Monday, January 7, 2013


To most people and believers alike, Jesus simply does not exist today. To them he is something in the Bible a long time ago and now we have science and our own minds and out own wisdom. But I want to tell you today that Jesus is a reality right now, because when I got on my knees and I sought to know him for who he really is, he came into my life and he started to speak to me. Now that might balk the minds of some because they are like: well Jesus doesn't speak. But I want to tell you he does. Not only does he speak but he also has power to lead you. He actually has power to change your circumstances.

He has power to change your heart. He has power to set you free from those sins you are bound to. He has power to set you free from your cigarettes and your drugs and your alcohol. He is real as much as you have never realized that, he is real.

Friend it is time to seek Jesus Christ. I'm nobody special. Jesus Christ revealed himself to anybody who dedicates himself to him and repents. He set himself in the Bible that those who love him and obey him he will make himself known to them and come and abide with them and live with them. He said that he'll fill them with the Holy Spirit. He said that the Holy Spirit will speak to them things from the father and the Holy Spirit will speak to them not on his own accord but from whatever the Lord says. And that's why Jesus speaks to me because he promised that he would never leave his people who believe and trust him and who to go to him to know him. He would lead them even they go through trials and sufferings. But you see Peter the apostle and all the other apostles, they got thrown in prison for Jesus.

And all you unbelievers there can say “where was God?” But they were not saying where was God because they were suffering for the name of God knowing that they will have a reward in heaven. And Jesus Christ was still with them. So even in suffering they had peace. Now a lot of people if they're thrown in prison without God there go into despair. They get depressed and anxious and fearful because they don't know God.

But the people who suffer for the sake of God have peace and joy even because they know the Lord is with them, because he is a reality to the them, he speaks to them and he knows them. But you who just go to church and you just don't know Jesus, how can you enter his kingdom and be guided on the narrow way? You just don't know him. He just is no reality to you. I can only tell you from what I have known.

If you don't believe it, it is up to you. I can't make blind see, but if the Lord has opened your eyes just a little bit today and you are ready to want to know Jesus, just had his power in your life, be able to tune in to the Holy Spirit's voice inside, then you need to get on your knees you need to cry out to the Lord dedicated to him decide to stop following yourself and all the pursuits and things you are chasing after in this world, turn away from your sins and seek the Lord with all your heart. And as it is written those who seek the Lord with all their hearts shall find him....