Sunday, November 4, 2012


It is through the Holy Spirit that Jesus leads people and speaks to them. If you don't have his Holy Spirit you cannot follow him and do what he wants you to do. Because Jesus said that he will send a helper, to all those who believe in him and this helper will tell them about his teachings and his ways and convict the world of it's sin, of God's righteousness.

And the coming judgment. If you do not have the Holy Spirit today and you cannot follow Jesus because you don't know him, you got to go and ask Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit. And you got to know that people who don't want the Holy Spirit will not have the Holy Spirit. People who want to live on the narrow way and follow Jesus, he will come and abide in them and he will send them the Holy Spirit, the helper that was promised. It is time to ask for the Holy Spirit today so that you can work for the Lord and to do what he tells you. For the Holy Spirit was sent as the helper. How can you serve the Lord if you do not have his spirit? Without his spirit you only have your flesh. Become a temple of the Holy Spirit today. Ask Jesus to give you his Holy Spirit. That is the way he comes to abide in you......