Wednesday, December 12, 2012


How do you feel at peace and feel right with God? This is a question many people have. They want to feel right. They know they're not right with God. They have got many problems in their life. Regrets, sadness, stuck in sins, hopeless situations, things they don't want to do and don't like having done in the past. There is only one way to come out of this way and that is to get to actually know the Lord Jesus Christ so he can give you his peace. It's written that he came to give you a peace that the world cannot give you.

And many people they just don't have this peace. They're worried about the future, they are worried about their lives, they are worried about what they're doing. They wonder if there going to enter heaven or not. They worry about a lot of things and they feel guilty because they are often in sin and not living right. Go and get Jesus into your life. When he comes into your life it changes and that's what happened to me. Jesus gave me these things; he gave me the peace that I need, hope, strength, joy, freedom from sin, no more guilty ways, he set me free from many things, and he game me the strength to continue to overcome. And I know where I'm going; I'm headed towards God's kingdom so I'm confident and don't have fear. However many of you simply do not have this confidence. You have a lot of troubles in your life. And you just don't know where you're going. Well I council you to go and seek Jesus Christ.

Go and get to know him and have these wonderful things come in to your life because I tell you truly he is a God that is ALIVE, hears and speaks and he does things in people's lives. Are you going to go and seek the Lord? Or just go and stay in your own way that just ends in the fire? Why don't you get on your knees today and start praying and don't stop until you find? I have found now how about you? Are you going to seek until you find? That's the only answers to your problems. Nobody can help you. No man can fix your situation and make you feel better with no amount of words. It only comes when you actually get yourself right with Jesus and go and live for him and leave all your sin......