Friday, December 7, 2012


We live in a time where Christians like to use the Bible to further the agenda of Satan. They like to use Scripture to try and discount the words of Jesus so that they can go on in sin. They can go on in supporting war and violence. They can go on in following the ways of this generation. They can accept homosexuality. They can accept that they can still follow their own dreams, careers, goals and desires, (above God) and they use the Bible to try and justify their situation so that look good in the eyes of their fellow brethren. But dear friends if we follow these false apostles we will go to hell and be with them. We have to be separate! If you do not obey the words of Jesus Christ in the Bible nor follow him and get to know him, you will not enter his kingdom.

You can try and use King David all you like to justify your immorality, your love of war and violence, and your pursuit of your own wealth, gain and prosperity, but in the end you will be empty-handed before God and you will reap destruction. We have to obey the words of Jesus as they are written in the Scriptures. Not try and use other scriptures to discount his words. That's what the Christians do these days, because they do not know Jesus and they are against him. They are not of the heart of God. Dear friends don't fall for the ways of the people who are filling the churches these days and bringing the world into the churches supporting it with Bible verses. They are working against God's kingdom using the Bible. Be separate from such.

Obey the words of Jesus as he has spoken. His commandments are for all to follow. They are not suggestions they are Commandments. If you want to follow him you have to obey him. People who do not obey him and follow him, and will not be able to leave their sins if they don't follow him. They will not enter the kingdom of heaven. They shall be a part and in the second death and be cast into the lake of fire. You have to abide in Jesus to have eternal life. Apart from being connected to Jesus Christ you can do nothing. If you do not stay connected to him and abiding in him you will not bear fruit, and you will be withering up and be cut off and thrown into the fire. It is the words of Jesus and following Jesus Christ alone that will secure your salvation. So do not allow Christians to lie to you with the Bible. And don't use Scripture to try and justify your sins, because you only end in hell if you continue to do that.

There will be no excuse on the day of judgment; did you accept Jesus and obey him or did you not! Don't try and use Bible verses to try and discount the words of Jesus. He said love each other, turn the other cheek, do not attack and strike your enemy, pray for those who persecute you and he said to go and spread the gospel to all men on earth. Are you doing that today? Or are you a rebellious son of the devil!...