Friday, November 30, 2012


This world is full of liars and thieves and coverts and sinners and people who are led by Satan, and you must not trust anybody. Young people particularly can easily be led astray by all kinds of people in this world. But I want to warn you if you want to follow the Lord and you are young person that never trust anybody, but develop your own relationship with the Lord so he can lead you.

I've seen many a young person fall away to Satan's deceptive snares and he uses other people to bring about his plans. He uses lies and deception, he makes things look good and they turn out something else once you have been caught by the snare and destroyed. I used to be a believer in the Gospel of Jesus and the story of Jesus how he died for the sins of the world would bring a tear to my eye. I was serious and I knew the truth and I accepted it from a very young age.

But I listened to foolish men who are led by Satan. People who the devil uses to draw people into sin and destruction. I did not stay with my Lord. Like a gullible sheep I was led into sin. The seed of faith within me was dying. I could've been the seed that was sown on the weedy ground with the cares and sins of this world and the pleasures of life and the frivolities of youth chocking it out and it did almost die. But by the mercy of God later I did repent and I was able to see the deception that is in this world of frivolity and fun. You see when you're in the world it seems normal for you to live a life of party going and sin. But when you follow Jesus and you come to see the reality of the truth of the reality of hell and heaven and the Gospel, you can see how lost you were and how broken in sin you really were.

And how Jesus really is the answer. We must repent and turn away from sin. So I am warning you that if you're a young person that you must stay with the Lord and do not trust anybody and do not follow anyone. Because they are mostly working for Satan though they don't know it. And that would lead you into a snare and get your light put out. You see Satan is out to corrupt the innocent and the young. And that is why this world is set up that way to lead others into the paths of destruction. And so you get into your TVs and all the things you see around you it's all brainwashing by Satan.

All these computer games all your friends who love sin they themselves are brainwashed. The older people that bring the younger people into sin. Jesus said it would be better for them to have a millstone hung around the neck and to be thrown into the sea than to face the wrath that is coming upon their head if they do not repent. And so young and old alike we have to repent and turn to Jesus and you cannot accept any sin anymore. Do not do what I did dear friends. Go and live your life for Jesus now. And don't let people bring you into sin by being gullible and foolish like a foolish sheep walking over the precipice because you will just die. And you may never repent. It was only by the grace of God that I could repent.

But I am no longer gullible and foolish I know the truth. In my dream I saw people in hell who were saying: If only we knew that living a life after our desires ended in this place... and that's how the world lives; after their desires. They think you're crazy if you don't join them in the foolishness of this society. Their parties, their music, the things they do, the things they talk about. It's all foolishness, foolishness that leads to hell. And I'm warning you now that is your young person today and you're watching this: Do NOT trust and follow anybody. Odds are they are being used by Satan to bring you down and away from your faith so that you will stumble and fall and probably never get back to repentance and probably end in hell.

Do not trust ANYONE. Stay with your righteousness pure ways holiness. Never go to sin. Never follow any sin. Be serious in all your ways and you will grow in wisdom and you'll be able to see things in ways that you didn't see before as you get older......