Saturday, January 26, 2013


It is a very sad but very few people are going to make it into God's kingdom. And this is because most people do not want to focus on Jesus and put him first in all they do. They are more interested in their own life. Most people are more concerned about what they are going to do in the future for their family and for their success. But Jesus doesn't come into their life at all. They are not focused on putting him first, they are more interested in all these other things. They are more interested in having a good time having a successful career and reaching success in what they're striving to do. But very few people are seeking to be successful in the kingdom of God. They are not seeking wealth in the kingdom of God. They're only seeking the wealth on this earth that will rust and it will be destroyed and it will not last. Jesus spoke of the man who found treasure in a field and the man went out and sold all he had and he went and bought this field.

That's what the kingdom of God is like. You see all the treasure in heaven and so you sell all you have on this earth and throw it away you don't care anymore about living for yourself. You go when you give it all away for the kingdom of God. You do what Jesus said; you lay down your life for the kingdom of God for following Jesus. You deny yourself and you put him first. You no longer strive after all the things you can achieve and do in this world. That is what I use to do dear friends. I used to strive after my own career goals and desires. I was interested in living for my own happiness, for my own joy and for the things I wanted to do. I wasn't interested in putting Jesus Christ first.

I wasn't interested in living for him and no longer doing the things I wanted to do. I wasn't interested in turning away from following after my own success. But Jesus Christ showed me the way. He showed me that I need to leave my life for him. And so I left my life for Jesus. I got on my knees I sought to know him and he came into my life and he changed me. And now he leads me to bring others to his kingdom like you. You need to turn away from following the path that lead to destruction and you instead need to come and decided to put Jesus first and put all your eggs in his basket. Buy that field with the treasure in it. Sell all you have and go and buy that field. Stake your future today in the Kingdom of God above. No longer make your life in this earth. What are you living for today my friends? Are you living for yourself? Or are you leaving for the kingdom of God!...