Tuesday, January 8, 2013


People are confused about all the different ways that they believe will gain them entry into the kingdom, so they spend their life trying to find the best way that might get them there. Some think it's through keeping the law of Moses. Some think it through going to church. Some think it's through giving and being a good person. But there is only one way to the kingdom and that was and will always be only through Jesus Christ himself. He said it plainly that he is the only way to the kingdom.

And so if you want to come on this way there is only one way and that is to be baptized into the name of Jesus Christ and be led by his Holy Spirit just like his disciples were. Jesus came to earth to save people and it is only through him that you will have your sins forgiven and set free from your sins, healed and given the power to walk on the narrow way. That is what happened in my life and I have the assurance from heaven that I am on my way to the kingdom of God, because I am following the only way to the kingdom of God. And because it's the only way God backs you all the way and he leads you, he gives you the confidence and the peace and the strength.

And that is why I'm leading you to come on this only way to salvation too today, that you can know that Jesus did indeed die for your sins and he did indeed arise again that you could believe upon him and follow him and find him because he is real today. He did not die and stay dead. He rose again and he speaks and he leads today.

So if you want to know him you have to leave your sins and seek to know him so that he may fill your life with the Holy Spirit and go get baptized in his name; for it is written that he who believes and is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned. So friends the one and only way to the kingdom of God is if you go to Jesus today. Seek to dedicate your life only to him all the days off your life and then you will have what I have; peace and assurance of entering God's kingdom.....