Friday, December 7, 2012


We who have the hope of Jesus Christ look forward to the day when we will all rise incorruptible and no longer being out to be tempted by the flesh and Satan. But until we get to that day we are not incorruptible and we can become corrupted by the flesh and Satan and miss out on rising incorruptible. You not want to miss out on the chance to rise incorruptible into the kingdom of Heaven. So that is why we must be vigilant and strive to make our election sure like Jesus said. He said strive to enter the kingdom of Heaven. There will be no incorruptibility for quitters; people who allow themselves to become corrupted by the flesh once more. The Bible is full of Bible verses warning about this truth and you can decide to ignore the words of Jesus and go on in your sin and let yourself be corrupted daily through TV, through your lusts, through your infatuations. You see our bodies want to have many things.

Our minds are infatuated with getting things that are often sinful. We might have a wife and our body and our minds will want to commit adultery. We might be single and we want to go and commit fornication. People they want to go and pursue the sins that are within them. All this corrupt ability that we were born into. We are imperfect, full of evil unkindness and wickedness. That is why the people who will rise incorruptible are those who overcome their trials and temptations. They endure and they follow Jesus and they don't fall back to the mud. And they don't become corrupted by their flesh.

Paul writes that he said he didn't want to be disqualified at the end of the race of faith by not playing by the rules. He didn't want to be corrupted, so he said I beat my body into submission daily. That's what you got to do. You cannot just sit around following your corruption and think you're going to go to heaven just because you profess Jesus Christ. It's just not going to work for you. You'll find out too late when you don't arise incorruptible that you were wrong. But we did not want to wait till then. We want to arrive incorruptible, we want to overcome until the end. Jesus said many times in the book of revelations in the letters to the churches; he is warning time and again you must repent, you must get back and you must not do your sin, you must be holy in your conduct, you must strive to stay uncorrupted by the world keeping your robes white and he will let you eat from the tree of life if you do so. Because we who follow Jesus we put behind ourselves our corruption, because we have our minds and hopes set on the coming time we will arise INCORRUPTIBLE.

But you will never rise incorruptible if you just keep following your corruption inside from the least to the greatest. Christians say well I can do some lies, and have some lusts now and then, it is just something we have to do as humans. Dear friends you will not rising corruptible if you keep letting yourself be corrupted and stained dirty before God. He came to set you free from your sin. He set me free from sin.

I had a dream and I saw these people going into the fires of trial to purify them for the kingdom of God. They were believers, Christians, and they had to overcome their temptations. Many did not they did not come out of the hot water. And in my dream I heard a voice saying: these people you see coming out are people who are entering the kingdom because they overcome. They put between them and the evil inside of themselves a barrier. They have effectively crucified their flesh and reckoned it dead, died to themselves daily like Paul did. Paul died his desire, he died to his sins, he died to his ambitions, and he died to the ways of the flesh. Now are you doing that today? Or are you going to find out too late that you will not arise incorruptible but will be cast into the lake of fire because you corrupt yourself with sin and do not really want to turn away and repent.

Follow Jesus on the narrow Way, seeks to know him. Get him to set you free from sin. Jesus set me free from sin. He will set you free from sin if you repent and turn to him, but you got to be serious if you want to arise incorruptible on the last day......