Saturday, December 7, 2013


It this world there are many different ideas and different opinions of men. Different philosophies, different religions, different books, different teachings, but on all the things that I ever came across in this world, I never found the truth. I found a lot of interesting ideas, but I didn't find the truth that I was looking for that would fill me inside and give me the peace that I was looking for. I tried many different pursuits. Success in life didn't bring to me what I wanted inside and that was the truth. I wanted the truth but I didn't know what the truth was and I didn't find it. The teachings of man, the wonders of science and all the things of this world to me were just smoke in the end, because it was was appointed once for man to live and then to die. But there was one truth that I did find that made my life worth living and that was when I came to the realisation, that our heavenly father God of Israel, God of Jacob and Moses, our creator, he did indeed love the world and he wasn't just like the muslim god allan, that's a long way away from anybody and whom you never sure if he's pleased with you or not. No, this creator I found did love the world because he sent his only son to the world to redeem the world through him. As it is written he so loved the world that he sent his only son that all who believe will be saved.

This wonderful truth struck me that the Lord God in heaven the Creator of all things does indeed care about you and me. He does indeed love us despite that we are wicked and so when I came to realize this I decided to give my life to the truth, this truth that the father sent the son. And so I accepted the son Jesus Christ. It go into prayer and started to seek him who hears and speaks from heaven. And the new reality of the Spirit of God came to be with me. Friends if you're missing that reality of spiritual wellness before God, then today's the day to realize the eternal truth that is that the Father in heaven who created all you see, loved you enough to send his own Son into the world to redeem the world that if they turned to him and believe, they will be saved, they will be brought to the Father. I want to go be with the Father in heaven, that is my new mission that's my new joy, my revelation. I am not just living life anymore just for empty and vain pursuits that just become nothing but smoke when I die. I'm not living life anymore just to get the best out of it because, “I only live once.” That's foolishness. I don't live life anymore dominated by the cares of this life trying to find a bite to eat and enough to feed the family, because that is for those who don't trust in their heavenly Father who has the power to provide all things. I live my life now to enter the kingdom where the father is and so I have accepted the way to go to that kingdom through the Son, through Jesus Christ. He is not just a myth and this truth is not just a story. The reason I say and I know that is not just a story is because if you accept it you go you start asking the Lord to help you and get into your life.

The son you go ask the son Jesus “know me I want to be part of this”. And what happens is he doesn't just leave you in the dark. He actually comes to you changes you on the inside, gives you hope, gives you a new way gives you light. If you want this in your life today dear friend, and you're just sick of the same old way of striving after the world getting nothing but tears and blood, then today's the day to think about this new reality of the Father sent his son because he loved the people. If you can realize today that God loves people then you can realize you can accept him and you can accept the Son and pass from death to life. That's what I want to do dear friend, do you want to pass from death to life and have a new meaning in your life? Do you want to be with the Father? He is holy and he wants you to be holy like him, so if we want to be with the Father, then we also have to want to turn away from loving sin, from loving false paths of this fallen world. If we just love our sport and our pursuits and our success, then if that's what you love, you can't have the Father. But if you're ready to throw that away because you know there's something better for you, then today's the day to turn your back on your life and your back on your pursuits and your goals and your dreams, knowing that you got something better than what this life will offer you. Your goals and dreams will become nothing when you die, don't forget that. They will pass away. Your name will pass away nothing is forever down here. And it all counts for smoke in the end and you get to great heights and then you just die and nothing else, finished. There is only one thing that counts and that is that eternal life in the kingdom of the Father which is forever. And there's only one way to that eternal life and that is to accept and realize today that the Father loved you so that he sent the son to redeem you into that eternal life. Because we all know that the status quo of this world and the path by default is to the eternal fire. Not many people realize this mystery but we know one thing is that the reason the Father sent the Son because he loved the world, was to redeem people from the eternal fire......

Saturday, November 30, 2013


I want to give you a word from the Lord that I received, this is what the Lord put in my spirit yesterday; Do not look back at past you may have struggled with or done or committed, even yesterday, rather put it behind you and turn your back on it once and for all, for I will remove those sins from you as far as the east is from the west so look forward and follow me, says the Lord. That's what the Lord wants us to do. I can read it again; do not look back on your past sins that you may have committed or done yesterday or struggled with, rather put it behind you, turn your back on it once and for all, and follow me says the Lord, for I will remove those sins from you as far as the east is from the west. I can't think of what scripture that applies but I know there is scripture talking about removing your iniquity from you as far as the east is from the west. That is a very big very big distance, and all those shameful things that we have done and committed in the past, Jesus is willing to remove those things from us far as the east is from the west. Is not that wonderful praise the Lord. So I thought I would share that before I start today, this important word from the Lord. So if we would only turn our back on sin walk away from it including our failures of yesterday and only look forward, looking forward not back, the Lord will remove our sins as far as the east is from the west. Now I want to read this scripture to you today and it says, Hebrews 9:27; and it is appointed unto men once to die and then after that the judgment… and so today I wanted to talk about the day of judgment that is coming and why we must repent.

It is written in acts 17; the times of ignorance God overlooked but now he commands all people everywhere to repent because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead. So we know that Jesus Christ will judge the world and people. This is the coming day of judgment I want to warn you about, that God no longer looks over our sin and allows a time of ignorance like he did in in the past, but from now on he call people everywhere to repent and turn to the Lord. That is why I read you that word at the beginning, that the Lord will remove your sins as far as the east is from the west. Now this coming judgment day is very bad. You know it's not good, so we don't want to be a part of being judged dear friends, but the problem is people are going to have to face this terrible coming Judgment Day. In my dream I saw people being separated to the left and the right of the Lord, and people on the left were the disobedient people; disobedient to the word of God, disobedient to Jesus, and what happened was they went off into a room that got filled up with liquid fire.

And so that is what happens to people who are disobedient. I want to read from two Corinthians 5:10: for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that everyone may receive the things that he has done in the body according to what he has done whether it be good or whether it be bad. Jesus said Matthew 12:36 I tell you on the day of judgment people will account for every careless word they speak for by your words you would be justified and by your words you will be condemned… so we can see very clearly that this coming terrible Judgment Day has no escape for us, and is coming like a furnace and it's a day of trembling. So dear friends are we preparing for this judgment day? We've got one hope because I cannot stand on that judgment day, I know you certainly can't stand. You can't stand on that judgment I can't stand, so what hope do we have of this coming terrible judgment day where the Lord is going to judge every word! I know I have said words that would condemn me. I know you've said words that will condemn you also. And not to mention all your deeds and acts in the past that you have done that certainly going to cause you to come before the Lord having done bad deeds in the body, and what do you think your reward will be for that? Let us see what Jesus said about this thing that I'm telling you about right now, let us read; for the father judges no one but has committed all judgment to the son that all should honor the son they should honor the father just as they honor the father. Most assuredly I say to you, John 5:24, he who hears my words and believes in him who sent me, has everlasting life and shall not come into judgment but has passed from death to life. So that is the thing right there friends, that if we obey and follow Jesus which means we believe in him and we honor him and follow him and we obviously then believe in the father and give the father honour, we will not come into judgment. That is what it says, most assuredly I say to you, he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has everlasting life and shall not come into the judgment…So you are not going to come into judgment. Now what judgment? Judgment for your sin. You will stand before the Lord and you will get sorted to the to the right if you follow the Lord, but he's not going to judge you for your sin! Is that wonderful! It says that you're not come into the judgment, but you will have passed from death to life. Most assuredly I say to you, the hour is coming and is now here when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live.

Friends those who have done good, it is written, to resurrection of life and those who have done evil to resurrection of damnation. You know it all comes down to friends whether or not we know Jesus Christ today, otherwise how can you have your sins removed from you as far as east is from the West! Like I said earlier, and how can you pass from death to life and not come into the judgment if you don't know and follow and obey Jesus Christ like he said. He said; he who believes, and he said he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me… So he is talking about the believing and obeying him which means you believed and obeyed the Father. This great judgment day is a terrible time. We want to be hidden on the day of that day. Because you will not stand on that day and nor will I…I saw a great white throne and him who sat upon it and the heavens and the earth fled from his presents no place was found for them, and I saw the dead and the great and the small standing before the throne and the books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of life and the dead were judged from the things that were written in the books according to their deeds and the sea gave up their dead and they were all judged, and if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life he was thrown into the lake of fire….Rev 20:11…. That's what's happening in this coming judgment day if your name is not written in the book of life. If your name is written in the book of life Jesus says earlier that you will not pass into judgment. In other words you are not going to stand there before God and get judged for your sin, but he will remove your sin as far away from you as the east is from the west. Is that not wonderful. I am sure rejoicing with that truth, how about you! But there's a catch with that you actually have to turn your back on sin to receive that. If you don't turn your back on sin, you certainly not really realizing who Jesus is. But I'm loving those words. I am loving those words where the Lord said in the Scriptures, he said that he will remove your sins from you as far as the east is from the west. So don't look back on your past, rather look forward and follow me says the Lord. Now I want to read from you about this terrible day of judgment to further warn you about the coming time that you will have to face one day if you do not repent and follow Jesus. And we are all going to face the judgment seat anyway except that if we follow Jesus we are going to face him in mercy not judgment, but we're still going to be judged for what we did to people especially when we came to the Lord good or bad. That's why we need to be turning away from our sin today, turn out back on it today so that we can have these things removed from us as far as east is from the west. Revelation 21; write these words for they are faithful and true, the Lord said it is done for I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to him who thirsts for the spring of the water of life and he who overcomes will inherit all things. Look at that word; he who overcomes.

Again he who overcomes will inherit all things and I will be his God and he will be my son, but for the cowardly unbelieving and abominable the murder of the immoral the sorcerer the idolaters and all liars will have their part in the lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone that's the second death. So all these disobedient people to the words of Jesus Christ, all those Christians who followed the Lord and they say Lord Lord but they don't do what he says and continue to carry out their immorality and their murderous thoughts, and abominable actions, all kinds of actions that are abominable, these will have their part in the lake of fire. Isn't that terrible, so we got a big warning here; he who overcomes is not going to see the second death, but he who does not overcome is going to see the second death and we read earlier that the Lord will not bring you into judgment if you believe in him and hear his word. Hallelujah that's the gospel. We got to believe and follow and obey Jesus Christ, and then he's not going to judge us, but we will be able to overcome our sin. Now I want to read from you Revelation 21:22 Now I saw no temple in this city for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple, and the city has no need of sun or moon to shine for the glory of God has illuminated it, the nations will walk in its light, and the kings of earth will bring glory. But is says that there will be nothing unclean and no one who practices abomination and lying will ever come into this wonderful holy city, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. Behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me I will render according to every person to their deeds for I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end the first and the last. Blessed is he who washes his robes so that he may have the right to eat from the tree of life. But outside of the gates of the city are the sorcerers, the immoral the murderous idolaters and everybody who loves and practices lies. Friends this is serious. We have to be serious. This is the coming day of judgment are you ready! We need to face this day as an overcomer washed in the blood of the lamb believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Believing in the Father in heaven and hearing the Lord. Then he said he promised you'll not pass into judgment but you will pass from death to life. He promises that he will remove your sins as far from you as the east is from the West. Here's some more about this coming terrible day of judgment; Matthew 25, when the Son of Man comes in all his glory then he shall sit down on his throne and he shall gather the nations before him he will separate them like a shepherd from the sheep from the goats and he shall set the sheep on the right and the goats on the left and shall the King say to them on the right come you my blessed into my Father's kingdom prepared for you, but he will say to those on his left; away from me you cursed into the everlasting fire. And Revelation 3 reads; he who overcomes shall be clothed in white, and I will not blot out his name from the book of life. Friends very important, we must be in the faith otherwise your hope is in vain. Our faith and our trust in the Lord, our decision to obey the Lord, our decision to honor the son Jesus Christ, believe in the Father; this is salvation, that is salvation right there. As Jesus said that if you do that you will not pass into the judgment, but you'll passed from death to life. He said most assuredly I say to you he who hears my word believes in him who sent me.

So believes in the father who sent Jesus Christ knowing that the father sent the Lord for you. If you believe that and if you truly hear the words of the Lord today, then you will not come into the judgment and you will pass from death to life. So that's what we do today friends, is we turn our back on our old life, we turn our back on our past sins even the ones of yesterday, and we go to the Lord to followed him and obey him believing in him today, because truly when we do that the Lord will remove that past, as far as the east is from the west! That's the gospel and is it not wonderful! You will not pass into the judgment if you do that. Now that doesn't mean that tomorrow you'll go and curst someone out. No that means that today we turn our back on the life today and we walk forward to the Lord Jesus Christ today in humility and prayer. Today we turn our back on our evil so that we can be washed clean of it. The scriptures say that those who go back to sin have forgotten that Jesus has washed them cleaned and have forgotten the gospel. They are like the seed that fell on stony ground that he hears the word but all too quickly he falls away to the enemy and the seed bears no fruit. The other thing I wanted to read about was the coming day of judgment, friends, that Jesus talked about in the parable of the servants. Now he said in this parable that there once was a master who set all his servants in the household to their tasks each according to their ability, and then he went away on a long journey and he came back, he came back suddenly at an hour that they didn't expect in the dead of the night and he came to call each of them to account for their work. So we are talking about christians here we're talking about the house of God. So he's going to call us all to account what we did for him and he said to those who were honest and did well with what they were given, Jesus said that he himself will sit them down and he'll serve them himself, they will inherit all things. But he said woe to the servant who is found being lazy and not doing his work and is beating up the other servants. He said that they will be cast out kingdom out into the outer darkness. We've got a serious warning here that this coming day of judgment is for the unbelievers and for us also, but we've got the assurance from Jesus himself from his own word that we're not going to come into that judgment of sin of evil of our disobedience in the past, if we would turn from our sin and repent. Turn our back on sin and listen to the word of God today and believe in the Father who sent jesus christ for our sins. Isn't the gospel wonderful. The gospel is so simple. All we have to do is believe and decide to obey and that's what belief is, and you're going to be forgiven amen. That's how we are forgiven, if we will believe and obey. That's the way we pass from death to life because friends I tell you truly that you do not want to face the day of judgment. If you don't know Jesus today and you're living in immorality and you're not a moral person, you are an idolator, which means that you put the world first and chase after your career and you chase after objects your fancy cars and got all these hobbies as your idol, then I tell you now, you're going to be outside the holy city like it's written, you will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death, you will face the day of judgment and the wrath of God will be upon, you'll be like those people I saw in my dream where they were divided to the left who were disobedient to Jesus and disobeyed him and were living in sin and they were all sent off into the lake of fire. That's what will happen to you if you are not serious about following the Lord today and you're just wanting to go on in sin. Your name will not be written in the book of life. Now Jesus warns that names will be erased out of the book of life that's why he said that if you overcome I will not erase your name from the book of life. Revelation three verse four he says that anybody who overcomes I'll clothe them in white and I will not erase his name in the book of life but confess him before God as mine.

But the thing is when we don't overcome that's when the blotting comes. God said in the scriptures that he will blot out him who sins against him. He will blot them out from his book. So what happens is the Lord will blot you out if you want to go back to that life of immorality. You need your name written in the book of life to survive the day of judgment. What about that comet that was coming to the sun yesterday, comet Ison. It came to the sun and needed to survive the sun but the sun was so powerful a lot of it just disintegrated. That is how you're going to be when you face God. How can you face the Son Jesus Christ. He is too powerful, too severe. There is no way you can survive the Son Jesus Christ. You can't survive the Son Jesus Christ in your sin before him. There is no way, not going to survive. You need a kind of a protection you need the protection of the blood of Jesus on you and you are not going to get that unless you obey his word. Doer of the word not hearers only. Jesus said why you say Lord Lord and don't do what I say. He said those aren't the ones who enter my kingdom. The Lord says that ones who enter into his kingdom are those who obey him, because they're the ones who believe in the father. If you really believe the father in heaven who sent Jesus Christ for you, you would turn from your sin. Goes for me too. And the other thing is if we are living in any sin like cowardice and immorality sorcery lies, it says that all of these unbelieving if you don't believe in the Lord Jesus Christ today and you think that he is nothing, you get to the day of judgment and what happens is you will be part of the second death. It says that all of those will be cast into the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death. Woe to him who is part of the second death. But blessed is him who is part of the first resurrection to life. That is through Jesus Christ. That's why it is critical important today that we obey Jesus Christ. We have to obey Jesus Christ. It is critically important. If you do not obey the Lord you are going to face his coming terrible judgment day before the Son, and you're going to be annihilated, you are going to perish. You got no hope at all friends without Jesus. Even for your good work you still got no hope because of the sins you have committed. You already come into the category of a liar. Of an immoral person in some way or other. I sure do. I am not saying I practice those things but we've all done these things in the past and we have all had our evil thoughts and desires that we have had to turn away from. What happens friends is that we cannot survive the brush with the Son on the day of judgment unless we repent now and we believe now, and we obey and hear the word of the Lord now. Then we will survive because Jesus said he promised us that we will not pass into judgment if we do this if we obey and believe him. He said if you could hear my word and if you believe in him who sent me then you will not pass into the judgment. Is not that wonderful. That is the way we don't want to pass to the judgment friends, by believing and obeying Jesus Christ today and by giving honor to the Father in heaven who sent Jesus Christ for us.

Because Jesus Christ comes from the father and is written in the scriptures that the father doesn't judge anyone. He has committed all judgment to the son Jesus Christ that all should honor the son as they honor the father. So in the kingdom of heaven we have the Father in heaven and we have the son of the father in heaven. That's what we have. I don't care what dispute you want to put to that, that's exactly what we have. And if you want to believe in the father who sent the son today and the son who was sent for your sins today, then you will indeed have eternal life. Don't listen to anything else what anyone says. They can come up with all their doctrines, but this is the truth; If you believe the father sent the son today and you realize that the Son Jesus Christ was sent by the Father, you hear his word, then today you passed from death to life. Today you will not come into the judgment that is coming. We don't want to come into the judgment, because if we come into the judgment, we will end up cast into the lake of fire as a liar, as an immoral person, as a fornicator, as an idolater, because all of us have committed something along those lines in the past and I sure have and I know you have too. You cannot stand on the day of judgment there is no mercy on that day. It says that on that coming terrible day everybody will stand before the Lord and account for everything that they have done. Even their words will acquit them or condemn them. Jesus said I tell you, I tell you truly your words you have to call to account for. I've got word that would condemn me I tell you. I have said things that will condemn me on the day of judgment and the Lord said that you will stand for those words. You will be called to account for them even your words. Those curse words or those words you have said against someone that you shouldn't have said, that's going to come against you and you're going to be condemned for them. You are going to end up in the lake of brimstone because of your words. Jesus is not going to let you off on some of your words that were good and a whole lot of others that were bad. It's always the bad that condemns you before the good and you can't have bitter water coming out of a good spring, or a good spring producing bitter water. That's why if we're producing bad words today, we haven't got our heart right with God. And so the only hope we have is to believe on the father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ so that we don't be condemned for our words because otherwise you're going to be condemned for them. Turn you back on sin. Turn your back on the mistakes of yesterday, look forward knowing that the Lord will remove from you as far as the east is from the west all these past failures. That is the gospel. The gospel is really wonderful it gives you hope because you know that when you stand before God you're not going to stand before him condemned like you will if you stand before him without believing in the father and hearing his son. Today we hear his son, friends, today we hear his Son Jesus Christ. Today's the day that we hear Jesus Christ. Hear his word written. He will also speak to your spirit but you got to go listen to him. That is why Jesus said those who hear the Son, believe that he is from the father they will receive eternal life and they will not come into the judgment. Go read it for yourself in John chapter five. Now when the son of man comes Jesus Christ who is going to judge you and all the nations, he is going to divide us from the from the sheep on the right and the goats on the left.

Now listen to this; he said that he would divide us from the sheep from the goats and the sheep will enter his kingdom and the goats will be cast into the lake of fire. That's what the Lord says that is coming on the day of judgment soon. In my dream I saw something like this. I saw a son of man dividing people from the left or right. Disobedient were on the left obedient were on the right. I remember very clearly that it was the disobedient and the obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. So the sheep are those who are obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is who the sheep are. They were following Jesus their good shepherd in their lifetime. They were turning away from their sin turning their back on sin, and looking forward to salvation in Christ having hope his name. They were obedient to his word. That's why they hear his words. These people didn't face the second death. I saw disobedient people being taken off into another room. They were joking about their sin. These people didn't think that it was a serious thing to be sleeping around outside of marriage and were even joking about it. They didn't think it was a serious thing to lie sometimes. They didn't think it was very serious to not watch what you say. They were joking about their sin and then all this liquid fire came in and filled up the rooms they were in and I heard them no more. Friends this is what's going to happen to all of us who just don't think it's so very serious today to turn away from our immorality, our fornication, our lustful desires, our bad words. This is what happens to you and me; we get divided into the goats on the left as disobedient to the word of God. But those who are obedient to the word of God they were the sheep on the right and Jesus said to them come you blessed into the kingdom of God prepared for you. So that's why I preach about being obedient to the word of God because that is so very important. If you are not obedient to his word and you don't believe that the father sent Jesus Christ for you, then you will be judged and condemned on the day of judgment and that's why I'm talking today about the day of judgment, because it's a terrible day. Most assuredly I say to you said Jesus, he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has everlasting life and shall not come into the judgment but has passed from death to life. Is not that the wonderful gospel of God sent by God himself stamped approval by the father. You will not pass into the judgment and face death if you would only hear the word of the Lord and believe in the father who sent Jesus Christ hallelujah. That is why dear friends today we can pass from death to life by realizing that the coming day of judgment is at hand coming, no matter what anybody says it will come in its time, and when it comes we will stand before the Lord and the sheep will be put on the right and the goats on the left. Obedient to the right disobedient to the left. And we will be judged according to what we have done. He who has done righteousness and obeyed the Lord, heard the word of the Lord heard the word of Jesus Christ and believed in the father, they will not pass into judgment. I read the word the Lord gave me earlier; do not look back into your past sins that you have done or struggled with or committed yesterday, rather put them behind you turn your back on them once and for all, look forward and follow me says the Lord for I will remove your sins from you as far as the east is from the west. Do you believe that? Do you realize that that's what will happen to you if you repent and believe today!

Do not come into the coming day of wrath, judgment, as a goat. Do not go there as a disobedient and immoral person. Turn away from your sins today, prepare for the day of judgment so that you will not pass into judgment but you hear the word of the Lord today and you decide to overcome and follow Jesus Christ. Obey him, make him your everything. Make the Father of heaven and his Son your everything. And you will never see death, and you'll passed from death to life and you'll not be judged according to your sins you have committed. But woe to you if you continue in your sin and you continue practicing your wickedness without turning your back on it, because it shows that you have forgotten that Jesus has set you free and cleaned you up, and that you have forgotten about the father. You're going to end up in hell as an unbeliever, so friends I warn you; let us think about being today ready for the day of judgment, not tomorrow, today. Today we need to pass from death to life. Today we need to not come into the judgment. So that means today we must hear the word of the Lord and we must believe on the father who sent the son. That is what we must do, that is all. That is all. That is what obeying the Lord. You hear his word. That means you become a doer of his word, because Jesus said don't be hearers only but be doers of my word. That means you walk along obeying the Lord and you will indeed never be judged according to your sins that you have committed in the past. That is wonderful, that is the gospel, that is why I am here…....

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I want to talk about two things about 2 things, and that is who Jesus is, and the coming of the Messiah. Because today we want to understand that the door of the rapture is open and today we can walk into that door because the time is at hand, the time is very near. Now who is Jesus? This is the thing that a lot of people wondering at this time because a lot of people don't really know who Jesus is. But who is Jesus? We know about Jesus of the Bible who lived 2000 years ago and we know about that Jesus, and we know about something he did and then we go about our own life today and we just continue to live as we do and have fun and whatever, but then every so often the topic of Jesus comes up. And people they get defensive and offensive about the name of Jesus so much so that some people don't want to have the name of Jesus in their organisation.

So we get the army in the US saying they cannot use the name of Jesus there. And we have places in the public where it is not allowed to use the name of Jesus. In law courts is not allowed to use the name of Jesus. So obviously there's something about Jesus. Now who is this Jesus? Who is the Jesus that they don't like you to speak his name? Let us think about Jesus on the cross all those years ago hallelujah. That Jesus what did he do? He was crucified on the cross and everybody knows about the story, but does anybody know that that same Jesus is alive today! And he is risen today. Does anybody know that hallelujah. That's the thing dear friends, we have to start to understand who the real Jesus is. Is he just a fictional character or is he the real son of God like he claims in the Bible. And there is only one way to find out that means that we would have to meet this Jesus today if he really existed. If he really is the son of God like he says he is, and he really is that the only way to heaven like he says he is in John chapter 3, then he must be around today otherwise are we believing in vain? I see plenty of churches that believe in Jesus but some of their pastors go off to other religions at times. They say all along I never really believed, and I realize it was all just fake and just went off to Islam or something like that. Clearly they didn't know who Jesus was. But then every so often someone comes along and he says hey this Jesus look what he did for me! And they come along and that they show healings from Jesus that couldn't have happened any other way. They show a freedom from sin and a change of life from this Jesus that couldn't have happened any other way. And then I come along and I say I got on my knees and I sought this Jesus and then he came into my life and he set me free from sin and healed me and helped me. So people say did you really find Jesus of Nazareth? And I say yes indeed. And that's why I want to talk about who Jesus is today because he's not just a character from the Bible that was in 1AD. Jesus is alive now and since he's alive now we can realize what he stands for, because there's the truth written of what Jesus stands for. And we can understand today what really is salvation, what is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now we can read about the gospel and I can read from Acts chapter 8 where there was an eunuch and Philip was brought by the power of the Lord to the chariot and he was running along beside the chariot in the eunuch was reading out of the Scriptures and wondering what was this man that the prophet was talking about when he was reading from Isaiah about “giving himself for a sacrifice and and and his blood for atonement of sin”… something to that effect. And the eunuch was wondering who was he talking about? Himself or somebody else? And so Philip got in the chariot with him and he told him about the good new of Jesus dying for the sins of the world and being risen again hallelujah. And then Jesus saying go believe and get baptized in my name and you'll be saved. So the eunuch said to Philip, here is some water why can't I be baptized now? And so Philip baptized him and as he came out of the water, Philip was taken away by the spirit of God and the eunuch went on his way rejoicing. He had found Jesus praise the Lord. Now when I say who is Jesus, I start thinking spiritually here because we must remember something dear friends is that Jesus rose from the dead and he rose into the new body because God is Spirit and so from now on the Lord Jesus reveals himself to us in Spirit and in the flesh by the change of our hearts and by forgiving us and having that load fall off our shoulders when we repeat. Before we go any further we must understand one thing is that is that Jesus said these words which are very true; he said that nobody can enter the kingdom of heaven unless they become born-again. Nobody. He said they must be born of the spirit and of water to enter the kingdom of God. And Nicodemus said how can that be how can a man go back into the womb and be born again.

Jesus said you do not understanding yet I tell you things so simply. He said anybody who believes upon the Son of Man shall never taste death but pass from death to life. He says that all who believe upon the name of the Son of Man, the name of Jesus Christ, will be saved. And this gospel Jesus said to preach throughout the world and Jesus said in the end of Matthew, he said those who believe this gospel and are baptized will be saved. Those who disbelieve will be condemned. And so this wonderful Jesus is about a reality. Jesus said those who obey me and follow me I will give them my holy spirit and I shall lead you until the end. I shall not leave you orphans but I shall give you my Spirit to those who believe, to those who are my followers. And then I come across a lot of people they say well I believe and I'm sure you do but they go on in their sin and they live like the devil, and they say that they're saved by the grace of the Lord. And I say well it's true that you don't believe because if you really believed who Jesus was, you would be falling on your knees before him and repenting and seeking to know him because Jesus is alive now. When he rose from the dead as the attainment of your sins and then he rose into the kingdom of heaven and sent the Holy Spirit and then he comes to dwell in us as we are temples of God hallelujah, it is then that we become children of God and it is those who truly believe who can have this happen to them. Do you truly believe today. Do you truly realize that Jesus is who he and Jesus is alive now. He speaks when you go and want to speak to him and you go and seek him and repent, he will communicate with you he will speak with you and that that's the reality of Jesus today hallelujah. Now we can read that again from John chapter 3 when Jesus said that; nobody can enter the kingdom of heaven unless you become born-again. He said those who believe upon my name, Jesus Christ, will never perish. That is what Jesus said in John chapter 3. so dear friends who is Jesus? Jesus is made a very clear who he is. He is the Messiah, so the Messiah is coming and we're here prepare the way of the coming for the Messiah, because he's coming back for all those who believe in him. So we know who Jesus is because he's already died for us and he's already risen from the dead and is already there for us to get on our knees and pray to him and ask him to forgive us and experience his peace, now we got to get on our knees and repent and make sure we are following him, because the Messiah is coming and if we're not ready following the Messiah, then how can we step into the door of the rapture, the door of the return of the King? Just ain't happening.

Now there are two messages today that were not around so long ago and those two messages are; Jesus is Lord of 2013, and the second message is that the Messiah is coming are you ready! You cannot enter the into the coming of the Lord nor the kingdom of heaven nor can you be born again, if you do not go to Jesus on your knees. People say, “How can I be ready for the Messiah how can I enter the rapture”. And they worry and they fear about all these things but friends we got to realize what our salvation is. Our salvation is Jesus Christ. So let us trust him today. Let us realize what he did because he died on the cross for us and he made the way that if we believe, if we only believe and turn to him, we will get to know him and he will give us his spirit. That's the wonderful thing that we can realize today is that when we believe the Lord will give us his spirit and he will help us walk on the narrow way praise the Lord. Anybody who is a changed believer in Jesus has a changed life. They no longer want to do their sin anymore. They are like Mary Magdalene who received the mercy of Jesus and the forgiveness of her prostitution or adultery whatever it was, and she got the forgiveness of it and she was so grateful to the Lord. Jesus said go sin no more. Now some of those people could've gone often and sinned more and Jesus said to some of the people he healed that if you go and sin, a worse thing will happen to you. But Mary Magdalena didn't go on and continue in adultery, she completely became a follower of Jesus and she continued to follow Jesus from that very day and she became one of the disciple and she continued to witness for Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth until she died as is recorded. So we know dear friends that Mary Magdalene was a true believer of Jesus Christ and she was the one who was interested in listening to the Messiah turning from her sins and she became a new person in a new creation. Then we have a apostle Peter who denied Christ and things like this and then when Christ died and was risen again, that is when they changed and came to a new life and they were no longer their old way. Their old way of having Satan work in them. Jesus said to Peter; get out get away from me satan.

You see once Jesus rose again that's when the power of the gospel came into effect, and that's when Peter got freed from sin at that very point. He was sanctified up until that point just like Abraham was, like David was, but he was still a sinner. But after Jesus died and rose again the power of the gospel became real on this earth and this is the power that you will experience if you go to the Lord. And that's the way we prepare for the coming of the Messiah, is by going to Jesus are realizing him who he is because he's the Lord. He is the Messiah and if you believe on him who you will become born-again and you will never perish. You know Jesus is the son of God, there's no other way to heaven. There is only one way and if you believe upon him you realize who he is, you're going to get set free from sin too. And that's what Jesus did for me, he set me free from my evil paths. Now I used to walk in many paths. I was like Peter before the cross. I used to deny Jesus. I used to go on in the world. I use to carry out my following of the devil like Peter did and I had lots of questions and didn't understand Jesus. I was like Peter was before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But then I came on my knees before the Lord because he's resurrected Jesus of 2013, and I sought him and he came into my life and that's when I got changed just like Peter was changed and Peter got filled with the Holy Spirit and the Lord gave me the Holy Spirit, and he led Peter and that's how he leads people because he is risen and is here now.

So we are in the age where if you cry out to Jesus the Messiah, this is the gospel, you cry out to the Messiah and that means you believe on him, and you repent which means you're believing on him, that means you are going to become a changed person. If you really realize that hey Jesus is alive now he's alive today, he is the same Jesus that rose from the dead and he's already forgiven your sins on the cross. So what we need to do today is we need to repent and turn from our sins and get ready for the Lord. And this is what it is dear friends. It's about turning ourselves over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and realizing who he is today because he is alive today and he is here to bring us into his holy Kingdom. But you see many people they don't understand Jesus. They don't know that he's alive today. They might go to church but they don't realize that Jesus speaks back to you if you seek him. If we seek the Lord he will come into our lives hallelujah and we will be able to enter into his kingdom. We will have the freedom from sin in our life today not tomorrow today, and we will have the way of Jesus come into us today and when Jesus comes into us, then we no longer have to continue doing our evil, and that he will change us from the inside out praise the Lord. And that's why Jesus said in the end of Mark and end of Matthew, he said to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation, everybody who believes and who repent and to everyone who believes and is baptized will be saved, and that he who disbelieve will be condemned. That is the truth. That is how it is friends. Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of heaven. He is the only way to get free from sin. He is the only way to get right with God and get to know the Lord because he is the only way to the father. He is the same Jesus of 2013, the same Jesus of 1AD. The risen Jesus is here and now.

He's alive now. He is with us now. So I'm trying to get you to see that if you would only get on your knees and realize that Jesus is here right now, is that you're going to find him. You're going to find that peace and find that wonderful new way come into your spirit because Jesus is going to come into your life hallelujah praise the Lord. And this is what we want friends. We want Jesus to come into our lives and to change us from the inside out and fill us with his Holy Spirit hallelujah. He is the only way, he is the life and if you dedicate yourself to him and find him you'll never looked back. You will just have the wonderful reality of Jesus with you and he's going to lead you and guide you all the days of your life, and you just dedicate yourself to him. That is how your ready for the rapture. That's how you step into the door of the rapture because you are a follower of Jesus hallelujah. But instead people they go around complaining and fearful and doubting and wondering if Jesus even exists. How are they ready for the rapture? Friends we got to realize that Jesus is the gospel. We got to realize that what he said was true when he said that all who believe on me shall pass from death to life. How hard is that? How hard it is to believe Jesus if you believe he said that. If you believed he is who he is, he is the Messiah. How hard is it to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. If you would only believe that today you would get on your knees and accept it hallelujah, and that's what I'm trying to point you to is that Jesus was not just the Messiah and then he died and disappeared and 2000 years later in 2013 we just live in a scientific world and people govern their own life. No, that life didn't set me free from sin. That life didn't give me peace. That life didn't heal me, that life didn't help me when I pray. My prayers when I close my eyes and I speak to the Lord I can feel like I am communicating with God.

As when I was religious in my sin, I close my eyes and prayed and felt God didn't hear, because he didn't hear. And we know that God doesn't hear the prayers of sinners but he hears the prayers of those who repent and they seek to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. So that's what we're here to do today is to realize that Jesus is real. Jesus is the one who set me free and is the one who is going to set you free if you would only realize who he is, and if you realize that he is indeed the only way to heaven, he is the Messiah, he is the one who will give the Holy Spirit, he is the one that everything you hear about him in the Bible applies for today because he didn't die and disappear. He is not just a myth that disappeared and it was a good story let us close the bible and… get back to life. No people who do that never find Jesus. Dear friend we just got to focus on the Lord praise the Lord. And focus on him so that we don't end up being cast out and end up in the darkness. I often talk to a whole lot of people who don't know who Jesus is. They don't know him. They think he is religion they don't realize he is alive today, and I tell them that Jesus has set me free from sin he gave me new way and they cannot believe that. They think that Jesus died 2000 years ago he went to heaven and that is it, finished. Now we just live in the scientific world of 2013. but that's not true that is a lie, because if that was the case why would Jesus have come into my life when I prayed and asked him to come into my life and when I asked him to know me. Why would he answer me back? If Jesus wasn't real why would he answer me back? You tell me that now. If he wasn't real why wouldn't he give me peace? Why would I have peace when Jesus came into my life? Why would a load of weight fall of my shoulders of sin if Jesus wasn't real and was just a myth. Dear friends we go start to realize something today, and that is Jesus is not religion, he is not just a church character, he is not just in the Bible where you open the Bible read about him for a little while and just close the Bible. He is not just a movie where you see him in the movies and then you just go home and you go about your own life in 2013. that's not who Jesus is. Jesus is the Messiah and the Messiah is coming back, and if you're not ready for when he returns then you're going to be in big trouble, big trouble. We can already see the judgment of God coming upon the nations, for the last 10 years. We've seen things like massive earthquake a huge increase in earthquakes. Jesus said that the birth pains would increase right before he returns which we're seeing. Earthquakes have been really close together now in large frequencies and higher grade.

We are seeing a whole lot of typhoons hurricanes and and floods and fire worldwide. We have seen animal deaths worldwide, mass animal deaths. We have seen problems beginning. We can see a lot of problems friends and all these problems are caused by us not willing to realize that Jesus is who he is and we are just going on in sin, and I'm here to tell you today that if you keep going on in sin, you are not going to be ready for the Messiah. And when Jesus comes back and he will do indeed you will not be ready. You will certainly not go with him. So the way is to step into the door of the rapture that the messiah has opened, today. The door is open the Ark is open and the Lord is saying come up here and be ready. The way to get into that door is to turn away from your sins and to seek the Lord and realize that he said what was true. He said I am the only way to life. He said if you believe on my name you will never perish. You will pass from death to life. Is that not wonderful! The wonderful gospel. Jesus said that you will pass from death to life if you believe upon my name. He said if my people humble themselves and repent and turn to me I will forgive their sin says the Lord and wash away their iniquity. I will forgive them. That's what Jesus said, he will forgive you if you turn away from your sins and repent. Is not that wonderful hallelujah. That's what the Lord Jesus is calling us to do today is to turn away from our sins and to turn to him and believe upon his name and there is no use you saying I believe in Jesus Christ and yet we go and commit sexual sin we live in the world and you continue to follow the ways of the world… that's not believing in Jesus. If you really believe the mighty Messiah was really is who he is and really went through so much trouble and pain on the cross for you, why would you live that way? It proves you don't know him. It proves you do not believe in him. If you continue to say I will always sin and it is alright and Jesus will forgive me, it proves that you don't realize that Jesus went through a terrible death for you on the cross so that you could be forgiven.

It proves that you just don't understand that. Well I got news for you that Jesus Christ went through a terrible painful death on the cross and he did it for your sins and so if you do anything else but not repent that means you're obvious not believing that. But it's time to realize friends that Jesus died a terrible death for us. Just imagined me going along to you today and getting a bit nail and driving it through your feet and then getting a whip with metal on it then slashing you with it until you've got your flesh dripping with blood. I could not imagine how painful that would be. Can you imagine getting a nail and driving through your hand and then hanging on that nail and having it rip through your flesh even more with your body weight? Can you imagine nailing yourself to a structure and then having someone grab that structure and shake it and throw upright and crash it into a hole? And it shakes around and pulls all your loose flesh because the nail is ripping into your bones because it is through your hands and feet? Can you imagine the pain of your feet and hands of something just a huge thick mail going straight through them in the bone and your like rattling around there in the wind? Can you imagine how horrible to die! It would take hours and hours to die that way, because you haven't hit any lethal organs. You would be hanging there and feeling so sick and feeling so terrible and full of pain and hours and hours of agony would seem like eternity and then finally you die by the grace of God you might finally die after who knows how long. That's what Jesus did for us, and you say: I am always a sinner Jesus forgives me… but you don't even realize that Jesus did that for you. Now Mary Magdalene realised that and she left her sins and she became a new person and she just followed Jesus and preached the gospel. Paul realised that when Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus and he turned away from his sins and Paul stopped following sin and he started to follow Jesus and he just preached the gospel and Paul said that he continued to crucify the flesh daily so that he wouldn't be disqualified because of the wonderful thing that Jesus did for him and he got freed by the power of the cross from his old evil life. He became a new person from the HEART. That is what will happen to you if you give yourselves to the Lord, you are going to have a new way come into your life and you're going to be forgiven too, and you're going to have a new heart. That's what the Lord does because he is the Messiah. We are here today to prepare for the coming of the Messiah because he is coming soon. Very soon. And that's the message.

The Lord has been warning in the last few years, if you haven't heard yet already, that the Messiah is coming be ready or you'll be left behind. And if you haven't listened to that and you're listening to this today for the first time, well I want to tell you one thing is that if you believe on Jesus and you give your life to him today and you become serious about what he did for you, he is going to come into your life, he is going to start making you worthy to entered the wedding feast of the Lamb coming soon. What's going to happen is the Lord is going to descend from heaven with a shout, he is going to bring up the dead who died in Christ from the grave, and he is going to bring up those who are left to alive to be with him and they'll be with him for ever more. And so the Lord is coming are you ready? That's the message is that Jesus is who he is and the Messiah is coming are you ready. Do you believe in who Jesus is? Do you realize that he is alive now and he is who he is NOW. If you can believe that NOW then you're going to be ready for the Messiah when he comes. You know that means we don't just go back to our old life again rather we get on our knees we start praying we start repenting we start turning away from our sin and start asking Jesus to help us to follow him, and what happens is the power of God will come upon you and then you'll be able to walk on that narrow way into the kingdom of heaven. And then when the Messiah returns he is is going to take his people to be with him from the earth, then he is going to take you also. That is how we step into the door. We step into the door of the rapture by turning from our doubt, realizing that Jesus is who he is, realizing that when you believe on Jesus, he is going to come into your life so you better start seeking him now, and then you're going to be filled with his spirit and you go and get baptized in his name and you are sealed into the kingdom of heaven. So you must continue to follow him all the way and what happens is the Messiah will come and he will take you to be with him. But there will be some trials and some troubles and tribulations before that day because the Lord will refine our faith for that day but right up until that day we got to be ready, we got to be serious because he's about to come back and I tell you the time now is very very near hallelujah. So if you want to be ready then you've got to seek the Lord on your knees today friends and realize that he is the Lord of 2013. and he is the Messiah and the Messiah is coming back. Are you ready? And he's coming back any day now. Today could be the day.

It is soon I tell you friends it is so soon. We're living right at the very last second of the coming of the Messiah. And after that it will be too late for you when the Messiah comes and closes heaven off and you get left behind in the world because you didn't really believe in Jesus for real. It is going to be absolutely too late. You are going to cry and you are going to scream, but that will be it. The door will be shut. And so the door of the coming of the Messiah is open today. It is open today. But I don't know if it's going to be open tomorrow. I don't know if it is going to be open on the next day friends. All I know friends is it is open today and we must be ready for Jesus today hallelujah amen. We got to be ready today. The call, and that's what I'm announcing today is that the Messiah is coming let us prepare the way to meet him. And let us not be left behind. In 2009 the Holy Spirit started speaking through a brother. He started to pray in tongues. He started to pray in his own language and he had the power of the Holy Spirit come over him and as he was lying in his bed he was praising God in another tongue and then it came into his mother language into his Romanian language and then in this language the Lord spoke through him saying; come to me people the time is now. He was saying; separate from the world be separate. He said come to me my children separate from the world be separate or you'll be left behind, or you'll be left behind. And that's what he was given through the Holy Spirit to speak. I am coming soon says the Lord. I am coming soon. That's what Jesus said. I am coming soon. That is the message today that you must be ready or the return of the King and realize that Jesus is the Messiah as he said he was. And if you really believe that he is who he said he was, then you're going to come into a new way into your heart. A new way to your spirit.

The Lord is going to forgive your sins. He will wipe away all your evil as far as the east is from the west. He will not remember your sins against you and then that is if you turn to him if you repent. And repent means we could decide to turn away from our sin. Many people are willing to go to Jesus but are not willing to turn from sin and so they become like the hearers of the word who had the seed land on the stony ground and they believed the word and heard the good news of the gospel and then they believed it with joy but then when their roots grew into the soil it was stoney and when the sun came up the seed shriveled up and died. They are the people who don't have roots in the faith and they don't really truly want to believe in Jesus once the trouble comes their way because they still want to live in the world. Your mind must be totally geared to Jesus from now on. If you're still on the edge wondering if you want to continue in your sin and the world, you are not ready you're not worthy of the kingdom. And if you're the seed that landed on the weedy ground where the seed grew and grew up but the weeds grew up as well; the cares of life the lust of the eyes and the pride of life and of the cares of this world choked out the seed and it died. That is the person who heard the word who believe the word who believed the gospel but as Jesus said the cares of life choked out his gospel. You know friends we got to be serious today and we got to start to realize that there is only one truth and that is the truth of turning from our sin and believing upon the real gospel of Jesus Christ hallelujah. And that's what we're going to do. We are here to believe upon the real gospel of Jesus Christ and turn from our sin and obey the Lord amen. The Messiah is coming friends are you ready?...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Suicide Nearly Took Me To Hell

Many years ago when I was living in the world, I had a lot of trouble with depression. I would feel dark all day. I didnt have any light in my life. I didnt get any normal enjoyment out of the things I did and things I chased after. Recently I was watching a video about a wingsuit skydiver who had a lot of trouble in his life with depression and was wanting to kill himself many time, to commit suicide. And so he decided to do dangerous things. He got himself hurt doing base-jumping and dangerous activities where his life was on the line. He said he only had one life and might as well make the best of this life. He really did have a problem with the point of life. I used to be in this situation as well as this young man. And I didnt really see the point of life either. To me it seemed a waste of time. I used to feel so dark on days that I just wanted to end myself on this earth. I would think of ways that I could do it. And sometimes I got very close to doing those things. Because I figured; well it is better to be on the other side than this side since this side is so full of darkness. I was indeed in a lot of darkness. There was one thing that always troubled my mind a great deal and that was the words of a certain brother who was in the police force and he used to see a lot of suicide victims in his corse of work. He say police officers commit suicide. He was a believer in the Lord and knew that those who commit suicide end up in hell as it is written.

The Lord said “I will destroy him who destroys my temple”. Our bodies are to be the temple of God. I always knew that the end of a life where we die in darkness and we die in no hope thinking that it is all going to be over, it ends in the FIRE, the eternal fire of hell. I knew that once you are there, it is over. There is no more hope. You cannot repent, and you cannot get out. The devil has you. He has you my friend, if you go and kill yourself today and end your life because you feel there is no more point for living. Now I used to fell the same way, and was going to do that many times. But you see I could not forget those words. I could not forget that he said that the people who commit suicide they end up in hell. I knew that was true. A lot of people will try and doubt these things. The will say “Oh well it is just religion why do you believe in religion”. But I knew it was true. I was not deceiving myself. So I held back on my recklessness and I started to pray to the Lord and he started to reach out to me and he brought me out of my darkness and he brought me into a new life. I began to realise that I was to blame for the darkness that I was in because I had refused to turn to the light on so many occasions.. I was choosing darkness everyday so demons were coming around and putting on me all these demonic feelings that try to drive people to kill themselves in this world. And it is all of the devil, it is of the devil. Once he can get us to kill ourselves, he is waiting to wrap us in chains and take us off to the fires of hell. But I realised there is more to life than our own pursuits, our own fun in the way of the world. I already didn’t like those things because I felt everything was a bit pointless. But what I found was that there is a point to life and that is through Jesus Christ. He is the point.

Once I realised that, I went to the Lord and he transformed me and gave me a new way. He revived my Spirit. He gave me meaning and a purpose and a joy and took away my darkness. The demons left. They didn’t bother me anymore with these kinds of feelings and thoughts. I found complete redemption from the old hopeless way to this new way in Jesus Christ. I found a purpose for living. I found a love that I didn’t have before from God. I found a love for other people and that is why I am here because I realised that everybody can be part of the enteral kingdom of God. This life is not just about your life then it is over then that is it. This life is about the eternal kingdom of God and the people who end up in there. This life is also about people who go to hell. And so these two realities are going to dominate eternity one day. Many people are going to have regret forever in the fire. Other people are going to have redemption and joy peace and light in the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. Because they realise that he indeed is the way the truth and the life. He is the light. If you walk in him with him, you do not walk in darkness. But if you walk in the darkness, the devils will be your companions. That is where all these problems come from. When we are on the brink of committing suicide and playing dangerous sports that can cause us to die at any moment, we are on the cusp of hell and about to be cast into the eternal fire forever. No more hope to change and repent. No more hope to come on the narrow way. But I found the hope. I found the transformation and purpose. The reality of Jesus Christ who loves us all. It is through him that I have come on the new way, the narrow way, the way of the cross, the way the apostles all walked. The way of having the Spirit of God come to you. It is amazing dear friends.

It surpasses anything else on this earth. It is the only way to go. If your life is empty and you just feel there is no point to it, or you want to kill yourself, I tell you there is a point, there is a way to go. The way is through Jesus Christ. Now you can just go and end yourself and end up in the fire, or you can decide today, to do what I did and seek the Lord. Find his reality for yourself because he is real and he does come into the lives of people who seek him. I am living evidence of that. And when you seek him he will come and help you. You will no longer be in darkness. You will not longer have that pain and hurt inside driving you to want to end your life. You will no longer have the darkness clouding your head everyday wishing the pressure would go away. It is a miraculous change and it comes through the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only way. You will never get meaning out of your life doing all these wonderful dangerous sports and thrills. It will all wear off and you will just be left with yourself broken and dark. There is no way out friends. You have to go to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what I did and that is why I am here sharing this testimony today how I was in that situation and how I wanted to end myself many times. I was listening to the dvil. I was walking in darkness. But I found the light and Jesus Christ brought me on a new way and he gave me the power to walk afresh. To walk a new way and I have never looked back dear souls…....

Thursday, October 17, 2013


And even though we've struggled with many troubles and trials, we can still praise God even though we have many desires of evil and I want to bring to your attention today this struggle, this struggle of life. Because I know very well that many of you and I get a lot of people that message me about this, they do struggle with troubled desires of sin and and some people struggle with homosexuality. I get other people often message me about that too. Other people struggle a lot with a lust problem. Some people find themselves in a lustful lifestyles that they don't want to be a part of anymore, but keep getting dragged down by. And there's only one answer and that is to make that decision today to dedicate to the Lord Jesus. I wanted to talk about that today; this struggle that goes on inside in our hearts in our very hearts and mind daily, how it can just bring us down to a way that we just don't want to be. This is what happens when we are slaves of sin. People they say; I was born this way I didn't have any choice in the matter… and you know I wish I wasn't this way but that's just how I am…. that's what people say and it's actually true. I will tell you why, it is because we been born into a flesh that loves sin. That is just how it is. The flesh of Adam, the fallen nature. It is written that from a very young age we just want to go and sin its true. We have to be taught the right way to behave by our father. And how much is God a better father than our fathers to teach us the way. And he's already taught us the way to go, it is to go the way of Jesus Christ hallelujah. And so it is true that we have these troubles and trials and desires and ways that we're born into, that is true. We are born into many evil things many many curses, family curses generational curses all kinds of problems and trials. All awful things. Some people say well why was I created gay I didn't want to be. So common these people start to go with the popular flow of the world when they start to condone these sort of sins and start to think this sin must be okay now.

Other people struggle with more serious sins that might be against the law and not accept by society like sleeping with one's relatives, all kinds of terrible things that people can do like Paul rebuked the Corinthians for. And just because that's not lawful at this time you know in the future people might start saying it's okay too. So then people say well now I just want to go that way well let me go that way. But the thing is friends we can't deceive ourselves. If we follow our flesh which is inherently evil, will we not reap destruction? I read from Jeremiah 17:9: evil thoughts struggles desires they want to rule and pollute us, so reading here; heart is deceitful above all things and it is desperately wicked and who can understand it. And that is true. Clearly if we have anything to do with ourselves, our own way, we clearly are going to fall short of God absolutely. I tell you your heart is desperately wicked. I don't care whether it's a homosexual desire or another desire, it is wicked and if you follow any of that, you are going to perish. It is desperately wicked so we don't want to be following our heart. I know the world says follow your heart. They say that all right, why? They are the world but the world is perishing and all those who live in the world are perishing. We don't want to listen to them they say follow your heart.

I want to read you what somebody wrote here David Wilkerson; the mind becomes so distorted by sin that causes men to fear cancer yet they laugh at hell. They will seek help for a toothache yet let their souls decay through negligence. Only as time goes by does sin reveal its true cancerous nature. A man sins then because he doesn't drop dead he thinks it is not dangerous so he has seared his conscience giving him no pains and the burden of sin slowly grows and the suspect has no idea how high sin has heaped in his life. Now that is very true that when we start to sin and and become slaves of sin it just becomes bigger and bigger in our lives where we start to ignore it. And that's what happens when we don't know Jesus. That is what it comes down to. When you don't know Jesus and when Jesus has not set you free from sin, you're going to be following all your evil desires because that's what you're choosing to do and going to follow your heart because that's what the world says for you to do, and going to be so completely lost that you would never find any kind of way that you can follow. Just completely lost. Friends we don't want to be lost. We want to make sure that we are dedicated to the truth that we can find the Lord hallelujah. Now I want to read to you about this trouble of sin from Romans 6:19 where Paul said; in the past you voluntarily gave your body to sin and for the service of wickedness, for the purpose of evil… you voluntarily did it with your choosing. Friends it is our choice to want to follow our raging desires and especially when raging during temptation. Instead why don't we choose to put it out instead?

Find the new way. And I want to talk to you about that new way today. That new way is when we dedicate to the Lord Jesus Christ and we turn away from sin and we seek to know him. What happens is the Lord comes into your heart and make you a new way. That's what the Lord did for me that's why I'm here. I'm here to warn people about this new way because the word of God came to abide in me. That's what Jesus said. He said I will come to abide in you (he said he was the word of God) if you obey my commandments. He said if you obey me and love me I will come in to live with you, my father will come in to live with you, and his Holy Spirit will come in and be with you. We will reveal ourselves to you. And so that's why Paul writes that even though he had this death struggle against sin, he said that the answer was through Jesus Christ and that when he came to the Lord that's when he became a changed man. He said that the flesh no longer ruled him. He said daily crucify the flesh by the power of the Spirit. It will not rule you. So when sin reigns completely it causes total self delusion. It causes people to be come unacquainted with themselves so they don't know what they really should think what they should love or hate. Sinners become slighters of Christ who hardly every again think of salvation or righteousness, because sin destroys the understanding of spiritual things and only grants freedom to fulfil it's own self gratification. Now that's what David Wilkinson wrote about it. He was a believer. And since we know friends that the flesh is evil who can understand it, desperately wicked beyond all things, should we not be turning away from it? And people say; I struggle with these desires! Well what are we struggling with friends?

You know what we are struggling with, we're struggling with our flesh wanting to go DO that desire. That's what we're struggling with. Let us be honest here. We want to do that. The flesh loves that. It loves that so that's why it wants to go and do that. The people they struggle with lustful desires so they say; well I'm so tempted by all this lust, I want to go and do it what can I do? I want to tell you the truth today is that what you're struggling with is you're own destiny. You are actually struggling with your own choice. You are trying to work out whether or not you really want to follow the flesh, or you want to deny yourself, deny that flesh and go to Jesus and start praying and choose him instead. And so people they get into temptation and cry out to the Lord and say; Lord help me. And the Lord helps them because they're choosing to follow him. But other people get into temptation and the voice of sin cries out to them; come my way… and they go off and fall to the temptation and they go that way. What have they gained? They proved one thing; they proves that they WANTED sin, but they didn't want to go and reject sin and pray to Jesus. So they said; I am so hopelessly enslaved to sin I seem to fall to temptation every day and keep going down and down. But the thing is we CHOOSE that. It's our own choice. I read again Romans 6:19; Paul said; in the past you voluntarily gave your bodies to the service of sin… voluntarily…. It was your own involuntary purpose to go and do that, because we were all born into sin friends.

Hopeless slaves to sin from the very beginning. So you can never find deliverance from your sin and from your temptation you keep falling to, if you cannot access your RESPONSIBILITY to deal with it and WANT freedom. It comes down to if you really want freedom, you're going to go to the Lord Jesus today and seek him like never before, turn away from your sin like never before and seek the Lord, because the power to be free from your action of sin is through Jesus Christ. The temptation of sin isn't bondage. The desires of sin inside are not bonding either, you can put them out. But the actual doing of sin like acting on those desires and following those desires, that's what sin is and that's what brings you into bondage to the devil. Fantasising on those desires does also because Jesus said about sins of the mind, that they also bring us into the bondage of sin because once we start accepting sin in our minds, we're going to go off and do the sin sooner or later. So friends we got to start being serious about our hearts. We got to know that our heart which is our flesh is wicked beyond all things. Yes it does have evil desires. Let us be at peace with that today. Our flesh does have evil desires and just because they might be worse desires that your brother doesn't mean that somehow you're going to miss out on the kingdom. Some people have worse desires than others that is true, but the thing is all sin ends in the same place. The older you get the more mature your flesh might get its own desire yes, but the thing is we just don't need to follow the flesh so we can just be crucifying it upon the cross daily anyway regardless of how bad it is. You know the thief on the cross was being crucified on the cross, his flesh.

And that was because he was a wicked thief. He broke into people's houses, robbed from people and caused them to not provide for their children. Was pretty hard in those days. Once he was on the cross and Jesus Christ was beside him, he finally decided to repent luckily for him, and Jesus gave him mercy, because Jesus died for the sins of the world. He came to bring sinners to repentance and to freedom. The problem is these days people don't realize this, because they are acquainted with the real gospel of Jesus. They have been fed too many lives from all these false Christian doctrines. They don't realise that Jesus came to call sinners to repent and to freedom from sin. They might agree that he came to call people to repent, but their idea of repenting is that you follow the flesh every day, you sin in your flesh every day, you choose your flesh every time you get tempted, but then at night you say sorry to God for choosing your flesh that day and just keep doing that everyday. They think that's what repenting is, and so don't understand the next step that Jesus Christ came to set you free from doing sin. Like from the actual bondage of that sin. They reject that completely as soon as anybody wants to tell them that, because when they hear about that they say well you know I'm a slave to sin, they know they are. So they reject it straightaway saying I am already saved it is all fine. But friends we can't deceive ourselves. This is what happens is people let themselves become deceived. And what happens with people when they get deceived is that they start to make up for themselves other doctrines that are not even in the Bible for the start even though they use Bible verses, and they use these verses only to give themselves more of a peace of mind about the way they are on because they know they are not on the right way. We all know that deep down if we are in sin or false ways. We can deceive ourselves all the way to the grave and many wakeup in hell this way.

They let themselves be deceived. But we are not here for deception. We are here to know the simple truth that any child can know as well. It is easy; we know that our bodies don't want to follow the right way, that is true. Our bodies have all kind of problem born into all kinds of flaws. Our very nature is polluted. It's even written in Jeremiah that the heart of man which is the very core of our being, is wicked beyond knowledge. Absolutely beyond knowledge, deceitful beyond all things. How do you think there can be anything really good in you. People can't go to heaven just on their good work, because nothing good in us, even if we have a level of morality the world has. Sure the world's people who aren't right with God they still love people around them. They give to the poor. They do many wonderful things that look quite good in the eyes of man, but on the deep down friends nothing but evil inside. And really when we're just living in our flesh we're not going to be pleasing God one bit. There is only one hope for you who struggle with sin, struggling with your desire of sin while you're actually enslaved to the sin. You are going and doing it. You just feel bad about it, you can't be at peace with it. You cannot be at peace with your sin. Some people can be. They have deceived perceive themselves so far that they've become to be at peace with their sin.

They have deceived themselves. But for you who still have a conscious and are not at peace with your sin, and you know that is not right, you know that you want to stop! Well you got hope today, because you can know today that you don't have to be ruled by your flesh, one, two, there is somebody that can free you from your flesh from being ruled by it, and that person is Jesus Christ the living God. He is the only way there is a way there is a way, but it will take something on your behalf. It will mean that you have to really want him and want his freedom because what is the real point of you wanting to be free of desires and things that plague, if you don't really want to be free? Like when temptation comes, you try and justify these things to yourself and you go off and do it. You obviously don't want to be free you don't really want to be free. But for you who you really really want to be free, you just give anything just to be free of doing sin so you can be with the Lord, you have hope, Why? Because if you go to the Lord in prayer and start praying, you start giving yourself to the Lord, and property start seeking him who hears from heaven, he WILL come into your life. That is WILL. Jesus said: I stand at the door and knock, I will come in. and that's what I did. I opened the door, the Lord came in. that very night I was free from all the sins I was committing before that point. I didn't come to the Lord in my committing of sin. I came to the Lord in repentance of committing of sin. I said to the lord I was very sorry for all the things.

I realized this is wrong and I was like you and didn't want to continue to do it. And so I went to the Lord and he freed me. When Jesus does come inside, he does free you from your bondages. Can be in bondage to drugs. Some people are a slave to alcohol or cigarettes or even drugs like illegal drugs, prescriptions. And Jesus can free people straight away as well. He has the power to free the bondage. Sin is the same as an addiction and people are addicted to cigarettes and also also addicted to lust and who knows what else, and it all gives them pleasure but it kills them in the end. The cigarettes kill the body but the lust and the other things they are addicted to they also kill the soul. And so the thing is friends all these addictions are bondages that Jesus comes to set people free from. Now I am not saying that he sets you free from your flesh wanting to go back to sin. He doesn't set you free from temptation because Jesus also wants to see that after he has set you free from sin, he wants to see your heart. Do you have a good man's heart where you hear the word and become a doer of the words and you continue to walk in that path with Jesus in freedom all the way to the end? Or are you going to be like the heart where the seed landed on the stony ground and the person heard the word of this truth I am saying about Jesus Christ, he believe and accepted it for little while then the enemy came and snatched it away and it died. Or are you going to be the heart of the man who heard the word and it landed on the weedy ground, and the cares of life grew up and especially the lusts of the flesh, and they choked out the seed and it died! Yes died. Friends this is the thing; what ground are we going to be? And this is where Jesus is looking. He is looking at our choices. It's not just you go to Jesus and you get free from sin and then bam you're in heaven, no. It would be nice if it was that quick like it was for the thief on the cross, but a lot of us have time ahead of us, trials ahead of us, temptations ahead of us, but he who stands firm until the end will be saved.

I will tell you something; if that thief on the cross was let off and didn't die, he would've been following the Lord like the disciples were, and would have been part of that first church being persecuted for Christ, for he was indeed a believer in Jesus Christ and became born again. So you Christians who say; hey he was just a sinner on the cross till the day he died then just went to heaven actually….you know he repented and God knew his heart. You know a lot of these people they say I accept the gospel and I repent, I am a believer…and they have a smoke in one side of their mouth and an “f” word hanging out the other side of their mouth, and they sometimes are drinking and partying and having fun in the world, they really think that they've got a seed in their heart. They don't realised that all these weeds around them are getting so big and strong that they're literally choking the life out of them. Just choking the life out of them. It is terrible friends. We cannot let sin cut us out for the kingdom of God and have our seed die. And so that's why I talk about today about total self-delusion. Self-delusion is where we let ourselves become blinded by our flesh and instead of denying the flesh and picking up our cross and following Jesus, we forget about Jesus, we forget that he cleansed us from sin, and we become under a total self-delusion by following our sin and letting it become darkness. Now I want to read to you what John said about that. He didn't say about ALL sin. He gave an example of one sin about not loving your brother, and he said that in 1 John; if anybody does not love his brother, darkness has entered his eye and blinded him. He has come under a self-delusion. That's what happens with other sin as well. When you start hating somebody, Jesus said you are a murderers so you're letting darkness into your eye and your are blinded.

Now John wasn't talking to sinners, he was talking to a Christian brother another Christian. And so he is say to this Christian; if you let the devil get into your heart against that brother, that has probably wronged you or done something you don't like, so you hate him in your heart or fight with him, John is saying you're letting darkness into you. You're letting your eye gets blinded. And that doesn't go only for that sin. It goes for other sins as well. Jesus talked about unforgivness. He said that if you don't forgive I won't forgive you. So when you don't forgive people, you let blindness get in and darken your eye. It will blind you, thinking you might be in the light still when you're actually in darkness. So many people think they are in the light and Jesus said if the light you think is light but it actually darkness, how dark must the darkness really be. And that's what happens to us when we start to accept and condone our flesh desires and sins. That is why people in the church starts to say that it's okay to be gay. It's okay to be this or that now. You can fornicate a bit before marriage, God is going to understand…not only those two sins, there are other sins as well that they might think are ok. It is ok to rip off the government and to take unlawful benefits from the government without having them your situation. Its okay to cheat the tax office if you could write up a nice lying paper about it hiding your affairs in the church.

These are just a few examples of sins that christians can try and say are ok these days. A little white lying they might say is ok too if it saves their skin. The thing is friends what this does is lets darkness into our eye and blinds us to the truth and we become in darkness. Same goes for all kinds of things. I could open up the lid and all these sins come flying out, there are so many, I can't speak about them all. Friends let us not be blinded to the truth in darkness having our eyes blinded. Let us look at sin how it is. Go and look at yourself, your flesh, go and realized today but hey your flesh is wicked beyond all things. Go and look in there and say; hey look this desire that desire, all these things maybe I was born with it, I don't know I don't care, but let's just live with this and decide to be putting it out and no longer follow the flesh because we already know that it is born into evil anyway. And it is already deceitfully wicked beyond all imagination already. As paul said if you live after your flesh you will certainly die, you will perish. But if you crucify the flesh by the power of the spirit daily, you are going to find life. That is for us who have the spirit of God. So the very first step that we must take today dear friends, is first to repent and go to Jesus so he can come into us. Open up the door so he can come in. once he comes into you then you have a new way to follow. But till he comes into you, you got no new way to follow you only know one way and that is your flesh. So how can we be free from the flesh friends if that's all we are anyway and our soul is in bondage to it completely, daily we do our sin because we are stuck by our flesh and we are enslaved to it in every way! There is only one way friends, we have to become crucified in Christ which comes from deciding you want to be free today and going and repenting and then go to the Lord in tears. Just pray and ask Lord come know me. Open the door up in your heart. Be serious about the lord and he will surely come into you and he'll bring about that new change.

That's why I'm speaking to you today because that is exactly what the Lord has done for me. When you open up your heart the lord will come in and he will bring about that change. Then and only then can you deny the flesh and follow the spirit because you do have a new way to follow. Its old fairy tales to somebody who doesn't have the Spirit. They don't know what else to follow. They only got their flesh. They've only got the way that is in bondage to the devil, and that's all of us until we repent and turn to the Lord. That's why jesus christ is such good news because without him you surely can do nothing. How can you abide with Jesus and sin not if you don't know Jesus and you're just in your flesh doing your own way. It's impossible. Once we are free in Christ and he is in us, then we can crucify our desires day. Then we can turn away from temptation and blessed is the man who endures under temptation and stays with the faith and stands firm to the end because when he has done so all the way to the end, he shall be saved as the scriptures say. It is only at that point friends that we can do all these wonderful things that belong to the christian life. We can't even apply any part of the new testament to your life until you give yourself to the lord and he has come into you. As it says in Galtians 2;20 I'vve been crucified with Christ, it no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself to me… and so Paul had Christ in him. Now how can you follow this way and crucify yourself with Christ if you don't even know him and he is not in you.

That is the powerless gospel of the unbelievers is that they somehow believe in Jesus yet they don't even know him because he is not in them. How can they follow anything else but their flesh because that is all they want anyway and they want to keep being gay. That is why you see so many Christians in the church who say I am gay but Gods loves me and I am on my way to heaven still. Somehow they lie to themselves that they are in the light when the darkness has blinded their eye. They don't even know the Lord, he is not in them. Friends, we got to start being serious about the Lord. Galatians 5:24; Now those who belong to Jesus Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Belong to Christ. Once again you have to have Jesus come and live in you, be with you. Otherwise how can you crucify the flesh and its passions and desires if you don't have Christ in you? It is impossible. It is like trying to split your personality into 2 separate parts somehow living one way on one side and another way the other side. Now people do that and stye a split personality disorder. But the thing is they split or are split into evil paths because as we read earlier there is nothing good in the flesh. IT is time to get to know the Lord and crucify the flesh and live according to Jesus Christ so we can crucify the passions of the flesh. So when you struggle with all these passions and desires trying to come back and tempt you, you can put them out. That is why I can put out my desires is because I have Christ in me. How can I put out my desires alone? Or put myself out? Can I put myself out? As Jesus said; How can cast himself out.

You have to have Christ cast satan out. We all got satan in our flesh. The ways of satan. As it is written wickedness. How can we cast out of ourselves that which is evil? If we ourselves are evil? Can evil cast out evil? This is where we have to start to get a Spiritual awakening where you actually do realise that Jesus is real and he actuallly comes into your heart when you pray. That is when you can voluntarily give yourself to the Lord, and so you can really experience a real spiritual revelation and experience with the Lord where he becomes part with you. Now how many of you here had the Lord come into your heart and change you? If you have not then it is time to pray and it is time to seek with faith. That is how you please God and how you find the Lord. If you repent and seek him but you got to voluntarily want that. There is not point going to God if you cannot let go of your sin. You can say God I want to know you…but you also want your sin as well, so God will not hear you. It is written somewhere in John that God will not hear prayers of sinners. He will not hear. He will not hear you if you blocked off from God in your sin and you wont repent of it. He only hears those who repent. His ear is looking for the man who repents. Go read it for yourself in John. It is written there that God will not hear the sinner unless they repent. So if you want to blind yourself to the reality of our sinful flesh, and we want to think somehow it is normal and ok and we don't want to think it is wicked and sinful like it is written Jeremiah, then what hope do we have in finding God if he has blocked himself from you? You will never find him if he has blocked himself from you. But when you admit your sin, when you acknowledge it is wrong and decide to repent in tears, that is when you will be heard by God. And that is when he will come into you. But if you don't rend your heart over your sin, and you just want to keep doing it, then what hope do you have friends of finding God? You just wont find him. He is not near to the sinner. He is only near to those who decide to repent of their sin. Not to those who go on in sin. He calls them to repent but he is not near to them unless they repent as you can read in John. Read it for yourself there if you doubt me. Once we come to know the Lord we can fall to sin that is true. You can fall to a false way and start becoming blinded forgetting you were cleansed from your past sin. That is why we have to turn away daily. That is why Paul said.

He was talking to you who have found Jesus. He is not talking about you who don't know Jesus at all (in his letters) and you are still doing your sin daily. Paul is talking to people who have found Jesus and repented and been filled with the Holy Spirit and they follow Jesus. He is not talking to the Christians who don't know Jesus at all, and in fact they are worse off than the pagans because not only do they not know Jesus at all, their hope of finding him is very slim because they are blinded by religion. Paul is not speaking to them, he is speaking to people who know Jesus and have him come into their heart, able to have his reality, able to praise his name and be filled with the Spirit, baptised in the name of Jesus as real followers of the Lord who know Jesus is real, a reality in their life. He is talking to those Christians and he is saying to them; Do not let sin rule you but rule it, crucify the flesh by the power of Christ IN you, putting it out daily living according to the Spirit. That is what he is saying, living according to the Spirit. And so he says again; Consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ you who know the Lord.

For you who do not know him, you have to seek the Lord to know him like Peter warned all those people who didn't know the Lord. He said; Cry out to God, pray for mercy and have salvation for your souls through Jesus Christ. And some people believed in Jesus Christ that very day and they got baptised in his name and started to speak in new tongues and got filled with the Holy Spirit. They got changed by the reality of God that very day. Why? Because they believed. If you really believed you would realise the reality of Jesus Christ and he would come into your life praise the Lord. Is it not wonderful. If you realise the reality of Jesus Christ, he will come into your life so that you can deny all your evil desires inside and put them all out and follow the Spirit which has come to be in you. But how can you follow the Spirit if you don't know the Lord? That is my questions to you today; how can you follow the Spirit if you don't have the Spirit? It is time to SEEK!...