Friday, November 30, 2012


Jesus was not a pushover. He set the standard for men around the world to emulate how he was. How men think a a man is these days is very distorted and it is the exact opposite of what Jesus was. God placed men to look after their families and to lead their households and bring up their children in godly paths, being merciful, righteous, gentle, nonviolent, having self-control and doing good to others which is the mark of a truly strong man of noble character. Instead we have this evil cowardly flesh. I know very well how the flesh is for a man. I myself am the age that Jesus started his ministry and I've been around and I know things. I know how the flesh is. It is cowardly and it is weak.

I don't care who you are but as a man you have all kinds of things inside. Things like lust. You see men have little desires of lust of various kinds inside. And it is these lusts that we become controlled by; driving us to commit immorality and sin. It is what drives the trafficking industry in the world. Prostitution even child prostitution, adulteries, violence, broken families. All because of a little desire of lust that gains control over us and we become a helpless slave to it. We go and look to other things like drugs, pursuits, to try and find meaning in this life. We just chase our own ways. We try and get away from who we are because we become enslaved to these desires inside of the flesh which is weak, WEAKNESS. So the image of man in society is actually a coward. To them man is some tough person who goes and beats up people. Follows their desires. Follows their lusts. And if you're with a gathering of men and you don't follow their lust with them they think you are crazy and stupid. But that's not how Jesus was the real man. I had a friend on Facebook who was posting lustful images of some girl and I said to him this girl if she was your daughter you wouldn't want to see her like this would you, its shame.

And they were so convicted about their shame that they unfriended me. They didn't want to face up to being a real man and instead wanted to stay a coward following lust. I don't care what Man you are but you have lust inside of you. All men are driven by their lusts and we all fulfil our lusts in various ways causing the sins on earth. That is why there is so many problems in this world because we become enslaves to our desires and in fact enslaved to the devil. We do not stand up and take control and go to the solution which is becoming the real men of the earth; the spiritual man, the person who is saved, the person who is changed inside by the power of Jesus Christ is the real man. Thats what happened to me I got changed and so now I have the power to no longer follow these little desires that we all have.

I don't care who you are; I am as wicked as you. We all have these desires some maybe more than others. Some may be different to others. Different little lusts. A little porn watching, thats supporting an industry of destroying men's daughters. Prostitution is furthering the agenda of Satan destroying young people's lives. Following your lusts thinking that it's okay, that's what this world does. They hide their sins, they're cowards. They are not real men, they are men following Satan as cowards hiding their sin. That's why it happens at night. They sneak around at night doing things they ought not. Following their desires hopeless slaves to them. But I am here to show you the way to become the real man that Jesus was.

He was a gentle strong righteous man sent by God who is the son of God. And he alone took it upon himself to die for all our wicked cowardice. All our desires which we just hopelessly followed after day after day unable to stop. And he did away with our sins giving us a new way inside. It's a supernatural power of the Lord that actually changes you to be a new way. And that's what happened to me. So now I can emulate my Lord. Because I have this new way inside. I get these desires still, and you will always get them if you're a man, and I turn them out and follow Jesus like a real man. Being the changes this earth needs. Men who will stand up for the way of truth. And that's why I am here to tell you about it. Because you don't need to be these these men following their sins and desires anymore causing the problem on this earth. You can become the change where you can follow Jesus and become a real man changed by the power of God Almighty. Following him in righteousness setting the standard, showing the world how things really should be so that society would change. And it doesn't no longer view lust and evil that is creating these problems as normal anymore. It no longer views them as something that is manly because it is not. It is wickedness, it is cowardice. No real man should be following his weak flesh, doing his sin furthering the agenda Satan, prostitution, child prostitution, homosexuality, violence, broken families, cheating, unkindness, all these things that create the world's problems, poverty, all these things. It is time to become the change; become a follower of Jesus and get forgiven for following your sins like I did.

Jesus will forgive you. He will change you and make you a new person. A man that can stand up and be righteous and live after the ways of the spirit, bringing the change on this earth. MEN have to stand up and do this. WE are the ones who the Lord put in charge so we have stand up and do this. Men they just go and bow to Satan. And they let Satan in. Give him the power and he will take the power. He will come and take over your life. No man is stronger than Satan. You will become a hopeless slave to all your problems and in the end it will be hell. I want to urge you as men you must stand up leave all your sins, all your little lusts, turn them out and follow Jesus. Get the change, become the new way following the Lord as a man of God. Not a man enslaved to Satan and cowardly following his desires because he just doesn't want to stop.

A pitiful weak person. That's what you are if you follow your desires. Too sinful to stand up and be the change the world needs, look after your families right, stop the violence, stop the immorality, stop the grief brokenness through sin by following Jesus Christ. He is the answer to this worlds problems. And you become the solution when you follow him, instead of adding to it when you just continue to follow your desires giving yourself over to Satan…....