments unless Jesus Christ has set you free from sin and you come to know him. He has real power. It is all about Jesus, it is no longer about keeping the law. You try and keep the law all you like but if you don't know Jesus, it is not going to do anything for you and you'll be condemned because you keep breaking the law everyday anyway.

Friend wake up from the deceptions that you have fallen to and stop trying to keep the law and instead decided to keep the commands of Jesus and come to KNOW him so he can give you the power to keep all those laws of God that are written. He will write them on your heart. He will change your heart and you will follow him and be pleasing to God. It is through faith that you'll become righteous. Don't become a religious hypocrite friends, just focus on Jesus Christ, get to know him. Get his change so you no longer keep sinning everyday and he will lead you......