Thursday, December 13, 2012


Most religions believe in Jesus and many people believe in Jesus, but there'll going to hell! Now why is this? It is because only those who follow and obey Jesus because they WANT him will be saved. There is no salvation for being in a religion that says: well we believe in Jesus too. Because that religion can't save you. There is no good going along to a certain organization that says that they believe in Jesus, because that too wont save you.

The only thing that can save you is if you want to follow and obey Jesus yourself; where you actually go and SPEAK to him and tell him that you want him. That is the only way to have Jesus come in to your life so he can lead you to the kingdom of heaven. Because you can't get there just by going along to an organization that says they believe in Jesus. That will not get you into heaven. It will not set you free from your sin. I was speaking to a member of a religious organization and they were telling me that they all believe in Jesus there, yet their Jesus doesn't have any power. He does set anybody free from sin, he doesn't heal, and he doesn't speak. He is an idea that is not a reality. He's just some scriptures in the Bible twisted along with their own ideas about it and they make up a religion. Don't be deceived by religions anymore. They are of man and they all still end in hell.

Go to Jesus yourself seeking him because you want to know him. Seek his voice because his voice is there and you will come to know him and he will lead you to the kingdom and that is the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven, to have his power in your life, and have peace inside, and to have his power to break you free from your sins when you repent and turn to him. Get to know the REAL Jesus today. Leave the Jesus that is in the organizations that doesn't exist. Come in to the power of knowing Jesus Christ son of God, because you want to. And the only way you can do that is to go and PRAY to him because you want to know him. Are you going to go and speak with Jesus today? Because you want to know him?...