Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Are Called To Live Holy

Jesus called you to live a holy life for him. He didn't call you to live your own way, just chasing after whatever it is that you want to achieve in this life. That's not what Jesus called you to do. Jesus called you to live a holy life for him. And how do we live this whole life? He said that if you want to follow him you must deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him. Denying yourself means you no longer follow your desires and all these things that we have in our heart. You put them down and put them away. All these dreams and things of the soul that the soul longs to accomplish. We put all that away and instead we spend our time in prayer to Jesus, so that we can be guided. And Jesus in his time will guide you if you really do repent and seek him. When Christians have come to Jesus and they have experienced his forgiveness, he then calls them to live a holy life, the way of the cross. He calls you to sin no more, that's his command.

Go sin no more! He calls you to be holy in all your conduct and to hold up his name on this earth in truth. Have nothing to do the works of darkness, and the ways of this world. That's what he calls you to do. He didn't call you to join in this world and all its frivolity and nonsense. He didn't call you to have your career in this world. He called you to do the things that he leads you to do. And he will show you. Sometimes you may not know what to do. Just continue in what you're doing with your mind and heart on him and things will become apparent in time. You must live a holy life if you expect to enter the kingdom of heaven. NO SIN. You must put it all out of yourself. All of it. You'll know what sin is and you will have the conviction in the spirit. And anything that goes against the will of God will be made known to you that it is sin and you will know that you need to turn away from it and to put it out. Live a holy life. That is the commandment of the Lord if you claim him......