Thursday, December 20, 2012


It has been a bit of a long week for many people and I know maybe a lot of you have been feeling the strain of following Jesus on the narrow way. And the devil has been busy as he always is trying to keep people off the narrow way. So we just got to be vigilant. Hallelujah! And we just got to put out the garbage when the garbage comes in, isn't that wonderful. Because when you follow Jesus and when you start to follow him, you come to a point where Jesus is with you, and you have repented of your sins, and you've come to the cross, but then you've got a long road ahead of you. And people who follow this road all the way to the end are saved. But people who just start, they start for a while, and then they don't endure until the end and end up falling away by the wayside and such people aren't saved. That is why I'm here to continue to talk about this narrow way. Because the narrow way is the very serious road and very few people are walking on it. I see instead of people walking on the narrow way, I see them just having fun about worldly things.

You know I saw a popular, one of the most popular videos, on YouTube recently it was about a video in Korea here and this is what the world loves: foolish immorality that they like to show in their music. And that's what this world runs on is the entertainment and music and things that are not of the Lord but just of what people like to do. So that is why I want to urge people to stay on the narrow way and don't go off the narrow way. It's very easy to go off the narrow way especially with the end so near in site. The Lord has given me five warnings. One warning was that his judgment sword is drawn. So he's taken the sword of judgment, the sword is drawn. The second warning was that there's a large earthquake coming to California. And the third warning was there's a large tsunami coming to parts of the US.

These are things I saw, these were warnings, and they will come to pass in time because the Lord always warns about things before they come. And the fourth warning was I was shown people in hell and they were just living following the world as normal people. And these people were saying why did they end up there? Why weren't they told that living that way ended up in that place. You see that was their reality now is hell. For people who don't live for the Lord end up in that place. And the fifth warning was the Lord was warning that he is coming back. So all these judgments and warnings are for bringing people to repentance hallelujah, so that we can follow him away from this broad path of loving these worldly things hallelujah. And that's what we want to do. We want to turn away from the broad path and just focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. You know with those five warnings, it's plainly spelling out that there is judgment and tribulation coming. And those people who are ready for the Lord ready for the wedding feast, they may be kept safe during that time or they may be taken away during that time I don't know.

But what I know is that if you die without Jesus in your life today without actually following him, you will hear these words: go away I don't know you. And a brother in Christ was shown this about somebody in a dream and and he was a church goer all his life and he prayed and went to church and was religious and read the Bible, and then he died. And my friend saw him in a dream at the gates of heaven and a voice said: who are you I don't know you go away! Because this Christian wasn't following Jesus. He was just professing with his mouth but he wasn't following with deed, so that means his faith was dead. He didn't seek Jesus to live for him and to be with him and so in the end he was told to go away because he wasn't following the narrow way, he wasn't a true faith believer having deeds as well as faith, faith and deeds go hand-in-hand, and he was just following his own way in life which leads to the fire even if you are a Christian going to church. I used to go to church and professed to be a Christian and yes I believe in Jesus and yes I had given myself to Jesus, and yes I had been baptised in the name of Jesus, and yes I had been given the tongues of the Holy Spirit yes! But despite those things I didn't actually know Jesus. I knew about him and I knew about these things and I prayed and I have faith, some faith, but I didn't actually know the Lord and dedicate my life to him, and I was just living my own way. Just what I wanted to do. And that's the path to the fire even if you have come to know the Lord, but you still want to continue on the broad path of fun loving, worldly pleasure seeking, sin doing lifestyle.

And that's what I was doing and that's what most churches folks are doing. And we will go and watch the football and we can do all these things and have a good time, but we don't serve Jesus and he doesn't know us. So Jesus will say to many people: I don't know you go away. And they say: well Lord didn't we do many miracles in your name and didn't we cast out demons in your name and didn't we do all these things in your name? And Jesus said: I will say to them truly I don't know you! Depart from me you workers of sin. You see they just lived the broad path of destruction. And people must realize this dear friends that Jesus doesn't lie at the end of that path even if you go to church. But you see Jesus in his mercy has been waking many of these church people up to repent and turn away. And I know a brother who used to go to church and he had his light put out there. And he wasn't following Jesus anymore and was just following the world and the Lord woke him up. And he had to leave the church and follow Jesus. And that's what he does now; he follows Jesus and Jesus speaks and shows him and leads him. But while he was dead in the church, he was no use to the Lord because when you're following church you cannot be of use to God because he can't use those following man. And that goes for everybody and even pastors too if they're doing it without being led by God. Now is the Lord leads us to to preach in his name in the churches, now I know many pastors who are preaching in the churches and are led by God and the Lord uses them and uses them to bring people himself.

But sadly in this day and age there's quite the lot less now of these people, and instead there's a lot of people who are hired and they don't know Jesus. And the sheep don't seek Jesus and so what happens is the Lord has all these lukewarm Christians. And what did he say about them? People who are neither hot for Jesus nor cold, they are neither atheists nor on fire believers but are somewhere in-between. He said that lukewarm believers will be spewed fourth from himself, in Revelation chapter two and three. You can read the words of Jesus that he said there. He said I will spew you forth from myself because you are lukewarm neither hot nor cold. And the great falling away has happened over the last many years and many people have fallen away at this time. They've fallen away to many false doctrines. They've fallen way to all these lukewarm churches. They don't follow the Lord God and they don't hear his voice, because the churches themselves don't know him. This is the problem dear friends.

So we've got to wake up to ourselves, whether we are a leader or a teacher or a pastor or somebody who is going to church or anybody, and we have to start seeking and praying to the Lord Jesus Christ to know us and to lead us and to find us. Because we want to be walking in a relationship with the Lord Jesus and properly being led by his Spirit. It is no good if you speak in tongues if you don't actually follow spirit. The Lord does give his gifts but if you want to just to abuse them and just go on with your life well that's your own choice but in the end you will reap death. So in the light of all these serious things that are coming up on the earth soon like those warnings I told you about earlier, we have to be very serious dear friends all the time to walk this narrow way and not be like I used to be just following my own way in life. Going to church but following my own way. That doesn't save you. I might as well just be not going to church and never reading the Bible and just going my own way. Because in itself Bible, Church, religion, cannot save you at all. The only way we can be saved dear friends, is when we seek to know the Lord and he washes us clean from sin, sets us free from sin so that we can walk on this narrow way. And stay on the narrow way and if we do the crown of life will be ours hallelujah!! because we are waiting until the day of redemption when our bodies will be redeemed from these fleshly loving nature to a new body that doesn't love sin. We want to be redeemed so we no longer have to crucify the flesh. So we no longer have to be tempted and tested and have trials.

But while we are in the flesh we are going to have many trials. But it but it is blessed is he who overcomes until the end because then he will received the crown of life praise God!! and that's what we want dear friends. We want to receive the crown of life by not following the paths of this sinful generation that loves sin, loves music. I am talking about worldly wicked music of this generation. And they love sport and they love all these things that followers of Jesus must not mix with. If you mix with it, well don't really expect that you'll also escape from their judgment. That's why we have to be separate. And Christians say well cant we now have a little fun and mix with the world a little bit? Well the world is going to be judged and what makes you think you will escape from the judgment coming upon this world if you yourself are doing the same things as them? And worse you claim to know the truth. Would not you not be judged harder than those worldly people who at least don't claim Jesus at the same time nor go to church. You see friends we have to be very very separate unto the Lord Jesus Christ before it's too late. I tell you that is true.

Because when this earthquake comes, when this tsunami comes, when this war in Israel comes, I saw that as well, when all these tribulations come and you are not ready, it maybe just too late and you be scrambling but it's a little too late to get that extra oil. And trying to get the extra oil and Jesus will catch you out. That's why we have to be living by the words of the Lord to us today. What does he want to show you today? What does he want to speak into your heart today? What message does he wants you to have in your heart? What does he want you to turn away from? Maybe you want to turn away from something today. Turn away from sin evil, what is it? Then do so! And he wants you to do something for him. Now what is that? Go and ask and seek. We need to be plugged into the Lord so we can find out what he wants us to do. There is no use just going off other people's revelations or going off the Bible's revelations if you yourself don't know the Lord and don't follow him. You have to dedicate yourself to him today and commit a life to following him away from the world. Otherwise you'll just never know him and you never be able to follow him properly. You can only follow the Lord and be able to keep overcoming trial and having all these things come into your life that you can be tested by and overcome, if you follow Jesus.

Only when we follow Jesus can we be tried and refined and tested. Otherwise you're just dead in the world, dead in your flesh. But we got to reckon the flesh dead dear friends, along with all its sports and idols. I had somebody messaged me on YouTube saying; you know my church friends don't really want to talk about Jesus. After church they want to just go and watch the game. But I want to do that I want to talk about the Lord.

And you know that's the sad fact of this generation is that they have a form of godliness about them but they don't follow the Lord nor know him nor do they want to know him. Their meetings aren't about Jesus. If they were they'd be interested about speaking about him and having fellowship about him and wanting to talk about him and share things about Jesus. But instead these church religious folk they just want to go watch the game. They have already had their dose of the Lord and of the Bible for the day in their one-hour sermon, and they've had their song and done their prayer, now they want to go and watch the game. That's how it is, dear friends, with this church going generation of Christian, who have a form of godliness about them but they don't have his power nor do they know him. And how terrible is going to be dear friends for anybody who does claim the Lord but is more interested in this world!! that's why there's going to be such terrible tribulation for those people coming. And that's why I am here to warn you to get right with the Lord so you you don't have to be in that. And the in trouble because you were putting the world first and not the Lord first.

Dear friends we have to put the Lord first in all we do and become serious about Jesus. For three years I've been following Jesus and I have had many ups and downs. Lots of garbage has come in and I have had to throw the garbage out. Satan's always bringing along something or temptation of evil and my flesh wants to go back to sin. It is not easy on the narrow way because you have to deny the flesh and follow Jesus. But Jesus has always been there for me and he has helped me through the ups and downs. And I didn't go relying on men to help me. If I have a problem I run to Jesus now, I don't run to man. Because nobody can help you. It is only the Lord who can. I do nothing but I can pray for you, but you know the only thing that can help you is Jesus Christ himself. And that's where you have to have a relationship with him and pray to him to be helped so that you can enter his kingdom and he can lead you. And my reliance has always been on the Lord and because of that he remembers me and he always helps me when I need help. But not in the way that I think.

The Lord often helps us in different ways that we didn't know. That's why I'm here to lead you to rely on the Lord and to seek him when you need answers. Because the Lord Jesus Christ does indeed lead people and I need to hear that when I am getting into a trial or a trouble. Because otherwise I can start getting discourage and I can start walking away. It's easy to walk away but it's hard to stay on the narrow way unless you are very serious about Jesus, and you dedicate your life to him, and you really got your mind only on the kingdom of God. If you got your mind set on the kingdom, everything else is garbage in and garbage out. So all those things that come in you just turn them away and throw them out. All kinds of things and ideas and feelings and whatever; garbage in has to be garbage out when you follow Jesus. It's our responsibility.

Nobody is responsible for another person's actions, but you. You yourself are responsible for what you do in everything. That is why the Lord only judges people separately. You can say: well that man made me do this or I was coerced into doing that or I was deceived like Eve, but in the end it still was your decision even if you don't want to take responsibility for your actions. That is why we have to be responsible today for our actions and decide to follow Jesus and make the Lord God proud of us. Because the Lord is looking for people on earth who he can say: that person follows me. That person get tempted by evil but he doesn't follow it, because he wants to follow me, because he loves me. He can say: that person even though he wants follow the fun things of the world, he actually denies himself and follows my son Jesus Christ. That is what the Lord wants to say about people. There is nothing the devil can say if you do that; follow the Lord and turn away from your sin. Because you are proving that the Lord Jesus Christ didn't die in vain for you, and you are proving that through his death you are given the power to follow the Lord, hallelujah!!

in other words you bring glory to the father when you follow Jesus. That's why I always say follow Jesus. I don't say follow anything else, because you'll never bring glory to the father if you follow anything else but Jesus. Following Muhammad won't bring glory to the father. Following Buddha won't help anybody nor bring glory to the father. Following religion or following the law of Moses won't bring glory to the father. You must follow Jesus to bring glory to the father. And when you follow Jesus he writes his laws on your heart so you're able to the righteous paths. People they don't get this. They think well I have to actually follow something like the law of Moses. And then there's the other group who say: well Jesus paid for our sins that means I can break every law in the book. But both are wrong dear friends, because the only way to have the laws of God written on our hearts so that we can obey him and live holy, is to follow Jesus and have Jesus put his power inside you and actually free from your sin.

And that's what the Lord Jesus did for me. For three years he has set me free from sin. And he's given me the power to keep turning away from sin. And he gives you forgiveness if you do fall to sin. He gives you the heart to repent and come back if you choose. So that is what I'm doing, I am focused on following Jesus and keeping away from my own path. And if I keep my eyes on the kingdom of God then these other things can't trouble me. It's only when you get your eyes in the world that you're mind starts to become an issue, a trouble, and your actions, you start to sin. Or you get angry or frustrated and things like this, in such a way that you then go and practice a sin of some kind. Maybe you just go and start cursing people out or arguing or fighting or many things. But we know that if we repent from these things and we just follow Jesus, he will forgive us. He will give us the power to reckon all those works dead and he will give us the power to walk with him if we really focus on him.

That's why I'm here to tell you; you must focus on the kingdom of God following Jesus. It is very very important. If we don't focus on following Jesus, we won't be able to enter his kingdom hallelujah. Everybody must dedicate their lives to following Jesus only and away from their sin. It is no use saying you follow Jesus and then you go and play video games. That's not following Jesus, that's following the world. It is no use saying you follow Jesus then you go and watch a worldly things on TV. That's following the world. There is not use saying you follow Jesus and you go to some rock concerts of worldly rock stars, pop stars, or hip-pop stars, again that's following the world. But we don't want to follow the world we want to follow Jesus hallelujah. And got everything may be worldly, but you will know what is worldly what isn't if you follow Jesus, and what he wants you to spend your time on. You see some things aren't necessarily sin or bad, there as some innocent video games, there are some innocent movies, some innocent things, but the thing is people they get all entertained by so many things you know and even though those things there entertained with are not necessarily bad or a sin or worldly, they still don't follow Jesus doing it. And they're distracted by so many things. Maybe your are distracted by your family.

Now looking after your family isn't worldly, that's just part of life. But many put these things above following Jesus where there too distracted by doing things on earth that they're not actually praising the Lord everyday and seeking him and following him. They are too distracted by their life. Dear friends we got to lose our life for Jesus so we have to be focused on not being distracted by other things but being focus on Jesus. And while we are obviously having to do certain things in life, our mind and heart must be on the Lord. And we must focus on the kingdom all the time. Otherwise these distractions, though they're not worldly, they can clutter your mind out so that you cannot focus on Jesus anymore because your mind is on him and Jesus is suddenly in the background. You don't want that dear friends. Because that's when you're going to start to sin.

When you start to sin that's when you fall away from Jesus and become very far away from him, and you no longer have a spiritual connection with the Lord because their sin blocking it. That is why we must separate from all these distractions as much as we can. And while we carry out our daily lives and daily duties we must be focused on the kingdom of God all the time. Because our life of its distractions and duties and daily distractions is only going to be this long and eternity stretches forever, so you be very foolish to lose your eternity for the sake of just a shorter life of distractions. Dear friends let us not be distracted by our lives even they are so wonderful. We have to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in all we do all the time and never ever take our eyes off him. It is the only way dear friends. If we do that we will be saved if we don't we will be condemned. Why? Because if you don't focus on Jesus and follow him and you just follow your own way even you go to church and you're religious, in the end Jesus will say: I don't know you!

Because 1: you just went about the worlds way in your own sin, 2: you didn't focus on Jesus and you didn't come to him so he could clean you of your evil and of your sin. That's why you must be always with the Lord in spirit which means you're praying all the time. Your mind and heart is on Jesus Christ and he sanctifies you constantly and you feel right before God because you are living for the Lord not for yourself. And when you go about your daily duties, you're going about them with your heart and mind on the kingdom of God! Praise the Lord! And that is the way we will enter his kingdom. Not going to the church barbecue and talking about the game, like so many Christians do. Or talking about the latest TV show and they go to church and have an hour of listening to a sermon and then they go and have fun together later and it's not about Jesus Christ. Jesus got left somewhere in the sermon after their songs had finished and then they just went and started living their life again as if Jesus doesn't exist! Maybe every so often you go on a church and you hear more about Jesus and the Bible. But then afterwards you just go and have your own fun and you're living for yourself but not for Jesus. Maybe you go on a church mission once in a while.

You get sent overseas and you go and help some poor people build something and help something in the name of the church. That once again it's not Jesus it is for the church, for you. But dear friends Jesus doesn't want your help, you want your heart, your mind. Why go help Jesus or think you're helping Jesus when your mind and your heart is still in the world. You just go home from your help, you go and turn your TV back on, you just go and get yourself entertained by the latest movies, and you go and love that the sins of this world, and you go and watch the game. Dear friends Jesus doesn't want that, he wants peoples hearts. He wants you to live for him completely. That's the only way to pleasing the father. It doesn't matter how many church services you go to, it doesn't matter how active you are in the church, or what you do in the church, or how many days you go there to help out in the church, it doesn't matter, what matters is your heart Lord God of following Jesus that's what matters.

Does Jesus dominate your mind? Does he dominate your actions what you want to do? Is your mind and heart focused on praising him and singing praises to him because he is your God? And that's just what you want to do. Thats how you want to live and you just want to live that way and nothing else! Well in that case you have a heart that wants to follow the Lord and he is very pleased with you and that's what he wants to see and you are a true Jesus follower. But if you are not doing that, and you just are following the world and having fun in the world and Jesus is not what dominates your mind and your heart and you're more interested in the game on the Friday night, then what hope do you have? Over the world that is already perishing and going to hell? You know what what makes you think you'll escape their judgment when you follow the same things that they do? It is like the apostles in the days of Rome, going along to the Colosseum and enjoying themselves in sports of the day. The greek Olympics or something. Do you think the apostles will be doing that after they were being persecuted by the Jews for preaching Jesus and going around focusing on the kingdom of God and bring other people to his name? Do you think the apostles would then go along with the worldly people and have fun with them in the sport of the world? Far from it dear friends! Thats Satans deception if you thinks so, because I tell you truly that didn't happen.

The apostles were being led by the Spirit of God and they were following Jesus Christ. They were on the narrow way denying themselves for the Lord and in the end they died for the Lord. They weren't in the Colosseum having fun. They weren't in the street of sin. They were dedicated to Jesus Christ, being led by the Holy Spirit. And people they come to me and they say: well we have to study the Bible and we have to study to show ourselves approved. Never mind following Jesus we got to get into the study. But dear friends that doesn't apply to people who are not led by the Holy Spirit. Paul was writing that letter to Timothy who was led by the Holy Spirit and who was already dedicated to Jesus Christ. You first must get yourself dedicated to Jesus and become led by the Holy Spirit before you can go study anything. To have the right doctrine to even start with, you have to be led by the Holy Spirit. And the only way to do that is to pray to seek and to dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ so you can be filled with his Holy Spirit. And it's no small undertaking to decide to follow the Lord. That's why you must count the cost before you do.

Because once you start to be led by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit starts to show you things, then you're you're going to change and people don't like it. And so you're not going to have a good relationships with some people. Especially family or friends or anybody. Everybody's different. Some people may be persecuted by different people. But the thing is when you follow Jesus properly, the world doesn't like you and they think you are foolish and a deluded fool and they just laugh at you and think what a poor deluded fool that man is. But we have to count the cost when we follow the Lord because we also get Satan coming against us. And many trials and as I said rubbish coming in we must throw the rubbish out. That's why I am here to encourage you while I'm there on this narrow way myself; that you stay focused on Jesus and you don't go back to this broad path. Many start but few finish. The thing is a lot of people start but few finish. Jesus said that himself, he said many try to enter the narrow gate but few actually do. That is because they don't really want to in the end turn away from all their sins. But they just want to follow the world.

They want to go to church and that's fine and anybody can do that. They want to read the Bible and study to show themselves approved that's fine, but they don't want to actually dedicate to Jesus and the kingdom of God in all areas of their life and put their whole heart and mind on the kingdom away from their own pursuits. That's a sad fact of this time dear friends is that most people will not be able to enter God's Kingdom soon when he returns. Because they're too busy following church and following their own philosophy and their own mind but they're not led by Jesus and they are just following the world.......